New Beginnings 11

She felt Nicau's fear and anger, but he wasn't going to get to her fast enough. Dolen stepped out of his cave, clapping.

"I must say, you put on quite the performance," he said, picking her up by her hair. "We must see to these wounds. Wouldn't want you to die before the main event, now do we?" Just to hear her scream, he moved her broken bone. "Oh, dear, that's not quite right. We have to set it properly." He moved her leg around, enjoying her pain until he finally set it. "Now, then, to heal you. I think we must convert you, my dear."

He bit into her and drank a large amount of her blood. Just as she was passing out, he forced Megan to drink from him as he took her into his lair. He did this one more time before throwing her into the stone room with Ambrose.

"Enjoy, hunter," Dolen said with a laugh. "For, tomorrow, the real fun begins."

Megan only had time to look up at the man with fear in her eyes before the pain started, she cried out with a blood-curdling scream and started to convulse on the floor, it felt like her body was being ripped to shreds "Please help me!" she begged in between gasp. When she saw the mans eyes she knew who he was, this was the man Emily dreamed about, Before the pain took over completely she crawled over to the leaver holding the chains and pulled it, releasing him, after that world faded away until all there was, was a pain so unbearable she wished for death

I'm with you, Nicanu said, pain in his voice. You are not alone. I'm shouldering as much of the pain as I can. I wish I could do more. I wish I could switch places with you.

Nicanu, at that time, had found a cave to go in, but not before the first large wave of pain coursed through them. He felt himself going insane from it. Anger filled him. He had failed her when she needed him most. Every time she screamed as she went through the conversion, so did he.

kill me! please kill me! it hurts! I cant...I cant do this anymore...I'm sorry! whatever I did Im sorry please! He would feel her mind breaking just before he got cut off from her. He could no longer feel her or connect with her mentally.

He set off again, aiming for the spot he last felt her presence. He had to get to her. He had to make the vampire pay for converting her. As he flew, the clouds erupted, causing cars to pull off to the side of the road. The ground shook and animals took cover as he passed by.

But with the sun beginning to rise, he cursed being Carpathian for the first time in his existence. He would have to find shelter soon. I will find you, Megan. I will make this right.


While her body was in the hotel, protecting her son, her spirit left. She found herself outside of a cave. She sighed.

"It was bound to happen sooner or later," she said. "If I can avoid him, I will. But I have to get in there."

She began to walk forward stealthily. Everything she had learned in these astral walks flooded her. She blended in easily. But she had to go to the Stone Room. She knew she had too.

"I wonder how he is doing," said Dolen with a laugh, "seeing his lifemate suffer like that!"

He thought he caught a familiar scent. He smiled. The games was beginning to get good.

Emily finally made it to the Stone Room. She unlocked the door and went inside. There she saw Megan.

"Hey," she said softly. "It's going to be okay. I'll take you to someone who can help. It will be alright." She looked at the man. "You. If you have any strength at all, you will help me. I can get us out, but I can't do it alone."

Megan did not answer she was convulsing on the floor in pain, blood coming from her mouth and eyes like she was crying tears

"if you want to help you need to leave" the man said harshly and weakly as he went over to Megan and tried to keep her still during the convulsions

Emily said, "You aren't fooling me. You are too weak to get yourself out, let alone someone else. Face it, you can't run away this time. You need me. Now, Ambrose, I need you to try and help her get through the pain. I'm going to try and carry her out. And you are not staying behind this time!"

Megan went wild in his arms, wave after wave of torturous pain darkening her world. He was too weak to keep her completely still or to take as much pain as he would like away. He knew he needed to save his strength which meant as much as it pained him to see someone's lifemate suffer like this, and even with his own guilt of this being his fault, he was helpless to help her as she deserved.

there is someone who can help us, I cannot get your friend out of here, not like this. you must go there and tell them this location, tell them what is happening here He said showing her the location of the princes home you must hurry and you need to wake up

"Oh, get over yourself!" Emily yelled. "I can get us all out if you would let me! I'll wake up when you both are out of this hell hole!"

"It's not that bad," said Dolen. "Welcome home, my Dark Knight."

"Stop calling me that," Emily said, contempt dripping from every word.

"So, you came to save this pathetic man and is lifemate?" Dolen asked, his tone saying it didn't matter.

"Yes," she said. "Now, if you'll excuse me."

"Tell you what," said Dolen, grabbing Emily. "You return to me, and do my bidding as before, and I'll let them go."

"I heard that line before," she said, yanking her arm from him. "You've killed entire families because the women believed you."

"You enjoyed bathing in their blood."

"That was the misguided child, not the distrusting woman."

"You think you can...?!"

"I did it before. You still have the scar from the last time I defied you."

"And it still hurts. I raised you like a daughter."

"Or a slave."

"You liked it."

"That is in the past. I will not be the reason you kill anymore. I'm getting my friends out of here."

Dolen snapped his fingers and some ghouls took Ambrose and Megan to the mouth of the cave. Dolen escorted Emily behind them, as if they were on a date.

"What if I meant it this time? That I'd let them go? But I get to keep you, just like this, forever."

"Not funny. Your jokes are terrible. But if you did mean it, I'd take you up on your offer."

The ghouls dropped them both outside and Dolen smiled. "See? I let them go."

"They go back to the hotel or I leave."

"You drive a hard bargain. Deal."

"Just knowing you can still hurt the is enough for me to keep my promise, so you don't need to torture them."


"If they get hurt in anyway on the way to the hotel, I'll not only kill you but all of your army as well."

"Always so scary when you don't have a body."

Emily went to Ambrose and Megan. She let only determination show on her face as she hugged them. Protect my son.

you should have known better Emily Ambrose said with a gentle yet sad smile. Suddenly Emily woke up with no memory of the cave ambrose or Megan, She woke up knowing that she and her son had stayed behind for awhile while Megan went back to the states for family reasons, Any memory any dream any thought she ever had of Ambrose the dark prince or the cave were no longer there.

"Okay, time to get up," said Emily, stubbing her toe. "Oh! Megan forgot her bag last night. Must have been urgent to forget our trip money. Well, it's time we get ready to go to the country side anyway. Next week, we will be in a small B&B, looking at the mountains from our room, and finding places humans rarely get to see."

She smiled, but something felt... off. She couldn't place it. Why do I feel like I want to punch someone? A name formed in her mind, and the vision of green eyes with silver streaks flashed before her. Ambrose...? Who the hell is that? Must have been a weird dream last night. Oh well. "Come on, Eli! Let's go have fun!" And they left just as the sun was beginning to rise.


Dolan picked up Megan and Ambrose and took them back to the stone room. He could tell the the conversion was almost over. He would soon have to go to ground, as there was only two hours until dawn.

"So, she escaped again," the Evil Prince sighed. "And I was finally going to make her mine. Oh, well, next time." He smiled at Ambrose as the chains were replaced. "So, why do you look like the light was taken from your eyes, Ambrose? This woman isn't dead. She will be in the room with you, healing slowly from her ordeal. You should be relieved she is alive, even though it will take some time for her mind to heal. So, tell me, if she is your lifemate, why do you look like you are dying, Ambrose? Could it be that my Dark Knight is your true lifemate? Emily, a woman so perverse she actually enjoyed torturing all she brought before me? A human with the same depravity as a vampire? Who besides me could love such a lowly and fowl soul such as she? Her spirit is so dark, even vampires fear her." Dolen laughed. "She a deceiver of the highest order, a murderer unlike the world has ever seen, a demon in an innocent package, a butcher of the living and the dead, a..."

(left is how Ambrose sees Emily; right is Dolen's vision of Emily)


"Of course!" said Mena. "Why else would I want to go, like, halfway around the world?! If I can't party, then, like, what's the point?!"

I dont know, to enjoy the travel? see new things she said with a shrug I have no choice do I?

"None at all," said Mena. "First will be the clothing store, then this totally cool beauty salon. Like, you and I will have so much fun! I'm so glad I snuck into your room and, like, took all your dreary clothes out of your bag. Now you'll totally have to wear whatever I pick out!"

Her eyes grew big and she looked in her bag, after a moment she looked up and glared at her you had no right to go through my bag! she signed angerly. Sora always had a thing about privacy and she was pretty sure Mera didn't know the word even existed

"I totally left your bathing suit and underwear," Mena laughed. "I can, like, work with those. But if you don't want to, like, spend a Romanian winter in just those, you have to totally play dress up with me."

She stopped and looked at her Im going back She said visibly upset like she had crossed a line and turned around and started walking back towards where they came from

"You would, like, rather be treated like you are five?" Mena asked. "Come on, it won't be so bad. I'll get you a couple of outfits you'll totally like. Okay?"

No! you crossed the line, you know how I am about privacy, Enjoy your trip she signed with a very rude gesture at the end

"I'm sorry!" Mera said, stopping her sister. "I just... like, I wanted to have fun with you, make you feel like a beautiful girl. I totally didn't mean to make you mad. Like, for real, I just wanted to treat my totally cute little sister."

Did you ever stop to think that maybe I like the way I am and you constantly trying to change me just makes me think you think low of me! that Im not good enough by your standards! Im not you! I have no interest in putting up some front and being something Im not just so people will like me unlike you! and you know what since we are on this subject I am more beautiful then you, you want to know why? because Im true to myself and you, you're just fake She said pushing past her and started to run

Mena easily caught her up. All pretense was gone. Though nothing changed about her looks, it was like someone different was standing in front of Sora.

"How long have you known?" she asked, her voice sounding sad. "That all the 'valley girl' crap was fake? I mean, our parents wanted us happy, right? I know I'm technically lying to them and all, but... they are happy, right? I just... I didn't want people to question why I changed when away from them, so I just kept it going." She sat down. "Truth is... we are a lot alike. You just don't hide like I do. If I'm happy, then no one asks me anything." She handed Sora her second largest carry-on bag. "Your clothes are in here. You really think I would take your clothes? I'd never do that to you. As for the partying, and the shopping, and all that crap... It's only to get pictures to show them." She looked at the sky. "I wasn't even planning on coming back home after this trip. Most of my bags are empty." She smiled. "I want to backpack across the world. Just travel and not deal with anyone. I wouldn't have to pretend anymore. I was going to treat you like a doll, but I was going to look for hiking equipment and enough supplies to take care of myself. I figured you wouldn't want to join me, so I thought if I just kept up the act for one more month, I could just leave you at the airport and disappear while you flew back home." She changed her outfit to better fit her mood. "This is the real me. Happy now? I'd rather do what you do, but I don't like lectures." She used her fake voice to say, "So, I, like, act like a total valley girl to avoid them. Like, seriously, it keeps people from, like, asking annoying questions and, like, no one really gets close to me this way." She returned to her normal voice. "I chose to push people away by being the annoying, prissy type who thinks her looks will get her anything. And look, it worked. Papa focuses on you and lectures you. I just burst out crying and he apologizes. Remember last week? When we had that sudden storm? Yeah... that was me base jumping into the ocean. I used the storm that rolled in to my advantage. I complained about my hair and make up, and just skipped out on the lecture I would have gotten about safety and danger and blah blah blah." She laughed. "You take it all like a champ. I could never handle it. I know I'm not good enough, I don't need everyone pointing it out." She stood up, dusted off her pants, and looked at her sister. "Now, since you got all that out of me, can we just go to Romania? Please?"

(clothes before)

(clothes after)

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