New Beginnings 12

Sora sighed and nodded "you know....I would have much preferred the real you growing up..." she signed and began walking again "I figured it out long hurt that you didn't at least be the real you around me.." she signed with sad eyes that she tried to hide

"Don't be like that," Mena said. "We are close enough I can sense your feelings. Look, when I first started doing it, you couldn't keep a secret to save your life. When you finally learned, I kept telling myself I would tell you at the right time, but that was a lie. I had gotten so used to hiding, it's kind of hard to be out in the open like this with you. Now, let's get in our first class seats on the plane and enjoy not having to use my abilities the whole way."

Sora grumbled and got on the plane, it was small, too small for her liking "its smaller then I thought it would be" she signed as sweat started to trickle her forehead. It started to dawn on her that though she felt she was made for flying this was not the way to do it "does this seem to small to you" she signed unhappily sitting down in her assigned seat.

"Better than coach," said Mena. "But yes, way too small. I'm just glad it's faster than a boat and bigger than a car."

Sora just nodded nervously, when the plane started she could fell the gravity shift and move, it was unnatural and she didn't like it, her heart began to pound hard in her chest and the need to get out of the small metal box beated at her. The seat creaked under her grip as she started to lose the fight to stay in her seat

Mena took Sora's hand and said into her head, It's okay. It's just like hitting turbulence in the sky. This is just a small batch. It could be worse, like if we hit a storm. But it's clear skies, so this is nothing. Look out the window. It's a sea of clouds outside.

There was nothing but silence in soras head, and though Mena could feel the metal block she knew she had heard her. She looked out the window and sadness filled her chest, how much she wish she could fly like this by herself. The calling to fly ached inside her. She relaxed a little and focused on the outside.

About six hours had passed and Mena had fallen asleep next to her, it was taking a lot of will power for Sora not to panic and open that airplane door to escape. Thy where close to Romania, just passing over the boards of it, suddenly dark storm clouds passed her window and lightning echoed in the distance, she gripped the seat and prayed it would pass but she could feel this storm was not normal, it carried the feeling of her people and knew it would be dangerous, but before she could wake up Mena beside her a bolt of lighting hit the wing of the plane with a loud crack and it went up in flames. The plane started to shake violently and people started screaming as the emergency lights came on. The captain came on the speaking "Everyone remain calm, flight attendants prepare for a emergency landing"

Mena woke up contacted the nearest Carpathian for help. She couldn't keep this many people calm, couldn't keep them from seeing the monster in the sky. She looked at her sister, fear in here eyes. I can't even protect someone precious to me. I'm the most useless Carpathian in the world.

"you are more Carpathian then me...." she signed and unhooked her seat belt and stood up "the door we need to get to the door I have a plan that you wont like" she signed and started to walk, though it was difficult with how much the plane was moving

Mena kept them hidden from view as they made their way to the door. She grabbed a couple of parachutes, just in case. You're right, I don't like this, but we don't have a choice. I just hope these work.

"you know the only reason we have these is because of my bag right?" she signed sarcastically while she put on the parachute and put her hand on the door handle, she looked back and Mena and nodded, when she nodded back she opened the door and jumped out. Once falling her goal was clear, she aimed for the vampire, it took seconds before she slammed into him, she wrapped her legs around him and one arm gripping his neck and she used her free arm to begin punching him. She turned him in mid air so Mena could latch onto his back. She felt his claws dig into her back as he tried to through her off.

Mena slammed into his back before the vampire could bite into Sora. She saw the ground coming in fast, but not fast enough. She wanted Sora away from the vampire. Let go! You're more fragile than I am! I'll be alright! You need to open your parachute now!

Sora looked at her sister with a look that let her know that her parachute would be no use, she could feel the vampires claws had torn it to shreds. In a last effort Sora wrapped both arms around the vampire and tightened her legs and bit hard and deep into the vampire neck hoping to would hurt him enough that if her sister survived this fall he would not be able to hurt her, his acid like blood filled her mouth painfully, she made sure not to swallow it but let it drip from her mouth. Suddenly something hit her head hard and her world went black.


Mena gasped as she hit the ground. The vampire had cushioned her fall, but it still hurt. She looked at her sister, crawled to her.

Sora's entire body was broken. Mena could hear the blood in her sister's lungs. Tears began to fall, but Mena was afraid to even touch Sora.

That's when the vampire jumped on Mena, pinning her to the ground and ripping her clothes off of her. Mena couldn't comprehend what was happening until he shoved into her, tearing through her innocence without mercy.

She screamed in pain, the very earth shaking with it. The vampire bit down and began drinking her blood as he pounded into her hard and fast. Mena couldn't move, the pain filling her. Then, he forced her to drink his blood and his chilling voice entered her mind, raping her mind as well as her body. Her mind shattered and no noise came from her. Mena became a shell of what she was before.

Just as he filled her, a fist punched through the vampire and pulled him off of Mena at the same time as taking out his heart from his chest. The woman seemed to be radiating strength and fire. The man picked up Sora as another woman came to her with a blanket. That is when Mena finally passed out.


Ambrose felt himself slip into darkness at the images and the things he said, he knew if he was going to save his strength and survive to protect his lifemate and the other hunters lifemate who was now in this position because of him he needed to shut down and go into a Carpathian sleep. "it will not happen....and the day will come when I will hold your dark heart in my hand" he said in a low dangerous tone. With all the strength he had left he forced himself into a Carpathian sleep, shutting out the voices and images that haunted him so.


Dolen shook his head and said, "If he won't break, then the woman will. Put her on the rack and take it to the stone room. She will wake in pain, and if she doesn't tell me what I want, then it will remain so."


The first thing megan felt as her mind was forced through the haze of exhaustion was the feeling like her bones were breaking. She groan and tried to force herself back to sleep but it didn't work, the more she came to the more pain she was in. Her groans got louder until she gasped and cried out arching her back against what ever device was holding her down

"Good morning," said Dolen with a parody of a smile. "Well, it's actually sunset right now, so it's really good evening. Not that it matters. How are you feeling, puppet? Any pain anywhere? Since I converted you, I am sort of like your father, so you can talk to me."

His voice hurt her ears, even with her eyes closed her eyes burned like she was looking at the sun and her skin was on fire, her breathing was uneven and she felt like she was dying "please..." was all she managed to get out before the sound of her own voice hurt her ears like if she was screaming

"Oh, yes, the sun hurts you now. Well it will be gone in 3... 2... 1..." The room went dark except the lantern on the table. "There. Better? Now, I need you to tell me something." He stood next to her head. "How do you know Emily and what is your connection to Ambrose?"

His voice made her skin crawl " to be kidding me...this cant be real.." she said praying this was a dream, this could not be real, but the pain she was feeling was to much for her to make up, but if this was real it means that what her and Emily have read and dreamed was real too, nd that was to hard to believe.

Suddenly, the crank turned and pulled on her arms and legs. A ghoul giggled, sounding more like a maniac than a man.

"Forgive Ivan," said Dolen. "He hates when I don't get what I want. If you just tell me, I can give you anything you want."

Tears ran down her face as her limbs felt like they were breaking "ts hard to...have sympathy that you are a fallen....when you do this.." she said in a voice filled with pain "I will not tell you anything...I know whos side you are on"

"I'm here to help," said Dolen. "You are my daughter by conversion. Ivan is just cruel, but he does everything out of love for me. Now, I could go into that mind of yours and find out what your relationship with Emily is and if you are Ambrose's lifemate, but that would put you in worse pain than ever before. You see, I need you and Ambrose to find Emily. She is also a daughter to me and I want her to return home."

Megan laughed with pain in her tone "Iveā€¦have heard your words before....I know they are lies...." she said on the verge of passing out again

Ivan brought over a cup at Dolen's request. Dolen placed it to Megan's lips and forced her to drink. She coughed and looked at him with a look of disgust "It's not mine and it was freely given. Actually, it will help. All I ask is that you answer my questions then I will let you rest. Are you Ambrose's lifemate and what is your relationship with Emily? If I can't use you, then I will let my followers have fun with you before we toss you out into the dawn. However," he caressed her cheek, "if you wish to live, you will give me a reason to keep you around. Answer my questions and it will tell me what I need to know."

It was hard to think through the pain but Megan tried hard to figure out a way to come out of this alive while keeping her friends safe "Emily is my sister....though not by blood...and I have heard a mans voice....talking to me....every part of me is drawn to him....I don't know his name but...when he touched me in the dark...I knew it was him who had been talking to me" she said making it sound like Ambrose was the one she was talking about while keeping her head clear of thoughts

"So, you are useful to me," he said. "But I still need to learn about you. Relax. This won't hurt too much."

Dolen entered her mind and it was like the fire of ten suns had exploded into her brain. He learned that everything Megan had said was true. When he was done, he took her off of the rack and carried her to a lavish bedroom.

"Don't think of escaping," he said. "We will have a party soon, with you and Emily as the guests of honor."

With that he left.

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