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Alex sighed, looking like an adult as she stared at him, "I'll try, but I won't promise anything. I can't, because I would be lying to you."

Jack did his best to be patient with Alex and her selfish needs. It was obvious she was not ready to accept the idea that Jack and Alana were lifemates. Luckily Jack had time on his side as he could spend time with her as she grows up with her siblings. Of course they still had to worry about the threat of enemies around them. Jack could no longer use magic for a century or two so he took solace that Derek could help with a great many things and was lifemates to his unborn daughter Hope. It also helped that Faith was often the voice of reason when things got heated and Suzy used her cuteness to calm things down. As for Alana, Jack loved her with every fiber of his being and was greatly relieved they could be intimate again after all the chaos they endured. Jack loved his extended family and his pregnant lifemate with all his heart. Since Jack could no longer visit his folks in the spirit realm, they spent the next few days as a family gazing at the stars, reading books to the kids or telling stories while staying at an English cottage. Jack wanted to let the kids experience a somewhat normal life before school started. Then they would be on high alert since they had to worry about constant threats.

Jack was not to eager to see Antony again despite being accepted into the clan along with Derek. Jack found Antony to be a meathead who had muscles for brains. Erik on the other hand at least had a clue since he figured out Jack secretly saved his wife and twins. Of course the twins ratted Jack out, but Erik didn't doubt it despite and accepted Jack. Since they moved to the United States they were not in the loop of the affairs of the other Carpathians. Jack was now known as the Dragonseeker-Executioner and Derek was known as a Dragonseeker-Ancient, which made them important and targets at the same time. This pleased and concerned Jack since he knew they would have to go back to Romania and deal with more drama later on. After all Xaviera was still out there and she was on a mission of redemption. So till he had to fight again he wanted to enjoy peace where he could find it as he spoiled his wife and daughters with his future son in law.

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