Lost 2

Gabriel saw his brothers distress and could only guess what it was "Is she your...…?" he started but already knew the answer.

"Yes," Gordon said. "I'll heal her. You tend to the other female." He went to Sora and caressed her head. "She will not die. Not if I can help it."

Gabriel nodded and went to the other female, usually he tries to keep some sort of decency but in this case he could not afford too. He gently removed her clothes and examined her, he saw nothing on the outside that was fatal. once done he turned into the healing light and enter her body, he healed everything and got rid of the vampire sperm to make sure she would not get pregnant. He removed the vampires blood and checked things over, when he was satisfied he went back to his body and without hesitation open the vein on his wrist and forced her to feed, it was not until he touched her mind to check on her that the colors swarmed his vision and emotion beated at him. He groaned and forced his way full into her mind and started to repair it "you are in my care...now and forever rest well little one" he said softly to her but kept her asleep. all that kept his rage down from her being harmed was his sole focus on healing her.

Mena moaned, fear coursing through her as she began to wake up at his touch. But she was afraid to move. Who was she? Where was she? Did it matter? No. It didn't matter. The Mena everyone knew was dead. She was empty now.

But a name entered her mind. Someone important. Sora?

"rest little one...you both will be fine....feel me....let me help you...calm you" his voice was soft and lingering in her mind as he kept her from fully awakening

I want to see her, Mena said. One last time before... I...

"nothing is going to happen to you but your sister has been converted and will need you to guide her when she wakes, rest well and I will wake you when she does.....just so you know just how much you are not going anywhere...." he said and then said the binding words, binding them for all eternity

Mena screamed as if in pain. It was as if the very words caused her pain. Her eyes snapped open and she couldn't breath. An illusion, the last stitch effort to win on the vampire's part: death at binding.

He was strong in her mind and knew what she was fearing, for her safety he quickly put her back to sleep "there is no vampire here.....sleep and when you wake all will be clear...I will not leave your side until you awake" he said and sent her into a deep sleep and slowly going back to his own mind

Mena said, before she passed out, Leave me alone.

It stung to hear her say that but he knew she had been through a lot, when he went to stand up he was expecting to feel exhausted but not only was it the opposite but there was a taste in his mouth that made his head whipped around "Anastasia?" he said in a tone filled with disbelief "Gordon! your mouth!" he yelled at his brother in almost a panic tone


Gordon became healing light. His mate was mess. He knew she would need months of physical therapy to function again. He began working on the splinters that used to be her skeleton, not caring that he was getting weaker. He had to heal her. Once her bones were healed, he began on her organs. So many cuts and blood pulling in her body, he didn't know how she had survived so long. But it showed how strong his lifemate was. Still, she would need to be converted or she would die, even with the healing. Hold on a little longer. The whole camp will take the pain so you don't have to feel it.

He cradled her to him and bit into her neck. Her blood hit him like a bullet train with rockets. He forced himself to stop and replenish what he took. He repeated the process twice more and informed the camp his need for aid. Then, the collective intake of breath as the camp took on the pain could be heard. Sora convulsed in his arms, but she felt no pain.

He would felt her weak presence but heard no voice or thoughts, he felt her emotions but they were faint and unreadable, like she was fading

Gordon grabbed hold of her soul and said, You can not leave, little one. I need you to live, and your sister needs you. She was... hurt by the vampire while you lay unconscious. Help us keep her with us.

He would feel her trying to wake up more which unfortunately made it so she took back some of the pain they were shouldering, he felt her shy away from the pain for a moment until she realized what it was, the first real emotion he felt from her though it was faint was anger, why she was angry he did not know, he could not read her mind

We had to convert you to finish healing you. Talk to me, tell me what you are feeling. Tell me your name. Tell me anything. Please.

There where no words spoken, only faint emotions drifted into his head but they were unreadable, like she was to far away to be heard. When the other girl screamed he felt her consciousness come forward, taking all the pain in with it. Silenced filled the camp as she took all her pain in and he was forced back into his own mind and saw her eyes began to open with a look of pain on her face, and blood sweat covering her head.

"Let us help you," he said. "You will rest soon. I promise, but don't shut us out!"

He could feel and see her fighting to stay awake as the pain was to much for her and her body was trying to shut down, her shakened hand came up a began to sign "free...." she began but was cut short before she could finish as she arched in pain, her mouth opened like she was screaming but no sound came out and he knew that there must be something defiantly wrong then because even a warrior would have screamed at this pain

Gordon didn't have time to play around. He forced his way past her mental block and took as much pain as possible. I'll be damned if I let you do this alone! He instantly began sweating blood, but held on. When the waves began to lessen, he looked at her. He signed, What were you trying to say?

With heavy eyes she lifted her shaken hand again "free...dom" she finshed before passing out.

Before he could do anything he heard his brother call out to him "Gordon your mouth!" he yelled in a panic tone unlike him

Gordon put Sora to sleep and licked his lips. Memories came flooding in and tears fell.

"That's impossible," he said before going out to talk to Suziana and Dante.


Suzi noticed the distress of one of the healers "What is it?" she asked concerned

Lifemates, Dante said in her mind. This must be torturing him. Let's go guard the door for now. The last thing he needs is us seeing his distress.

She nodded and waited outside with him "about earlier.....I didn't mean it to sound so.."

"It's alright," said Dante, taking her hand. "I know. What kind of lifemate would I be if I couldn't understand you?"

She let him but was fighting the urge to move away, before she could say anything else Ana rushed passed them without saying anything and locked them out "Um.." she said looking at dante, he shrugged just as confused. About twenty minutes later Ana stumbled out looking fatally pale


Ana hunted well, it brought her some sense of balance, she let her wolf out completely to work through whatever it was that she was going through, bad memories continued to try and force their way into her mind it took everything to keep them down.

On her way back the memories one and forced their way into her mind, the screaming and smell of burning flash made her trip over a root and fall hard on the ground with a whimper. She shifted back into her human form and curled up on the ground and gripped her head squeezing her eyes shut "go away..." she said through clenched teeth, Suddenly those smells came to her, they had been there that night, she suddenly was trying hard to remember no matter how painful it was, two little boys with her eyes, crying and hiding underneath the table across the room, the bigger one holding back the little one who was trying to run over to her and her mother. Ana gasped "its...not possible....No..." she said with tears rolling down her face.

She ran back to the camp and was hit by pain, she knew this was the pain of conversion, she took it into herself and painfully hurried towards the tent, without saying a word to Suzi or Dante she entered and stopped when she saw them, her brothers. Tears ran down her face, but she knew they did not see the or her, they where in their mates minds, She could feel them weaken, she knew they were deep into concertation, she bit both of her wrist and placed one to each of their lips and compelled them to drink which they did since they were deep in their mates heads. She waited until she could not anymore before making them stop. She knew they were replenished and that they would not know who had feed them. She stubbled outside and held up her hand when Suzi and Dante tried to help her, in a commanding tone and a serious look she said "They are not to know I was the ones who aided them, as far as you both are concerned no one entered after you left is that clear?" she said in a leaders tone

"Okay," said Dante, not questioning. "I'm sure you have your reasons. Let's return to your children. I'm sure the babysitter is pulling her hair out by now."

"Stay here and guard them...this vampire knew they were coming, we don't know who else might have known" she said and without giving them a chance to answer she was gone

"What is going on?" Dante asked. "This whole night is beginning to get strange. And that's saying something for us."

" I don't know but the one thing I do know....she is getting better at being demanding" she said in a upset tone

Before Dante could say anything, Gordon came out and said, "Both women will live. I do have a request. As they are mine and my brother's lifemates, we would like them to stay here."

"That should be no problem," said Dante.

"Also, the prince's lifemate," he said. "Did she ever return? I have some questions for her."

"no...no one has come back or entered since we left the room" Suzi said with a sincere tone

"That..." Gordon said, looking at his brother as he came out of their hut. "It's impossible." He looked at Suziana. "What is her name? The prince's lifemate, what is her full name?" He sounded almost desperate for his belief to be confirmed, or desperate for it to be denied. "We need to know. Please."

Suzi looked at Dante who was just as unsure about the situation "We don't know her last name...the prince calls her Ana" she said honestly "what is this about hunter?" she asked

Gordon sat on the steps hard and said, "We lost a sister. Her name was Anastasia Delarus. We thought she was dead, but... we could never forget this taste. We were playing and she scraped her knees. Gabriel and I started to get upset, thinking that our parents would be mad at us. We each licked a knee to heal it. Our home was attacked by human butchers. We saw Anastasia and our mother trapped by the fire. I... had to hold my brother back or risk losing him as well. We ran into the night when we saw the flames engulf them. Our pack... this pack... they found us and trained us in both Carpathian and Lycan healing methods. We were lucky that the Guardians of All found us as kids, or we wouldn't be here. We almost died at the hands of a Sange rau." He looked up at Suziana. "We will go to talk to the prince's lifemate when our lifemates are able to be moved and have settled in. Can you tell her to expect us?"

Suzi looked and dante as things became clear, by the way Ana was acting she knows who she is to them and does not want them to know, even though she felt for the brothers she would go with Ana's wishes for now "I will and im sorry for your lost but do not look for hope blindly brothers...the princes lifemate was not a guardian of all when she was found....and it would not be wise to bring trouble after what she has been through...her and her kids.." suzi trailed off feeling she had said to much

"That's why we wish to talk to her," said Gordon. "We know this taste. Unless one of you is our sister, you wouldn't taste like this. Since one of you is male and the other looks distinctly Dubrinsky, that leaves only the prince's lifemate. It is possible that, if Anastasia did survive, she went to a lycan clan. We did live closer to them for our mother's sake. Father did everything for her, and that put us in a vulnerable spot. We were an easy target for the human butchers. But we also served as a warning to both Carpathians and lycans. If our sister is alive, we want to get to know her, tell her how we looked for her even as we were stalked by the Senge rau, and show her what it was like, knowing we had been the ones to draw the human butcher's attention by accident. It was our fault for showing off along the tree line near town, and they followed us. We take responsibility for our mother's death, our father turning vampire, and Anastasia's hardships and possible death."

"because you do not know the situation the princes lifemate is dealing with right now I can only advise you to tread lightly...." she said glancing at Dante knowing that only they knew Antony was gone and no one else "We will take out leave....when your lifemates wake bring them to the healing caves, they will need it, the princes lifemate and us will meet you there." suzi said and then surprising him took Dantes hand and started to walk away

"Stay safe, brothers," Dante said, hiding his shock well. "We are hunted."

Dante waited until they were out of sight and pulled Suziana into his arms. He just held her to him, but nothing else betrayed his feelings in that moment. He couldn't help but feel sorry for the brothers, but the thought of Suziana, his fierce, demanding, and overly serious warrior woman, broken like either of those women terrified him. He knew she would never settle for being put on a shelf, so for now, all he could do was hold her to him, feeling her body against his, knowing she was safe.

Suzi growled but didn't fight his embrace, she felt her heart start to pound more and found her self inhaling his scent like she needed to breath again. She feared in that moment that it really was to late she found herself craving him in everyway to the point it drove her mad. Her hands came up to his waist and gripped them roughly though it only sent shivers through him "please....release me hunter....for my sanity" she said in a soft low tone that was uncommon for her.

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