Lost 3

Dante nodded and moved away from her, finally in control of himself once more. He gave her his usual goofy smile that sent a shiver through her.

"Just tempting you," he teased. "Let's go."

He walked past her, accidentally brushing her hand with his, but enjoying the smooth skin of her delicate fingers.

Suddenly her hand grabbed his, her head was down and she did not look at him or move, her grip was tight on his hand and she was shaking slightly "why do you insist of making things difficult for me..." she said in a uneven tone. He had never heard her sound so vulnerable before "why cant you accept this union as a duty...why bring emotions into it.." she said tightening her grip on his hands

"I can fight without emotion," Dante said, "but to live without them... I will not return to that. You are a woman, special and treasured above all else, but you don't understand what it was like to live in a grey world, unable to feel anything. I like feeling my emotions, not just remembering them. You gave them to me. So, it's only natural I wish to share them with you. You, and no one else."

She let go of his hand violently "I did not do so willingly! why should I have to suffer for it!" she looked at him them her face held fear and anger and sadness "I will not fall in love with you! I refuse to I will not let myself be like all the other women who lifemates where hunters, I have seen what is left of them when their males die it is a fate worse then no emotions or even turning into a vampire! I will not be one of them" she stormed up to him and poked his chest "mark my words hunter I will fight with everything I have to keep this a duty bound bonding so you better get use to it" She said her face inches from his as she looked up at him, her eyes were a emerald green that looked glossed over like she was trying not to cry

He kissed her lightly on the cheek and said, "And I don't want you to live through a half life. But I refuse to be just a duty." He moved away from her blocking his thoughts from her and keeping his face emotionless. "When you realize I'm not just a duty, but your lifemate, call for me. I will remain a shadow in your mind, but I will not talk to you, will not come to you, and will not aid you. I'm done begging for you to give me a chance. Now, it's up to you. Do we move forward or do we part ways forever?"

With that, he disappeared. Suziana didn't feel the separation, knowing he was still in her mind, but it was only enough to keep the loneliness away. Even if she did try contacting him, she was confronted with a barrier than no one but an ancient could break through. He did worse than put her through the separation, he put salvation just out of reach.


Emily woke up and stretched. They were nearly to the village she had wanted to see. The farther they traveled, the less urban the sites around her became, and she loved it. She finally felt she could breath, even if she did feel stalked. She and Eli had enjoyed themselves so far and she made sure to get souvenirs for Megan. Still, she found she wanted to stay in her room at the B&B's she was visiting more often than not.

"I flew over the ocean," she said aloud, "traveled a new country by myself with a toddler, and tried new things, which freaks me out, but I survived them all! I can't let my imagination stop me now! Eli and I will go out tomorrow and just look around town before we move on to the village. It will be nice." Still, a shiver went through her. She didn't notice the red eyes looking at her from the forest's edge. "It will all be fine."


Dolen entered the Stone Room, carrying Megan. He laid her on the hard bed and woke her and Ambrose. He sat in a chair and looked at the two of them.

"We found Emily," he said as if it wasn't a big deal. "She moved the plans up. Tomorrow, as she and her child go to return to their inn, we will bring them here. One big, happy family. Won't that be nice?"

Ambrose looked at Megan when he growled making it seem he was growling because of her but he was thinking about Emily "Let her go.... why do you still need her if Emily is coming" he said in a dark tone still looking at Megan

Megan could not move, the pain from her broken limbs grew to be to much when she did "f you think.....I am going to leave you or Emily you are wrong" she said playing along but also meaning it, if this was Emily's lifemate then she felt the need to protect him, her memories had come back last night to the way they were but now she had a bigger problem that was out matching the pain she felt from her limbs. She was hungry, so hungry she felt like going mad, it was hard to think at all, it felt like her throat was on fire and her body was weakening by the minute.

"I need her because if she dies, Emily would fight me," Dolen answered. "It's the same reason you are alive, my dear traitor. If it was only her son, she would fight to free her son from me, dying in the process. The more people she cares about, and those connected with them, that I have under my thumb, the more I can control her. Now, it's time to feed, daughter." He opened a food dome and put the large cup of blood to Megan's lips. "Drink and feel better. It's not enough to give you the strength to leave, but you will live." He looked at Ambrose. "As her lifemate, you can make her do this, knowing what is happening to her. Do it."

Megan knew she had to play along "but I don't want..." she started "Drink little one" Ambrose said in a soft tone. Looking very upset she put her lips to the cup

Dolen said, "Drink it all. I need you strong. My dark knight will be here and I need you strong. Emily's will and soul are powerful, but her human body... well, both of you are weak, but both of you training together will be entertaining. Just like a father watching his daughters grow into fine women."

Megan could feel her will fading before it did she took a big gulp and spit it in his face "your disgusting" she said with hate in her tone.

Ambrose knew Dolens temper "Megan" he said in a warning tone "well...you do like them with attitude" Ambrose said to Dolen hoping in doing so he would keep his temper in check and see her action as a good thing

"No, I like breaking those with attitude," Dolen said, his smile making a shark look friendly. "I thought I had broken Emily, but she grew a back bone at the most inopportune time. She would have told me you were a traitor the instant she saw you. But something healed her enough to escape. It will be fun to break her all over again." His breathing became fast and they could see Dolen's desire growing. "She was temptation in soul form. Now... I may have to have a taste of her when she is too tired to fight me."

"if you cant break me you cant break her...you will fail and maybe in your next life you can redeem yourself" Megan said feeling pity for the man before her.

Ambrose knew her words would only anger him as they seemed like she was challenging him "She is how you made her dolen, you brought her into this world by pain....is this not what you wanted?" he said hoping to make it so he did not hurt Emily's friend anymore

Dolen laughed and said, "You are but children. Tempting me." He looked into Megan's eyes. "I never say no to temptation."

He showed her his hand, almost like a magician doing a magic trick. Then, with a touch of his forefinger, he made Megan feel the pain of the conversion all over again. This time, there were no waves, just endless pain. Dolen smiled at her screams.

Ambrose struggled against his restrains "stop or you could kill her dolen then what leverage would you have" Ambrose said in a dark tone

Though her limbs were broken the convulsion's made her fight against her retrains more, the sound of her bones breaking even more echoed the room. She started banging her head against the table she was on, unconsciously trying to know herself out, blood started to appear were she was hitting her head

Dolen laughed and said, "Look! She's like a fish out of water! Please, Megan, keep dancing like that! It's hilarious!" He increased the pain she felt. "But make it bigger and better!"

The pain sent a large rush of adrenaline through her, with her broken wrist she ripped off her restrains and launched towards him, her new fangs long and sharp

"Do it," Dolen said. "Bite into my neck, feel my life flow into you. Know the power I wield and embrace it. Do it, and become free like me." He exposed his neck and looked at Ambrose. "Take control of your fate as I have. Become my true daughter."

Ambrose cursed at his weaken state as he was unable to break the restraints "Megan don't!" he yelled, he was to weak to compel her to stop and knew the hunger a newly converted Carpathian had.

Megan could barely see from the pain, but even so it was like she already knew where she needed to bite even if she couldn't see, she could hear his pulse, feel the flow of his blood underneath her hands. A hunger and urge so overwhelming took control, all thought went from her mind, her body started moving without her telling it too. She leaned down her mouth opening right over the vein in his neck, her fangs grazed his skin as she went to bit down, She fought the urges , she tried to focus on the pain of her body instead of her hunger, she start to pull back away from his neck using every amount of will power she had, but before she could move far her broken wrists gave out on her with another crack forcing her to drop down making her bit down deep in his neck. With a cry she tried to move away as blood filled her mouth, it hurt just as much as her body, she tried not to swallow it.

"No!" Ambrose yelled "A puppet that weak is no use to use Dolen let her go" he said fighting his restraints once more

"I'm not doing anything but making her feel pain," said Dolen. "This is her choice. Though, she does seem to be having trouble moving away. Is it the taste or is she fighting? I can't tell. Well, if she is trying to move away, then she must find the strength to do so. As her lifemate, you being here should give her the strength to move away. Tell me, why is that it isn't happening like that?"

"answer that yourself! between the pain and what you have done with her even a grown hunter could not feel anything but what you are inflicting" he said with a angered tone

Megan started to choke on his blood Ambrose used all his strength he had to reach her mind "if you drink all will be lost...he will know the truth...fight...if not for Emily but your lifemate as well" he said urgently in her mind.

Megan could barley hear him but a part of her did and she started to fight harder, she bit down harder on his neck and used her grip on him to painfully roll herself off of him. she coughed hard, his blood pouring from her mouth and down her neck and chest were it burned her skin making her cry in pain

Ambrose growled "wipe it megan whip the blood or it will scar you" he said trying to get her attention

"Always ruining my fun," said Dolen, who snapped his fingers and three women entered. "Clean her up."

Dolen left and the women began licking Megan clean of the blood. They were ghouls, craving the blood. Once it was gone, even from inside her mouth, they carried her to the hot springs and bathed her. They set her wrists and legs before putting casts on her. The way they did it made her look like she had no hands or feet, and they were so heavy, she couldn't move them.

Once she was dressed, Dolen came in and said, "That will do. You can't move, can't escape, and I can get the answers I need." He sat in front of her. "But I don't intend on just looking. No. I tend on tearing the memories, the truth out of you. I know when memories have been tempered with. Do me a favor and scream for me."

With that, he forced his way into her mind, looking for the truth. Her screams echoed in the night. The sound touched the ears of a Carpathian hunter, one nearly mad.

"Megan," Nicanu said, relief and fear running through him. "I'm coming."

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