Donte woke up and opened the earth. He felt stiff and awkward from his wounds, but he had to provide for Suziana. He looked at Suziana, who was on top of him. He smiled as he laid her next to him without waking her. He got out of the ground and started to leave but a voice stopped him.

"where do you think you are going hunter?" Suzi asked in a tired and hoarse voice

"I was going to hunt so I can provide for you," he said with a smile. "After all, you told me you wouldn't feed from anyone but me, so I have a responsibility to keep you healthy."

She sat up, her red flame like hair falling and dancing down her back and chest "then ill be coming with you since it seems you have a knack for getting yourself hurt" she said standing up and leaving the hole. She was still weak so she wobbled a little when she landed on the ground

He held her to him and said, "And you are weak with hunger. This is why I was going to go down the mountain to the village and hunt. You don't need to come. I don't sense any vampires near by."

"I wasn't asking" she said in a low tone as her body pressed into his, sending her urges on fire, she put her hands on his chest to push him back "you.....can let go of me now" she meeting his gaze, though her expression was blank her eyes gave away the desires and urges she was feeling, he would feel her skin grow hot underneath his touch, the sound of her heart picking up speed filled his ears.

"I can?" he asked. "It doesn't feel like it. It feels like you are pulling me closer, not pushing me away."

Suzi looked down at her hands and saw she was gripping his shirt, embarrassed she let go and let her hands fall down to her side "I was just making sure you were not going to leave without me..." she said in a not to convincing tone. She felt like she was burning alive, being this close, his smell filled her nose and made her body ignite, she felt heat form between her legs and cursed, she went to take a step back but Dante followed her. He tipped her face up so she would look at him. Then he kissed her.

A growl escaped her lips and her body ignited, she put her hands on his chest to push him away but he kept advancing until her back hit the cavern wall, her lips where sweet ad soft and his were forceful and spicy. A wave of pleasure shot through her making her gasp, opening her mouth to him.

His tongue entered her mouth and began an erotic erotic dance. His hands traveled over her body, inflaming her more.

All she could do was grip his shirt and hold onto him like she would fall if she didn't, all thought went from her mind, all that kept her standing was her holding onto his shirt. Her heart bet frantic in her chest like it was going to explode, her dragon roared in her head, calling for more.

He growled and moved away. "We need to feed, then we can indulge your desires."

Suzi stared for a moment and then with a angry looked wiped her mouth "my desires? you where the one who took advantage of me while I was weak and kissed me" she said in a uneven tone trying to calm her body down "hunt on your own..." she said walking passed him, bumping his shoulder hard as she did

Dolen opened the Black Room. Emily sat in a corner, curled up. She looked lost, but Dolen didn't take chances.

"Ready to begin?" he asked.

She nodded, but didn't move. He smiled.

"Follow me," he said.

Emily ran from the room, her eyes adjusting slowly, but she was glad to be in the light. She felt better and safer. Dolen took her arm in an iron grip that made her hand go numb. After a minute of walking, he tossed Emily into the Stone Room. She fell at Ambrose's feet hard. She coughed and rolled onto her back.

"I know the truth, traitor," said Dolen. "Megan couldn't keep the truth from me. What do you have to say now?"

Ambrose didn't look at Emily but at Dolen "I think your a fool who cant control his own people" he said with a dark smile "I am not the only one who is keeping secrets from you and I wont be the last, you have no loyalty here or with the vampires" he said in a mocking tone.

Emily sat up and looked at each men in turn before looking at Ambrose and said, "Don't provoke him too much. You are already in pain and chained up. Who knows what this maniac is capable of."

Dolen looked at her confused and asked, "Do you know who I am?"

"Not at all," said Emily, standing up. "Only that you have my soul sister and son captive, and now I see you have this man. How many more people do you intend to imprison? Who else will you use against me? I don't know why you want me, or why you brought me to this room, but I do know one thing."

"And what is that?" asked Dolen in a dangerous tone.

"You are scared," Emily said. "You hurt people, change them, because they can hurt you. You fear the light as much as I fear the dark. You are weak."

Dolen went to her and slapped her, causing her to fall. He began beating her mercilessly. He laughed.

"Who is weak?!" he yelled. "Who is the one on the floor crying like a child?!" He finished when he smelled her blood and fixed his clothes. "I am not weak. I want you to say it."

"I refuse to lie," Emily said, pain filling her voice. "It is true, you do not lack physical strength, but you are weak in every other way."

He kicked her one last time, before locking her inside the Stone Room with Ambrose, a single candle lighting the room. Emily groaned but couldn't move.

"Don't move.....let you body rest" he said in almost a defeated tone "I can a sure you your son his fine, I hear him sleeping soundly" he said his voice like a siren call.

Emily looked at him and smiled as she moved only to sit against the wall next to him, saying, "Thank you, but don't worry about me. I'm glad Eli and Megan are alive. That's all that matters." She looked up at him, bruises already coloring her pale skin. "Now, to find a way out. I don't know why he wants me, or any of us, but we are going to get every prisoner out of here. We leave no one behind if we can help it. Let's start with removing your chains."

Emily stood up on shaky legs. Ambrose could tell she was in pain, but she didn't let her face show it, at least, not much. However, when she touched the chain, she screamed. Her hand burned from the acidic blood that coated the chains. There were tears in her eyes as she looked up at him. The tears were not from her own pain, but for him. The look took his breath away.

"Why are they torturing you like this?" she asked. "Because you decided you didn't want to follow a mad man?" She stood up. "We have to get them off!"

She worked through the pain until she removed every last chain without unlocking them. She gave him a pain filled smile that was full of triumph.

"These idiots need to learn how to tie people up," she said.

He took a step toward her, it took everything he had not to embrace her "we need to get to a place I can send out a call, I promise I will not leave your son and friend behind, but you must come with me and we must hurry" he said in a serious tone.

She glared at him and said, "I'm not leaving without them. You can't make me do that. If I leave..." She shook her head. "Might as well kill me now. They leave before I do."

"if you want to save them you need to come with me now, I give you my word we are not leaving them" he said in a sincere tone and held out his hand to her.

She took his hand but said, "You need to also promise me that if only one person can escape, it will be my son. He deserves to live more than any of us. He hasn't had a chance at life yet."

He nodded and scooped her up in his arms so he could run, he didn't stop until they reached a part of the cave where he could send a signal out. With all the strength he had left he sent out a large signal on the main mind wave for all Carpathian's to hear, even the prince. He gave them the location and how many vampires where at the location and how many innocents and ghouls. When he finished the message he looked down at her "there are people coming we need to buy them need to play his game.....but what ever you do, do not drink from him...or your son and friend will be lost forever do you understand?" he asked as he raced back with her in his arms.

Emily glared at him and pushed him away, which was easy with him weak from hunger and pain, as she said, "Do you take me for an idiot? I know I need to play along! And after seeing Megan like that... feeling her bite down... I know what's at stake here, alright?" She rubbed her raw wrist. "Look, don't worry about..." Suddenly, they heard a commotion. "They know we escaped! That was fast! Now what?!"

He growled and set her down on her feet and looked at her with a serious look "now you trust me and do everything I say or you lose not only your life but the life of everyone you hold dear" he said with a tone that let her know he was serious.

Emily looked at him, fire in her eyes as she said, "I don't know what the hell is going on, so I don't have a choice but to listen to you. You've been in these goddamn tunnels, know where they lead. I obviously have to listen to you. But, when this is over, you can fucking leave, because I don't like people telling me what to do." She looked around and turned back to him. "Well, lead on. But if we get caught, I get to blame your dumb ass. After all, you were caught before, right?"

Ambrose growled "stubborn woman" and started to lead the way

Nicanu scanned the mountain he believed Megan's voice came from. He felt nothing out of the ordinary. He couldn't give up.

Then, he got Ambrose's signal. He smiled and did a dive bomb on the mountain.


Mena opened the earth above her and dressed in simple clothes. She sat at Sora's head, waiting. Gordon also exited the ground to hunt with Gabriel.

Sora awake later then most, her body still adjusting, when air hit her lungs she coughed and sat up looking around, when she saw Mena sadness hit her "are you ok?" she signed already knowing the answer

Mena simply went to Sora and put her head in Sora's lap. Sora, she said in a loving tone. I'm happy now. Tell me what to do, and I'll do it. What do you command?

Sora knew she didn't have the skills yet to look through her memoires to see what happened to make her this way, she knew her only option was to try and help her by doing thing she liked, reminding her who she is "Help me from this hole....I wish to walk with you" she signed

Mena picked Sora up and let her feet touch the ground. You can't move yet, can you? I can put you in a wheelchair! Or carry you!

Though Sora hated to say it "a chair is fine" she signed. Sora never thought a day would come that she felt trapped in her own body, it was unbearable, she had lost what she held dear the most, her freedom.

Mena found a wheelchair and put Sora in it. She looked at her sister, tears forming. You're sad. Did... did I do bad?

Sora shook her head "I am not sad because of you...." she signed, then a idea came to her "you know what will make me happy....if you can free fall for me like we use to back home....remember...the feeling of flying" she signed

Mena looked confused and said, Free fall? Home? Flying? It was then that Sora realized she had no memory of anything before their rescue.

Sora frowned and wondered how she could do this without hurting her "is there a water fall near by?" she signed

I don't know, Mena said. But the cave entrance is a cliff.

"take me there please" she signed

Mena took her to the cave entrance and showed her the sky. Mena opened her eyes wide. It's so big. Like it goes on forever.

"its beautiful isn't it?" she signed "do you want to touch it?" she signed


Megan awoke when someone kicked her hard in her stomach making her slide and hit the wall hard.

Dolen smiled and said, "Emily seems to still have spirit left, where you don't. Do you want me to restore your ability to walk and move? If so, do as I say. Understand?"

Megan grunted "yes"

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