Scars 2

Dante laughed and said, "You can't fight your way out of a paper bag right now. You stay and heal some more. I'll provide for you. After all, it was you who said you couldn't feed from anyone else."

"even in this state I can still make you regret life so watch your words and the feeding thing was a punishment.." she said still walking

"Whatever you say, sweet cheeks," he said, smacking her ass lovingly before running out of the healing cave with a laugh.

She managed to hit him in the back of the head with a small pebble before he disappeared. She continued out of the cave herself, going the opposite direction he did, she needed to cool off and she knew there was a river around here that would suite her needs.

You cool off and I'll hunt for the both of us, Dante said. I wouldn't mind you being wet for me.

Suzi smiled as she thought of something to ease her anger and get back at him "I am see there are some young men at the will be easy to feed when they see me naked in the water....I wont have to lift a finger" she said entering the area of the lake, sure enough there was a group of young men swimming. Her clothes vanished and she went to go take a step out into the opening where they would see her.

Dante's laugh filled her head and said, I'm not worried. You're more likely to tear off their junk than sleep with them. Go have your fun. I spotted a sexy blonde heading for the bar. I'll go chat her up.

With a growl she stepped out, within seconds of seeing her she heard the men gasp and some whistle, she jumped in the cold clear water and came up just a little away from them. She glowed in the moon light, her skin looking just as soft as it did smooth. her red hair dancing and clinging to her body.

The boys started to swim over, their thoughts of her iin many different ways where no secret "Hey there" one said "whats your name?" another asked as they started to surround her. There was about six around her now, they must be a sports team for they were very fit looking and tall. One reached out and touched her soft wet hair

Don't hurt them too much, he laughed. They are only fifteen. She could see through his mind that the woman was flirting. She was already drunk, but he simply talked, looking for prey, using the woman who was almost in his lap as a cover.

Suzi growled and fed well from the males, she then compelled them to leave, once they were gone she opened her mind back up to him, the first thing he saw was her own hands trailing up and down her body in a very sensual way. slowly her left hand went between her legs in a sensual manner

Dante gasped as need filled him, and the woman he was with took it as a sign he liked what she was doing with him. She pulled him to a private booth and straddled him.

"Wait just a..." but that's as far as he got before she started kissing him.

He pushed her back and tried to get her off of him, but he suddenly found himself bound by invisible rope where he couldn't move and gagged with invisible tape. I seem to be in trouble again, he laughed desperately in Suziana's mind. The woman pulled Dante out and started to ride him. She is a psychic, so she may be a lifemate. Her powers are strong enough to hold ancients. I hate to say it, but I need you to save me. I can't stop thinking about what you are doing and that's giving her fuel.

Suddenly a bloody hand came out of the womans chest, blood squirted all over Dantes face and chest and the womans lifeless body was thrown from his lap. Standing in front of him was now a bloody naked enrage Suzi, her fangs long her eyes dark "you are the most pathetic excuse for a lifemate I have ever met, being bound to you is a fate worse then death. Because of your carelessness you have now successful engaged in a act that goes against what life mates have stood for since the beginning of our kind, I would rather live a half of life then accept you as my lifemate" she said throwing the womans heart into his lap and walking out of the room

Dante fixed himself and disposed of the body quickly. He ran out of the room after Suziana. He quickly caught up to her.

"I didn't mean for this to happen!" he said, desperation in his tone as he shook. "I know you are angry, and I understand that! Hell, I deserve it for being an idiot! I have never felt that way, helpless, before. I know that's no excuse, but it's all I have. The truth. I don't deserve your forgiveness, Suzi, so I will not ask for it. I do want to say thank you for stopping her." He shivered. "It kills me that I put myself into that situation because of my own stupidity. I will do anything to make it up to you. I know we both need time alone. You need to think about what happens now and I... I need to try and get that woman off my. Though, I doubt I'll ever get clean enough. I feel disgusting by what happened and disgusted in myself. So, no, I don't blame you for your anger and accept it willingly. If you wish to forgive me, I will thank every god that has ever existed for giving me the greatest lifemate in the world. If not, I'll greet the dawn. Take all the time you need. Call me when you are ready to talk."

With that, he let her walk away. When she was out of sight, he made his way to one of his hideouts, where he threw up and hugged himself, crying as if his world were falling apart. And it was for two reasons. One, because he had felt helpless, unable to fight those invisible bindings. He now understood how horrible it was for females in that situation. And two, because he had hurt Suziana, the one woman that meant everything to him. Willingly or not, he deserved her anger and more.

He eventually made his way to one of the hot springs, the hottest one he could find without burning himself, and bathed until the sun rose, scrubbing until he had long scratches all over his body. He made his way to his sleeping chamber, opened the earth, and started to lay in it, but stopped. He couldn't do it. It was almost like the bonds were back on him and he couldn't take it. He got out of the ground, fashioned a cot, and fell asleep. His self-inflicted wounds didn't heal as he slept.


Emily stayed close to Ambrose. She felt something was wrong, but she stayed quiet. Why does it feel like we are going in circles? She took her lipstick out of her pocket and marked the wall. An hour later, they were back at it. I knew it.

"Hey," she whispered to Ambrose and showed him her mark. "I put that there and hour ago. Where are you taking us? Besides on a grand tour of the same goddamn hallway?"

Ambrose growled and held his head. he was to weak to sense the illusion "give me your hand" he said looking at her after a moment

Emily said, "How about I lead for a while? I thought I saw a pattern the last time we passed by here."

He took her hand "we don't have time...but ghouls are stupid...they will reveal the real way out" he said a cut her hand just enough to bleed a little bit

Emily jerked her hand away when he cut her. She looked scared.

"Go by yourself," she said. "I will not play bait for you."

She turned to run, but was grabbed by a ghoul instantly. She didn't scream. She had enough of the whole thing. She punched and kicked the ghoul, getting away. She smiled. She could fight as hard as she needed to. Even though her hands hurt, she had a strong kick, and that would help. She turned another corner and bumped into Ambrose.

"What the hell?!" she yelled.

He said nothing but scooped her up in his arms and began to run. He followed the way the ghoul had came , kicking one over and breaking its neck with his foot and kept going. He ran until they where at the entrance of the cave, he smelled another hunters scent, which meant he was already inside "another hunter is here already...more will come....if you want your son and friend to live you need to run, the further you are way the better chance I have at reaching them, there eyes will be on you and not them" he said pointing in the direction he knew the other hunters where coming from "run that way and don't stop" he said in a caring but serious tone

Emily looked at him, tears in her eyes and said, "You lied. You are putting me before my son. I'm not going. He leaves first, then Megan. It's that way, or not at all. And I said I wouldn't play bait."

Before he could stop her, she ran back into the cave. She slunk in the shadows, her breathing soft. She finally found the playroom, set up for Eli. He lay on the bed, healthy, safe, and asleep. She went in and hugged him tightly.

Suddenly Ambrose ripped her up by her arm "I have no time to be patient with you women, take your son and run back they way you came, keep running in the direction I showed you and don't stop until you get to town. And then you are to forget the location of this place get you and your son on the next plane to your home and never come back" the compulsion was strong and forceful in her mind, one she would not be able to resist

Emily started to leave the room but was stopped by Dolen, who held her tightly. Emily tried to get away. Dolen looked at looked at Ambrose and smiled.

"Trying to escape?" he said. "Remove the compulsion on her. If you don't, I'll kill the boy and make sure she believes you did it. How will she ever come to love the lifemate that killed her only child, I wonder?"

That word made her stop and she looked at Ambrose. Lifemate? That... that's impossible. That means... She looked at him, her eyes begging him. If you did something to me, take it away. I have to know. If you are my lifemate, you will do this for me. I hate not knowing something, of being made to look stupid. Please.

"because of your reckless action and because you did not listen to me your son will now suffer" Ambrose said in a cold voice and looked away from her "I will not claim such a reckless lifemate" he said and turned and walked away from her, following the ghouls that were ordered to take him away. It pained him to do so but now, this was his only option if he was to protect her, he knew Dolen well and knew this was the way it had to be.

Emily looked after Ambrose with anger and hurt, and yelled, "I couldn't leave them! Hate me if you want! But this is who I am! If you can't accept that, then I'll find someone else who will!"

Dolen smiled, making sure Ambrose would hear them, and said, "I'm available. I can make your dreams come true. Become my lifemate?"

Emily made the mistake of looking back at Dolen. She looked into his eyes and hers clouded over. He learned that Ambrose hadn't intended to kill anyone, and that's why his compulsion worked. Dolen decided to give it a try.

"Yes," she said, leaning into Dolen obediently. "I'll be your lifemate."

Ambrose kept down the growl that formed at her words and kept walking silently.


Mena looked at Sora and said, If that is your wish, I will try. But I don't know how.

Do you see the sky reflecting in the water" she asked signing

I don't see any water, Sora, she said. I'm afraid to leave the cave, to go outside and look. When Sora looked back, Mena had retreated back to the cave, leaving Sora five feet from the entrance. I'm just happy to look.

"do you love me Mena?" she signed, when she nodded sora smiled "then I trust you to catch me and fly with me" she said and with all the strength she could muster she knocked over the wheel chair, making her fall off the cliff

Mena jumped after Sora and caught her, floating them to the ground. Mena put her down, crying. Fear coursed through her. Fear for Sora and fear of being outside. I'm scared. Too big.

Sora smiled "mena you flew...did you notice?" she signed

What do you mean? I can't fly. I flutter. Flying means to go through the sky and swim in clouds. We fell from the cliff like feathers. Mena said, sounding more like herself.

"but you flew all the same, try again....get us back up to the cliff edge" she signed, though Mena could tell she was in a lot of pain when signing

Mena became pale. Without thinking she took Sora back to the cave and put her in the hot springs so that her body would relax. She held her sister tightly. Next time, tell me if you are in pain. I don't like you hurt.

Sora only nodded, her body was on fire, pain pounded her limbs, suddenly she began to cough, blood appeared on her lips and she felt a sharp pain in her chest and she started to slip into the water the more she coughed.

Mena started crying. She didn't know what to do. Instantly, Gordon appeared. He picked up Sora and laid her on the ground. He entered her as healing light, mending her body once more.

This is my fault, Mena said, falling back to the broken woman. I took you outside and you got hurt. I knew it was bad to go outside. Never again. Inside is safe. I'll never leave the cave or house again!

"it is not your fault little one, she is just sick is all, you made her happy by flying" he said reading the events through her thoughts "tell me why does your sister not talk?" he asked seeing his brothers concern for it

She has always been like that, said Mena. At least... I think so. I can't really remember. Then, a thought hit her. I haven't spoken aloud since I woke up at your house! What's wrong with me?! Did something happen to Sora and me?! Panic started to fill her again.

Gabriel looked at her with a soft look "yes you both have been through a lot, but don't rush yourself to remember if you do you will do more harm then good"


Dolen picked her up and said, "Even if your man were to come? You would listen to me even then?"

Megan had no choice but to be in his arms though it made her sick "I one" she said unlovingly against his chest

Dolen said, "That's not true, and that's why I want you to say it. Say you willingly listen to me, give yourself to me. Nothing will ever be out of your reach ever again.

"what am I to you?" she asked tiredly. she knew she already knew but he was saying a lot or just a puppet

"My daughter," he said. "Soon, I will convert Emily, and you both will become my best knights. But you must listen to me willingly and without question."

Megan nodded but her mind was blank as she kept him from reading her thoughts "Im hungry....father" she said in a tired tone

He brought in a woman, who was bound tightly. She was crying as he exposed her neck to Megan. The scent washed over her, causing Megan's fangs to explode in her mouth.

Then, Dolen smiled and said, "Feed until you are full."

Megan's mind went blank and without hesitation she bit into the woman's neck. All that consumed her was her hunger.

Dolen told the handmaidens to watch Megan, and not to let her kill the woman while feeding. He didn't want her to fall from grace. He waved his hand and Megan was able to move, her body completely healed. Then, he left without a sound. When he woman's heart slowed, the handmaidens made Megan stop. At the same time, Nicanu broke down the door.

"I told you I would find you," he said.

Megan struggled against the Maidens hold, it wasn't enough, she wanted more, needed more. It was pleasure after so much pain, she needed it.

Nicanu went to Megan and held out his wrist, saying, "Take what you need. It will heal you."

She shrunk away from him "I cant....I was not told to" she said in a soft emotionless tone

Nicanu said, "You must. You are far to pale. You are slowly dying. If we are to get you out of here, you must feed. We will come back for the other prisoners tomorrow, but you must heal first."

She was silent has she hugged her knees to her chest and shook her head


Nicanu landed outside of a cave. He could smell the evil of the vampire. As soon as he entered it, he felt Megan. It was faint. He knew that the farther in he went, the stronger her presence would get. I'm coming.

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