Scars 6

Sora nipped his hear, sending shivers down his neck all the way to his toes, she didn't let go either, instead she kept her grip on it her warm breath teasing the skin.

Gordon said, "My dear, if I could heal you better, I would. Our best healer, he and his lifemate lost a child and have hidden themselves from the world. If he were here, we would be able to indulge ourselves. I still have a few centuries until I am as good as the Dark One. At least we only have to wait a week, and not a month or a year, right?"

She let go and looked at him like he was an idiot, no way would she have sex with him! that meant binding them and she was not ready for that, he would feel she was determined to not have sex with him, she didn't lift up her hands but instead wrote very gently in the sand her hand rested on "nothing you can do to get me to have sex with you"

He shook his head and smiled, "You don't understand lifemates, then. But I will give in for today. It's time for you to rest. You will need to be in the ground most of the time, so the next few days should go by quickly."

She didn't like the thought of being buried but she wanted heal quickly "hurry and lets get it over with" she wrote in the sand, then she looked embarrassed and quickly wrote "the sleeping in the ground I mean" she wrote with blushing cheeks

He chuckled and said, "I know what you meant."

Then, he put Sora to sleep and slept next to her.


Gabriel met her gaze "you have to find your happiness inside you Mena, I can only be apart of it when you let me, until then you need to realize the way you have been living is selfish, to you and your family" his words were harsh but his face was soft and his eyes held care.

"Then you don't understand," she said. "I can't feel emotions. When I'm alone, I feel empty and hollow." She looked at him. "I'm an empath. I feel other people's emotions, but never my own. Yes, I'm selfish in wanting to seek danger to feel alive for a moment in time, but existing as I do..."

"or maybe your just afraid of what you feel, maybe its easier to hid behind others emotions then to face your own" he stated simply "we can talk later if you wish but your hunger beats at me" he said and stood up from leaning on the tree

She looked at him and said, "I want to feel something, anything. And I'm not hungry. I've never been alone long enough to develop emotions. You... you feel joy, amusement, lust, love, and so much more. I want to feel those things. If I did, I wouldn't hesitate in becoming your lifemate, but I can't, and I refuse to let you bind yourself to one such as me."

"have you forgotten?" he asked raising his eyebrow

"It doesn't count when you use the binding words on a broken woman," she said, but her voice shook, making her sound unconvincing.

He took a step towards her "Are you sure?" he asked in a dark sexy tone that sent shivers through her.

She backed up until her back was to a tree. She looked at him, fear and other emotions running through her. She felt nothing from him in that moment, just herself. She wanted to feel joy for the first time. She wanted to hug him for giving her a glimpse at her own emotions. But he was still advancing towards her, and that fear clawed at her. It was different from the fear she had of the now dead vampire. This was on a primal level.

"T-totally sure," she said.

He put his hands up by her head blocking her in, his gazed looked over her body like he was undressing her with his mind sending flames on her skin wherever his eyes went, his spicy smell hit her nose, his body inches from hers. He leaned down putting his lips by her right ear "your right to be afraid little one.....because I can devour you on the spot and you will never be the same" he said in a dark seductive tone.

Before she could answer or do anything he moved away from her, taking a few steps back, his desire pressing hard against his pants, he gave a teasing smile "But I wont, not yet, come lets feed" he said in a pleased tone knowing how hot ad bothered he had got her and his retreat was torture.

Mena fell to the ground and said, "I felt... For the first time, I knew what I felt." She ran to him, hugging him, needing him close for more than one reason. "Thank you."

Her breath tickled the skin of his neck. Her tongue teased his pulse for a moment before biting down. His taste was wild like his wolf, spicy with a hint of honey. She was instantly addicted to the taste of him. She moaned into his neck, her body molding to his, her arousal filled the air with it's sweet scent.


"what makes you think I am unhappy?" he asked

"When you look at me or Adamina, you look scared and sad," she said. "You smile, but it never touches your eyes. I try not to touch things after you for a reason, Rasputin. I can read your entire life when I do. Every thought, every deed, everything rushes at me. I've done that once, when you brushed against my car at the hospital. At first, it was because I didn't want to live through centuries of death. Now, I don't want to invade the privacy of your mind. It would make you upset if I did that."

"I have no secrets from you" he stated simply

"Then tell me why you shy away from me," she said, "why you look as if the world falls apart when you simply glance at me, and why you stay away when I need someone nearby!"

"because I am still part of the man that kept you in those sewers...I still have those urges, hearing you yell at me now the urge to come over there and strike you in the face to quiet you beats at me" he said in a dangerous tone so she knew he was serious

Bethany said, "And I want you to tell me these things. Rasputin, the only way you can hurt me is if you act on those things. I saw the way you lived. It will be difficult to break centuries of habit."

"give me time...." he said in a defeated tone "getting a chance like not easy..." he said moving away from her.

She grabbed his hand and said, "It will be easier with help. And I have a better perspective than someone outside of us. I've seen what you did and can help. This is why you have to move slow. Quit running." She made him sit down. "First step, sit with me instead of leaving the room. Just be here, in the room. You don't have to move, or speak, or look. Just be here. Okay?"

He did as she asked but he looked uncomfortable, looking around the room as to not meet her gaze.


Megan leaned over the tub to check the water, her boobs swaying as she did so and when she switched her legs her bottom shifted deviously, revealing to him a glimpse of her still wet most precious part, the scent of her hitting his nose, was sweet and mouth watering "I have dreams that sometimes come true" she said like it was nothing "scientist believe the human brain can subconsciously calculate things that will happen so its not unheard of for you to hear people say they dream things that come true, we call it Deja vu " she said "sometime I can tell the difference in the dreams...but since you are real I know it will come the look good in blue" she said still not looking at him

"Except normal humans do not possess a strong enough ability to do what you do," he said. "And I don't wear blue. Not really my color. I wear Ultramarine. It's a much better color than just blue."

"I do nothing rarely happens" she said stepping into the tub, her body sparkling as the water ran over her, making her scent stronger "and you do wear a outfit unlike one I have ever scen… matches your coldness then..." she said putting her head under the water to hide her tears "I don't know how I survived and to tell the truth I don't think I am your lifemate….If I was...…." she didn't finish but he could feel her doubt because of his lack of intimacy and the coldness from her dreams, He could see himself in her dream, the outfit she spoke of and they were at the school, and he was cold to her, in tone and in feeling, treating her like she was just a normal student he had no interest in.

He sighed and said, "I have no plans on taking you to the school. And if, for whatever reason, you are enrolled there, I would try to teach you as I do all my students. I don't show favoritism. I am cold to everyone. But, guaranteed, once we are ready and we are alone, I will make you burn for me in delicious ways."

"are you going to stand here and watch me shower? you have a choice, go hunt or join me...we both know which one you are going to choose' she said with her eyes closed, he would feel part of her still hoped he would stay even though she fully believed he wouldn't.

He said, "I have to leave, so I can care for you. But my mind will always be in yours, so I'm never really far."

She didn't say anything, but just waited for him to leave, he read her mind as he turned to leave like she had spoken out loud, she planned to run after he left.

"You run," he said in a dark tone, "and he will find us immediately. This is why I will put safeguards up. You will not be able to leave this inn until I return, nor will anyone be able to enter it. The inn keeper only has to keep the people from leaving for half an hour. Then, I will be back."

With that, he left. She felt the safeguards go around the inn, trapping everyone inside.


Elissa hummed a soft tune as she walked the freshly moved field of the Ancients, here she tended to the grounds and made sure the Ancient's were resting well. She was bare foot like always, her soft steps not disturbing the grass much as she walk "If I told you miss nightgale that his song was for you...would you sing to me miss nightgale as the moon rose" she sang in a soft sweet voice

Below her feet, something stirred.

Elissa stopped and looked down, she started to focus wondering if a Ancient was awakening or in distress but she never got a chance to truly use her powers before a hand grabbed her ankle, making her fall to the ground hard. Out of the earth, an ancient Carpathian emerged. His eyes were red, but his desire was evident. He ripped her clothes off of her, and entered her hard and fast. Though he held her hands held her down in an iron grip, they did not hurt her.

Elissa felt the darkness in him but knew he had not completely turned, It hurt when he entered her, she had no time to adjust to such a large male and she was a virgin. But still she held back her scream "Calm...yourself are safe here...take what you need from me...I offer it freely" she said in a soft tone filled with pain. This man was over powering and slipping into darkness as he roughly forced himself inside her, she didn't fight but instead touched his mind, trying to console him through this, knowing this honorable hunter who slept here must not mean what he is doing.

He growled, her voice dancing over him. He wanted to hear her moan. He began to pound into her harder. He moved one hand away from her wrists and groped her breasts. His touch was surprisingly gentle, loving even. He licked her neck before biting down. He moaned with the taste filled his mouth. He drank greedily. Still, she felt some awareness hit him.

Though it was still painful she started to feel an intense pleasure which confused her at first, but the more her body heated up the more the pleasure intensified the more she understood, she covered her mouth as moans started to grow from her "claim me hunter....I know you need to...." she said in between moans "Say them....say the words that ring in your soul" She wanted to say more but his thrusting intensified making her cry out and arch her back underneath him.

It took everything in him to close the wound. Even then, he growled out the binding words. More awareness hit him. His thrusts became tender, even if they remained rough. His hands gripped her waist, allowing him to go deeper. Pleasure unlike any other filled them both as she gripped him tightly. He opened a wound on his chest.

"Feed from me," he ordered.

His voice sounded like he was talking through a tunnel, the world around her spun and her body felt heavy yet pleasure consumed her. She tried to lift up her head but found she was too weak to do so "don't...convert me...not yet..I… duties" she gasped before crying out in pleasure in a weak tone

He lifted her head to the wound and said, "Not yet. Just to finish the binding."

She latched onto, her tongue teasing his skin as she took in his blood, her grip tightened around him even more, between her mouth on him and her grip around his member tightening his pleasure was intensifying, growing by the second.

He growled in pleasure as he said, "My name is Constantine. Tell me your name, little one."


One he was a good distance away Meghan ran, she couldn't bare to have that conversation, she wasn't ready. She closed her mind to him just enough that he could not see where she was going or know that she left. She was so weak from not eating the more she ran the worst she felt, but she pushed through it.

Meghan, I know you don't want to, but I have to, he said. I can't just sit by and watch you wither in front of me any longer. I beg of you to at least attempt to talk about our child.

At the word child she cried out and fell down onto her knees, her chest feeling like it had been cracked open. She hugged herself and bent over, putting her forehead to the ground in a deep bow, clouds formed ahead, an thunder started to roar, suddenly it started to pour. The rain cold and unforgiving, though she was young her anguish was cause this uncontrolled storm, dangerous to one who does not know how to control it, lightning struck the ground inches away from her

Then, he was there, shielding her from her storm. "I know it hurts," he said. "That is why we must talk. I am willing to hide from our people, to keep our girls safe and away from us, but I refuse to hide from you any longer. I want the same from you. I don't want us hiding from one another because of this pain. Share it with me, just as I will share it with you."

She shook in his arms and tightened her arms around his neck as she buried her face in his shoulder and cried, her mind opened to him like a flood gate, feeling as she felt in their child's death, how she had hid from him that she had felt his life slip, felt his death and wished for hers Even in that horrific moment she kept this pain to herself, to shield him from it, but it had broken her.

He accepted it all and didn't say anything. He wept with her. Guilt washed over him. If he had been quicker, if he had taken her with him, if had of put up stronger safeguards, then none of it would have happened. None of the guilt lies with you, Meghan.

"Stop ok! its both our faults! it does nothing to blame shoulder it all!" she sobbed, her hands started to grip his shoulder tighter, he would feel it then, she was so weak already and causing this storm, using this much power was killing her

Erik had tears flowing in force as he said, "Feed from me! I can't have you leave me! I will not survive your passing! Please!"

He felt her teeth graze his throat before they sank in, she was gentle, he felt her mind trying to focus on him she didn't know how to stop the storm, it was linked to her emotions, suddenly the rain water turned red like blood as her hunger mixed in with her grief.

"It's okay," he said, feeding energy to her so she wouldn't die in his arms. "Let it out. Cry until the tears run dry. Know I share your pain, feel your pain, and equal your pain. I will hold you until you need to sleep."

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