Scars 7

With a growl Gabriel picked her up and pinned her to the tree again, his erection pressed into her core through there clothes "I am trying to be patient little one but you are making it almost impossible, if you do not stop now I will not be able to control myself" he warned in a low tone.

She closed the wound on his neck and said, "I just wanted to say thank you, but you smelled good. I couldn't control myself. Sorry. It was the first time I felt my own emotions and I was swept up in them."

It took a force of will to let her down and take a step back "i am warning you now the next time you do such a thing i will not hold back" he said and started to walk away "we" he said in a commandong tone.

"Fine," she said. "I will try to control myself when I actually feel my own emotions."

With that, she walked behind him. She couldn't help but stare at him, noticing everything about him. She cocked her head a bit, staring at his delicious backside. Why would I think his ass looks cute?! she asked herself, shaking her head. This is absurd! I don't even know the guy! I shouldn't want him to... I'm not even going to think about it! It's safer that way. I need to learn about him first.

He growled without looking at her " your thoughts count Mena" he said in a tone that sent fire through her

"I've never had someone invade my mind before," countered Mena. "My parents always asked before looking in my mind. Why didn't you?"

Without looking at her and still walking he said " as lifemates we are always connected so we do not feel the sepreation i was not listen simple your thoughts on how cute my back side were too loud" he said in a teasing tone.

She blushed and said, "Those are private thoughts! You stay out of my head until you are invited! I don't like the idea of you knowing everything I'm thinking!"

He chuckled " then dontt think so loud" he said in a humorus tone. Suddenlu he stopped making her run into him, he turned towards her and met her gaze with a nughty look on his face, he bent down like he was going to kiss her but instead put his lips to her right ear " and between you and me if you think my back side is nice now you should see me without a shirt" he said before nipping her ear.

She squeaked in surprise and tried to move away from him, embarrassed by what he said.

He let her move away with a sly smile, he chuckled and began walking again.


Elissa could barely think, the pain and pleasure where starting to consume her "El....Elissa" she moaned out. She went to put her hands on his shoulders but when she did he grabbed them and put them above her head, there was something about being this vulnerable that got her excited, the more she tried to do the more he took control until she was full helpless and submissive. When she tried to do something he would slow his thrust like a punishment. She tried to move her hips to keep the hard fast pace she wanted, but her held her in place and growled "Please...please don't stop it hurts when you do" she moaned in a begging tone.

"You move when I say," he said. "I like you begging like this. Begging for more, begging for release. It's exciting, is it not?" He started moving at a merciless pace. "Keep begging me, Elissa. Open yourself more to me, but never stop begging me."

Something about his tone sent shivers through her, she tried not to move but this was her first time and her body was so sensitive it was driver her crazy " please...please let me move....i need to" she begged.

"Not yet," he said. "I need to feel you aren't a dream. Keep gripping around me, begging me. I'm not sure if this is real yet."

The pain and pleasure were becoming to much, she needed to hold on to him " please! I cant...its to much" she begged. This male was large and dominating and being her first time her body was having trouble adjusting to such roughness.

"Move how you want!" he said through clenched teeth. "I want you to come with me!"

Without hesitation she gribbed his shoulders, her nails digging in, adding a delious pain as the slid down his back, leaving scratches. She trembled under him as her body seemed to break under him, exploding just as he did. The pressure of his cum filling her only added to it, taking her so far that her body gave way and she passed out underneath him.

He rolled off of her, unable to comprehend what had just happened. A lifemate, a miracle. He didn't even recognize where he was. It didn't matter with the world exploding in color and emotions filling him for the first time since he was converted. He was happy.

"Did you enjoy yourself, Elissa?" he asked her.

There was no answer.

That's when he smelt it. Blood. Just examining her body, he saw bruises, excessive blood leaking from her core, and signs of rough use, use her body could not handle. He cursed. He entered her body and found he had done considerable damage. Not only that, he had given her a concussion when he grabbed her ankle and sending her to the ground. He began healing her immediately, being thorough. When he returned to his body, he bit into her neck before making her feed from him a second time. He used every ounce of control he had so that she would heal. He would not use her body in such a way again. He laid her on the ground and saw her markings. They were vines that showed she held a high position at the monastery they were now in. The sign of purity was smudged, showing she had been claimed by him. He sat, waiting for her to awake.


Megan finished her shower, dressed in pants and a t-shirt and started pacing the room. Her throat was on fire, she felt like she had not drink anything in a year.

A knock came on the door before Emily said, "Megan, it's me. I can't sleep. Can we go sit in the dinning room? I'm hungry and don't want to dine alone tonight. Besides, I need to talk to you."

She sighed "now is not a good time.." she said knowing she was hungry.

"I need you to come with me," Emily said. "If you need to drink my blood again, at any time, and can't hold back any longer, you know you can feed from me. I don't mind, you know. You're my friend, and I take care of my friends."

She sighed and sat on the bed thinking "fine....but stay near the door when you come in" she said

Emily opened the door and stood next to it. She leaned against the wall as she said, "I understand. Look, you shouldn't have been bought into that mess with him. So, on behalf of my moronic lifemate, I am sorry that this happened to you." She looked at Megan, her face serious and stony. "That being said, I need you and your lifemate to stay behind when I go to face Dolen tonight. Do whatever you can to keep him here. Can you do that?"

"No but nice try" she said looking at her like she was stupid " your not going alone and thats final and if you try......ill tell the vampires where eli is" she said in a serious tone.

"Megan, I have to get my lifemate out of there," Emily said. "Besides, the call to aid that he sent out had to of reached more than just your man. There are others coming. I won't be alone. Just leaving the inn alone, so I can meet them. I need you and your lifemate protecting my son. I'm trusting the most important person in my life to you. When your mate returns, I will talk to him, get him to arrange a meeting place for the hunting party and me. If they go in without me, they will be caught in Dolen's trap, and then we will be truly lost."

"No!" She said with her fangs bared and leaping off the ed and walking up to her " you are not going alone and i met what i said if you try i will personally hand your son to dolen!" She said in a anger toned voice

At that moment, three men burst through the door, shooting Megan in the arm before tackling her to the ground. They looked at Emily.

"We finally caught a good one," said one.

"Drug her and we'll be on our way," said another, obviously the leader.

"What about her?" asked the third.

The leader went to Emily and said, "That thing isn't human, you know."

"What of it?" Emily asked.

"You should leave," he said. "We will take you as well, but I'll make an exception since you are human and have a kid."

"She's my friend. I will not abandon her," Emily replied.

Before he could respond, Emily grabbed his hunting knife from his side. She seemed to be a different person. She moved just as he was about to grab her, turning and elbowing him in the gut before turning again to slit his throat. The first to speak tackled Emily, only to get stabbed in the stomach then the throat. The last went to run, but Emily threw the knife, catching him in the leg. He went down hard in the empty hallway.

"Wait!" he said. "Spare me! I haven't done anything!"

"Why would I let you live?" Emily asked in a cold tone as she pulled the knife out. "Doing so puts everyone here at risk. But my friend is hungry. You will make a good meal."

The man tried to get up, but Emily stabbed his other leg, making him unable to walk. She then dragged him back into the room and laid him before Megan like a sacrifice.

"I'll stop you before you kill him," she said. "Hurry up and feed."

"Please!" the man said, trying to appeal to Megan. "Let me join you!"

Megan couldn't breath, the billet had went though her arm and into her chest, it had punctured one lung and now was inches away from her hear, blood filled around her heart making it hard for it to beat "Nicanu!" she cried out in her head as her blood surrounded her, creating a puddle underneath her.


She smiled and went about her routine. She cleaned the cave to make it feel like a home, she fed and played with Adamina, she did chores, she read the books he had brought her, and she ate when it was meal time. She had to have him there because she was getting cabin fever and needed interaction, but he distracted her and she had to wash the same plate three times because of it. She didn't let Rasputin know she stole glances of him while she went about the cave, knowing that if he realized having him there made her heart race, he would leave.

"You should rest..." he said in a uncomfortable tone

"I usually fall asleep after you," she said. "You always tell me to go to rest at 3:30 am, then practically push me into my room at dawn. But I can't sleep until it's almost 8 am."

Suddenly he was infront of her, pinning her against the wall, his body pressed into hers with his hand on her throat, though it was a loose trmbling grip " i said rest" he said in a commanding tone

Bethany glared at him and said, "I don't want to."

He through her on the bed and covered her with his body pinning her underneath him, with a growl he ripped her clothes and and his vanished, he used his knee to spread her legs open for him, she felt the tip of him at her core

"Rasputin," Bethany said, her voice shaking and her eyes large in shock, "what...?"

Her voice snapped him out of his lack of control and he quickly jumped off of her, by the time he landed across the room he was dressed "Im sorry" he said before disappearing.


Meghan stopped feed ing and closed the wound, she had not feed enough by any means. She pulled back and looked at him " put me to sleep....i cant stop the storm....please Erik...i couldnt bare hurting you again" she said in a exgausted tone

Erik kissed her. He let her feel all the love he had for her as he put her to sleep. He then carried her to their cave and put her in the ground. He set the safeguards before following her. He held her to him as he fell asleep.

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