The Unknown 8

Erik said, "Nicholas, I was not planning on killing her. To be honest, I do not know how to handle this situation. This is why I had my mate contact Anastasia, who is acting in the prince's stead." He looked at the girl. "How do you know these words? Only Carpathians know of these words, or human lifemates who have heard them."

"one of the voices told me...the voice that pulled me out of the dark" she said "did....Did I say them wrong?" she said just as Nicolas fell to the ground, his breathing was harsh and he covered his face. Meghan went over to him and knelt down next to him and touched his shoulder softly "easy....don't fight them..." she said softly after a few moment he looked up at Erik his eyes bright green with tears in them "please...let her come to me" he said in a pleading tone

Erik nodded and said, "I just remembered. There is a human woman, the villagers say she has the ability to know when a person is to die, if they died too soon, and even how they are to die. Let us take your woman to her. But this girl is clearly human and underage. You can't repeat the binding words to her yet."

"Mira...her name is Mira" he said to Erik. At the sound of her name Mira gasped and ran to him, she wrapped her arms around his neck and he hugged her back. Erik knew there was no lust in that hug but there was love and care "my Mira..." he said holding her close as she started to cry "I know she is underage Erik I would not do anything immoral...and I don't need to repeat them" he said honestly it would be at his remark that he would realize that they were bonded already. Whoever told her the words has also made the bond happen between them.

Erik said, "Then, should we head to the woman who sees death?"

Meghan went over and took Eriks hand as Nicolas pick Mira up in his arms "lead the way" was all he said as the girl refused to let go of him

They landed outside of a small cabin that was just inside the limits of a nearby village. Erik knocked and A young woman answered. She waved them inside.

"What do you need of me?" she asked.

"This girl..." Erik began.

"Yes, the one who is living yet not living," said the girl. "I am Mica. May I see your hand?"

Mira shied away from her but Nic convinced her to show her the girls hand.

Mica looked at the girls hand and seemed to go into a trance as she said, "You were taken too early. You were poisoned by men who thought you a vampire. A woman left part of her soul near the tree of life so that you would return. Your life is tied to this woman's. She dies, you die. Should you desire peace, you can return to the next world and the woman's fragment will return to her. But there is a price for this gift. If you are converted, you will not become a Carpathian, but a vampiress."

Erik looked at Nicholas and asked, "Do you know what Mica is talking about?"

" I said I am responsible for this, you are wise Erik look at my soul...there is not much left" he said plainly

"I see that," said Erik. "I've chosen to ignore your own indiscretion for forbidden magic at this time, knowing that you were holding on after her death. You don't know the spell or the woman Mica is talking about? This woman could come and try to return your soul to you."

Nic shook his head "my soul is many pieces to return and I would not want them even if they could return to me....have we got what we came for? she needs food and to be taken care of" he said as Mira still was in his arms clinging to him

Erik nodded and said, "Yes, we got what we came for."

"Please, take this with you!" Mica said, handing Nicholas a large bowl of hot vegetable soup. "She can eat here now or eat later in a more secure location. It is all organic from my garden. I don't have any clothes her size, but I can at least give her a hot meal to welcome her back from the other world."

Nic bowed and took to the sky with mira and the soup. Erik and Meghan followed after.


Constantine staggered out of the room. Pain still coursed through him from his mark. He made it back to Elissa and sat down.

"That was worse than when you experienced it," he said, knowing she had felt the pain with him.

She glared at him "that's because Nicolas uses his soul to ease the pain" she said in a angry tone "you got it for nothing...I must leave" she said and headed towards the door

Constantine shook his head and said, "No. Not until the prince says it must be. There is still hope."

"I would rather leave now then disappoint my family hear by them finding out what I have work is not finished" she said opening the door

Constantine took her hand and said, "Not without me. Not this time. No matter what, I share your fate. If this is the end for us, then I want to at least help bring peace to someone. Besides, I knew the one who set up this place. They weren't exactly the beacon of purity. As I recall, she was almost evil, but she redeemed herself by making this place."

She removed her hand from his "didn't I tell you not to touch me again" she said in a angry tone "you are not allowed to touch me unless I say you can" she said with a challenge in her tone

He pinned her to the wall and said, "By all rights, I should take you before the prince and have our lives in the world ended because of what you have done. I am in my rights to make you go to sleep until judgment has been passed." He caressed her cheek, surprising her. "However, I know you did not do this our of anger, but love. This is why I chose to help you. However, you have no say over when I touch you or not. When I feel like touching you, I will do so. That is also my right, as well as my pleasure."

She bit his hand "I may be a criminal but I am still a lady with dignity and morals, I am not some toy you can play with whenever you feel like" she said placing her hands on his chest to push him away, her hands sent shivers through him, even though she was made he noticed she didn't place her hand on his new marking "so no you don't have that right...."

Constantine gasped when she touched him, blood covering his forehead. He nearly collapsed on top of her.

"Hey! what..." she began but was cut off when Constantine's illusion when down.

His skin looked swollen, almost like it was infected. She couldn't see his mark anymore from the bruising around it. Constantine was breathing heavily, trying to regain his composure. After a few moments, he was able to stand and look as if nothing phased him, but she could see the lines of strain and pain on his face.

Elissa rolled her eyes "really your male ego knows no bounds" she said moving around him and going over to a cabinet and grabbing a blue bottle from a self "its the scaring process it will take some time to put this on it twice a day and it will heal in three days time" she said holding out the bottle to him

Constantine waved the bottle away and said, "I do not need it."

Elissa thought for a moment then smiled "fine by me the longer you are in pain the longer you cant touch me" she said happily "guess your male ego is good for something" she said setting the bottle down and heading towards the door

He grabbed her and said, "I am going with you. And I am not in pain. Only the weak feel pain. This is nothing. I will rise above it. Now, where are we going?"

She smiled "do you know why I said as long as your in pain you couldn't touch me? because now I can do this" she said poking his chest the pain made him let go over her "whos dominating who now hunter" she said and left the room

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