Revelation 6

Antony felt like she had punched him in the gut, yet he still said, "I..."

But the lycan male slapped him in the back of the head, causing Antony to fall over, saying, "She's right, you moron! So stop acting like a child!" He then bowed to Anya. "We know we were in the wrong. We should have rescued him, even if we were afraid, as it should have been our first duty. We may not have lived, even trying to free him, but we should have tried. I am ashamed to call myself a man, let alone a lycan. Please, punish us fittingly."

His family, even the crying children, bowed before Anya and said, "We gladly accept whatever you deem fit."

Antony was stunned. He didn't know what to say. He looked at Anya, unsure of what to do.

Anya just shook her head "that six year old girl would be a better prince then you right now, at least she knows when she is wrong" she said in a heart breaking disappointed tone "your parents would be ashamed of the man you are now" she said and looked away from him like she couldnt bear looking at him right now and looked at the family " i dont care to punish you, unlike antony I know were my duites lay I could care less about you and you family but if she dies" she said pointing at Ana "we all die" she said turning away from them and the slayers who had their towards pointed at them took a step towards them "its time for you to leave" they said

Antony couldn't move, guilt and shame filling him. The lycan man picked him up and shoved him down the road, but not before saying, "There are healing springs in the mountain ten miles from here. They connect to your healing caves, like a second river from one pond. It should help."

Just as they were almost out of ear shot, they all heard, including Antony a slayer say to Anya "we are losing her I cant get her heart to beat" Anya went over and stuck her hand through Anya's chest "go scout the path to the healing caves" she said and three of them took off "willow your wolf" Anya said and the hooded woman nodded and shifted into a large wolf, Anya placed Anas body on the large wolfs back and climbed on top of her to keep pumping her heart " Now" she said and with a snarl the wolf leaped forward into a full run, as they ran past the group the last thing Anthony saw of he lifemate was a blood tear fall from her dead looking face


Draiden said, "While you fed from me, I fed from the bottles." He pointed to the empty bottles next to him. "You have no excuse now."

She smiled "you have a lot to learn little dragon"she said right before the skin the vines were on burst into flames burning the vines to ash in seconds, as soon as she was free and to his surpise she rolled them she he was on top, she put her hands above her head "go ahead....dominate me...if you think you can" she said with a challenge in her tone " can accept that your not ready and i will have my fun until you are"

He instantly began moving. He instantly lost all control and pinned her down with his teeth. He had to go deep, so deep, she would never get him out. At the same time, his tale would pin her arms down and his wings would give him extra leverage. Flames danced around them and she heard a roar in her head.

River cried out, the pleasure was to much for both of them, they came hard at the same time. Crying out together. Suddenly River growled and used her wings to flip them over just as a large wolf landed in the place they were just at. Before either could react the wolf spoke "if you wish to live long with your lifemate go to the healing caves to save the princes lifemate" it said and walked out

Draiden growled. Why must we go through this again? he asked in River's head.

"All i know is after this the prince will owe me and i plan to use that"she said dressing

"Not happening," said Constantine. "Not until you admit, in all honesty, you liked me pounding into you, dominating you. That you crave it."

He felt her tighten at his words and she even grew wet, he saw in her mind she was thinking about the first time when he first awoken, how rough he was that the pain he had cause her made the pleasure unlike anything she had ever felt before, meaning that weather she knew it or not she not only wanted to be dominated but she had a massocist side "i dont lie so i cant...say that" she said looking away from him

He rolled and pinned her under him once more, saying, "You can't imagine that first night without consequences."

Then, before she could say anything, he repeated their first joining, minus the blood exchange.

Afterwards she fell asleep in his arms and while she slept he walked her back to the monastary

Gordon started to slowly move, asking, "So this doesn't bother you? Going slow?"

Sora covered her mouth with her hand at his first thrust "it bothers me" she said honestly

"Do what you want to me," he said, holding her hips. "It is your turn. Ride me however you want."

She looked at him for a moment, her cheeks flushed then her eyes turned to her birds and she suddenly grabbed his hands and placed them on her breast and started to ride him hard and fast

He growled, enjoying every movement, every brush of her hair and feathers, and every time she looked at him. They made love all night long, only stopping long enough to go back to their cave before the sun rose.

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