New Start

Antony snuck away from the family. He had to get to Anastasia. He could feel her slipping away from him. He began walking, wondering how he would explain everything to Anya. He soon found himself in the company of three ancient hunters. He sighed. He had hoped that they would leave him be, but he knew that with the prince's lifemate in danger, they would be near him at all times. Antony walked quickly, but the men could tell his thoughts and his lifemate's fate weighed heavily on his mind.


Ana was cold, so cold, she could hear chanting whispers in the dark but she couldnt see. She couldnt move either all she felt was a soul numbing cold that pirced her very soul. The darkness was suffocating and the cold was painful in every way, it felt as if it was consuming her and the more it spread the more she slipped into the darkness so.....cold

Stay with me, Antony said. I'm coming back to help you.

I cant so cold...I hear...others she said unknowingly describing the veil

Don't listen to them. They will take you into the other world!

other world?... I dont understand...what happened..where am so tired....the voices offer me...they offer me....

Don't give in, Anastasia! Antony said. They are taking you from our children, from me, from everything you love! Fight them!

from mean....they will take me from all this pain? she said and started to slip more into darkness

You will hurt more! he yelled. Please, come back!

She was having trouble hearing him, he sounded like her was further away as the cold grew stronger come what...I cant remeber

to pain anya rivers voice echoed in the dark you remeber the pain dont it felt to give birth....when Antony compelled you...he left you for the lycans

Ana like the breath had been knocked out of her as memories slowly came to her, she felt her heartbreaking and tried to shut it out

dont! grab onto it Ana...embrace it, let it guide you

Anastasia, Antony said, please... listen to her.

why would I want to grab on to one wants to be in pain

what did you get out of that pain Ana? your family....was it not worth it?

The memories of Antony and her kids and the Carpathian people she had come to care for swirled around her like they were there to I come back?...where? where do I need to go?

The pain, Ana follow the pain, let it fill you're every sense up you feel yourself reach the surface...hurry Ana

Ana tried, she grabbed on, letting it consume her, at first she felt like nothing was changing, she still felt like she was getting colder. Suddenly she was consumed by voices and pain, she could hear every Carpathian there was, feel their pain, personal and deep. she felt herself being torn and suddenly she felt her body, it hurt, it hurt beyond anything she had ever felt.

Ana's body jerked and she groaned

Anastasia... Antony's voice started fading. I.... I...

i cant breath...everything hurts...where...where am I

You are in the healing caves, said Erik. I thought we were going to lose you. Whoever brought you back is strong. Hold on. Soon, you will be able to go to ground. But we have more we need to do before you can rest. that you....I left...where is the woman...there was a woman

My mother is here, guarding us. Antony is on his way. Seems he was injured trying to get to you. Three hunter were escorting him and will explain when they get here. Just concentrate on healing right now. We will get our answers soon.

no....there was a woman in the dark with me....she....did something ...I cant remeber...oh god Erik it hurts so bad.....I cant....Ive never felt this kind of pain on feel like im burning please....I cant remeber what happened...why does it burn

River decided to just sprout her wings instead of fully transforming into her dragon, being close to the end of her pregnancy it took a lot out of her to shift. They were still a ways out from reaching the healing caves, her and Dradien were keeping a healthy pace for her pregnant state. Suddenly she spotted the prince and some hunters around them draiden...we are making a pit stop she said and started to head towards the prince. SHe managed to land in front of him and Dradien landed between her and the hunters. River growled "so your the coward prince who thinks to order me around?" she asked sounding unimpressed

Antony looked at her as she and Draiden landed and said, "What do you mean? I haven't ordered anything as of late. But my lifemate is dying and I must go to her."

"Why? you don't need to be there? from what I heard you will do more harm than good, why don't you go back into hiding prince before you mess up again" she said in a harsh tone

"She's being dragged into the next world and you want me to just sit back?!" Antony gasped. "You can't stop me from going to her!"

"Have you shown much care for such things! do you even know who I am prince? you should after all I've been cleaning up your messes and helping your people when you should have been! your lifemates blood stains the earth I can smell it for miles but where were you? you left with a pack of dogs, you choose a group of not even your own people over your fatally injured lifemate" she said with a growl

"I... I didn't choose to leave," he said, looking down like a child being reprimanded. "I tried... to stay." He looked at River. "I was doing what I thought was right when I saved those people. But now... I have to try to do one thing right by being with her! Just next to her, holding her hand! That's all! If I can do that little thing, I..."

River socked him harder in the face, even though she was pregnant she moved with inhuman speed catching him off guard "what makes you think after all you have done your presence would comfort her or help in anyway? you have not changed you and just as childish as when you abandon her and your I have had enough of your kind...banging on my doorstep...threating me to help and then insulting me...if it wasnt for the fact that your fate ties to my lifemates I wouldn't be helping at all, the fact that you are prince does not bode well for the Carpathian people, with how you are you are going to finish what Vlad started and kill us all!"

Antony didn't move. Rain began to fall heavily. He stared at the ground, tears mixing with the water dripping down his face.

"I'm afraid, okay?" he said. "I don't know what I'm doing, how to do it, or even if I can do it. My... my younger brother was groomed to be prince over me, but then... he disappeared. No trace of him has been found. I'd gladly hand over leadership to my brother if he can be found. I just... I want to help Anastasia if I can. I have to start making up for everything I've done. Is that wrong?!"

"you know what I hear? excuses. whether your brother was in line to be prince does not matter you are the prince and what have you done? you have abandoned your people and your lifemate, what would you do if you were next to her ? just like you said you dont know what to do so what good are you? you never asked for help from anyone, every Carpathian that has sworn loyalty to you could have helped but you ran instead, do you know how that makes them feel? your people lose hope every day and lose the ones they love they need all the hope they can have and you took everything thing from them when you ran, you think going to what might be your lifemates grave will fix that? no it wont" she was on him and grabbed him by the throat "if your lifemate dies and you turn it will be the end of the Carpathians and I wont let that happen, I have suffered too much to let you ruin any happiness I have found" she said and slammed into his mind and connected straight to his soul. Suddenly he would feel all his people, their sadness and pain filled him, their hopelessness almost consumed him, but they also felt love for him and Anya, some still had hope in him and for the future of their race this is going to hurt river said as she started to use his connection to Anya through him

The ancients growled and went into attack mode and started to circle river

"Take your hands of the prince sister or we will have to use extreme measure" a large male covered in scars said in a emotionless dark tone

Draiden stood between the hunters and his lifemate, saying, "She is giving him what everyone else is afraid of doing. Leave them be. She won't kill him."

Antony said, "Stop it... please... I can't... It's too much! Stop it!"

One ancient stepped forward and said, "She is clearly hurting him. Let us pass, brother."

"I will not," said Draiden, his eyes and hair changing color.

"talk to your woman hunter beofre she gets hurt and so does your unborn child" another hurter warned

Suddenly river cried out and stepped back stumbling, Antony dropped to his knees

Antony retched and fell to the ground. Every beat of his heart sent pain through him. He gripped his head. He couldn't stop the voices. He used to be able to shut them out, the voices of doubt, voices asking for help, voices urging him to make a decision. Whatever River did, he could no longer shut out the voices.

Draiden went to his mate and said, "So, how did it go?"

"Her soul is back but if she is not healed soon she will fade again as for him..." she said with disappointment in her tone "he will not be able to run anymore" she said in a tired tone and leaned into him "draiden I feel sick..."

The ancients went to Antony and took to the air taking him with them towards the healing caves "we will discuss this later" one of the hunters said in a dark tone before leaving

"I guess we should follow," said Draiden, his eyes flashing. "Then, we will finally get to stay away from everyone."

SHe took his hand " that what you really want?" she asked in a tired tone

"I want to be where you are," he said, "and it matters little if other Carpathians are there or not. I'd rather take you home and heal you properly, but Anya, Erik's mother, won't allow that. They will drag us to the healing caves if need be. The sooner this is done, the sooner we can be alone and happy."

She nodded and went to walk but almost stumbled again "I'm tired I just need a moment," she said placing her hand on her large stomach. After a moment she sighed "ok lets go" she said sprouting her wings.


Elissa stirred, her body felt heavy and sore, she was having a hard time waking up, the first thing she felt was a strong warm arm under her neck as she laid on her side, the smell had kind of wild spice to it, she moaned softly the more she awakened from her deep slumber

Constantine held Elissa to him, burying his face in her hair to breath her in. I need my woman this rising, he said. Then, we can walk around the monastery.

His voice sent shivers down her spine and heat through her body and it woke her up even more who says im yours ancient? and wait...what do you mean monastery? she said in an unpleased tone as his words sank in

Fate said so, he said with a chuckle. And I brought you home. You didn't want to leave, and you are needed here. It was only natural to bring you back here.

She moved more until finally, her eyes opened though she felt tired and sat up and covered herself with the sheet from the bed "First I choose my own fate and second how do you know what I wanted or need? you cant just.."

"I read your mind, lifemate," he said. "You can't fight me and win, little one."

"Little one?" she said standing up and wrapping the sheet around her like it was a towle and put her hands on her hips "look I was pretty much raised here and my knowledge is vase in the ways of your kind, I tend and care for carpathians even older then you, if anyone is the little one here its you....god how can you turn me into someone im not...i was raised to be gentle and giving to listen to the males because they are wiser and older then me but infuriate me into fighting with you" she said in a frustrated tone

He chuckled and said, "That means you like me. If I didn't get under your skin, we wouldn't have the fun we have." He took her hand. "I can be gentle. Just give me time and you will help me discover that in me. Then, we will have even more fun. Until then..."

He pulled her to the bed and blanketed her body, the sheet flying away from her and exposing her naked body to him. He kissed her neck and began working his way down her body.

SHe tried to stop him, her hands gripped his hair "stop.....not here....I dont want..."

It is alright, give yourself into my care, he said. We have time before the prince's lifemate is brought here for you to care for. He found the junction between her legs and shoved his tongue in deep, searching for the fountain he loved so much.

She cried out and arched, her body was on fire and her legs started to tremble as he devoured her please...dont I cant...youll make me forget

I'll make you forget what? he asked, his fingers joining his tongue.

Myself! she cried out as she tried to get away from his grip even though her body demanded his touch

I will always be here to remind you, he said, his body blanketing hers as he slowly entered her tight core. Do not fear what is natural between us.

She gripped his shoulders and cried out "please wait Im not worthy of you hunter please...dont" she said fear and guilt filled her even as his body drove thought from her mind

"You are more than worthy," he said. "You are worthy because you are you. I want no other for my lifemate."

He began surging into her hard and fast. The need to dominate taking over, yet his grip was gentle and loving.

She lost herself in his rhythm before she could protest, her body seemed to grow softer under him and her submissive cries mimic her now submissive body language, she stopped fighting his grip, her head leaned back exposing her throat and chest to him. She was a males dream as she went completely submissive underneath him surrendering to him

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