New Start 2

I don't know, to be honest, but I'd say you performed some sort of spell that turned four men human, the family of five returned to being Lycans, and Antony is a pureblooded Carpathian. I don't know what happened, but the power you used... the blood of the dead... it has taken a toll on you. That is why it burns. You... will show signs of using forbidden magic. Your eyes will now have a ring of silver in them.

I....did that? I dont remember.....I is that possible...I her stress got the better of her already fatally wounded body and she started to choke on her own blood

I'm on my way! Hold on! sorry.....I failed the carpathian people....I should have tried harder....I know if I go he will too...Ill try to hold on.... but if I don't make it....promise me something....take my son as your own, I know you and Meghan morn you're lost, please raise him to be a good prince....I don't want my children to know the pain that comes with this life but I can't change what they are so please...teach him to be kind and strong, don't let him make the same mistakes his parents did.... He could feel her fading again though she was fighting hard not too

You humble me with this request, but I can't accept it. I will not allow you to die, Anastasia. Only you can teach your children to be good people. They love you and Antony. They will never accept anyone else as their parents. Fight for them, if no one else! Fight, damn it!

A warmth filled Anastasia. It became easier to breath, and some of her wounds were healing. She could feel that Erik was still miles away, coming to her fast. Still, she felt him healing her, a feat that only Gregori Daratrazanoff could perform.

Erik dont...its too need to have your could be attacked... Erik could suddenly hear through Ana a dragons roar in the distance and his mother's grunt of pain that ive never heard such a beast...

Erik pulled back and said, Dragons. A master vampire and two Dragonseekers. They are fighting to protect you. I can't get through. The amount of power there... I can barely move and I am still miles away. I've never felt such raw anger before.

Erik.... her voice said it all, she was near her end and was slipping into darkness, suddenly someone grabbed a hold of her soul

I have you, said Antony's voice. If you don't want to go, I won't let the other world have you.

im scared....i cant fight what i cant see......It hurts...everything hurts so bad....where are you? are you here? is this a dream...yes it must left me abandon me.. the heartbreak made her shrink from him almost making him lose his grip on her

I came back, Anastasia, he said. You were in pain, slipping away. I could not abandon you, Anastasia. My physical body may not be in sight, but my mind and heart are always with you. I am right next to you. River... kind of... did something. I'm doing my best to block it from you, but your need of me is more important.

river? i dont know that she one of the wolves you left me for? it doesnt much has happened so quickly......maybe this is for the best

River is the young woman that can control vampires. Meghan nearly killed her under the witch's command. She is a Carpathian.

She could hear his scream of pain next to her as his mind was suddenly closed off from her.

"Make the voices stop!" he yelled. "It hurts! Everyone's pain... Make it all stop!"

"Answer them Antony...answer them....comfort them" a strange female voice echoed in his head. A voice he had never heard before. Her touch was soft, almost timid like she would retreat at anytime.

I don't know how! Antony cried out. Help me! Make them go away! Make them leave me alone!


Draiden stayed close, worried. Something seemed wrong. He waited until they were outside of the healing caves. He stopped her from entering.

"Talk to me, River," he said. "Has this caused you to go into labor, or was the pains of contractions I felt coursing through you just my imagination? You are close to giving birth. We need to be careful."

"Im just tired...i felt their pain Dradian and it did not feel good, im fine im not in labor...I will need to feed before I can to more otherwise I might..." but she was cut off by a woman she had never seen. SHe could tell she was old and the way she held herself she was a warrior "Your late hurry up Erik is not here yet and Ana is hemorrhaging " she said in an unpleased tone.

River growled and went to walk in

"watch yourself, I will not tolerate your childish behavior," The woman said in a dark tone

River stopped and slowly looked at the woman, Dradian could see her eyes were that of her dragon "excuse me I must have heard you wrong would you mind repeating what you just said

Draiden said, "River, this is Anya, former Dark One and leader of the Slayers." He bowed to Anya. "Mentor, it is good to see you again. I have been training hard, but I am far from ready to be presented as the first male member of the Slayers." He stood up and glared. "However, River is not childish. She has every right to refuse to help after what has happened to her since I found her."

"We all have had bad things happen to use but only the weak and childish act out as she did, you as her lifemate should have been guiding her better instead of trailing behind her like some tamed pet" she said in a harsh tone.

River felt her control snap, before Anya had time to even look back at her river, river sent her flying with a burst of energy "Big talk from the woman who had to resort to black magic because she didn't have what it took to fight without it" River growled

Anya stood up and her silvers eyes brightened "tell me river do you think it was because you were to weak to protect your child that you killed him or was it just out of pure selfishness of not wanting to care about someone other then yourself?" Anya said in a dangerous tone

River saw red, the ground started to shake and crack underneath her feet, her body became engulfed in dragon fire that burned as hot as her anger, so much so the ground around her was being burnt into nothing but ash

Anya's hands started to glow with a silver pulse like her eyes "we do not have time for this so here are your choices, I kill you and your lifemate here and now which will be more then justified by your past crimes or you go and do what's right and help the princes lifemate"

River went to take a step forward

Draiden stepped in front of River, however, letting his dragon fire engulfing him. His eye glowed brightly, an orange flame that burned with anger.

"Don't you dare lay a hand on River," he growled. "You know nothing about her, yet everyone judges her! Just leave us alone!"

A blast hit Anya, sending her flying back a few feet. Draiden's power continued to grow. A form of Draiden's dragon emerged as his anger grew with his power. Rocks began to glow and melt. Then, River lost touch with Draiden's mind and felt blinding rage from the beast in front of her... And everyone was his enemy.

Seeing Dradian like that helped River focus, she felt the lack of control in Draiden and his dragon and knew this was dangerous.

"Calm yourself Dradian I was only doing as she did to prove a point, she judged me without know me, I was showing her that she does so too much and causes trouble because of it" Anya said but still was ready for a fight.

River felt Ana fading and much more at that moment, she had been so consumed by everyone's pain that she was feeling and her anger she went blind to it "Dradien...I need you both to calm down...please" she said in a tired tone. Suddenly she felt it, a dark taint coming up on them fast. It was stronger then she had ever felt, she knew that taint, it was a master vampire, the word must have gotten out that the prince's lifemate was injured. River looked at Anya "go ward the cave" Anya was gone in a flash

River saw Draidens dragon look down at her "you feel it don't you...don't hold back.." she said knowing it was now or never, if Ana died so did her and Draiden and she refused to let that happen, she used every ounce of energy she had and shifted into her dragon form. The third she did another dragon slammed into her side, his claws scrapped deeply down her side and she roared as she saw only the flashes of black and red from the master vampires dragon form.

Draiden dragged the vampire from River. An battle the world had not seen in aeons raged. Two dragons colliding in the air. Still, River heard Draiden say Get inside. Our son... will be joining us soon. A contraction hit her then. Anger filled the orange dragon. His claws hit their marks, but the vampire couldn't touch the orange dragon. The flames of anger burned too bright. Draiden bit into the vampire and to find the heart, his anger cauterizing the wound as his claw burrowed into the vampire's flesh. His claw grabbed the withered organ, turning it to ash as he squeezed. Then, with a roar, Draiden engulfed the vampire with dragon flame, letting the wind take the ashes away. His roar of victory filled the air, causing rocks to fall from the mountain. He looked back at the cave, his anger lessening. When he entered the cave, his anger was gone. Though he wasn't injured, he collapsed. His energy was completely gone.

Draiden Rivers weak voice echoed his head, she was in the corner of the entrance, blood surrounded her, he then noticed the trail of blood that led to her, she was holding her side, her skin was almost translucent

Draiden crawled to her and held her close. He then felt her second contraction.

"Anya," he said, "I'm too weak to aid my lifemate. She is injured and about to give birth."

"Draiden...ill be fine...I just...want to go fought well...I'm so proud of you...I" but she was cut off and jerked in his arms. She growled weakly "Draiden get ready to grab our son" she said and before he could question her the sound of her flesh ripping echoed the room with her cries of pain as she tore open her stomach with her nail "hurry I cant hold the parasites off much longer..." she said through painful breaths

Draiden reached into his lifemate and pulled his son free, cutting the cord with his teeth. He looked up just as Anya walked in. He glared at her, determination on his face.

"Look after my son," he said. "The parasites are in her womb. I'll destroy them."

With that, he used his dragon fire to kill the ones he saw. He felt River herding the others in her system to her womb for him to kill. But Draiden was soon loosing strength, too tired from his battle.

"Draiden stop....I can deal with then, go feed I will need to feed when I am done...please dont argue time is limitted, dont leave the cave there are sources here"she said weakly

"I won't leave you," he said. "The Slayers will provide for me. My place is here with you."

She growled "ill kill any female you feed from" she said in almost a cute pouting tone yet it held a promise. She winced in pain "Draiden i cant get them out and your to weak...but i know two who can...quick take me outside...hurry"

Draiden used the last of his strength to carry her outside. He sat her down on a bed of ferns he managed to create before falling, breathing heavily.

Rivers vampires broke the tree line and were there infront of her in a flash "take draiden back to the cave" she commanded the male, he nodded and picked him up and vanished "call the parasites to you and destroy them" she said to the female. With a growl she nodded and did as she was told, the site was sickening as the parasite wiggled from the nasty cut in her stomach, when they where all out and destroyed river had just enough strength to stop the bleeding and close the hole though she would have to fully heal it later. The female leaned down to her and moved her hair from her neck "your weak take from me" she said in a dark tone. River didnt hesitate and bit in deep as she drank tje vampire helped her to her feet, river wrappig jer arms around her for support as she fed.

Erik landed near River, shaking from suppressing his emotions. He felt pity for the woman River was feeding from, he was sickened by the sight, and he had a desire to heal River, ridding her body of the poisonous blood. He stood, looking stone faced and immovable as the mountain he stood on, as he waited for River to finish.


Constantine pinned her arms above her head. He went harder, reaching her deepest core. Elissa! I need to hear you scream my name!

"Constantine!" she cried out as she arched underneath him

He kissed her deeply as he filled her. He lay next to her, his body still tightly held by hers, his mouth lazily suckling on her rock hard nipple.

"Never fear this between us," he said. "I want to be the only one to see you like this."

Her head swarmed from the orgasm they had shared her body felt even more tired then before but in a great way, it was hard for her to stay awake

"Sleep," he said. "When they call for you, you will awake, fully rested. I promise."

"I cant...I must go.." but his warmth and voice where too inviting and she was losing the battle to stay awake.

"Rest," Constantine said. "They will bring the prince's lifemate here to finish healing so you can watch over her. It will be fine."

"I cant....." she said but her eyes closed

"It's okay," he said. "You can sleep. I will wake you when they are close."

Just as she was about to fall asleep once more the call came to her, this time more urgent, an ancient was calling to her, needed her aid. He needed to be stable, he was close to turning. She forced herself up, almost stumbling "I said I can't I have to go..." she said through her body was fighting her, she didn't know why she was so tired like she was, it was almost like she was sick or something.

"What is it?" he asked. "Are you suffering from morning sickness?"

"Im not sure but I need to go aid an Anicent" she said heading towards the door

"I will go with you," he said. "If this man turns vampire, I will be there to protect you."

She didnt have the stregnth to argue and nodded and staryed to leave the room forgetting she was naked, as she opened the door a male was there with his hand up like he was about to knock "ellissa you are......oh um"he said looking away "naked.." he said in a low tone

Constantine clothed her in simple clothing. He glowered at the man, his eyes glowing red.

The man kept his head down "your needed ellissa" he said and walked away

"We were heading that way," said Constantine said after him. "Ellissa, shall we help our brother find his way back to us?"

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