New Start 4

Indira cut off from the prince just as the Ghoul broke down her door, the small cottage door shattered under his strength. He charged her, his sharp nails sticking out from his outreached hands like a weapon. She tried to dodge but she was not as fast as him, he grabbed her shoulders, his nails sinking deep making her cry out, He yanked her back against him and she felt his fangs sink deep into her shoulder. She screamed and tried to get away, she tried reaching for the knife that was on her table nearby but she could not move close enough to get it. She didn't want to die, and in truth, up until now she had lived a solitary life in the mountains, she never had spoken to anyone like she had with the prince before but his pain had been too much for her to ignore, not just his but all of them help! please someone help me! she sent out in a form of a prayer, she didn't believe anyone would come, after all, nobody even knew she existed out here. Once more she tried to get him off, but he towered her and she was getting weaker the more he drank. He slammed her against the wall, corning her with his body, he had her against the wall near her fireplace. She saw her firewood poker still half in the fire next to her, she reached for it and with all the strength she had she slammed it into his leg where it sunk into it deeply enough to hit bone. The ghoul stretched and threw her across the room making her slam into the wall neck to her bed and she came down on the wooden bed frame on her side breaking one of her ribs and knocking the breath out of her. He swirled around like he was going to charge her again but she knew she couldn't move, her vision blurred as she felt her got blood flow down her chest, the last thing she saw was a big figure slam into the ghoul before she passed out.

Grigore, having heard her through Antony, had to find the one woman that was the other half of his soul. When he had, the only feeling he had was anger. The vampire's puppet had hurt his lifemate, had tried to take what was his. That was unforgivable. Without preamble, he slammed into the ghoul, setting it ablaze with his anger. When nothing but ash was left, he sent them out of the house, along with a declaration to its master. Attack my woman again and you die. He went to her and picked her up. He carried her away, to his lair. There, she would be safe. He made only a bed to lay her in, but there was little else in the crystal cave. He entered her body to heal her, which he made quick work. When he was finished, he sat next to her, waiting for her to awaken.

Indira first heard drops of water, then she felt she was laying on something soft, she didnt smell the wood of her cabin or the herbs hanging in her kitchen. He heart started to race. Had she been taken? did the ghoul take her to his lair? Maybe if she pretended she was asleep and only peeked she could find a way out. She was scared to open her eyes, she tried to keep her breathing slow and calm her heart but fear was a hard thing to calm. She slowly opened one of her eyes, just a little, just enough to try and see where she was, it didn't work, all she could see was darkness, but as her eye adjusted she could just make out a large figure sitting near her, her heart slammed into her chest, was it the ghoul? she was uncertain. She was determined not to die though, she made the plan to tackle it before it realized she was awake, without a second thought for the fear to take over she leaped from the bed and slammed into the unknown figure, screaming as she did so

Gregore grabbed her and held her fast, saying, "What do you think you are doing? Lay still of you will undo all my work."

His voice caught her off guard, it was like velvet against her skin and for a second she stopped moving, but she had read that vampire can seem harmless and their voice can hypnotize people. She started to struggle against his hold "Silence monster I won't fall for your have no idea the trouble your in!" she said trying to sound tough but her voice was naturally soft

"I am no monster," he said. "This will prove it. I claim you as my lifemate. I belong to you. I offer my life for you. I give to you my protection, my allegiance, my heart, my soul, and my body. I take into my keeping the same that is yours. Your life, happiness, and welfare will be cherished and placed above my own for all time. You are my lifemate, bound to me for all eternity and always in my care."

She let out her breath like someone had stolen it as she felt something inside her change, for a second it was like she could not breathe and she went utterly still. When she finally inhaled and her mind was able to register what just happen she whimpered an almost childlike sound of fear, her heart was beating fast in her chest "that's....that's not possible...its a trick" she said and started to fight his hold again. She wouldn't believe it, she couldn't, it had to be a trick, yet a part of her knew it wasn't, she was panicking, she had only read about this from her grandmother's books, even so, she knew little but she knew what a lifemate was to a Carpathian. she was starting to hyperventilate as her shock took over

Gregore began to regulate her breathing and heart. "That's enough of your antics, woman. Tell me your name."

His voice made her shiver "I don't want to tell you...I dont know you or what you are, why would I give you any information about me" she said not able to hide the fear from her tone

He tipped her head up so she would look at him. "You felt the strings binding us. I could easily take it from your mind. I will give you one last chance to tell me willingly before I make you tell me your name."

His amethyst eyes bore into her. They seemed as cold as the crystal they looked like. Yet, deep in their depths, she saw something she dared not name. There was darkness there, like a struggle that had been with him since he was a child. The harsh plains of his face showed he was not one to say no to, and no one could call him friend. He would expect her to listen to him at all times, never to question his orders. Scars lined his arms and peeked through his white silk shirt. He had fought countless battles and didn't bother hiding the evidence. His grip was unbreakable, but she couldn't say he was hurting her. In fact, it made her feel safe. His voice reminded her of gravel, hard and rough. It sent shivers through her. His voice told her that he would not hesitate to give orders to her, but the feeling behind those orders were not ones she wanted to analyze at this time.

"Tell me your name now!" he ordered.

She jumped at his yelling tone, tears stung her eyes and she looked down away from his gaze, everything was all to much, first the connection to the prince had been draining and overwhelming and then the ghoul and now a lifemate, she felt herself mentally retreating because everything was happening so fast and it seemed to be getting bigger every time "I-Indira...." she said in a shaking tone

"I am Gregore Daratrazanoff," he said. "Now, rest. I will not finish the claiming until you are well. Do not think you can escape me, Indira. If you leave me when the sun rises, thinking it will help, know that I find you as soon as the sun sets, and you will never be allowed to leave without me again. However, you are not a prisoner here. Feel free to explore and tell me what to add to this cave to make you more comfortable. This is where we will live, but I trust you to make it a home for us and our children."

She tried to move out of his arms "here?! children?! No! I want my home, my cottage and Im not ready for kids, I'm only eighteen I haven't even lived a full life yet" She shook her head like she refused an offer "Please this is too much, I have never even met a carpathian before you I've only read about your people, you cant honestly expect me too...."

"I expect you to do as I bid," he said. "You safety comes above all else. And we have a duty to the Carpathian people. We need females, we need children. I do not have the ability to create life, so it is up to the women to do so. We are to live here, we will have children, and that is how it shall be. There is no escaping it. As for your life, we will have eternity to experience things, but there are more important matters at hand that come before your desires. Keep that in mind, little one, next time you try to defy me."

The look on her face looked like her heart was breaking "this is not what I read lifemates were like...your treating me like some kind of job! Well, I'm not! We don't even know each other yet you're talking about kids and living together, I'm not leaving my home, that was my grandmothers and its important to me, and I've never even had....well..I've never been with anyone that way and I'm not going to give myself to a stranger who demands can't make me love you and you can't take my body like its have no right and..."

"I have every right," he said. "You are my lifemate. It is true we know nothing of each other, but once we exchange blood, that will not be an issue. You will live here. Your cabin is not safe. A ghoul found you easily. I will not allow you to be in danger because of sentiment." He turned away from her and began to set safeguards. "As for love, that will come with time. Until then, we will have no choice but to touch each other's minds and share our bodies. This is uncomfortable for me too."

She looked like he had slapped her "Stay out of my mind!" she yelled so loud it echoed the cave "you must be a vampire this is not what I have read this is not what I have felt when I touched the princes mind!" she said and started looking for a way out "I will not share anything with you, you can't keep me here and its so uncomfortable for you let me go!" she said yelled and started looking around for a weapon

He took her hand and said, "You know I cannot let you go. It will take time to get used to being near another. Every relationship is different. However," he touched her wrist and invisible manacles chained her to him, "I cannot leave your mind. You plan to leave me in the dark again and I will not allow that. So, if this is what it takes for you to finally understand what I demand of you, then so be it. You are my prisoner, just as I am yours."

She couldn't believe this was happening, she woke up this morning happy in her grandmother's cabin and now all of this, it seemed unreal "you cant do this please....please I want to go home.... I'm scared please....we can talk about this right?" she felt weak with her begging tone but she didn't care. She dropped to her knees and grabbed the bottom of his shirt and looked up at him as tears fell down her face "please take me hom, I wont run you can stay there with me...I just want to go home....Ive never been far from it after my grandmother died I have been alone Im not use to all this please....thats m home dont take it form me" she begged in a shaking tone as she started to cry harder, her cries echoed the cave

In a shocking display of gentleness, he cupped her cheek and wiped away her tears. "I never said I was taking it away. We will need a house to appear as humans, after all, but this will be where we will rest during the day. I cannot adequately protect you there at this time. You let your emotions rule your actions, so I can't allow you to be away from me. Until I can make it safe for you, you can't stay in that cabin. Understand?"

She didnt want his touch to be nice but it was, his hand where warm and strong and she found herself leaning into them, her anxiety about being away from home still beat at her, she was afraid of the dark, always has been, being in a cave was not ideal for her, her grandmother always tone her never to go into caves, that monsters favored them, which gave her more doubt about him, what if he really was a vampire and he had compelled her to feel what those words had made her feel. Fear swelled in her and she moved away from him "At least I have emotions...." she said in a hurt and scared tone bringing her legs up to her chest and hugging them too her, not caring that the dirty dress she was wearing came up to her upper thigh, exposing her pale delicate feminine legs

"And now, so do I," he said. "So, tell me, who is your grandmother? I only know of one woman who lived on my land with her family, and only she was permitted to know of my people."


Ellisa entered the chamber, the scene was already set, the incense was lit around the resting place and the bottled blood sat in the warm water keeping it a body temperature. She stood at the foot of the mound and opened the earth, the Ancient male stood up from inside the mound, within seconds he was in front of her, he towered her easily, his frame was large and his posture was that of a predator. This was the body of a hunter still in his prime. He greeted her in a formal language of his people, his eyes held no emotion as he looked down at her "I feel your struggle brother please allow me to ease your pain" she said in a soft tone. The large male looked at her with an emotionless expression "I feel no pain sister, though I do think it is time I leave honorably" he said like he was speaking a fact more than an opinion. She took a deep breath "Hear me please, It has been long since you have been awake, logically you know it is possible your lifemate could have been born now, let me give you the strength to look once more, after your search if you still wish to rest you may do so and join your ancestors here, your lifemate deserves for you to search for her just as much as you deserve to find her" she said taking his hand and sitting him down. She cared not that he was naked, she had gotten used to it and she barely noticed anymore. After a moment of silence her met her gaze "Ok" he said in a plain tone.

She felt relief to hear him agree Constantine.....I feel I should warn you...he must feed from me

Your leader told me, he said. While you were asleep, she told me what your duties entailed. Make it quick though. I don't know if I can stand waiting out here much longer.

His patience about this and the fact that he was willing to let another male feed from her made her feel almost pride, she couldn't help but smile at his efforts and understanding Thank you She said softly as she held out her arm to the male. As she chanted her bit deeply into her wrist, she found it hurt and it never had before, was it that it was not Constantine? she didn't know. But she didn't have time to think about that. She put all her efforts in the ritual, she felt the male darkness ease, but knew he was not out of the woods, he was too close to turning and she knew he would need extra help, when he stopped feeding she dipped her finger in the blood from her wrist and started to make a mark on his forehead with it, the symbol darkened on his skin until it looked like a blood red tattoo. The ward would hold the darkness in his soul, and would keep it from growing for at least a year, it would break through if he forced it too, she would also be able to keep track of him with this and no matter where he was she would be able to mend it if she needed too.

Are you done? Constantine said, growling. I said not to get hurt. Expect to be reprimanded when we get back to the room.

She felt herself blush dont be upset, it was only because he was not you she said in a voice that felt like a tender touch against him and yes I am done for now, he will now be given supplies for his journey and kept an eye one

I don't care for your excuses, woman, he said, his voice full of male amusement. I said not to get hurt, and you agreed. So that means I get to punish you. Don't worry. I know you will like it.

She his works made her almost trip and the Ancient had to catch "Im sorry" she said and straightened up "when you go out those doors there will be people ready to take you to a room so you can freshen up if you wish" she said softly. The Ancient thanked her and left the room um actually somethings have come up and I still have some work to do, why dont you go to the room first and ill meet you later she said as she tried to sneak out the back door

Suddenly, he was there in front of her, holding her fast. "You will need to rethink your lies next time. I can easily tell. Now, for your punishment. I'm thinking silk bindings will be best."

She sighed and felt her heart beat faster "I was already tired when I came here, now with the blood that was taken and the energy I spent what makes you think I am in such a mood?" she said and cursed her body from heating under his touch. A sound like dripping water echoed the hall, she had forgotten that her wrist had been kept open, which was odd for her, she never was this careless

He brought her wrist to his mouth to close the wound before kissing the very center of her hand. "You like to tempt me. This time, though, I will give in and take it. Besides, I know a way to wake you up. Let's go."

She didn't have the strength to fight his grip as he pulled her by the hand, though she did wonder how he knew where he was going "why haven't you told me anything about yourself?" she asked out of no where

"You haven't asked," he said. "Nor have you cared to try and look in my mind to find out. My past is there for you to look at whenever you desire."

She stopped walking and seemed embarrassed "um...I cant....I was not born with that ability" she said not looking at him but tried to get her hand back

"Elissa, when we performed the blood exchange, you gained the ability to look into my mind," he said. "Try it. My walls are down."

He felt fear invade her "um no its ok we can take things slow and talk instead.." she said trying to change the subject

"As you wish," he said.

Did she hear a faint note of hurt in his voice? Or was that her imagination?

She sighed "look its not because of you...its.....something from my past...Im not really ready to talk about it but Im scared to touch others minds ok" she said in a uneven tone

"You seem to forget that you touch those males' minds everyday," he said. "How else do you know when they are about wake? What they need done during the ritual? After that first day, when I took you so roughly, you have refused to touch my mind. If I didn't stay a shadow in your mind, you would be very uncomfortable right now."

SHe sighed "its not their minds I touch...." she said almost seeming guilty "It was their souls....I was soul bound to them...but that broke when you claimed me..." she said still not meeting his gaze

"It is more than that, and you know it. You wouldn't have been able to feel that man if you hadn't touched his mind. You may not want to face it, but you know I speak the truth, Elissa. Don't hide. That's not the woman I know."

"I had no choice! I hated it!" she said snapping and crossing her arms "you don't understand...." she said turning away from him "its natural for your kind to talk like that....but when I was younger......" she trailed off, she didnt want to talk about it, not yet

"I understand that this is difficult for you," he said, turning to hold her close to him. "I will wait to hear why you fear your abilities. I merely wanted you to see you were using it. When you are ready, you will tell me about this painful part of your past. I can wait until then."

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