New Start 5

She sighed "no one owns the land....the earth cannot be owned, that's why we should cherish it, I treat the earth as my mother and with respect, and in return, she provides for me and is kind enough to let me live peacefully on her land.....also your crazy if you think I am going to tell you anything about me..." she said moving back more, suddenly she felt something touch her leg, when she looked she saw a cave spider. She screamed and jumped up so fast her foot caught her dress and the hard tug broke the thin straps holding up her dress. She didn't catch it in time from exposing breast and managed to fall down to her hourglass waist before she caught it and brought it back up and held it against her.

"I own the deed to the land," he said, mending her dress, "and I allowed one woman to build a house on it. Tell me, or I will take it from your mind."

She remained silent and shifted, trying to keep herself covered

He didn't let her see how that accident affected him. He wanted to suckle her breast all night while his body invaded hers. He wanted to hear her scream his name, hold him to her as he fed on her milky mounds. He wanted to shape her petite body with his hands and have her shape his body in return. He made a torch out of thin air, clicked it on, and handed it to her.

"You will find the walls lined with candles," he said. "They will light for you now. You won't be able to leave the cave system, and will always find your way to our chamber, but I must feed. I will be back and we can talk then."

She felt the shackle be removed from him, but her end found itself attached to the bed in the main chamber.

"I must leave," he said.

He walked into the next cave. With her out of sight, he let his emotions show. He shook with their intensity. His cock jerked, needing to bury itself into her feminine sheath. The rocks seemed to glow pink around him, a sign that love was blooming already.

"How can anyone so small, beautiful, and pure be my lifemate?" he asked aloud, almost like he was talking to his ancestors. "How can I ever be worthy of someone as good and bright as she is?"


Once he was gone she lit all the candles and started to see if she could see a way out, she found none. With a cry of defeat, she threw the torch against the way. She then sat down and tried hard to break whatever it was that was keeping her chained to the bed, when that failed she sat down and once more brought her knees up to her chest "Help! someone help me!" she yelled but nothing, she kept yelling until her throat hurt and she had to stop "please....someone...." she sobbed. She didn't want to give up but it was easy to lose hope when she had no one who would miss her or knew to come looking for her. She didn't know anyone, she had been alone after her grandmother died. She was tired and cold and she was losing hope fast. She started to like about Grigore, she still didnt know if he was a vampire or not or if they really were lifemates, her grandmother had always warned her vampires could fool not just the mind but the heart and soul. She didnt know which he was and she knew she needed to figure out what and who she was dealing with. She looked around the cave until she saw what she wanted, she got off the bed and went over near the wall and picked up the sharp rock she had spotted "ok...I can do this..." she said holding the sharp end up to her forearm "I can do this...just like she taught me.." she said right before slashing deep in her arm. The moment the blood started to flow she went to work. She went to the wall and used her blood to draw the symbol her grandmother had taught her. She said the symbol warded off evil, that even the strongest vampires could not come into a space with it. She started drawing it everywhere she could, the floor, on each wall and even the bed. By the time she covered each wall and the floor she swayed and felt sick to her stomach, she tried to stop the bleeding with the sheet on the bed but she feared she might have went a little to deep, and her arm was starting to go numb, she slid down the wall and sat on the floor, holding her bleeding arm to her chest.

Grigore smelled the blood and went running to Indira's side. He took her hand and closed the wound.

"O jelä peje terád, emni - sun scorch you, woman!" he said. "You used too much blood and cut too deep! What were you thinking?!" Then, he saw the symbol. "How did you learn of that symbol, Indira? Only one person besides me knows that symbol."

She looked at him with a shocked expression, relief filled her eyes and he could see tears forming in them. Suddenly she threw herself in his arms, arms wrapped around his neck as sobs came from her and she buried her face into his shoulder "your not evil.....your...your not a vampire....i .... i was so scared....if you where I didn't know what to do....I dont know how I would have....." she trailed off and started to shake, her body was pressed hard into his, he could feel every curve and the softness of her body

He suppressed the growl that threatened to escape. He wrapped his arms around her and said, "Silly woman. No vampire can speak the binding words. They are too pure. Now, where did you learn that symbol?"

The moment his arms wrapped around her it was like lightning and almost all thought left her mind as a warm feeling she had never felt before spread in her stomach " grandmother" she said in a low tone that was laced with an innocent moan.
She started to notice things she found her self getting lost in, his spicy scent, the warmth of his body, for the first time she was able to tell how large and muschluar he was, she felt almost small in his arms, yet at the same time like nothing could hurt her in them. Her own thoughts and the way her body was acting weird made her feel embarassed and she tried to pull back to leave his arms

"Esme," he said. "You are her granddaughter? Has it been that long?" He tipped her head up. "Now that I look closely, you do look a great deal like her."

Before he could stop himself, he kissed her. Electricity shot through him. He would never get enough of her. He demanded her response. His tongue dueled with hers. His hands shaped her body, committing every curve and hollow to memory.

She couldn't move, she couldn't think, this being her first kiss she had no choice but to follow his lead since she didn't know what she was doing, her body felt on fire and filled with need that made her blush, she forgot at that moment where she was, he dominated not just her lips but her mind and soul.

He pulled away and put his forehead to hers, an intimacy she hadn't expected from one so hard "I must feed," he said. "You used so much of your blood on those symbols, you can't provide for me. Now I must perform a blood exchange so that you don't get sick."

That snapped her out of the haze his kiss had put her in and she jerked trying to get out of his arms but he would not release her "what? no..thats ....Im not ready for that...and who said...who said you could kiss me...that was doesnt had no right now let go" she said pushing against his chest, her body rubbing against his as she tried to break free

"I have every right," he said. "And this is to make sure you are healthy. It matters little if you are ready. One blood exchange won't kill you or convert you. Stay here. I will be back shortly."

"wait please...ill rest ill drink water...ill do anything just please dont make me do a blood exchange im not rest to take that step I..." suddenly sound of bats echoed the cave and started her making her yelp and jump in his arms, her first reach was to cling to him, her hands gripped his shirt and her face was buried in his chest, he could hear her heart pounding out of fear

"They won't hurt you," he said. "They are like my brothers. They are telling me prey is just down the mountain. I'm sorry that they frighten you. Let me check you out. If I see anything wrong, I'll perform the blood exchange immediately. If not, rest and water, as you request."

The way he spoke to her was still harsh but she found him more reasonable then earlier and she felt relief from that. SHe still didn't like the idea of a blood exchange but she could tell there would be no way to persuade him, luckily she didn't think he would find anything that bad "ok but first...can you release me...." she said blushing and looking away from him

He picked her up and placed her on the bed. He sat next to her and said, "Do not move. If I am aware of my body, I won't be able to heal you properly."

He then became pure energy and entered her body. After a moment, he entered his body and growled.

"You haven't been eating properly," he said. "I will need to perform the blood exchange if only to make sure you eat as you should."

She sat up quickly which she regretted because it made her dizzy and sick to her stomach "wait you dont understand, I try to eat good I swear...its just, I dont like to hurt animals so I usually just eat things from my garden and things from the forest but...a few months ago a storm killed all my crops and I didnt have time to regrow because winter was approaching and then there was this family and they didnt have any food so I gave them what I could....and lately the forest has not been feeling well things are not growing like they use to...." she trailed off when she realized she was babbling because she was nervous. Her hands clenched the edge of her dress tightly, she wanted to go home so bad it hurt "Ive been alone for years...give me a break..." she said looking away from him "I do my best..."

Grigore sighed and said, "I must feed anyway. I'll bring back some food for you. If you don't rest while I am out, I will perform the blood exchange before making you eat." With that, he left. Stay inside where it is safe.

Three hours later, he returned carrying a good sized bowl and handed it to her, saying, "Eat every bite. This will make you feel better. In the chamber next door, there are natural hot springs you can bathe in. I will provide you with clean clothes."

She slowly sat up and started to eat, she found she got full really fast and was unable to eat the whole thing, in fact she was only able to take a few bites before she felt full "um...what happens if I dont eat the whole thing?" she said in a cute tone bitiing her lower lips

"This," he said. The next moment, she looked down and the bowl in her hands were empty. "You were eating fine, so there wasn't a need for the exchange. But you got enough nutrients in you that I don't have to worry now. I will bring you food every evening and if you do not eat it, I will help. And don't worry, it will all stay down."

He looked away before she could see him blush. That was the softest he had ever been with anyone and it embarrassed him that anyone could bring that out of him. He couldn't afford to be soft. But Indira brought out things best left alone. He began removing his clothes to go to the hot springs. He removed them in the way of humans so that she would feel comfortable, but he didn't notice he was doing things just to please her. A sign of how out of place he felt with the situation.

That's when she would see a fist size indention in his back right over his heart. She could see that part of his spin seemed to be cut away inside that indention, even though nothing seemed wrong. He stiffened as he lifted his arms above his head, showing it still caused him problems, though he refused to admit it or show anyone the pain.

She couldn't look away and she didn't even know she had started crying until she felt a teardrop on her hand, when he looked at her when she sniffled she wuickly overed her eyes "h-how dare you undress in front of me...its....its inappropriate....and....and " she tried to hide the sadness from her voice but she had never been a good liar. All she could think about was how much it must have hurt and his family, no parents would want their child to be hurt like that and if what she read about hunters was true he was alone when he was hurt so bad, how awful to be alone in such a scary situation, her heart felt like it was breaking, a part of her wished it never happened somehow she wanted to take the pain away from him and she didn't even know him or what really happened. She stood up from the bed and turned her back to him "I-I will wait until your done and then I will bathe...." she said unable to stop her shoulders from moving as she sniffled

He wrapped his arms around her. She could feel every hard plain against her softer one. His arms were comforting, yet demanding at the same time.

"What has you upset, cisitri?" he asked.


She leaned into him "thank I'll see you later then?" she said hoping he would go for it as she tried to leave his embrace

His grip tightened and he said, "Oh, no you don't. I have yet to forgive you for getting hurt. Now, for the punishment. Silk bindings and maybe a blindfold."

Her body instantly got hot and she hated it for it " tired...Im still human I need sleep you know"

Constantine said, "You barely slept before I found you. What is this sudden fascination with sleeping now?"

"I dont know....Ive been really tired since I woke up back here...." she said honestly "Maybe its because I havent eaten but when I think about food I feel sick..." she said placing a hand on her stomach

Constantine cursed and said, "That means that the two blood exchanges are working on you. You are more Carpathian than human. Let's find you something to eat. I will make sure it stays down. I'll play nice today and hold off your punishment until sun set tomorrow."

"I see...with everything that has been happening I forgot...I really must leave now" she said with a tired tone

"Not until I help you eat," he said. "You are so tiny, you shouldn't be skipping meals."

She sighed and then looked up at him with a soft smile, she brought her body against his, her arms grabbed his waist and gave it a gentle squeeze "you could do that" she said in a low sexual tone as her hands started to slid up his back, her nails teasing the muscles of his back as she did so " can take me back to our room and devour me instead" she said looking up at him and bitting her lower lip exoticly

Constantine growled and took her to their room quickly. He had her on the bed, their clothes flying in rags around them. She found silk wrapping around her wrists and a blindfold appearing over her eyes. She felt him open her legs and position himself at her entrance. His hands held her hips so that he could reach her deepest core on the first thrust.

"You just had to bite your lip," he growled as he surged forward.

He began pounding into her like a man possessed. He pinned her down with his teeth. He growled like an animal. He denied her release, even when he felt her body tighten around his to the point of pain. He could not let up after seeing her bit her lip like that.

ELissa didnt know where her body began and where his endded, she was overwhelmed with the pleasure they were both feeling all she could do was cry out in pleasure and his name "I cant take any more please!' she begged

You got hurt, Elissa, he said. You said you wouldn't let him hurt you, and you let him do just that. He made her get on all fours before continuing, going even deeper than before. Do you know how hard I had to fight my instincts just to let you finish that ritual? How much it hurt knowing that if I went in there, you would despise me? That he could turn vampire and kill you? I'm letting you off the hook just yet, Elissa.

He didn't mean to hurt me and it was that bad, it only hurt because it wasn't you! it never hurt before you! she yelled back, she didn't know how but she knew it was true, it was not his kiss, his lips, his fangs and for some reason that made every difference in the world but still i don't regret it, he deserves a chance to find his lifemate, and I'm so grateful you didn't fight me on the matter or do something to hurt him or me....I cant...think straight anymore...please she begged "Constantine!'

He filled her beyond any time before. He rolled off of her but never removed his body from hers. The silk bindings and blindfold vanished. His head rested on her breast so that he could suckle lazily.

Her skin was so sensitive it almost hurt as he played with her breast and she groaned, her heart was still beating fast in her chest. She found herself drifting off to sleep, the only thing keeping her awake was his touch and teasing, with each tease her core pulsed around him send flames through both of their sensitive bodies

He moved and said, "It is almost dawn. You need to ready the woman who will take over your duties for a few hours. I will be in the ground under our bed. Once you are done, you will sleep on the bed above me until the sun sets, okay?"

She didn't want to move and she really couldn't but she forced herself to sit up and found she really was exhausted to the point it was almost impossible to move her body was so heavy "what's wrong with me...I don't understand...I've never felt so tired in my life....

You are pregnant, he answered. Your body needs to provide for the child growing inside of you. It isn't used to providing for two just yet, so it is expanding energy it doesn't yet have. That is all. And with the sun about to rise, your body is also experiencing the lethargy Carpathians feel. Both of these things are natural, but are crashing in on you right now. It will be fine. Your leader is going to knock soon. Tell her the truth. She will understand.

She groaned and got off the bed, but when she trie dto take a step she felt her legs give out on her and she started to fall

Constantine caught her before she could hit the floor. With a wave of his hand the door opened as her leader was about to knock.

"She is with child," he informed her respectfully while still sounding like a pure alpha male. "She has also had two blood exchanges. She is extremely tired and won't be able to begin this night. I will make sure that next rising, she will begin training the new girl as soon as she has eaten something." He laid Elissa on the bed before laying next to her. "Also, since there is no way for light to penetrate this room, I will forgo sleeping in the ground this day. I want to be near her so that this time is less stressful on her body. Please, do not allow anyone to this room until after sunset, if at all possible."

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