New Start 6

She tried not to let his touch effect her so much but it did "Nothing I'm going crazy....I must what those kidnap people get...Stockholm something..." she said feeling overwhelmed. She leaned her head down more to wipe a tear away, the movement caused her long wavy sunset hair to fall off her shoulders, baring her shoulders and the back of her neck to him, her skin was a pale cream color, she had tiny little freckles the where places randomly on her skin, her skin smelled like fire would and lavender from her cottage.

He kissed her neck and said, "Indira, you can't hide things from me. I can easily look into your mind and find out the truth. And you aren't kidnapped. You were taken by your lifemate to a safe location until I can find and destroy the vampire that tried to acquire you. It is as simple as that. Now, tell me what is making you cry before I take a walk around that mind of yours."

She jumped slightly at his kiss, just that brief contact made her feel like her temperature had risen several degrees, she became very aware he was shirtless "I-I might seem that way to you but did you ever try to think how it might seem to me...." she said trying to distract herself " are not going to bathe I will " she said and turned to try and get out of his embrace

"Not until you tell me why you are crying," he said. "I find your tears to be unnerving and have an overwhelming desire to fix whatever is wrong. I will not put you at risk, however. Tell me. I will not ask again."

She turned her head to look at him, her bright green eyes met his gaze, she found herself lost for words looking at his eyes, the deep amethyst made it feel like she was falling into them, they reminded her of the lavender fields near her home at night, the purple seemed to be even more beautiful even though it seemed darker, her lips parted slightly and she once more bit her lip out of embarrassment

"Indira, I have asked that you tell me," he said. "I see I will have to go in and find out. Be prepared. You have natural barriers because you do not yet trust me to enter your mind. I will not try to hurt you, but it will be... uncomfortable for me to force my way in. Are you ready for that?"

Fear struck her, her grandmother had taught her how to shield her mind but she believed it would not be enough against him " know it would hurt...and I dont think you feel this is a serious enough situation to hurt me over..." she said still uncertain of her own words but still called his bluff

"I would make sure you felt no pain," he said. "I would shoulder it for you. But yes, I would go in to find out what you are hiding from me. I don't like surprises all that much. In fact, the only good surprise I ever had was in finding you. Yet, you insist of fighting me every step of the way. I grow weary of it. Tell me, or I take it."

Her heart started to race the way he looked at her and the way his voice sounded, though he had not moved for some reason his face seemed closer to hers "just like my body my memories do not belong to you" she said in a uneven tone, her hands came to rest on his chest to try and put some distance between them but the moment her hands touched his bare she gasped softly at the heat it brought to her, him being so close felt like she was prey he was about to devour

"Everything you are belongs to me," he said, "just as everything I am belongs to you. Now, since you refuse to tell me, I will go in and take the memory. I will promise you this, I will touch nothing else but what I am searching for."

He then looked into her eyes. He hesitated for a moment before going in. He found the memory quickly since it was quite fresh. There also wasn't much pain for her to feel, but true to his word, she felt none of it. He sighed as he saw how she views his scar. He moved away from her and sat on a rock.

"You think some silly things about my scars," he said.

She glared at him, a part of her really thought he wouldn't do it and just like she thought he broke her shield which upset her greatly "" she looked around for something to through at him but she couldnt find anything "your a jerk!" she said with anger. She then pointed a finger at him "mark my words I will find a way out of here and when I do you will regret treating me this way!' she said settling for throwing the pillow from the bed at him "your right they were silly I shouldnt have cried for you!" she said and tried to leave the room

"Your shields," he said, "not even your grandmother's were so strong. Even an ancient like my mother wouldn't be able to break through them unscathed. Indira, do you understand how special that is. I could only touch that one memory because of how recent it is. If I tried, without your permission, to go farther back than today, I would be injured as if I had fought off seven master vampires." He looked at her, pride in his eyes. "In fact, I doubt a vampire could do anything against them. You truly are special. I will never be worthy of someone as amazing as you." She caught the end of his thoughts before he could censor them. "I will over look your needless anger for now. Go bathe. I will wait here."

She looked at him like she was unsure he was telling the truth, there was no way hers were stronger then her grandmothers and she could not see herself hurting someone as strong as him, then again she had been alone for a very long time and had never had her shields tested, no one ever came near her home for her to do so and if someone did they where either human or an animal, no one she would have to worry about "my anger is not needless.....and your lies wont ease it.." She said and left for the springs, once there she realized only a few candles lit the large cavern room, she was scared, she hated the dark and cave, she felt vulnerable and exposed. She wanted to run from it but she knew there was no where to run, she slipped off her dress and underwear and stepped in. She kept looking around like she was expecting something to attack her. She tried to focus on something else to calm her mind, her grandmother always told her fear was a beacon and a drug to monsters and the last thing she wanted was to encounter a monster. She focused on how the water felt, she loved water, every time she didn't feel well she would always take a bathe, it seemed like the perfect cure for anything for her. After about ten minutes of soaking she finally started to relax a little. She started to try and think about her situation and what to do, she was missing home terrible. Suddenly something brushed her leg in the water, she jumped and looked down at the clear water, A man with red glowing eyes and black fangs stared up at her, his clawed hand gripped her ankle. She screamed and rushed out of the water, She ran as fast as she could back the way she came but she couldn't see well in the dark and she suddenly slammed hard against a warm hard chest, She scream and tried to back away but two strong hands grabbed her arms keeping her there.

"Indira!" Grigore said. "Calm down! What has happened?"

He waved his hand and hundreds of thousands of candles lit the room and the chamber with the hot springs. He took her to the bed to let her sit, wrapping her in the blanket to get her warm. He knelt in front of her, waiting. He felt her fear, knew something had happened, but he couldn't sense anything amiss. He could only wait for her to answer him. And it set him on edge. He didn't know what the feeling was that was coursing through him, but he knew he didn't like it.

She suddenly through of the blanket and grabbed his shoulders "we have to get out of here now! please there is someone here! he was in the water...we need to leave please!" she said. Her hands were shaking and her heart was beating at a rapid pace

"I don't sense anyone here but us," he said. "I even made sure all of the creatures of the cave stay away from here." He took her hands. "I believe you, so don't think that I am saying nothing is there. I just don't sense it. I will go look. You stay here. Nothing will harm you. I promise."

He went to the other to begin his search. Indira wanted to get out of there. She was beginning to sweat, her breath coming out in gasps. She couldn't sit still, not when something evil was in the beautiful cave with them.

She went to follow Grigore when the thing... no, the vampire, appeared in the doorway in front of her. She didn't even have time to scream. The vampire grabbed her by the throat in a bruising grip. He pinned her to the floor in the middle of the room. He bit into her neck as rags began flying through the air. Pain filled her as he forced himself into her. He began thrusting hard and fast as he drained the life from her. Indira tried to call out, but she choked on blood. Her vision began to fade. Suddenly, she was engulfed in fire. It ran down her throat. She couldn't hear what the vampire said, but she shivered. It felt as if time moved at a merciless pace as he took her again and again. Three times, the fire engulfed her. Just as she felt the first wave of pain hit her, strong arms pulled her up and against him.

"Indira!" Grigore's voice cut through the nightmare, sounding close to tears.

She looked around, confused for a moment, fear coursing through her. The cave was no longer a nightmarish hell, but beautiful once more. There was clean earth beneath their feet, and clean water in the springs. Tears formed and she buried her face in Grigore's chest.

"Speak to me, cisitri," he said, relief filling him. "How did you get these bruises in so short a time? What happened?"

Indira looked down, trying to figure out how to tell him. She screamed. Under their bed, a pool of blood was growing. A woman was crawling up from under their bed! She looked mad... and hungry. She reached for Indira. There wasn't just a vampire here, but a vampiress as well! How could Grigore not see it?!

The woman grabbed her leg and bit deep. Indira screamed and began trying to fight the woman off.

"What's wrong?!" Grigore asked, the unnameable feeling filling him once more as he saw bit marks and claw marks appear on his lifemate without cause. "Tell me what's wrong! I can't help you if you don't talk to me!"

At the sound of his voice, the woman dissolved. Indira curled into a ball and cried. She couldn't explain what had happened. How could he not see what she saw?! The vampiress had just attacked her and he did nothing!

"Indira," he said, trying to get her to look at him, "I don't know what's going on. I don't know what to do." He felt at a loss on how to proceed for the first time in his life. "I sense nothing here, but..."

"Stop lying to me!" she yelled.

"I'm not lying," he said. "Nothing is here with us, but these marks say otherwise. I believe you saw something, but I can't find it. I can't fight what I don't see, Indira, and that means that whatever is doing this... it's dangerous and I have no idea how to protect you from it."

Indira broke his hold "you're in on it! you brought me to them! your all monsters!!" she cried and once more tried to run from the room but the vampire was there again, the same bloodthirsty look on his face, once more he grabbed her by the throat lifting her off the ground and then once more slamming her down onto the ground and covering her with his body as he bit deeply into her neck and shoved into her, the pain and terror were so strong without knowing it her mind reached out for the nearest person which was Grigore


The woman nodded but she had a grave look on her face "I will inform the proper people" she said and closed the door. Elissa had fallen asleep the moment he picked her up, the comfort from his arms was all it took to send her into a deep slumber.

Constantine kissed her forehead before going to sleep in the manner of humans. It was uncomfortable, but he wasn't carrying their child. He smiled at that. He couldn't deny that part of him was scared, but a greater part of him was happy. A family. A treasure he had never deared to hope for. She had given that to him. His Elissa. A treasure beyond measure.

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