Demons in the Dark

Grigore gasped in pain. He saw the vampire above him. Every attempt to fight back brought more pain. He heard Indira scream. It cut through the vision. He saw her writhing on the bed, fighting off the vampire. However, he also saw the vampire above him as he tried to fight him off. When the pain started from the conversion and the white light engulfed them, he pulled Indira to him. Both were gasping as the cave once more seemed safe. But he no longer trusted what he saw. He sent his senses flaring out and still found nothing. Not a trace of a vampire was there.

"What the hell just happened?" he asked, blood beading his forehead. "How can the vampire do that, then just disappear?"

He looked at Indira she had even more scars on her body. He looked at his body but there was no evidence on him of such a violet attack. He held his lifemate close. Dawn was approaching. They couldn't find a safe place before the sun would find them. They had no choice but to stay in the cave with a vampire that seemed to disappear, only to come back and attack his lifemate. And he was helpless to stop it. He shook with anger, but the unnamed feeling was stronger.

"Indira," he said, "I will not leave your side. I will sleep the sleep of mortals. If it happens again, I want to know. We will get through this. I promise. Whatever is happening, know I will never let it take you from me."

He didn't know what more he could do to keep her safe. His safeguards suddenly seemed about as useful as thin air against this enemy. He healed as many of the wounds he could without needing to go into her body. He didn't want to chance another attack. He even moved the bed to a corner of the chamber so that he would be able to see if the enemy was coming at them again. He held his lifemate close, wanting her to feel safe in a cave that no longer felt that way. How could he have missed an enemy like this? How could they do what they did? Why did the marks only appear on Indira and not him? What was the vampire's goal? How could I have failed her in such a way when she needed me most? If he had to, he would fight the lethargy as much as possible to protect her.

She shook in his arms, her body and mind was starting to go into shock, She screamed as she once more saw the woman crawling towards her from a pool of blood, the woman made it to the edge of the bed, her bloody claws gripping the mattress, Indira sobbed and shook and pressed herself against the wall as much as she could, bringing her knees up to her chest

"What are you seeing?" he asked, getting between Indira and whatever enemy threatened her.

Suddenly, Indira screamed. She couldn't speak. She watched as the woman began to rip into Grigore's back without him noticing a single thing. The vampiress pulled out her lifemate's heart and began to eat it. Blood flowed over the woman and she ate it greedily. Still, Grigore didn't change. He didn't appear to notice pain, or the woman, or even the blood in the room. It was as if he couldn't see or feel any of it.

"Indira," he said, causing the visions to vanish once more, "what are you seeing?"

She tried hard to process the horror that was happening, but her brain was not working right, her fear was too strong for her to straight but one thing she knew was out of everything that had happened so far, seeing that monster hurt him was the worse thing to she had experienced. Her eyes widened in horror as she saw the woman crawling for the bed again, heading straight for Grigore "NO!" she cried out and without thinking her body moved on its own and she protectively placed herself between the monster and him. The woman grabbed a hold of her and pulled her off the bed by her leg making her land on her stomach, she scratched up her back like she had with Grigore, just as she saw Grigore move to get to her she felt the woman's hand go through her back and grab her heart. It was the worst back she had ever felt in her life. She couldn't breath, couldn't move as she heard the woman devouring her heart

Lethargy was hitting him hard as the sun began to climb higher and higher into the sky. Just as he touched her, the pain stopped and the woman vanished. The sun entered through a crack in the wall, lighting up the crystals on the ceiling.

"That's why I brought you here," he said. "Because the sun's light becomes distorted enough through the crystals that I could sleep above ground next to you as you watch it dance across the cave. Now, it seems like it's taunting us." He collapsed on the floor. "I must sleep. I can barely move. I don't want to be stuck here while you suffer when I could possibly prevent it. If only you knew how. I'm sorry."

Sleep took him from her then. He had no choice. For the first time, Grigore cursed being born a Carpathian.

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