What once was...

When she could move again she crawled towards Grigore, she gripped his chest and pulled herself on top of him, each moved hurt as the deep claw marks stretched over her back and every movement stretched the wounds more "please.....wake up....don't leave me here....why...why did you bring me here....who are you really?" she said in a weak hoarse tone.

When he didn't speak or move her hope vanished just like his breath did, she cried into his chest gripping his shirt, she had read that Carpathian shut down their hearts and lungs when they sleep, she also read that they need to be in the ground to rest properly.

With tears still flowing from her eyes and sobs echoing the cavern she began to dig the dirt on his right side, part of her didn't know why she was doing it, maybe to get her mind off what was happening, another part thought if he was buried he couldn't get hurt, and thought if she died today she wanted him to be at full strength so he could survive.

When she started to use both hands to dig she heard wet loud growls from behind her, fear filled her she didn't want to look, she started to dig faster, following the outline of his body so she knew he would fit, the closer the growls got the harder she digged, she had just made it to his feet when clawed hands grabbed her legs and pulled them from under her making her go from all fours to her stomach, SHe cried out as the wet monstrous body pulled itself on top of her and bit deeply into her neck, the woman's bloodstained hair fell on her face making the sound of her tearing her throat echo by her ears.

She couldn't breathe and her arms were pinned and the only sound that came from her was the sound of herself coking on her own blood as the vampiress stole from her. Suddenly it stopped, the vampiress vanished yet she couldn't move right away, she saw no blood but the pain from her neck still made it hard to breathe and she felt sick. She forced her self to move after a few moments, in almost a haze she began to dig again, almost like she was on autopilot. When she got the length and the width looking right she started to dig deeper, the blood from her back mixed with the soil as she dug. She didn't know how much time had passed and she really didn't care, she had only one thing on her autopilot mind and that was to get Grigore into the ground, When she got the hole deep enough she started to dig at the dirt underneath him to have him slid into the hole she made, after a while it worked. He slide into the deep bloody hole. She then started to cover him, which was a lot easier than digging and getting him in the hole, she had just fully buried him to his neck when she heard the growls behind her. Frantically she hurried to finish burying him, she had just finished when she felt the woman's hair brush her leg. She jumped up with a cry and ran the opposite way without looking back, she tried to run into the other room but was blocked off by the large male vampire from before

He smiled, he black stained teeth looking like a shark's, and threw her over his shoulder. Why was he there? She hadn't tried to go to the hot springs, so why was he there? His nails dug into her, burning like acid. Then, he slammed her onto a large boulder onto her stomach, knocking the wind out of her. To make matters worse, he started to change his shape. The hands that held her arms down turned into a large wolf's, the body was covered in coarse hair, and his member grew to a frightening size. Without waiting he shoved into her. Indira felt herself rip. The pain caused her to nearly faint and only his deep thrusts kept the darkness from engulfing her. When he filled her, everything worked just like a normal wolf's. She tried to hold on to the bolder, but the vampire was far too strong and dragged her around as the wolf's cock was lodged inside of her, continually filling her until not only a trail of blood but also semen showed how he pulled her along. When it was over, Indira was battered and bloody. Back to his true form, the vampire picked her up by her throat and brought her close. For the first time, she actually heard the words the vampire spoke.

"Still love wolves, doctor?" he spat. "If so, we can do that some more."

His voice felt like it dirtied her very soul, her weak hands gripped his wrist trying to keep herself from fulling choking but it didn't work "Please.....im...not" she chocked out but he suddenly vanished and she dropped to the floor. She gasped and grabbed her throat with one hand and used the other to help drag herself out of the room. She found herself in a room she had not been in before, she prayed it was safe but the moment she leaned against the wall and hear growling she knew her payers had not been answered

The vampire appeared again! This time, he wasn't a wolf, but a mountain lion, but he was returning to his human form. He smiled and began kicking her hard enough to break bones.

"Managed to find help?" he taunted. "I wonder, will they be coming for you?" Suddenly, a light came on out of no where and showed Indira three bodies, two large backpackers and one woman. "The answer is that they did, but you killed them. You did this by calling them here, doctor!" He dumped a bucket of blood over Indira, covering her completely. "Be proud! You are another step closer to becoming like me!"

He dragged Indira to look closely at his handy work. The men had been ripped to shreds, starting at the feet so that they would feel every wound. The woman, however, had been raped and by the claw mark, the vampire had taken on the shape of the mountain lion so that he could rape her as he killed her.

"Humans are cattle," he said. "Say it!"

"H-humans are cattle," she found herself saying in a voice not her own, one now filled with hopelessness.

Then, the vampire shoved her face into a pool of blood, forcing her to drink some. Then, turning her broken body around, he laid her in the blood before raping her. He kept telling her how it was her fault that the people had died, how she had brought them prey. He gulped her blood before forcing his blood down her throat.

"That's three," he said, filling her with his foul seed once more. "Have fun."

And he left. The pain was instantaneous and mind-numbing. There seemed no end to it. She felt herself going mad. What felt like hours later, Indira was no longer in pain but staring up at the vampiress. A voice played in her head.

I need blood, it said and the woman picked Indira up by the hair. Give it to me! Maiden blood! Child blood! I don't care! Give it to me!

Indira had no strength to fight, her body was limp, being lifted up by her hair was nothing compared to what she had just gone through, she had never felt something so soul-shattering painful in her entire life. The woman growled and threw her across the room making her slam into the wall. She drifted in and out of consciousness, the woman disappeared and Indira laid limp on the floor, she didn't know how long had passed but she knew she had started to pray for death when she heard the same growl as before and saw a bloody mountain lion walking towards her and saw the mangled bodies behind it "please....no..." but it was too late the scene repeated. When he tried to force her to drink his blood again she tried with everything she had left to not let it happened, she fought with everything in her "Stop! no! please! not this! kill me! not this!" she cried out in a desperate tone but it was no use, he overpowered her and once more the world-shattering pain started, something in her broke, her shields for the first time in her life shattered and so did her mind. She felt different, dark, tainted and hungry, she couldn't remember who she was or where she was all she knew was hunger, a hunger so strong it consumed every thought, every movement she made, nothing in the world mattered but satisfying that hunger, she heard herself growl as she stumbled into the next room, she found herself in the room next to the hot springs cavern, She flt him, she was drawn to him, she was not scared this time, in fact she wanted him, she wanted something from him but she didnt know what, a name came to her mind and she called out for him "Jareth."

Grigore felt the sun go below the horizon. He tried to touch Indira's mind and found himself in a scene from a horror movie. Indira was a vampiress... no, human? He couldn't tell and needed to figure out what the hell was going on. He burst out of the ground and went to Indira. But he was confused. The hunter in the cave, he knew her. Mother? He grabbed Indira just as Anya's hand went through her chest and that of the vampire's behind her. Indira was starting to come out of the vision but not before trying to break his arm. He held in the grunt of pain as he felt the bone fracture, but his touch seemed to break the spell over her. He took hold of her and called for a healer, the strongest of their people if possible, to aid his lifemate, who was being attacked by an unseen and untraceable enemy.

He simply rocked her, thought he didn't realize what he was doing. He only wanted his mate to be well and have this nightmare end.

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