What now is....

Indira was limp in his arms, she starred up at his face with a blank expression like she was not registering he was there. Her body was covered in bruises and deep cuts, almost all her ribs were broken and some of her fingers were as well, her hip was fractured but she felt no pain, her body was numb, her blood was in every room of the warded cavern. Her body was cold to the touch and her skin was almost translucent, her breathes were shallow hicups.

I am on my way to you, but I will not reach you in time you must do two blood exchanges with her Grigore in case we need to convert her His mothers voice said into his head bring her to the front of the cave were you slept I will meet you there

Grigore gave a mental nod and carried her to the adjoining chamber. He nearly collapsed when he saw the state of his "bed". She had buried him in good soil but it was nearly mud because of how much of her blood has soaked it. He bit into her gently, not wanting her to feel any of it. Even in this situation he could not help but notice how sweet and pure her blood was, it was unlike anything he had ever tasted before, he knew when she was better he was going to explore more of her addictive taste, it angered him that even a drop of her precious blood had been spilled. He helped her to take his blood twice in exchange for her blood. He laid her on the bed, cleaning and clothing her as much as possible while still allowing the healer to see all the damage. He sat next to her, holding her hand, not wanting even air to separate them.

She suddenly turned her head and looked at him, tears swelled in her eyes "your here....." her voice was so weak he could tell it was painful for her to talk, he would realize then her shields were completely down

He looked at her and entered her mind. He experienced the rapes, the beatings, the painful conversion. He gripped her hand a little tighter and tears threatened to form. He gave her a small smile, almost like he had forgotten how or had never smiled before. He bent down and kissed her forehead, comforting her and spreading warmth through out her body. Then, he sat up, the stony face back in place as a man entered the cave.

"Welcome, healer," he said. "My lifemate has been through hell this day. Please, take a look at her since my skills are not in healing and I don't know how to stop this new enemy."

The large male went to Indira and knelt down next to her, first he checked the visible injuries, he had to remove her clothes but kept her modesty by keeping covered her breast and pelvic area "SHe has lost a lot of blood and has some broken bones and fractures, the most damage is to her mental state, I do see trama between her thighs like she was sexually assaulted but her virginity is still intact, I certain its because of the ward that is on her" he said pointing out the birthmark looking symbols that were on both of her hip bones "your blood is already healing her quite well but I will have to mend her bones, while I do so search the the cave areas she was in, we need to figure out what did this and I need to make sure nothing else is amiss" he said and then went as healing light into her body.

Grigore searched every cavern, but found nothing amiss, just like before. He did find a great deal of his lifemate's blood, however. There were no signs of another, but there were signs she had struggled with someone. He began to feel her distress and ran back to her, taking her hand. Suddenly, she calmed down and he could breath easier. There were two new marks on her legs.

"Healer, was someone else just in here?" he asked when the man reentered his body.

"No, but I did notice the new marks, something is happening, link minds with her and I will as well then we will both step back and we will see what happens," he said moving away from the bed.

Indira began to breathe heavily. Grigore and the healer entered her mind. They watched as the woman crawled up her body through her eyes, biting all along her body. Then, she moved aside and a male vampire blanketed her, shoving into her hard and fast, the breath slamming out of her. Grigore and the healer were detached enough to know what was real and what Indira was seeing. The healer had to hold Grigore back so that they could see everything. The vampire bit into Indira hard on her breast. Blood colored the white cloth over her left breast.

"Please... kill me..." Indira whispered.

That threw Grigore into a rage. He broke out of the healer's grip and pulled Indira to him. He held her close as the visions vanished. I'm here, Indira. I won't let them hurt you ever again.

who are you? are you here to take me away? Did they finally kill me her tone was heartbreakingly hopeful that she really was dead and Grigore was her angel of death. She was limp in his arms though her body shook from shock still at her injuries and mental state "This is knowledge beyond me hunter, we should take her to the healing caves and seek guidance from elsewhere

Grigore I had to turn back, the prince's lifemate was in jeopardy and I had to go help, can you get her to the healing caves? Anya asked

I'll take her there now, Grigore said to his mother before saying to Indira, You are not dead, cisitri. We don't know what is happening, but we are going to find out so that it never happens again. He picked her up and flew her to the healing caves. My mother is here. She will know what to do. Stay with me, Indira.

As they flew Indira looked up at the night sky, her eyes hurt from the brightness of the stars. She reached a shaken hand up towards the sky, her sunset hair danced in the night hair and she started to sing softly in a weak trembling voice

“I wish to you sunshine, my dear one, my dear one. And treetops for you to soar past. I wish to you innocence, my child, my child. I pray you don't grow up too fast. Never know pain, my dear one, my dear one. Nor hunger nor fear nor sorrow. Never know war, my child, my child. Remember your hope for tomorrow.” she finished as tears slid down her face and into the wind. He could feel her losing conciousness as her arm that was reached up towards the skindropped and her eyes started to close

Grigore put on a burst of speed and took her to the healing caves. Mother! he called, the unnamed feeling filling him and his voice, something Anya had never heard before.

Erik looked up as his mother stood up. I've got this, he said as she looked at him. He went back to his work on Anastasia. They were nearly done anyway, just some minor wounds left to heal.

Just as Anya left the healing cave Grigore had landed "Calm yourself she is ok her body is just weak, take her inside and go down the left passage way, there will be a room open you can take her too" she said and watched as he left with her. After a few words with the doctor she joined him "tell me what happened" she said as she went over to the woman and started to look her over

Grigore told her everything, from the incident in the hot springs to the scratches appearing out nowhere to him waking up and her being severely injured. While nothing showed on his face, Anya could hear the fear and tears in his voice.

"I don't even know what I'm feeling," he said. "But I don't like seeing her like this. I can't let go of her hand. It seems to be the only time she is safe. I don't know how to fight this enemy that only she can see. I can't sense him and I can't see him unless I'm in her mind." He looked at his mother, lost. "What do I do to defeat what is harming her like this?"

Anya thought for a moment she had not heard of anything like this before but she had heard of similar things "your not going to like my suggestion" she said plainly "i am going to heal her body completely after words I want you to finish the bonding and covert her" she said not beating around the bush "I understand her mind has been through a lot but you will be no good to her if you slip into darkness and I can still feel it rising in you. this must be done, I will heal her mind the best I can to make it easier, while you do this I will seek answers elsewhere" she said

"You mean you will return to the monastery where dad is already researching for this for you," he said, knowing how his parents worked. "Thank you for this. I'll do what I can, but I can't let go of her hand for a moment, in case it happens again. Please, hurry."

She went right to work, true to her work she healed not only her body but her mind, she made the memories distant and hard to remember, she felt she deserved to enjoy the bonding and was too delicate for such memories to be so controlling of her mind. She would remember her time with Grigore and even the ghoul from her cottage but everything else was warded away "Its done" she said reentering her body and standing up "I will hurry as fast as I can" she said and left the room without another word.

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