What now is 2

Indira moaned and slowly opened her eyes, she was looking up at an unfamiliar ceiling, this was not the cave she had gone to sleep in. She quickly looked around and found Grigore by her side holding her hand, she jumped and tried to pull her hand away "what are you doing? where are we?" SHe asked in a confused tone

He pulled her close to him, kissing her deeply and holding her like he never wanted to let go. He laid her down, blocking the entrances to the caves so no one would bother them. He removed their clothes with a thought. He kissed down her neck to her left breast. Before she could think about what he was doing, he bit down gently. He closed the pin pricks and brought her to his chest, where a line of blood was pooling.

"Feed from me," he said, taking control so she wouldn't know what was happening. "I need you to feed from me."

He used his knee to open her up to him. He positioned himself at the entrance of her dripping core. He almost couldn't hold back, but he had to perform the final blood exchange first.

Her mind was fighting his compulsion but she leaned up and gripped his shoulders and her tongue slowly licked the lined cut, the moment his blood entered her mouth his compulsion broke, but instead of a cry of protest she moaned, a foreign sound to her but she didn't care, her heart slammed in her chest wait! what! what are you doing! im not ready for this!

You have lost too much blood, he said. There is no choice. We must perform the third blood exchange. I know you wanted to wait, but the healer said that we can't. I would wait but I can't allow you to die. Drink, Indira.

wait third?! I dont remember the first two! what have you done?! please stop ive never bee with a man before im not ready and I'm not ready to be a carpathian....please im scared dont do this Her hands gripped his shoulders tightly

He slowly began to enter her, holding her to his chest, forcing her to feed from him. It matters little right now. I will not allow you to die! Now, drink! He made the order strong, one he knew she would not be able to break. He felt her stiffen as he encountered her barrier of innocence. It will be okay. Feed from me.

She latched on to his chest and took his blood into his mouth, she couldnt stop the moan that echoed from her from the taste of his blood, tears slid down her cheeks why are you doing this? please it hurts, your too big I'm not ready we dont even know each other

I know. But I nearly lost you and I am close to turning, Indira. I'm sorry, but we cannot afford to wait for you to be ready right now. I do ask that you trust me. I mean, I am willing to fortify your grandmother's home just so you can keep it, even though I feel it is not a safe place for us to live. Indira, I wouldn't do this unless there was no other choice. With that, he surged forward and breaking through her thin barrier.

SHe cried out and threw her head back, she push against his shoulders and he completely filled and stretched her core "It hurts! take it out please!" she cried, her body shook with pain and pleasure that had started to build the more she adjusted but she still pushed to try and get him away

He pulled her head back to his chest as he began to slowly move. You know I can't do that! Drink!

She knew she could not resist his compulsion but she was not going to make it easy, she bit down hard on his chest, her teeth actually breaking his skin, she thought it would be painful but the sound that came from him told her otherwise and her mind had trouble understanding why part of her enjoyed doing it to him. As he began to move slowly she whimpered against his chest, part of her was not ready for this and did not want it, but a much deeper part of her wanted more and her body was doing and feeling things it never had before Ill never forgive you for this

He stopped her from feeding and said, We both know that you will. It is in your nature to forgive.

He began to move harder and deeper. He kissed her, holding her hips still for his invasion. His fingers bit into her hips in a delicious way, adding to her pleasure. He moved to her breast and suckled strongly on her left breast, feeding on her milky mounds. But then, the grip on her hips changed.

SHe found the pleaurse to be overwhelming, all thought left her mind yet a part of her felt dirty, like this was wrong, suddenly and image flashed into her head, a man with red eyes biting into the same breast that Grigore was suckling on. She cried out and tried hard to get away but he growled. His grip became bruising. He bit into her shoulder, holding her in the submissive position as he took her as he desired. Yet, she felt nothing but intense pleasure with each thrust. He kept going deeper and deeper. At the same time, his mind merged with hers, making everything more intense. Give yourself to me, Indira, he said. Trust me enough to do that. He growled, holding her on the edge of release until she gave him what he wanted.

Though almost every part of her disagreed she yelled no! I - I dont want this! not like this! please stop! she gripped the bed, her legs trembling at his side, she was so soft and warm, her core was so tight and hot around him it was almost painful, he filled every part of her like she was made for him, her body was that of a perfect submissive, small yet feminine

Yes, you do! he said, holding her arms down with one hand as he went harder and deeper, and his grip became bruising. He left bruises up and down her body. He had to make her see what it would be like between them. He said something, she did it. Simple. Why was she not getting it? Admit to the truth and put yourself in my keeping, Indira! He growled loud enough for the ground to shake. DO IT!

The feeling of betrayal filled her, what he was doing the way he was speaking to her hurt more then the bruising he was doing, tears stung her eyes, images of the man with the red eyes flashed through her head as she felt something snap, it became hard to tell them apart, was it Grigore on top of her or the monster "Ill do anything just please don't hurt me anymore!" she begged. She felt herself shrinking and going numb, she stopped fighting his grip and started to go limp.

He gasped. Being merged with her mind, he saw how she viewed him. He filled her and closed the wound. He moved away from her, shame filling him. He couldn't look at her. He felt the darkness leave him, but that didn't change what he had done.

"I'm sorry," he said, clothing her in an outfit that that would make her feel safer. "I never meant for things to turn out like this. I was only supposed to finish the conversion and complete the binding so that both of us was safe. I didn't intend to hurt you, Indira."

SHe pulled her knees to her chest and back as far away from him as she could on the bed "you said you wouldn't let them hurt me.....you lied" she said in almost a childlike tone, the stress of what had just happened had cracked the ward Anya had put on her mind, the memories from the cave started to leak through and confuse her, one moment she was in that room the next back in the cave, where Grigore stand was the vampire, she whimpered and buried her head into her knees. Suddenly a wave of pain hit her hard, knocking her breath out, the memory of the vampire converting her slammed forward in her head "NO! not again please no!" she cried falling off the bed onto the floor

"Indira!" he yelled and held her close.

He called to his mother that something was wrong. He knew the conversion would be painful, but with what was happening in her mind, he needed all the help he could get to make the pain go away. I failed her again.

you are bonded now, only you can help her the way she need Grigore, its unfortunate but she will have to bear the pain, you need to help keep her mind stable

Indira jerked in his arms and cried out as another wave started to build

He took as much of the pain as he could, gasping aloud as blood beaded all over his body. I'm taking as much pain as possible, cisitri. I know it's not enough, but I will not abandon you to this. Not after everything you suffered. When the wave subsided, he moved stray hair from her forehead, smiling down at her with warmth and love she had never seen before. Whenever something gets to be too much, reach for me and I will shoulder it with you. You are not alone. I know that this is nothing to the pain you suffered, and I have no way to make up for what I did, but I will spend everyday making up for it. I won't always show my feelings, and may seem cold, but never ever question my love for you. He gasped as the next wave started. Because I love you more than anything else in this world. Without you, life is not worth living.

Wave after wave they endure, about an hour had passed and Indira's body was already almost completely dead "no more..please....no more..." she begged, her body along with his was covered in sweat, her hair soaked in it making it look like a setting sun, her heartbeat was uneven, her breath was coming in gasps, and she started vomiting, prompting Grigore to turn her on her side to expel all human toxins from her body. Another wave hit, and suddenly at the peak of the wave Grigore was cut from her mind, her screams became louder as she now took on the full pain of the conversion, When he tried to reconnect he found he was confronted with the strongest mind shield he had ever encountered in his entire existence

"Let me in!" Grigore begged. "Don't take this on your own!"

He didn't want to, but he had to force his way into her mind. Just as he was about to get into her mind, he was flung across the room by the force of the recoil. He felt his old wound hit a rock and gasped in pain, but otherwise ignored the fractures there. He went back to Indira. She was more important. He touched her and watched as she instinctively fell into a Carpathian sleep. He sighed. It was over. He put her in the ground to heal. He growled and was ready to attack when a hand touched him. When he saw it was his mother, he relaxed and looked down at her.

"I failed her, didn't I?" he asked. "It was like everything I was taught was useless when it came to protecting her. What do I do, mother?"

"Mother?" Erik said. "What the hell is going on here?"

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