What now is 3

Anya sighed "Grigore feed and go to ground with your lifemate, Erik follow me" she said and walked passed him, SHe knew he was following, she found a room for them to talk privately in "ask" she said in a soft tone

"Who is he?" he asked. "Why did he call you his mother?"

Anya knew Erik better than anyone besides his lifemate, Their bond had been unbreakable since the moment they first connected when she was pregnant with him. She knew there was no easy way to tell him this and no way to say it without him being hurt but for years she had planned this conversation out, but it made it no easier "Because he is your younger brother" she said in a soft tone meeting his gaze "I'm sorry you had to find out this way, I had hoped to tell you in a different way" she said sincerely

"Mom, you know I wouldn't have cared how you told me," he said. "Why didn't you tell me I had a younger brother? Did you not trust me to support you or something?"

She sat down on one of the chairs, leaving the one across from her open in case he wished to sit in front of her "No one ever told you this but I did not give birth to you...your aunt did. When I was pregnant with you my body was under attack by black magic of the mag Xavior....in order to save you I used a very powerful spell to transport you from my womb to your aunts....in doing so the cost was I would never bear children again...a price I was more than happy to pay for your survival..." she said meaning every word "But......after you were born I found out a while later I was pregnant again...but it was not by natural means...Xaviors dark magic still lingered in my body and it allowed me to become pregnant once more but there was a side effect you could say..." she said in a tone that he knew meant this was hard for her to talk about "Your brother absorbed the dark magic...more then that he bonded with it......In order to protect him and our people, I kept it a secret...Xavier was a name you didn't mention lightly in those days and even still...If anyone knew what your brother had...." she couldn't finish the sentence "I made a choice not to give up on him...after all our bloodline is filled with magic dark and light but it does not make us evil ...magic does not make anyone good or bad, its how they use it that determines that.." she said sincerely "Anyways...I decided then I would wait....I would wait until your brother showed me who he was....If he went down a dark path then I would have ended his life before his soul was too far gone but if he found his lifemate and overcame darkness I would tell every one of his existence like he deserves and bare what judgment I would deserve for the treason....I knew if I told anyone and it ended badly that no one in the future...not even you would be safe.....what we do...what my father did....what me and you do...its already feared and frowned upon....can you imagine what it would have been like for our family if things would have went wrong with your brother.....in keeping him a secret I gave him a chance at a normal life and you a chance to prove yourself without others fearing you...he would have had no life, he would have been watched, studied maybe even bullied and you would have been judged alone with us....." She said in an unusual distressed tone for her. She took a deep breath "be angry...you deserved to be....but I did what I knew was best and though it killed me to keep you both apart what killed me, even more, is every day wondering if one day I would have to hear that one or both of my sons had embraced the darkness." There was only one time he had ever seen his mother cry and that was when her parents decide to go to their final rest and even then it did not last long. But here she was, tears falling down her face "I have spent my entire life killing our brothers and sister who embrace the dark side....knowing that was someone's child....friend....family....a lifemate that would never be found....the only thing that kept me from breaking form the fear that one day that might be you or your brother was that with everyone I put to rest your world got a little safer" She said in a trembling tone.

Erik sighed and, shockingly, hugged his mother as he said, "I love you, and dad. I don't care who gave birth to me because I'm your son, and no one can deny that. I don't like that you kept me out of the loop. Do you honestly think I would have cared if I was bullied? How others would have looked at me?" He pulled back and looked at her. "You know I've only cared about you being proud of me until I met Meghan. And I would have done everything to keep my brother safe. I would have fought off the whole of the Carpathian people to protect him with you. The only thing I don't like is that you kept this from me. Even if he had fallen, I would have wanted to be there with you and dad when you did what had to be done. And I hope he would want to do the same in return for me. Mom, if you had told me, he would have had more protection, not less. I would have been stronger by having him next to me. When it got difficult, we would have had each other to turn to." He looked back at where his brother was, then looked at his mother with laughter in his eyes. "I'm glad he has a lifemate, though. Now, I won't have to worry about tracking him down before you."

She smirks "having your own kids now you understand this, any parent would want to protect their kids from being hurt.....you have girls Erik there is no danger of them embarrassing the darkness so you do not know that fear and I did not want either of you to feel what it is like to have to kill someone you love...I know you kill vampires Erik but that is not what I speak of..... " She said touching the side of his face and looked into his eyes so he could see the intense emotion behind them, years of scars laid behind his mothers eyes "There is no going back from the indescribable pain of killing someone you love, think about when you almost lost Meghan...that helpless pain that almost drove ever sane thought from you, now imagine that same pain but only this time you were the one that was having to kill her and like a vampire she was fighting you, using anything she could even memories of your time together and still you could not get close to the soul-shattering pain of killing a loved one " SHe said with a wince like memory was torturing her "Even when I met my final death I will fight from beyond the grave to keep you boys from feeling that....you and everyone I can spare from it..." She said slowly removing her hand from his face. SHe moved around him to leave, stopping at the door and looked back at him "And Erik even in your prime son your no match for me" she said with a smirk "Now go to ground with your lifemate and tomorrow night I will formally introduce you to your brother..."

"I'll go to ground," he said, conceding to her this time. "Before I go though... Does he know? You know, about me and how he was conceived?"

"yes he knows, keeping what runs through him a secret would have been more of a hindrance to him then help and knowing you exist made him feel less alone...in fact....who do you think let you know about the vampire that was near your lifemate when you found her...." she said and left the room

Erik's jaw dropped when he heard that. He went to his lifemate and held her close. He knew that when he went to be formally introduced to his brother, he would want her close... and to thank his brother for leading him to his greatest treasure.

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