Growing Pains 2

When he filled her, it sent strong waves through her that she orgasmed so many times, she couldn't tell where one left off and another began. He rolled until she laid on his chest, his arm around her waist. He didn't want to remove his body from hers, but he couldn't sit still either. He closed the wound on her shoulder as he began to move slowly to ease any pain he may have caused.

"You are the best in me," he said, kissing her neck. "Now, it's your turn to take control, if you want it."

She growled softly, she wanted to be selfish, she wanted to make love to him again but she knew his people were waiting on him and they deserved to get the comfort they sought. But when she went to move off of him he grabbed her waist and slammed her back down, shoving his hardness all the way to her womb, she cried out and gripped his chest to keep herself from buckling under the pleasure that shot through her, her gaze met his and what she found there actually shocked her.

He smiled, desire and heat in his eyes, as he said, "What, you don't want let the alpha wolf out for some fun?" His smile turned teasing then. "I bet you have forgotten how to take real control over me." He sat up and licked the valley between her breasts. "That's okay, because I can dominate even in this position."

She swore her breath slammed out of her lungs as she growled, her core tightened around him and her body tingled with fire " are playing a dangerous....we have already been longer than we...."

He looked up at her and growled, "You know you don't want to stop. Part of you wants to take control and have some fun torturing me." For a second, he looked sad, but he began suckling on her breast. Part of you still wants to be angry and punish me for what I did to you. I deserve your anger, his eyes were laughing then, but I doubt cutting my balls off would make it better. You would regret doing it shortly after and you know it.

She moaned under his suckling and her hips started to move slowly on their own, she was losing this fight and she didn't like it yes...there is a part of me that wants to take make you go crazy and know that I'm doing it, giving you so much pleasure you can't think straight she said in a low tone in his head as he gripped his shoulders still hurt Antony and I want to hide from you....I'm trying....but I need time....we cant go back to the way it was before but we can grow and maybe have something even better one day...but until then....I need time to heal.....we both do Suddenly she cried out as a large wave off power shot through her, it was demanding and a dominating force that had her instantly wet again, it made her want to bare her neck to him, to submit to his wishes, she had never felt such power before "what....what was..."

He looked at her, just as confused, the need to dominate riding him hard as he said, "I don't know."

"what were you thinking of just a moment ago?" she asked almost like she was trying to find something

"How, if you didn't hurry up and take control, I would," he said. "I enjoyed you writhing beneath me."

"think it again....imagine it more this time....your want" she said in an almost uncertain tone

He smiled. He began imagining her beneath him again, writhing from sheer pleasure. She begged him for more, begged him for release. He was thrusting into her hard and fast and deep. He held her on edge, needing to hear her begging tone until she became hoarse. He was chanting her name to the heavens as she became so tight, every time he pulled back, she sucked him back in. They would lose their voices together, climaxing just as the sun rose and holding each other close.

She cried out again as the power once more filled the room, her head went back and she gripped his shoulders hard, her nails digging in, slowly her head came back up but when she looked at him her eyes were that of her wolf's. With a gasp she kissed him, hard and deep almost like she was possed again.....find where that power is coming from...I need it ...please Antony again.....more...more he had never heard such a begging tone from her

Antony growled and began to imagine more and more. Silk bindings, blindfolds, different positions they had yet to try. Every time, he was in control. He knew how to move on instinct, and knew it well. He smiled. His connection with her grew stronger and so did the power. You are my power.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck, she was there in his mind, searching, the more he imagined the closer she got, finally, she found it, the source of the power. She grabbed onto it connected with it trust in yourself and me she said before she forced his mind open to the connection to his people. Instantly their voices echoed and their emotions swarmed both her and Antony. Ana kept herself connect to that power, bringing it forward, suddenly it was not just voices or emotions, they were able to tell where every Carpathian in the world was.

This is different from when I'm alone, he said. I can't hear anyone individually, all I feel is their pain, and I have no idea where they are. There are five hunters all around the mountain who need healing, two women have given birth to healthy boys, and a young child is playing happily within the caves. He looked at Anastasia. Now... if only I didn't have to rely on you to do this. You are amazing. I love you so much, Anastasia. But I must be able to do this on my own before I can be a proper prince.

let me help you get to that point, we will take it slowly, work on it.......together She said in an uncertain tone. SHe closed his mind back to them and let go of the power, she found it tiring to hold onto it, but she was still happy she could and would do so in the future. She unwrapped herself from Anotny and tried to remove herself from him before he caught on to what she was doing

He slammed into her before she could escape them, reminding her that they hadn't stopped their hips from moving the whole time. He filled her once more, saying her name into her firm breast. He held her as the aftershocks shook her, enjoying the feeling.

"You can get off of me now if your legs will allow you," he said breathlessly.

She growled and nipped his neck, her fangs grazed his skin but did not break it. Suddenly Antony got slammed with enough anger and fear it took his breath away, he had never felt such anger or fear like this, he knew it wasnt his own

"Something is wrong," he said. "Someone is in danger." He looked at her. "I wouldn't be much help without you in my mind. But this person needs me to send hunters to them, and attempt to organize them. You need more time to heal, but please, don't leave my mind. You keep me stable."

She nodded and stood up on shaken legs "lets go get Erik" she said and dressed herself, When they were both dressed they left and went to go find Erik

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