Growing Pains 3

River was halfway to her home when she sensed it, a dark taint just to the east of her. She growled and shielded her mind and her child's and quickened her pace. She had just made it to the tree line when she stopped in her tracks and slowly turned around and even though she knew who would be there her heart still sank "xayvion" She said his name like it was the plague. Standing in front of her was not him but a master vampire he was possessing with a sliver, she knew because she could feel his taint anywhere "Have you enjoyed the freedom I granted you?" he said in a dark tone "you didnt give me it I took it" she said in a stern tone, holding her child close to her. The vampire laughed, the sound creeping up her spine "You honestly think I was unable to find you? you know better than that" He said taking a step forward and her in return taking a step back "its time to come home River and feel free to bring the child with you, it will make up for the one you so selfishly deprived me of" he said in a sickening tone. She shook her head "I owe you nothing" She spate out "you owe me everything!" the vampire snapped as his eyes flared red. She hated that the outburst made her jump, her son started to cry in her arms she touched his mind to put him to sleep. Keeping their minds shielded was already weighing on her, she knew she was in no shape to fight "your right...I ill make you a let me take my child somewhere and I'll willingly come with you" she said taking another step back. The vampire smiled, his stained sharp teeth snarled "you know that will not happen River, I know you have a lifemate now, I can smell him on you......and once I break your bond I will welcome your lifemate as another vampire in my army and your child will be ideal to my work but do not worry, if this one does not work out you will bear as many as are needed" He said as wings sprouted from behind the vampires back "you know I thought you died in the caves Xayvion....thank you for letting me know that was untrue now I know I can still have the pleasure of killing you myself" She said and dodged just as the vampire puppet tried to grab her from behind. She sprouted her wings and took to the air, she didnt look back as she heard the vampires roar and his wings flapping behind her, thunder started to roar and lightning started to strike close to her, that though was not her biggest problem, the wind started to pick up making her have to use extra effort to fly and that itself was weakening her greatly. A lightning bolt struck her side just as she neared the safety of the trees. With a cry, she came crashing down towards the ground. She wrapped her wings around her child tightly and curled up into a ball, seconds later she slammed into the ground and slid and rolled. she felt her stomach wound open up again but she didnt care, all she cared about was her child who was still safe under her wings. She groaned in pain and looked down at her hip to see a sharp piece of a tree sticking out of her side, blood oozing out from around it. She didnt have time to do much else, the master vampire was on her in an instant. He kicked her hard in the stomach making her slid across the ground "Give me the child River and come home " he said in a dark tone "no" she said in a gasp of pain. The vampire snarled and leaped on top of her, he tore at her wings, trying to pry them open, instead of protecting herself and blocking with her arms she kept the tightly around her son. River took a deep breath and blew fire at him to try and get him off the master vampire roared in anger and staggered back, she took that opportunity know she only had seconds. With all the strength she had left she sent out a call for help, pushing her self mentally harder than she ever had before. The vampire roared and kicked her hard in the stomach once more she heard a sickening tear as her stomach wound tore open once more but still she refused to open her wings.


Draiden felt River's anger and fear. He growled and started to head towards his lifemate. I'm coming!


Erik didn't know where River was. Holding Anastasia's hand, Antony lead the way as fast as he could. Knowing that they were not going to make it before more damage was done, Antony sent a bolt of lightning out as a warning.

Don't worry, River, he said with confidence he didn't know he had. Erik, Anastasia, myself, and several hunters are on our way. He will not take you or the child without a fight.

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