Growing Pains 4

River mind was locked as tight as her wings were, she could not risk the master or Xayvion controlling her. The vampire grabbed her leg and lifted her up and swung her into the air and slammed her down on her side, the stick in her hip slammed in deeper as she landed on it. A lightning bolt touched ground near the master vampire "It seems we have run out of time for today my little one....since you have been bad and refused to come home like you should I will not stop this from being painful" the vampire said though she knew it was Xayvion talking. The vampire lifted her up by her throat and tilted her head back and with a monstrous growl, he sank his razor sharp teeth into her neck. Her blood poured into his mouth as she choked out a cry. He kept drinking until she was on the verge of passing out, he then released her, throwing her hard on the ground "you know what this means River...and next time you will come home" he said and vanished.
River laid there curled in a ball surrounded by her own blood, her body was torn, her bones broken, her wings shredded but still secure around her son. SHe did not have the strength anymore to keep him asleep and he started crying, she wanted to calm him, to talk to him, but the gaping rip in her neck made that impossible, blood tears ran down her face but it was not because of the pain, but because she could not comfort her crying son , though it was painful beyond words she started to softly rock her body in order to rock her son, the sound of her choking on her own blood was all she could manage as she tried to talk to him. She could feel her body demand a Carpathian sleep for survival and she knew she didn't have the strength to fight it. She curled her body into a tighter ball and tightened her broken wings even more. She took a deep breath knowing that what she was about to do would put her instantly into a Carpathian sleep or ill her but she didn't care. SHe focused on her child and weaved a ward around him, she couldn't let even Draiden in, if she died he would become a vampire, she made it so only one person could get through the ward, Erik Daratrananoff.

Antony soon found her, but when he saw her in the middle of what looked like a battle zone, he collapsed. He couldn't look at anyone. If I had been faster... connected sooner... she would still be...

Erik walked towards River's body. He saw the ward and knew that she had created it to be opened by only him. He made quick work of it and lifted the child from her apparent corpse, the moment he took it from her he started to cry.

That is when Draiden landed next to River and lifted, saying, "She shut down her heart and lungs. She isn't dead." He looked at Erik. "Thank you for trying to strike at the vampire when I didn't have the energy to spare."

"It wasn't me," said Erik, "it was Antony."

"Thank you," said Draiden. "Erik, will you follow me to my home? I do not have the ability to carry my son home along with his mother and I will require your aid to heal her this rising."

"As long as she doesn't rip out my heart for being there," Erik joked.

"I will make sure of it," Draiden answered.

The relief Antony felt at hearing River hadn't died was tremendous. He hadn't failed anyone. He looked at Anastasia.

"I need to train so I can react faster," he said. "Will you help me?"

Ana nodded and squeezed his hand and then she looked at Erik and Dradian "Are you sure its ok to move her? we dont know the extent of her injuries yet, shouldn't we..." but before she could finish River's body twitched catching all of their attention. Her wings went limp and she choked as her breath slammed into her body, one eye slowly opened, it was not hers but her dragons, blood squirted from the wound in her neck. Before anyone could react or say anything she ripped the stick out of her hip and threw it straight into Erik's shoulder hard enough it went through to the other side. Her one dragon eye the whole time on her child in his arms. The child's cries grew louder and river started to crawl towards him, using her broken wings to drag herself, her bones making a cracking sound as she did.

"River, I'm here," said Draiden. "It's Erik. He will help heal you so we can take our son home. Please, calm..."

"After what happened, her mind is only on protecting her child," said Antony. "We shouldn't be blaming her. Erik, hand the boy to her. Only her son will calm her mind enough to allow herself to be healed."

Erik nodded, surprised that it was Antony, not Draiden, telling him this. He walked toward River and placed the child in her arms, wrapped in a warm blanket to protect him from the night air.

Her broken wing instinctively covered the child and curled around him, bringing him close to rest against her chest, her shaking arms wrapped around him, cradling him to her. The moment the baby touched her he stopped crying and River went back into a Carpathian sleep, her wings covering the child completely.Sounds of the baby cueing could be heard beneath the wings.

" could she do that?" Ana said in almost a horrified tone "Erik look at could she have possibly had the strength to through a stick through your shoulder let alone wake herself?" She asked as she went and exaimed his shoulder

"A mother's love is a powerful thing," he said with a shrug. "Many women are able to do miraculous things when they find out that their child is in danger."

"She is also a Dragonseeker," said Draiden. "Now, how are we..."

"We will have to create a stretcher to carry them on," said Antony. "One both Erik and Draiden can carry. We have little time left and if that wound goes untreated, we could very easily lose Draiden and River."

Erik nodded, again shocked by how much of a leader Antony was. It didn't take long to create the stretcher. Draiden placed his lifemate and son on it before he and Erik took of, Draiden in the front to lead the way.

Antony began to cleanse the area and sighed, saying, "Not much vampire blood here. But with a Dragonseeker, they can sometimes leave little to no evidence of a vampire's attack beyond this. I don't know though. Something doesn't feel right about this, Anastasia. This seems almost staged, like this was planned to end up this way. Someone did this because it was personal, and caused River that much pain for a reason. I think we need to learn more about her past so we can protect her and the child better. They are clearly the targets here." He looked at his lifemate and noticed a curious look in her eyes. "What?"

She smirked and shook her head "nothing...nothing at all...prince" she said chuckling in a teasing tone "well I think we should go snooping while momma dragon is out cold" she said and started walking in the direction Erik and Draiden went "Are you coming?" she asked holding out her hand to him.

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