Comfort in you

Meghan had just set the girls down for there nap, her thoughts of Erik when strong arms wrapped around her.

"Just... let me do this," Erik said, hugging her close. "Don't move, don't say anything. I... just want to hold you right now, okay?"

She leaned into him, leaning her head back against his shoulder. She felt his pain as if it was her own, she filled him with love, letting him know she was here, and that he wasn't alone. She knew he would tell her when he was ready what was wrong, for now she would enjoy he was back and safe, though it sadden her how much pain he was in.

"River..." he said, "she betrayed us. We tried to help her, and Antony was actually the leader he needed to be. But nothing got through to her. She... she got to me and my brother. We were going to attack her. She had tried to harm you and my brother's lifemate. I could not sit back and let that be. But Antony... I nearly ripped out his heart because he put himself between us and her. We almost lost him. I nearly lost you before I even found you." His grip tightened. "Meghan, how could I have been so blind as to extend my protection to someone like her?"

She turned in his arms so she was facing him, her hands came up to hold his face "Erik you have always been one to trust your instincts and I trust you, so if you say she is bad then I will trust in your judgment but....."she said stroking his face "I hope you will let me help you with this, things are sometimes not what they seem and if by chance she is not then that we need to help her, I know what it feels like to be controlled, to feel helpless and alone, I dont wish that for anyone" she said and kissed him softly "I believe you saw something in her, even if its gone now its not your fault, this is what you fight for, to keep bad people from hurting people to the point they end up like her or worse, your a healer Erik by heart and by nature so no matter what we will get through this and as for almost losing me.." she said smiling softly at him, her cheeks started to blush "I know I am no fighter....but I promise you this, I will do anything....take down any foe...go through any trail to remain by your side, I am here with you now and always" she said with her eyes filled with love and sincerity

He kissed her and said, "I know you would. But... she got to me. Knowing she targeted you, the one person who matters most to me in this world... that alone gives me rights to rip out her heart." He sighed. "I saw a child, Meghan, much like our girls. I saw our girls when I saw her memories. I guess, because she is a few centuries younger than I am, I was looking at her more as a father than I should have. I'm second to the prince, but I did not act like it."

SHe moved away and took him by the hand and led them to their bedroom and sat down on the bed "Erik we dont know what has happened to her...maybe there is still hope....lets look at her actions since we discovered her existence what all has she done?" she said clearly trying to help him think things through

"She had gone from helping to hurting," he said. "It is like she can't make up her mind who to align with. On top of that, she is always threatening someone, or attacking them. She keeps everyone, even her lifemate, at such a distance."

"maybe there is a reason....remember how hard it was for even us to be in the same room with each other after....." she trailed off unable to finish "my point is we dont know all the facts, from what I have heard about these mages is that they are evil and smart...Im not saying you are wrong about her I am saying I know your heart won't be at ease until you know for sure, maybe if I get near her I can...."

"You will not be going anywhere near her!" he said. "River said that the vampires the witch made... hurt you... she had created."

He saw her stiffen and look away from him, he felt her mind close to him "I...I see" she said in a shaken tone getting off the bed and turning her back to him "well...I mean....maybe....maybe she didnt...." he heard her heart start to beat faster

"I know you want to find a reason for her to be good," said Erik, putting he hands on her shoulders in comfort. "I will continue to look for it for you, but this information is disturbing. It is hard to see it when she was so sincere about it. I'm sorry."

She shook under his touch "its fine I just.....I just..." her hands clenched her dress "I just need a moment " SHe said in a soft tone. He could tell she was fighting back the memoires of those time but she was losing

"It's okay," he said. "I'm here if you need me."

After a moment she stopped shaking and turned around to face him, giving him a sad smile "im fine something you said confused me....she made vampires? how do you make vampires?' she asked sitting back down

"That is her ability," Erik said. "But she can also prevent hunters from turning, or returning newly turned vampires back into Carpathians. She connects with their souls. Remember Rasputin? He had been a vampire from the moment he was born and killed countless lives. Yet, she brought out the Carpathian in him, allowing him to find out who his lifemate was, the very woman he brutalized as a vampire, Bethany. Her gift should have been used for good, but she uses it for evil."


Indira awoke and found she couldn't move, when she went to open her mouth dirt flooded in. She started to panic, there was to much weight for her to move at all so she couldn't start digging, the worse part was not being able to breathe. She tried to call out for help but they were just moans. Suddenly the weight was lifted off of her and she cried out with a gasp as air finally hit her lungs, the light burned her eyes making her close them, her fear filled the room.

Grigore picked her up and said, "You need to feed and go back to sleep. It is far too early for you to rise after the conversion. You have yet to completely heal."

She shook in his arms out of fear and looked back into the hole she was in "please....dont...dont put me there....." She had been so scared waking up alone in the ground, unable to breathe, her heart still pounded wildly in her chest. She looked up at him, tears in her eyes "Please....dont bury me" she said in a heartbreaking tone

"Indira, you weren't supposed to wake up yet," he said. "The ground will heal you. It isn't a burial. I will put you to sleep in a bed or in my arms, but you still have to go to ground to heal. And you are much safer there at this time."

"where were you....why...why weren't you here?" She asked in a shaken tone "you said you wouldn't leave me..." she said in a heartbreaking tone

"I was trying to take care of an enemy," he said. "A woman who consorts with vampires. The prince was gravely wounded and my long lost brother nearly ripped his heart out when Antony tried to protect the woman. It seems that what has happened to you before your conversion, the unseen enemy attacking you so horribly, that was her doing." He sat next to her. "I won't lie, it pissed me off. And the thought of you being here without me filled me with... something. The thought of her continuing to torture you because I helped my brother find his lifemate, then later, finding you when you were being attacked... my heart began racing, I couldn't control my breathing. Whatever that feeling is, I didn't like it."

She tried to get out of his arms but he wouldn't let her "what do you mean its because of her? I dont understand before you no one ever came to the cottage before......" She inhaled a little taking a deep breath and made a wincing expression like she was uncomfortable. Her body was demanding things she didnt understand, she was hungry, so hungry it hurt but she didnt know what for, any thought of food made her feel sick, her body felt heavy and cold and it was hard to think "p-put me down" she said in a demanding tone.

He sat her on the bed next to him and said, "The woman said that she created the thing attacking you. She said it had something to do with your abilities."

She shook her head "abilities? the only ability I got was from my mother and that was my shield ...I have no other abilities" she said holding her arms like she was cold

"I didn't try to find out," he said. "All I know is that something about you is why she attacked you and the wounds appear on your body."

"wounds? what wounds?" she said reminding him his mother hid her memories from her.

"We healed them," he said, "so there is nothing to worry about. Still, if anything happens and you are attacked again... I will personally rip out her heart along with her mate's. Can't have him turn vampire and try to finish what this woman started."

SHe looked at him, her expression showed she was overwhelmed "what does a ghoul attacking me have to do with my abilities? what are you not telling me?"

Grigore said, "The memories are there for when you are ready to accept them. Just know, what I speak of is the reason why you were converted."

She looked at him confused for a moment, then a look of anger covered her face and she stood up "you! you took my virginity!" she said in an angered tone "you had no right! I was not ready and I didnt want it!" she said and was surprised when a part of her felt that was not entirely true but she ignored it

"It was a matter of saving your life," he said simply. "I could not let you die. It was the only way."


Ellisa stirred and turned over, her leg slipped in between Constantine's and her arm rested on his chest, the warmth of his body kept her asleep.

Constantine put his hand over her stomach protectively and began to sing the Carpathian lullaby. His voice was haunting as it was beautiful.

Ellisa stirred once more, his angelic voice was making her move closer to him in her sleep. her face came to nuzzle his neck, her lips rested on the sensitive skin just over his pulse.

"Elissa," he said when he finished, "I promised you would begin training the woman to take over your duties as soon as you awoke. I don't like breaking promises, even if I would enjoy doing so."

She slowly opened her eyes and moved her head to look at him, which brought her face only inches from his "I dont know what you mean, you were the one touching me, I think its you who wants to break that promise" she said in a low tone, she gently closed the distance and kissed him softly, her tongue teasing his lower lip. When she felt him lean in she pulled back and smiled "now if you will excuse me I must get dress I have work to do " She said and started to get off the bed.

Constantine chuckled and said, "Just be careful today. If I hadn't been close by, you and the baby would have been hurt. I have to go to classes anyway. Your leader has said that if I want to become a guardian, I have much to learn."

SHe stopped walking "there is no point...we will not be here for long" she said in a bittersweet tone

"We will be staying until you no longer feel this place is home," he said. "Until then, this will be our residence."

She looked at him "when I am finished training my successor which wont take long I will be leaving" she said in a stern tone

Constantine grabbed her arm and said, "I have informed your leader. If you try to leave, their seers will notify her and the other guardians, and they will drag you back. Until you admit in your heart and soul that this place isn't your home, you are to stay."

She frowned and ripped her arm from his grip "How dare you" She said in an angered tone "you have officially made the only home I have ever know feel like a prison" she said with disgust. She took a step back from him "I will not be your prisionor or anyone elses and if anyone tries to stop me from leaving anyone who gets hurt is because of your selfish descision" she said and left the room slamming the door in his face.

"It was not me," he said. "Your leader decided this. I don't mind chasing after you and bringing you back. At least you knew you could leave freely. Hell, I'm not allowed to leave. She said something about us undergoing a secret ritual that has only taken place one time before. I tried to talk her out of it because the first two people died. She said it would allow us to walk in the sun."

She stopped, she knew what he spoke od, she also knew what it meant " no no I wont do it!' she said in an almost a panicked tone shaking her head "I refuse.."

"She said that the decision was final by the grand counsel," he said. "I mean, when Anastasia and Stefan Dubrinsky make a decision, even I can't change their minds. They are still so stubborn. However, I don't know what the ritual is so part of me is curious as to what it entails. As I understand it the first two to do the ritual weren't lifemates, but everything else was kept hidden from me."

She shook her head and turned to look at him, she was biting her lower lip in frustration, her lip slowly slipped through her teeth as she went to speak, her expression lost in thought "there must be a mistake they wouldn't do..."

He kissed her, pinning her naked body against the wall. Why do you always bit your lip? It drives me crazy.


Antony stopped and said, "This is something I need to look into on my own, okay? I have to make sure it isn't a danger to you or our children. If this is dangerous to you, then it could infect the whole of the Carpathian people. I want to analyze this safely, away from everyone. I will wear a glove so that no one sees it and worries. Whatever it is, it hasn't spread to anyone else, for which I am thankful, but I don't want to take any risks. Let me figure out what it is first before you start worrying. Right now, it isn't hurting anything, so please leave it be."

She growled "I will not leave it be but I will wait to discuss it more with you after you are healed....and....about the children.." she said in a sadden tone "there is something you should know...." she said in a tone that let him know whatever it was it was not good

"Little Xavier and Sara," he said. "What about them? I haven't seen them in so long. They miss you terribly, you know. I know you haven't seen them nearly as long as me. Thank goodness they like the people taking care of them. With everything that has happened to you, it is no wonder you left them with some of our people and their human family. The Carpathian watching them knew what to do when you didn't return, knowing you were busy and then in danger. No need to worry. I have told them you will come see them when you are able, and I will as well."

"Antony...when you left with the wolf pack....I sent them away....they are no longer with the families you placed them fact they are no longer in romanina" She said said taking a deep breath

"They are in France," he said, smiling. "I believe that you didn't know this, but they are with a Slayer and her lifemate. She also has a human family who helps around her family home. Still, we will go see them and bring them home when it is safe to do so. I know Tamara and her daughter, Sage, well. They will train them even as infants. Xavier will be a greater prince than even my grandfather, Mikhail."

She grew angry "you had them moved? I gave them to my clan how dare you move them!" SHe said clearing upset "I wanted them with my brothers and their pack!" she said clentching her fist "thes are OUR children how dare you leave me out like this!' she said and stormed pasted him

"It was not me," he said. "It was your pack. They felt that they couldn't take care of Carpathian children adequately. If it were me, I would have asked your pack to the Guardians of All for aid. They took the to France after a large group of vampires attacked them. Because they knew of Tamara and her skills, they knew she would be better at caring for Xavier and Sara then they ever would. I'm surprised they didn't send word."

Ana stopped in her tracks, her heart slammed in her chest "when....when was the attack?" she asked in a tense tone

"When you came to rescue me," he said. "The next day, the pack headed out to find a Carpathian ally they knew. It took about five days before they found Tamara on a hunt in Germany. As a mated female, she was better than the lone hunters who didn't have lifemates."

Ana felt sick, she placed her hand on her stomach as broken memories started to come to her, she slammed Anthony out of her head, needed to figure things out "I...I need to be alone'" SHe said and started walking

"If you need me, I will be here," he said. When Anastasia was out of sight he sobered. "Alright, River, what's next? Because I know you. And, cousin, I'd do the exact same thing."

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