Comfort in you 2

"Erik im scared now....more and more though I hate to feel this way...she seems too powerful...even if she was on just seems....scary" she said in a worried tone

"I know," he said. "But that also means she scares the enemy. He has made her loyal to him, and that is why you cannot leave my side until she has been dealt with."

"but what id you go out again? I dont want you facing her without me Erik...know what she could do...I cant stand the thought of me not being there with you!" She cried out shaking with fear

"That is why I will be limiting how much we leave the safety of our home," he said with a smile. "The only time you will be away from me is if I am battling. You do not need to see me take a life. It would be unsettling."

"I dont care...i have beenput through worst things...Erik please I have a really bad feeling...promise me we will not seperate for anything" she said in a desperate tone

"But who am I to trust with our daughters?" he asked, the look on his face melting her heart. "No one could protect them better than you, Meghan."

She frowned "that wont work Erik.." she said even though it had a little "im asking for this for many reasons...if you die I die...I cant live without you and that makes me feel like a bad mother but its true I I will leave our children with who we both feel should raise them if something happens to use, and I will be by your side on and off the battlefield, we are not to part, if we are to die I want us to be together when it happens....when I thought I was going to die in that cave all I wished for was for you to be holding me..." she said as tears formed in her eyes "I dont want either of us to die alone Erik please" she begged

"Alright," he said. "Let's go see if we can get you into some of the self-defense classes in the U.S. I wanted the girls to join the Katona School of Self-defense anyway. Why not have their mother learn along with them?"

Tears swarmed in her eyes at his agreement "ok..." she said wiping her tears away... "But we are still not going to separate now....if you have to go to battle in the next second I am coming with you...." she said looking determined "I dont care what I see and I know better then to have myself be in danger, it will distract you from the fight and make things more dangerous.." she said in a sad tone feeling unworthy of him

"Meghan, you could have been born Carpathian and have years of hunting ability," he said, "but it wouldn't change the fact that I would worry about you getting hurt or worse. It would simply mean you had skills to battle. Your attention would be divided as well. That's called caring."

SHe shook her head "I look around at everyone else...they all have such amazing abilities..compared....I mean what use is it to know how someone feels? I just feel...not good should have gotten a lifemate who could help you and be equal to your talent.." She said with a sad smile "Ill...ill work hard to change" she said

"But I don't want you to change," he said. "Love you just as you are. You are my Meghan. No one can take that. And your ability would solve many problems. We need you and your abilities. Knowing how someone feels allows for debates to run smoothly, keep people calm, and let's people understand others a lot better. Talking to Lycan pack leaders will go faster and there will be no arguing because you will be there. You have a valuable gift, Meghan. Please don't be ashamed of it."

"my gift did nothing in those caves Erik....If I had a more useful one maybe our son might still be...." He saw he fighting had to remain in control "maybe he would still be...." he saw her struggle, the guilt in her eyes. Suddenly the room started to shake, pictures fell from the wall, in his head he heard ever Carpathian within a mile start to cry in anguish, the girls started to cry from their bedroom "still be..." she choked out as her body began to shake just as violently as the house was.

"You did nothing wrong," he said. "Think of it like this, our son was not ready to be with us yet. He wants us to have more time with the girls and for us to become a stronger family first. Maybe he felt unworthy of us and wanted more time with our ancestors be better himself. What the vampire did was awful but I see from your memories, you gave him back what he lost for a brief moment in time, and that is a priceless gift to one who has lost his mate. I stand in awe of you, Meghan."

Slowly the room stopped shaken and the cries went silent "but was it worth it? or did I reward a murderer?" she said in a sobbing tone as she started to sway

"You rewarded the man he once was," Erik said, holding her to him. "He got back what he had lost for a brief moment, and learned that he hadn't failed his family. He may have hurt many innocent people, Meghan, but you allowed him to leave this world as the man he should have been long ago. That alone is amazing. You allowed him to do the right thing when he was so broken. In a way, you healed him."

"yet I cant heal us..." She said into his chest with a sob "Erik....promise me we will never part again...ill do whatever it takes to make sure I am safe to ease your mind...let me be there with you...let me shoulder your burdens with you...." she said gripping his shirt "I know it hurts you everytime you have to kill someone...."

"Because I remember the men they once were," Erik said, conceding the point. "And once you know how to defend yourself, I would naturally have you beside me. For now, draw from my memories to learn as much as possible. I will tell you to do things, order you if need be, to keep you safe until then. But know this, you are the iron in my will, my strength in battle, and you keep me calm when others would panic."

She leaned into him more "Erik.......please forgive me....I have caused you so much trouble and I get blinded by my grief sometimes that I dont take care of you properly" She said looking up at him "that will change..." she said moving her hair to her side "her....take from me and then we can talk more or go to rest whichever one you want" she said with a small smile

He smiled and drank deeply. When he closed the wound, he pulled her to the cave entrance and said, "I think I want to hold you for a bit and look up at the stars before going to ground."


Indira didnt know what came over her but she slapped him hard in the face "your...your a heartless man" she said stepping back away from him

"I didn't want to claim you that way," he said honestly. "I wanted you to come to me because you needed me like I need you. But you were dying."

She tried to listen to him, if what he was was true she should be grateful and a part of her was but she couldn't shake the feeling of being raped. She wrapped her arms around herself and looked away from him "im...sorry...I slapped you" she said still not looking at him. She felt dirty and confused, her body felt heavy and she felt sick to her stomach.

"I understand why you did it," he said. "Don't worry, it didn't hurt. Until then, I will wait until you feel you are ready to be with me."

She didnt like how cocky he sounded "you could at least pretend it hurt.." she said in a whisper to herself unaware he could hear her

"I will not lie to you," he said. "If I pretend you hurt me, that is a lie. There will only be truth between us."

"Truth? fine then let me ask you something, was there really no other way? was raping me and turing me against my will really the only way to save my life? and what happened to my memories? and how was my life in danger?"

"There was no other way to save your life," he said, looking at her. Everything about him said he was telling the truth. "My mother closed off your memories to protect you. After what you suffered, you had nearly lost your mind. It was lucky I could keep your mind in one piece during the conversion. Something only could see took on the form of a vampire and vampiress, and though we couldn't see them, they left deep scratches and bite marks up and down your body. A couple of times, I was in your mind, sharing the experience, but no marks appeared on me, only you."

She took a breath as she tried to process everything he was saying "ok....then....whats happen to me now....there was not much on the conversion in my grandmothers books and I feel sick....I dont understand what these feelings and cravings are....and later...I want you to tell me everything from the how you even found me.." She said in a shaken tone

"You need to feed," he said. "You need to survive by drinking the blood of others. The humans we feed off of are given respect and their minds shielded so that they don't hurt us or themselves. Any other craving you have towards me is because we are lifemates and are drawn to one another. We will need to share each other's minds and bodies often or it will be uncomfortable." He smiled. "However, sharing each other's minds is enough to sustain me until you are ready to give yourself into my keeping. Which I know you will. It just won't be today."

She didnt like him smiling, it made her feel things, embarrassing things, no one should be able to look that good, he was so beautiful he was almost hard to look at. She covered herself subconsciously as she started to feel self-conscious in the look department compared to him "what if I dont want to feed from anyone else? What if I only want to feed from you?" she asked, she didn't know why but it was how she felt.

"It is natural," he said. "However, if that is the only way for you to feed, and I will say I'm happy you feel that way, I will have to go out to find prey. Out of respect for you, I won't touch another woman unless it is an emergency, just I hope you won't touch another male except in dire circumstances. Exceptions are, of course, family members. I would like to be able to greet my mother. She is in the next room. If you desire it, I can have her make it so you can access the memories, but have be as if it were happening to someone else or that it happened a long time ago and you have since healed from it."

"I want them back and...though I may not like it that need is painful now.." she said looking away from him and touching her throat lightly

"Come feed from me," he said, opening his arms. "Then, we will talk to my mother about giving those memories back to you."

She didnt move, she just stood there frozen, her cheeks pink "I dont think..I can...your...intimadating" she said in a self consious tone

He laughed, which shocked him. He couldn't ever remember laughing. Not even as a child.

"The only thing that intimidates you is what you believe I represent," he said, going to her. "You know, deep down, I would never harm you. You believe that I will take over your life and change you, but that is not it at all. You are who you are meant to be. I may be dominant and order you around, but it isn't because you aren't good enough, Indira. It is because I want you safe. There is a certain loss of freedom, but it works both ways. For instance, I can no longer go into battle like I have nothing to lose when I have everything to lose. You. Before, I fought out of duty and was willing to die. Now, when I go out to hunt and do my duty to protect my people, I am not willing to leave this world. I will always fight to return to you. The most beautiful woman in the world, and the most important."

She took a step back at his advance " your wrong are intimating because...well you force things...and everything about you scares me your like a ...a tiger or something.....everything about you draws me to even even though everything about you says danger....and just like a tiger I dont think you would do well with compromise and see right there...that look your giving me....its like your going to devour me and there will be nothing left and even though I should run....I cant" she said backing away until her back hit the wall

"You know, every woman feels that way," he said. "Even my mother, a vampire Slayer and former second in command. But they quickly found their own power in their relationships, as will you."

She rolled her eyes "thats not not like everyone else...I never thought about being a carpathian....Im too.." she looked down at her self "human.." she said in a alomst sad tone

"Many human women who were converted have problems as well," he said. "My great-grandmother, she couldn't handle being put in the ground. So, the sleeping chamber in her house was so far down that she could safely sleep in a bed above ground and still heal. Her lifemate, if she was hurt bad enough or they were in danger, would wait until she was in a Carpathian sleep before putting her in the ground. But she was no less Carpathian than the women who could sleep in the ground without fear. Everyone is different, Indira, and that's what makes them special. Why do you belittle yourself like this?"


A surprised moan escaped her lips what are you doing! someone could see us and I have work to do and I am in no mood for this she said even though her body heated from his kiss

Every time you bite your lip... I can't help myself and I have to have you, he said.

your an ancient! your suppose to have self-control, now stop before someone sees us...and put my clothes back on She said but she knew she was in trouble, she felt the heat form between her legs and the fire start in her belly

Constantine sighed and said, "Hello, Mother Abbith."

The woman entered their room just as Constantine clothed them both. She looked kind, yet strict.

Ellisa looked down, embarrassed, she shifted her legs and felt her erotic juices between them "I came to tell you your successor is training with Natalie right now so you can rest more before you need to go to her" she said in a soft yet authoritative voice "Someone will come and get you when she is ready" she said in the same tone as before. Ellisa knew if she didnt leave Constantine was going to devour her right there in that room and keep her from finding a way to leave "Are you sure there is nothing I am needed for?" she asked in a hopeful tone. The woman shook her head "no go ahead and rest, being pregnant you cannot do nearly everything you have done in the past, you must rest more" she said and left the room. Ellissa went to take a step towards the door "I think I should still go see if..."

"You are to rest," he said, trying to get himself under control. "I have to get to my classes. So, you don't have to run away."

"Im not running away what dont you get about that! I want to leave!" she said in a frustrated tone

"No, you don't," he said, pausing in the doorway. "Not really. You want to believe you do because you don't want a reason to get close to people. Quite trying to push people away. We love you too much."

SHe sighed "you dont understand...I need to get out....I need to see somone" she said closing her eyes

"Who?" he asked.

"a friend...a friend that desperately needs my help" she said in a sincere tone

"I will see what I can do," he said sincerely. "But I must go to classes first."

and with that he left, leaving her alone with her thoughts.


River stepped out from behind a tree near him and leaned against it "you know what I want Anthony..." she said in an emotionless tone

"Yes," he said, his eyes glazing over. "Drink. The book is hidden in the library, hidden behind a false set of books. Let me be your eyes, Lady River."

So, I've found what binds me to my people, Antony said in her head. They will know if you hurt me. This is dangerous, cousin.

She walked over to him and had him kneel in front of her, she gripped his hair and pulled his head to the side and exposed his throat "this will hurt" she said and bit deeply into his neck. The moment his blood entered her mouth she felt the potences of it Im counting on them scream

Antony said, We can't have you die. However, the pain that filled him was too much and he had to scream. A collective growl filled his head as several hunters began to come to his aid. However, Anastasia found them first.

River released his neck just as Ana's wolf laughed itself at River, River was able to dodge only by a hair. Ana put herself between Anthony and River and snarled. River smiled "Ana we both know I could kill you both before you even had time to bare those pathetic teeth of yours" She said in a sarcastic tone. Ana growled and bared her teeth which made river laugh "Ill tell you what, since im in a good mood ill give you a choice, you can turn your back on me and close the deep wound on his neck, or you can try and fight me as he bleeds out" she said with a smirk. Ana didn't hesitate, she turned her back to River and licked Anthony's neck, healing the deep wound. Just as river moved to attack Ana a hunter broke through the tree cutting her off, It was Anya. A blast of energy sent River flying and slamming hard into a tree, Anya gave her no chance to move, River dodged Anya fist just in time, the force splitting the tree in half. River turned and kicked Anya hard in the stomach but instead of letting her go flying she grabbed Anya's arm and used her own body to help her snap it at the elbow breaking it. Anya cried out in anger more than pain, She took advantage of the closeness to wrap her legs around rivers chest and squeeze, she felt one of her ribs crack under the pressure. River growled and release Anya's arm and stumbled back as Anya landed on her feet.

"Don't," Antony said. "She is important. As the daughter of Razvan and Ivory, her ability to strategize is beyond masterful." He looked at River and nodded. "For now, let her go. I need to feed and go to ground."

"Anthony you can't possibly be this blind? it is because of that reason and the fact that she has hurt so many of our people is why we should not let her go" Anya said in a stern tone "I agree for god sake Anthony who know what she has done to you by biting you!" Ana said in a worried and angered tone "The fact that she even touched you should warrent her death" followed Anya. River tilted her head "you judge so much for people who have done so much wrong themselves I mean it wasn't a few days ago that little pup Ana here almost completely wiped out her own pack and ate her children" She said plainly. Ana's face paled and she looked almost shocked "oh was I not suppose to say anything? sorry little wolf it's not in my nature to lie" she said looking at Anthony as she said that, then she looked away "now am I killing you all here now or at a later date?" she asked

"Later," he said. "You never liked it easy. Go before Anya returns. And I know she will, thinking you are doing something to influence me."

"Am I not?" She smirked "If you dont want to die tonight dont go home" SHe said before vanishing into the woods

"I'll keep that in mind," he said. "Anastasia, I need to go to ground. My wounds are worse than I thought. I will feed when I awake next rising."

With that, he shut down his heart and lungs. Anya returned and carried him back to the healing caves to put him in the ground next to Anastasia.

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