Life On The Road

Alana smiled and said, "Jack, that sounds like a wonderful idea! The Dark Troubadours actually toured in a tour bus for years! This also made it harder for vampires to find them at first until a pattern emerged, but still! However, we can't just buy a new RV every time ours breaks down. I think we will have to find a mechanic to hire. I think I know a hunter who is able to also work with machines, almost like they speak to him! It will be more protection for our girls!"

Jack smiled as he kissed Alana passionately on her lips and then slowly parted with a small suckle of her lower lip. He smiled as he looked into her deep blue eyes and felt his soul melting with hers as he was now lost in her eyes. When Alana was happy he felt a euphoric feeling of bliss that was only comparable to a large climax of their intimacy. He noticed that each day that passed he found his love for her grow much like a sunflower blooming in the sun as it followed it for warmth. However he did have to control his urges to be intimate with her since he was afraid to hurt Hope. His love for Alana and her smile was stronger than his primal urge to mate with her. It also helped to know that if he was patient she would spoil him rotten when they were alone. Unlike most of the Carpathian males, Jack preferred seeing Alana on top and claiming him. The look in her eyes gave him a combination of fear and excitement at the same time to add to his rush in a mind blowing climax. Since they had kids in the family he knew he had to be patient for the opportunity to make love to his mate. So he would back off before he reached a point of no return.

Jack: I better stop. Your lips are addicting like sugar to a diabetic.

Jack took a deep breath and recomposed himself again.

Jack: Well as long as this Hunter can be trusted. I fear what would happen if we bring in a traitor at this point. I can no longer use my magic, you are pregnant, Derek has the warmth of a snow pea and we have three girls who can't fight back yet. Poor Derek will have to bear the brunt of security while I defend us with my limited skills. I know I am being a worry wort, but I can't help it. This is our family now and I know I can't protect it alone. If anything I would prefer to make a strong and small clan of our own in time in America and away from the Meathead, but I will yield to your wishes.

Jack kissed Alana's hand affectionately then continued.

Jack: Very well then we will head to a major city tomorrow and purchase what we need.

Several days later they were in France in the country side at a cottage they arranged to rent. There Jack had the girls use their laptops to learn their school programs. Surprisingly Derek seemed relieved to not have to wear the school uniform. Faith and Alex were a bit torn by the idea of being home schooled but knew the dangers of being in one place to long. To avoid being traced by credit cards, Jack bought a lot of untraceable gift cards to use at gas stations and stores when he wasn't paying in cash. Often Alana or Jack would help little Suzy with her computer programs designed for a Pre-K program. Alex was working on 3rd grade, Faith was working on 5th grade and Derek was working on High School software.

Jack splurged on the advanced program which included included the honors classes to increase the skill level of the education with foreign languages and online books and games as well. He knew they were behind in school but would eventually get bored and need a challenge to pass the time. It felt nice to be a family as they ate together, traveled together, studied together and trained together. Jack trained the girls and Derek in the martial art styles he memorized. He wanted them to be able to protect themselves as well as keep Derek's skills strong. Jack wondered if they could make this work for the next twenty years.

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