Daddy Likes

Alana smiled and said, "The mechanic can't come for a while. Seems there was some trouble. So, we are held up here for a bit. But, this is..." She gasped. "Hope is kicking! Everyone! Come feel!"

Jack looked like a child on Christmas day as he nervously approached Alana and put his hand on her stomach. Jack was happy as he felt Hope kick his hand. Then he put his face on Alana's belly so he could hear her heartbeat. Then Hope kicked Jack in the face and caused him to laugh.

Jack: She is feisty like her mother. Poor Derek will have his hands full in eighteen years.

Jack winked at Alana and gave her a sly grin.

Derek: You seem to relish in that thought.

Jack: Its our lot in life to have such amazing women.

Faith: Can I touch?

Jack: Yes all of you come feel your sister's kick.

Alex: But we are not real sisters Jack.

Derek: It will be official in eighteen years when Hope and I take the oath Alex. Would you deny me that?

Alex sighed as she looked at Derek then at Jack.

Alex: No.

Suzy giggled as she touched Alana's stomach and Faith was very happy as she talked to Alana about Hope. Alex on the other hand resisted a bit till Jack took her hand in his and slowly drew her to Alana's stomach to fee Hope kick it. Then Jack kissed Alex on the side of her head in a dotting manner as she felt Hope kicking her hand.

Jack: We are all family here Alex. We need each other to survive. If we mean anything to you at all, you will honor that for me. We don't know what the future holds for us and we have entered difficult times as we are being hunted and our true allies are few.

Alex: So after that are we going back to Romania?

Jack: To be honest I prefer to avoid that meathead who is in charge over there all together. I would like to make our own clan in the United States, but as you can see by our circumstances my Wants don't match my Needs.

Alex: And what do we need?

Jack: Time till we can all recover and get stronger. Time to finish your education. Time till you all can spread your wings and make wiser decisions.

Derek: Time till I can take the Oath with hope.

Jack: Exactly. So get used to our current lifestyle, cause Alana approved our life on the road. We will randomly see the world and finish school and training along the way.

Alex: And what will you be learning Jack?

Jack smiled as he ran his fingers through his hair.

Jack: Mechanics.........I plan to learn as much as I can about fixing RVs just in case something happens. Thanks to the advanced technology we can learn anything from practically anywhere these days.


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