Feeling small 2

Grigore pulled her up and kissed her deeply. He demanded her response, his mouth driving every thought from her. Give us a chance and I promise you won't regret it, he said in her mind.

I didnt say you could kiss me she said even though her mouth opened to his advances, her hands gripped his bare shoulders

But you aren't fighting me, he said, his tongue dueling with hers. He pulled her closer. She could feel his desire against her stomach through their clothes. His hands shaped her body, wishing to remove the flimsy barrier between them, wanting to bury his body deep in hers.

SHe felt her body grow hot like she had a fever, everything was sensitive, her skin, her hearing, which only made everything affect her more. She felt his large erection against her and she moaned unwilling against his lips. They barely knew each other yet he affected her so much. She felt herself grow wet and her fang grazed his bottom lip

What do you want me to do? he asked, kissing down to her neck. I simply want to worship you as you deserve. Is regaining your memories now important or can I show you what you mean to me with my body?

Her breath caught in her throat and her head leaned with his kisses on her neck, she had been right, he was going to devour her. When she felt his fangs graze her skin she gasped and her knees almost buckled. She really was very sensitive its..to much...

I feel the same way, he said as he bit deeply, drinking her in. I will never tire of your taste. Like dew drops and nectar. Perfect. He closed the wound but left his mark. He then kissed back to her mouth so she could taste her own blood.

The moment he bit her she was gone, every thought left her as she cried out in both pain and pleasure. She felt it was over to soon when he stopped but when he started to kiss you again and he had a sweet taste on his lips her mind grew fuzzy with need. She had never had anything so erotically happen to her in her life. She moaned against his lips and her hands slid from his shoulders to his chest taste me more than she moaned in his head without thinking, her touch in his mind was like silk, soft and gently

His hands moved her dress down to pool at her waist as he kissed down to find her lush breasts. He began suckling to bring her nipples to hard peeks, giving each one special attention. Then, he moved the dress until it fell at her feet. He kissed down her stomach, lapped at her navel for a moment before kneeling in front of her and began to feast on her, his tongue stabbing deep into her feminine core.

She had no time to be embarrassed, the moment his mouth touched her core her legs buckled and the only thing from keeping her from falling was the wall and his strong arms supporting her. She cried out and one hand gripped his hair the other his shoulder, instant heat came to her core, and her sweet juices flooded his mouth. He could taste a small amount of blood that had stayed from her broken innocents,a reminder of how pure she was.

He kissed back up her body and kissed her deeply once more and she noticed both of them were naked. He moved her so that she laid on soft pillows. He opened her up to him and slowly began to enter her. Indira, he said in her mind, his voice husky with trying to go slow and be gentle when he wanted to go deep and fast. I need you to feel what you do to me. Let me into your mind.

I dont know how....and I dont know if Im ready for this....Im scared....yet... she said not wanting to admit how much she wanted him. Her core resisted his advance, she was so tight.

I won't do anything to hurt you, he said as he began to move Search for me with your mind, Indira. I will always be there to answer your call. No one is more important than you.

She gripped his shoulders tightly as he body tried to adjust to his large size, she squeezed her eyes shut and gasped at his movement thats not true....a lot of people are important

Not to me, he said, picking up the pace. To me, you are the only person who matters. I care for my family, don't get me wrong, but... they aren't you. He suckled her breast hard. Now, I want you to scream my name in pleasure this rising. I need to hear that from you.

She suddenly felt very aware of how he was dominating her and it sent a chill through her no...I cant...someone might hear....and its.... its she started to push on his shoulders like she was trying to get away from him

They can't hear us, Indira, he said, not unless I wish it. And the sounds you make are only for me.

still...your too bid...your too much...I cant... she said and kicked herself when a loud moan escaped her lips when he suddenly nibbled on her hard nipple.

That sound, that is mine, he said. It is the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. Do it again. He began nibbling all over her body, needing her to get lost in feeling, to scream his name. He began to go deeper and harder, but not once did he forget to put her pleasure before his own.

She cried out with every nibble he placed on her body, when he started to move faster and harder he found her arching underneath him. She was letting herself get carried away in the pleasure he was providing her but he still felt her fight for some control, not fulling giving herself to him. knowing she needed to trust him completely before she did that, it gave him hope that in the future she would fully submit to him "Bite me again! please! " she found herself begging him in an unfamiliar tone she had never used

He bit into her breast as he didn't hold back. He let go of his control willingly just to feel her open up to him, to take him in. He lost himself in the feel of her body against his. And he couldn't get enough.

She cried out and for a split second he felt her shield give way slightly, he felt how his fangs had become the thing she liked most, his fangs piercing her skin was what sent her into a spiral of pleasure the most to the point she was ashamed because she felt like she was becoming addicted to the pleasurable pain. When he released her, her shields slammed shut once more, keeping him out again

I'm not done yet, he said. He closed the wound only to bite into her shoulder to hold her in the submissive. He brought her to the edge but didn't give her the release she desired. I still need to hear you scream my name, Indira.

Every time he bit her, the pleasure was enough to make her shields waver, letting him in slightly. She cried out and her nails dug into his shoulder. He saw a glimpse into her mind, she was fighting herself, afraid to give me control because she knew when she did there would be no going back I-I cant!

Yes, you can. Because when you give yourself to me, I will finally be able to give myself to you. And, Indira, only you can make me feel this way, so complete.

When she tried to wiggle out of his grip his fangs pulled on her skin and she cried out erotically "stop! I cant think when you do that! let go!"

Not yet. I know this isn't an admission trust. You are just screaming my name as I bring you pleasure. I still have to earn you trust. And I plan to enjoy every second of it, as I know you will.

His voice in her brought her so close to the edge it hurt "Please Grigore I cant take anymore!"

At the sound of his name, he filled her beyond she ever thought possible. He held himself off of her on his elbows. He closed the wound and looked at her.

"Imagine how it will feel when you trust me," he said. "And this feeling between us grows over time. It won't go away." He reluctantly removed his body from hers, and cleaned and dressed them both. "Now, if you are up for it, my mother can restore your memories."

She glared at him while she still laid there, she couldn't move, her body ached pleasurably and it felt heavy. She could feel his sum leaking from her core "I cant move and you know it...and you shouldnt have cum inside me.." she said

He chuckled and said, "You aren't ovulating. There is no fear of getting pregnant. And it's actually best if you are laying down when she restores your memories. It's easier on both of you."

She looked horrified "No! she will know what we did I cant have your mother see me like this.." she said embarassed

"Everyone already knows I finished claiming you," he said. "My scent is all over you. There is no need to be embarrassed."

She groaned and turned on her side covering her face "this is so bad....I dont want the first time I met you mother to be in the bed we just.....and I smell like...." she groaned again

"She won't care that her new daughter just made love to her son," he said. "She will worry about what the memories will do to you. When she saw you yesterday, you were a mess of scars and bite marks, passed out in my arms. I never want to see you like that again."

"then you shouldnt have bit me" she said with slight humor in her tone. She had actually just made a joke with him

He chuckled and said, "You know what I meant, you little jokester. Broken, in pain. I was unable to protect you. It's different when I bite you. It isn't painful and it doesn't break your spirit or mind."

"says who....I would have never made those sounds or said those things before..." she said in almost a pouting embarassed tone "just...go get your mother.."

He kissed her before going to talk to his mother about what they would need for her memories to be brought back.

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