Fun Time

Alana said, "We may not go back to living in the house. However, having it in case of emergencies is always comforting. And I know when Derek complete the binding words, I fear he and hope will leave. Or worse, she won't want to be with him when she turns eighteen." Tears welled up. "What if she tries to run from him? Or doesn't accept him?"

"I will give her the time she needs to grow," said Derek. "I want her to come to me willingly, not feel forced."

Alana hugged him tightly. "You are so amazing, but if you don't have the time, don't wait. She will come to love you, but we can't lose you!"

Jack smiled as Derek was learning how to be patient with women. In the past he struggled with that skill set and suffered dearly for it.

Jack: Oh my dear sweet Alana. Its only a matter of time before we can return to the house. According to a Dr. Spock it is critical we provide the children with love, education, discipline and life experiences. So where we do this is not as important as long as we get along as a family. Naturally we will have our ups and downs but if we keep trying to keep Hope to ourselves, because we believe we always protect her.
But we know, children, need to discover things for themselves. They'll stumble and fall, laugh and cry, but such is life. So if Hope and Derek decide to explore the world for a while, they will know they will always have a home to come back to when they need to.

Faith: Wow where did you learn that?

Jack: Mass media:

Alex: Figures you big goof.

Suzy: Goof goof.

Jack: Et tu Suzy?

Jack tickled Suzy and then gave her a tummy blow to make her giggle loudly.


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