Start of Something New

Dalia lay on the floor, seed leaking from between her legs, and a deep bruise on her left side where her ribs were broken and making it hard to breath. She thought over her life and how she got to this point, pain and hopelessness washing through her. Tears fell endlessly as the memories crept in.

Dalia's mother had died giving birth to her, leaving her father to care for an infant girl. Charles Davis was a hard working farmer, but always made time for his little girl. She never wanted for anything, and her life was full of happiness.

Then, at age 7, she saw a beautiful man drain her father dry, one her family had trusted above all others. She watched as the man who seemed impossible to beat, one she viewed as an older brother or uncle, turn into a vampire in front of her. Just as he turned to her, another man appeared. She knew that he was the vampire's brother and watched as they began fighting.

Some vampire blood landed on Dalia's head and face, leaving a permanent scar on her forehead and left cheek. Because the vampire was newly turned, it wasn't acidic enough to burn to her too much, but she used the snow coming in through the hole in the roof to get rid of the vampire blood on her skin. She watched as the brothers burned, the sun claiming both of them before they could destroy each other.

From the forest, a society member appeared, having followed the the brothers. He noticed the scar and fear, explaining his twisted view. Since her father hadn't had time to tell her about Carpathians, Dalia accepted the stranger's help and explanation. She vowed to destroy everyone the society deemed as vampire. Her adopted father, Andrew Williams, would beat her when she failed at anything, but she understood why. Because he had given her a reason to live and saved her, she was loyal to a fault when it came to her adopted father, and the society he belonged to. She learned to never question his orders, making her the deadliest member in the Society for the Preservation of Mankind by age 10.

When she hit puberty at age 15, she didn't question her adopted father's orders for her to become his right-hand-man's girl. Because of how hard she trained, she became tough, so her 30-something boyfriend's rough treatment didn't bother her, though he refused to take her body until she was perfect in every way. She often left their room with bruises from him beating her, but she never questioned him over why. She knew she had failed in being the woman he wanted, and had work to do so that she was the perfect woman at home, just as she was the perfect killer in the field.

However, at age 18, just as she was on her way to being perfect in all things, her boyfriend was killed and left her adopted father paralyzed. Without having any ability to fight, her adopted father killed himself, leaving her in charge. However, because she was a woman, the men ganged up on her, voting for Jackson Humphrey to lead them. He was a cruel men that often killed women as he raped them, though he didn't care because they were "vampires". But his ultimate target was icy Dalia, who never showed interest in anyone. He knew that her late boyfriend hadn’t touched her, feeling she wasn't good enough for his cock yet.

"So, the poor orphan has fallen yet again," said Jackson tauntingly as his men held her down. "What do you have to say for yourself now?"

She didn't move as she said, "If they didn't want me to lead, they should have talked to me. I would have stepped down. I am not worthy of leading, nor do I have the wisdom to. But I was left in charge for a reason, to find the real leader and it isn’t you."

"Good answer," he said. "Well, until you said I’m not the one to lead us.” He looked at his men. “Strip her."

Dalia paled. She began to fight then. She had no experience. But with 6 men working on cutting her clothes from her body, she was outnumbered and out matched. They soon had her naked, her lip busted from one of them punching her. Jackson, who had stripped while his men were busy, pulled his member out and lubed himself up. Jackson forced Dalia's legs open and positioned himself at her entrance.

"Do you know, I’ve waited for this moment,” he said. “I want to hear you scream.”

“Won’t happen!” she spat at him. “We are both part of the same society! Why would you do this to your ally?!”

“Because of your abilities,” he said, slapping her hard on the breast. “People like you sicken me. But you are useful. I will fuck you until you are so broken, our cocks are the only thing you live for. Once all non-humans are destroyed, then we will go for the freaks like you. Now, scream!”

She shoved all the way into her, causing her to go rigid with pain. But she never made a sound. He began moving hard and fast, causing her even more pain. He had her breasts in a bruising grip. With the men holding her down, she couldn’t push him off of her and she was quickly losing strength. Soon, she was unable to keep quiet and she screamed in pain.

“That’s the sound I wanted,” said Jackson, smiling as he began to go deeper, the sound of their flesh meeting playing horribly in the background. “More. Tighten. This is your life now, skank. Beg me to fill you.”

“Go to hell,” she bit out between clenched teeth.

Jackson laughed and said, “You just made this fun. Take this!”

He angled until he hit her in such a way that pain was mind numbing. She had never been hurt in such a way or so deep. She was unprepared for it. The more places he hit to cause her pain, the more she broke. Then, it became too much.

“Stop!” she yelled, her body tightening in pain and tears flowing freely. “Please!”

“You are mine, Dalia,” Jackson groaned, filling her. “My whore, my toy to use and share as I please. Say it.”

“I’m your whore, your toy to use and share as you please,” she cried as he pulled out, her blood and his seed leaking from her sore core.

“Beg for more, Dalia,” he said, motioning for his men to let her go as he saw she had no energy to move or fight back. “Beg to be fucked hard and rough.” When she shook her head, he punched her hard enough to knock the wind out of her. “Do as you are told, bitch!”

“P-please fuck me hard and r-rough,” she gasped out, curling into a ball.

Then, three of the now naked men loomed over her. One filled each of her holes. She screamed as they began pounding into her, unable to stop them now that she had no strength left in her. It was hours before they filled her, training her body to accept their rough use. When the second group of men started, she knew her body had started to adjust to the pain, bathing their cocks in love juices. She hated that her body enjoyed them raping her. When they filled her, she collapsed with their seed leaking from every hole.

Jackson lifted her head by her hair and said, “How the mighty have fallen. Now, beg me to fuck you.”

“Please, Jackson,” she said, her eyes clouded over with pain and lust. “Fuck me like only you can.”

He flipped her over and shoved in. She screamed, a sound of pain mixed with pleasure. As she had yet to gain release, she held onto Jackson, need him to give her release.

She screamed. “Harder! Make it hurt! Please, Jackson! I need to cum!”

“Then cum like the slut you are!” he ordered, filling her again.

She screamed, her juices flowing around him. Then, she passed out. That’s when a man unlike anyone she had ever seen. She didn’t have an imagination good enough to create the man walking towards her from the fog of her mind, and she had a feeling he was out there, a warrior unsurpassed, looking just for her. She knew he existed only for her.

You are hurt, he said. I will see to your wounds.

Don’t! she yelled, backing away. A man I have known most of my life… he and his friends… they…

He growled and said, I must be closer to turning than I thought.

Fear filled her as she said, You’re a vampire?! I’m sworn to destroy your kind!

And a member of the society. He gave a humorless laugh. Not a dream, but a nightmare. He turned to leave.

Wait! she ran to him and grabbed his hand to stop him, shocking herself. Don’t leave! I… I can’t trust the people I considered family. I’d rather trust you over the society right now.

Then, tell me, how did you become part of these… people? he asked, not wanting to upset an already injured and depressed woman.

She told him everything about her life, good and bad. He waited patiently for her to finish. When she got to what had just happened, he became angry. I may think you are dream given to me before I turn, but I will search for you. If you are suffering like this and live, then I would be failing you.

You can’t! I’m the best in the society, but even I can’t stop them! What hope do you have?!

They ganged up on you, cisitri. I can handle these humans.

I don’t even know what you are, she admitted. Only that I need you right now. I’m broken, my soul blacker than night because of what I have done, and now, I may have sold everything I am to a monster. I only wanted to make my birth father proud, to rid the world of vampires, like the one that killed him and the one that killed the first.

The second man was not a vampire. He was an honorable Carpathian.

What is a Carpathian?

He explained what a Carpathian was, what a vampire truly was, and even how they used ghouls during the day. He then told her how to recognize a vampire’s evil.

So the man who attacked my father was a vampire but his brother wasn’t, Dalia mussed.

Yes, he said, glad she was seeing the truth. But those the society, and you, killed were innocent.

I can see that now, having been put in their place, Dalia said, guilt riding her hard. I let grief and anger and fear push me, forgetting to use my mind. I should have. But I promise, I’ll save anyone who gets captured that doesn’t match your description.

I’ll believe that when it happens, cisitri.

Dalia began crying and it was too much for him. He put her in an outfit to make her feel strong and beautiful. Then, he held her to him, asking nothing of her. She never had anyone question her, and the pain of him not believing her, when her word was her law, hurt.

I’m sorry, she said into his chest. I know you have no reason to trust me. I’m as bad as a vampire. I know it. I’m sorry you are stuck with me. I know you exist, but don’t look for me. You have to stay safe and protect the world from monsters and from the society I belong to. Promise me you will...

He put a finger to her mouth and said, If you are real, I have no choice but to look for you. I feel some emotion, which is strange. I can only think that you are my lifemate, though I don’t believe it. Even if you aren’t my lifemate, I must find you and protect you. You also have information. I can tell you are fiercely loyal to anyone you give your allegiance to. I want to earn that same trust. For now, you must return to your hell, and I must rest. Keep me in your mind and I will protect you. They may use your body, but never let them have your soul.

Months later, she no longer wore undergarments because the men complained about the extra fabric in the way, which always prompted Jackson to use vampire blood on her, but not enough to scar her permanently. In truth, she rarely wore clothes so that they could always use her easily. She was constantly in pain from how hard she is used, but she never lets it show, always looking emotionless. She acts how they desire so she can make it to the night and her Carpathian. Her salvation. Over that time, she managed to save many innocent people from Jackson and his goons.

She has never betrayed Jackson by saying where she was to her Carpathian. Hell, they never exchanged names, not wanting to endanger each other in some way. She welcomed the dreams of her Carpathian that kills monsters for a living, with powers beyond even her own. She told him everything that happened to her, needing him to just survive. She has become relaxed with him, crying in pain over what happened that day, exclaiming excitement over saving a life and sending them to the Carpathian people to safeguard, and worrying how she couldn't be what he wanted, though he got to know her and grew to love her. She also grew to trust him, even over the society, but not enough to reveal her location or betray Jackson. Fear kept her from taking that final step. She told him that if he happened to find her and free her, she would gladly tell him everything and to anyone he deemed trustworthy. But she kept him at bay to protect him, making it more difficult for him to find her. Each day, she felt him getting closer and closer. Part of her was happy, but another part feared Jackson would capture him and kill him. She knew her Carpathian was real, larger than life, but she felt safe in her dream world, where there were no consequences for what she said or did, leaving all of that in the harsh reality. She often warned her Carpathian that if Jackson found out about him, her dream lover would be so high on the hit list, no one could save him. She would cling to him as if she could force him to stay safe. He would only laugh, happy she would put his safety above the society, the only family she has had since she was a child and whom she was unfailingly loyal to despite what happened. He never condemned her after that first night, making her feel beautiful and loved and like there was light still inside her, even though she knew her soul was darker than a vampire's.

Then, the night before, Dalia tried to free a woman. The woman was a year younger than her, now that Dalia had just turned 19. Dalia was used the men’s rough treatment. This poor woman, however, was not. There was evidence of rape and torture, Jackson looking for information on “vampires” and not getting it, while at the same time getting off.

She managed to get the woman out, but was suddenly grabbed by Jackson, who beat her before using her body. There was a parade of men willing to use her as rough as they pleased, not holding back. The pain was so great, she couldn’t move or even go to sleep to speak to her Carpathian lover.

Okay, rescue me, she called out into the night, giving him her location. I can’t take this anymore. I’m chained to the wall, the cuffs coated in vampire blood. It hurts. Everything hurts. Please hurry, Carpathian. Know this, I have grown to care deeply you.

I will be there soon, he answered, sounding closer than she ever thought. I will get you out, cisitri. And thank you.

For what? she asked, trying to not panic as she heard Jackson coming down the hall.

For talking to me, he said, sensing her fear and putting on the speed. For returning colors and emotions to me. For learning to care for me despite us starting out enemies. But you have yet to give me all of you, and I will not take anything less.

I can’t give you more than that, she said, her breathing fast. Everything about me is tainted.

When you learn to trust me and to see who you truly are, then we will talk about me claiming you, he answered, his anger rising with each foot fall she heard. Until then, I will accept your human love. You fear that your heart is unable to be given to me, fearing I will either destroy it or someone will take you from me. I swear to you, neither will happen. You will not have to change who you are with me, like you were forced to with the others. Be the woman you are with me, not the image others desire.

His words touched her deeply. If it wasn't for the terror coursing through her, she would have wept for joy instead of fear. The door to Dalia’s cell opened with a bang and she saw Jackson walk in with a large knife and car battery with electrodes. She tried to block her Carpathian out, but he refused to leave her.

Jackson hooked her up the car battery and turned it on. Dalia screamed as white hot pain shot through her. Jackson undressed and shoved into her, knowing she was extremely sensitive from the other men using her. He began moving hard and fast, thrusting in such a way that not only sent more pain through her, but also caused her to bleed.

Jackson demand, “Who turned you against us?!”

Dalia couldn’t hardly speak as her mind began shattering despite her Carpathian trying to keep her safe, but she said, “I don’t know his name! Now, get off of me!”

Jackson began cutting her, causing her to bleed. He made a large cut in her arm, put his finger in, and began twisting. The pain was more than she could handle, and more than her Carpathian could protect her from.

“Tell me something!” Jackson demanded, setting the knife down and gripping her breast in such a way that it felt like he was trying to rip her breast off. “I don’t care how small!”

Dalia wept in her soul and her Carpathian knew she would say anything, her broken mind and battered body craving the pain. He knew that it wasn’t really her and wrapped her shaking spirit in his love and understanding. Tell him, cisitri. I will get you out. You are not betraying me. I need you to trust me.

I trust you, Carpathian, she said the her lover before answering Jackson by saying, “He’s… stronger than anyone I know! He’s on his way now!”

Jackson smiled and said, “Finally, a specimen to dissect and play with. Thank you for bringing him here. I will make you watch as your only ally is tortured and dies in front of you.” He stuck his whole thumb into her arm, causing her to gasp in pain and pleasure, her mind focusing on what Jackson forced upon her. “Now, tell me what you want me to do, Dalia. Show me the whore you really are.”

Dalia’s spirit clung to her Carpathian while her body went wild under Jackson and she called out, “Fuck me harder, Jackson! Make it hurt! Deeper! Faster! Please!”

“Good girl,” Jackson said.

He filled her, causing her to clamp around him. Then, he carved “Property of Jackson Humphrey” into her breasts, going deep so that it would scar. She convulsed again, milking Jackson dry as he tortured her. Dalia screamed into her lover’s mind, trying to tell him that it wasn’t her, but the pain didn’t allow the words to form. Her Carpathian said comfortingly, I know this is not the real woman. You are my lifemate, the only person that matters to me. His words washed over her, giving her hope and helped keep her safe as the devil himself tried to destroy her. She felt Jackson going again, and heard her begging to be hurt, but the part of her that mattered, the Carpathian kept protected.

When Jackson was done, Dalia clinging to life. She had to fight to keep herself with her Carpathian. She felt him above the facility she was held captive in. Don’t be surprised to see me near death. We will come back and rescue the other prisoners, then destroy this place. But only after I heal, okay?

I can agree to that, he said, worry coloring his tone. You know the facility better than I. I need you and your warrior. But only after you heal enough to please me, cisitri. Only then.

She smiled. If she survived, life would be fun with her Carpathian.

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