Laura listened to the sound of the brook near by as she went further down the wooden trail, It was spring time in Romania and that meant rain would come soon. She saw the signs she had been looking for, the vined ancient carved stones to the fallen temple she had risked much to get too. She looked carefully at her surroundings, personally knowing that she had to be aware of many dangers. After all she was in the middle of the Carpathian mountains in a restricted land, not to mention the wildlife and the hostile environment, now she had to worry about what kind of traps the ancient civilization might have built in the temple she had searched hard to find. She came to what seemed like a old temple ruined. the walls long fallen with no way in, but she knew better, there was always a way. Suddenly something caught her eye. something was reflecting the sunlight behind some thick vines. She took a step towards it and all to late did she hear the crack of the stone beneath her. Before she could react she was fallen into darkness, within seconds she landed hard in a small pool of water that laid deep in the lost temple she just fell in. She felt the sharp rocks at the bottom of it scrap her body in different places as she fought to come up to the surface of the water. When she finally did she cursed and swam to the edge and pulled her self out of the water, laying there trying to catch her breath.

Luca stirred beneath the earth. Blood. He felt it. The demon in him clawed its way to the surface. He needed to feed. There was no other thought. With much effort, he burst out of the ground and grabbed the closest warm body. He didn't calm them. His mind was a haze of need. He bit down hard and began to gulp at the life giving blood. He growled like a wounded animal as he fed.

Laura was in shock, it had happened so fast she didnt even have time to prepare herself or fight back, it came from underneath her, it was dark in the cave so she couldnt see what it was and it felt like human arms were around her pinning her arms to her side, but this was not human. She struggled trying to break free, only moans of pain coming from her since she couldnt speak because it was latched onto her throat. She was feeling weaker by the second and finally she managed to grab her gun that was holstered to her thigh, she aimed it down towards the ground and fired, hoping to hit what ever was attacking her from beneath her.

Luca closed the wound, having fed enough to hold the demon in him at bay though barely, and stepped back, yelling, "What is that thing you just used?! It sounded like a cannon going off in here!"

When she heard a male vice she was shocked, it was human good that means he is even more easy to kill She thought weakly to herself. She couldn't see but she used his voice to let her know where is head was, with all the strength she had she threw her head back hard in a attempt to head butt him

He moved his head just in time, realizing he held a female in his arms. and said, "You are a mean spirited woman. Look, I will not lie, I'm trying to keep myself in check, and you attacking me isn't helping. You are in more danger by fighting me than if you keep still. I will not hurt you. I just need to feed."

His words confused her but it would not be the first time she had met a mentally ill person "Just attack me first" She was all she said as she used her feet to push off the ground just enough to aim the gun directly under her and fire.

Luca let go with a growl. Pain and anger shot through him. He began cursing in the ancient language before shock finally hit him. Anger. He felt. He had long ago forgotten what emotions felt like. He looked at the woman and backed away, so dizzy from the colors assaulting his eyes.

He felt the demon in him and, to at least leash him, Luca quickly said, "Te avio päläfertiilam. Éntölam kuulua, avio päläfertiilam. Ted kuuluak, kacad, kojed. Élidamet andam. Pesämet andam. Uskolfertiilamet andam. Sívamet andam. Sielamet andam. Ainamet andam. Sívamet kuuluak kaik että a ted. Ainaak olenszal sívambin. Te élidet ainaak pide minan. Te avio päläfertiilam."

The relief that coursed through him was mind numbing.

The moment he let go She sprung up, ignoring how the dizzy she felt, she reached into her now wet backpack and pulled out a glow stick and broke it, lighting the area around them in a blue hue and tossed it between them. As her eyes tried to adjust she aimed her gun towards the tall large figure she assumed was the man who attacked her "Dont move...Dont.." she shook her head trying to get the room to stop spinning and her eyes to adjust.

She wore only short and a black tank top, both were not torn and bloody from her fall, exposing her tone flat stomach and feminine tone figure. Her braided hair hand come undone in the fall, letting her chestnut long hair dance around her

He said, "I... I'm sorry. I just..." How could he explain. "Look, put that weapon down. You have clearly injured me. I need to know your name, and I will, in turn, tell you mine. But we must hurry. I will not be in my right mind for long and do not have the strength needed to keep you safe."

"Safe? you just attacked me!" she said taking a step back not knowing what the man might do "Now heres what is going to happen...your" but she was cut off when she lost her footing on the went rocks that she stepped back on and she was to weak to keep her balance like she normally could and she started to fall backwards

Luca was there in an instant, catching her as he said, "There is much you do not know about me, it seems. But you will learn."

Before she could stop him, he kissed her and took hold of her mind. He cut a line across his chest and forced her to feed from him. The feel of her lips moving over him caused a new hunger to fill him. The demon roared, demanding that he finish binding her to him. But he refused. He forced her to feed from him, bound her to him without consent. The only thing he could give her was time, but if she forced him, he would find a way to finish the ritual and make her his. He closed the wound when she had taken enough for an exchange and released her mind.

"I wasn't in my right mind," he said. "Hunger ruled my actions. But you are the safest person in the world right now."

She gave herself a mental shake Did this lunatic just kiss me?! she thought to herself, She moved defensively instinctively and grabbed his wrist on the arm that was touching her back and spun, making him pivot just enough so that she could use her legs to knock his legs out from under him making him fall onto his back. She placed her foot on his chest and pointed her gun down at him "you better start answering questions now or I will find no reason not to kill you...who are you and what are you doing down here?"

"My name is Luca Lupei," he said, "and I was healing. Now, what is your name, what is that weapon, and why are you wearing men's clothing?"

That caught her off guard and not much did " must be a native here...let me guess some cult nut who locked himself in this cave...great this is all I need..." She said in a upset tone "One this is a gun a very powerful weapon that I have yet decided if I am going to kill you with and two these are not men's clothes...Now why did you attack me?"

"I'm not in a cult," he said. "And you are wearing pants. That's for men. Lastly, for attacking you, I was feeding. Nothing more." Then his eyes went wide. "You... are human, aren't you? Not Carpathian?"

So he is delusional...judging by when he says feeding and how he referred to me as human and where we are he must think he is a vampire or something, but to be this far down he must know the way out.. "Yes I am human...your not? well then what are you, how long have you been down here and just so you know when wear pants too" She said plainly

Looking in her mind he learned of the year and went pale as he says, "No, I'm not human. I'm Carpathian. As for getting out, I do not remember this cave so I have no knowledge of it. I've been down here for nearly two thousand years. Though, it seems that an earthquake sent me far underground while I slept. "

"Right....well I guess if you dont know the way out that means your not useful and you are not worth the risk of keeping around" She said moving her gun to aim at his head. Jut as she was about to shoot she felt something crawling on her back "Shit" She said and quickly stepped away from him and flung off her shirt, not caring she was wearing nothing underneath and baring her breast. Just as she thought, leeches, they covered parts of her stomach and back, no wonder why she was feeling ill. She looked back at him "Dont move.." She said pointing the gun with one hand. She took out the knife that was strapped on her waist and started to use if to pry the first one off

"Stop!" he said. "Allow me."

He waved his hand and the leeches fell off of her without a fight. Grabbing her hands to keep her from shooting him, he licked every wound, sealing it. When he was done, he refused to let go of her.

"You do not get to play executioner tonight," he said. "I'm too weak to send you to sleep, though." He looked her in the eye and decided to compel her for her own safety. "You will stay here, while I hunt. If anyone other than myself comes, you will hide and keep quiet." He cupped her breast with a growl and moved his thumb across her nipple, making it instantly hard, before swearing. "And put your shirt back on. You tempt me too much when I'm barely holding it together."

With that, he launched himself out of the hole she fell through and disappeared into the night.

She stood there in a daze and slowly looked at the dead leeches that surrounded her "wha..." She said in a whispered tone. She knew there had to be a logical explanation for what just happened. She started thinking back about everything that happen the moment he grabbed her after she fell, but the more she thought about it the more she found she couldn't remeber. While she did so she looked through her back checking to see what had survived the fall. Since she had prepared for rain everything seemed to be ok since it was all in a waterproof bag. She rung out her shirt but instead of putting it back on she laid it on a rock and started using what she could to build a fire. Once it was going she took off her pants and underwear and placed them on the same rock near the fire. The cave was damp and she need her clothes to be dry to keep her from getting cold and for other reasons. She sat down on a large boulder next to the fire and took out the map of the area and started to examine it hoping something would give her a clue on how to get out of her. She had brought rope but not enough for how far she had fallen "wait...wasn't I suppose to be thinking about something.." she found her memory hazy

Luca returned later as she was getting dressed. He looked immaculate and healthy. Not the malnourished man she first saw in rags.

"Good evening," he said, drawing her attention.

She jumped and with fast reflexes threw her hunting knife straight t his chest with almost perfect accuracy. At the same time her mind cleared up and she could remember everything that happened before "You!"

He easily snatched the knife in mid air and dropped it. However, his eyes didn't move from her. She was nearly naked except for some white panties that hugged her curves while still being comfortable. He walked towards her, a deep hunger in his eyes that sent shivers through her. He stood in front of her, a good head and a half taller. He bent down and quickly captured her mouth. His tongue played along the seem of her lips, demanding entrance. His left arm caged her in while his right cupped her ample breast. A growl of desire escaped and his breathing became heavy.

She moaned in protest against his lips and pushed against his chest, she had never been in a situation like this, this man was over powering in a way she couldn't explain or know how to deal with. So many strange things had happened since she fell she was having a hard time wrapping her mind around it. She went to speak but in doing so allowed his tongue to enter her mouth, her body was reacting in a way it shouldn't to a total stranger and lunatic, out of protest she bit his lip, but instead of that making him stop she heard another growl from him that made it hard to think and her body heat up more, still she tried to break his hold which made her body rub against his.

He pulled back just enough to look at her, but not allow her to escape him, before amusingly saying, "What are you doing, woman? I've been busy for the last couple hours learning about my people and everything I've missed. Now, can you explain why my woman was walking around the wilds, in the dark, unprotected? You must know that that is unacceptable."

She looked at him like he was crazy his woman? geez this guys a tool, but he did leave which means he knows the way out...If I play this right... He expression soften "Dont stop...." She said before leaning up and kissing him

He chuckled and said, "You try to stop me from fully claiming you, then you plan on using me before leaving me. That is not allowed, cisitri. I take care of my own. But, as you seem incapable of keeping your clothes on, allow me." He waved his hand and a dress appeared on her. "There. An outfit befitting my woman. Now, I can think about more than your body, when I should be learning about you."

"How....." SHe said looking down at the dress in disbelief OK stay need to stay calm..after all your not exactly normal yourself so you need to figure out what he is first "this ...not my soooo not the attire for being in a cave...Ill just put on my clothes thank you though" She said walking over to where her clothes are and unzipping the dress from the back, since her back was facing him he could now see the scars that were there, one deep one was near her spine, the mark looked as if a large blade had caused it

The sound like something had broke through the ceiling echoed the room and Dalia felt the night breeze touch her skin. She felt strong arms pick her up and hold her against a strong warm chest "I got you little one....." Adam voice said in a soft tone that she felt fill her with relief. She heard a large flapping sound and felt as if she was flying "Do not open your eyes or speak...just rest" He said. The night air against her skin was soothing just as his voice was.

When Adam knew she had passed out he forced her to take from him, it took everything to not make a sound and concentrate as she did so but he managed. He let her take enough for a blood exchange and then started to like the wounds she had, healing them and completely the blood exchange at the same time, All while headed towards a cave he knew to be safe.

Adam had just warded the cave that he had brought them to when he heard her stir "Dont try to blood courses through your veins, let it heal you" he said softly

"You don't mess around, do you?" she asked. "I wish you hadn't seen me like that." It was humiliating for someone with her hunting skills to look so weak. "I'm thoroughly embarrassed now." She chuckled, as if her humiliation had only started there and not with the rapes. "Thank you." She opened her eyes and looked at him. "You... looked different. You have more scars than the last time we met in my dreams."

"Seven to be exact" He said with a shrug and went over to her as the candles in the cave grew brighter, she would then notice she was clean and in clean clothes and on a bed with black silk covers "And there is no need to thank me" he stated simply as he came over and sat on the side of the bed beside her "as a fighter you know it is best to rest now" he said softly

"I don't want to rest," she said, not moving from where he lay her. "And of course I'm thanking you, Carpathian. You kept me sane, gave me an honorable goal to focus on, and got me out of that hell. I know you suddenly want me as a woman, but I have no light in me to give you. The term lifemate is nice, but not for one such as me." Her tone turned sad. "I've killed innocents... under the misguided assumption I was doing good. I can't be a lifemate when I'm as bad as the vampires I hunt." She looked at him. "I will rest when I'm dead."

He helped her sit up slight so she could drink some water "I see...your one of those hunter, unable to believe you can make mistakes " he said with a chuckle "Well I'm here to inform you, you are not the first to make such mistakes and you wont be the last, what matter is what you did when you realized your mistakes" He said laying her back down

"Mistakes are for the weak. Mistakes lead to death," she said, repeating what her adopted father always told her. "And I'm not as weak as I appear, Carpathian. Of course, I make them, and I expect to be made aware. It's usually someone beating me. You know, to make me stronger and move quicker. When I don't, I get hit. It happens. I've gotten too many team mates killed because of my mistakes. I will not let the next one be you."

He frowned and his eyes became dark and it sent a chill through her "listen to me now, you have a lot to learn about what the difference between misguidance and loyalty to a cause, How they trained you was wrong which is why you made so many mistakes and the solution is not to get beaten or raped, if you think that again I will have to forcefully show you rest "

Dalia said, "And you think I will believe that?! I can handle any wound inflicted on me with out crying out! I'm tougher than you think! And I said, I will not rest! I want healed right now! I know you can do it! I have to..."

But he was suddenly in her face, and the look in his eyes silenced her. She didn't shake with fear, but the raw anger in those eyes was enough. She looked away, tears in her eyes. She didn't cry because someone didn't approve. But that anger hurt in ways no physical wound could.

When she found her voice, she said, "I... just wanted to get stronger, Carpathian. How else do you toughen yourself up if not through pain?"

"through kinship and least thats what it is for me, everyone is different you have yet to find you rest like I have asked?" He said in a low yet soft tone

She chuckled and said, "I don't remember you asking, Carpathian. But I... failed to detect the attack on me that got me into this mess. It just shows I need to train harder, not rest." She went to move, but then slumped back in pain, her freshly healed wounds opening up again. "Damn. I must have ripped the stitches. I'm bleeding like a stuck pig."

A growl echoed in his chest enough to make her stop moving as a chill ran through her "I draw the line now little one, you have forced my hand, I will let you be stubborn unless it comes to your health" he said in a dominating tone "Do not attempt to move again, after I close these wounds you will sleep" he said setting in the compulsion and started on the wounds

"Now this," she said, floating on an ocean of exhaustion, "men giving me orders, this is what I'm used to. I will go to sleep. But that tone you used, trying to make me feel like a child, has to go." Then she passed out.

He chuckled "then stop acting like one you stubborn woman.." he said in a loving tone as he finished healing her. He laid next to her and wrapped her protectively in his arms before falling asleep next to her.

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