Away/Heal 2

"Who dared to mark your body in such a way?" he asked, his voice full of menace. "And that dress suits you, so keep it on. I care not for where we are, only that I treat my woman with care. You are my greatest treasure and the only woman I cherish. Am I not allowed to show this to you?"

She slide off the dress "Sorry there what was it...Luca? Im not a dress kind of girl as for the marks you should have seen the other guy "She said in a joking tone as she slid on her shorts "And so we are clear ....Im not your if you dont want me to kill you I suggest not touching me without permission again" She said in a serious tone.

Luca said, "You are my woman, whether you accept it now or not. Do not force my hand in this matter. You are about a thousand years too young to fight one such as I."

She laughed, the sweet tune echoed the cave "Age does not matter when it comes to skills" She said after a moment as she put on her tank top "And if your so old then tell me.." She said turning to face him, her harden nipples pressed against her tank top "how do you not know when your out matched?" She said with a confident smile

"I am not out matched," he said. "But I have a feeling I will stumble quite a bit. Women elude me. However, warriors do not. I can see you are a warrior. But I want to see the woman, not just the person who will join me in battle." He pulled her to him so that she was inches from him, close enough to kiss and feel his warmth invade her body. "I don't know much about you, but those scars tell me you are a warrior. But make no mistake, cisitri, I am an ancient Carpathian. I have powers you know nothing of. Do not push me or you will regret it."

Mind games where always her favorite, anyone could fight physically but not everyone could mentally, She tried to not let the closeness get to her but there was something about this crazy man that made her senses go haywire, she would have already killed someone who had touched her like he had "Do not push me are not the only one with secrets and if what you say is true you have been gone a long time so I have the upper hand here..." She said closing the distance and getting inches from his face "And you pushed me first, remember that....Dont whine because I push back harder" She said with a stern expression

He kissed her. He was already falling for this woman. While out, he wanted to find a place that was safe for them. He pulled away and said, "Cisitri, we will but heads, I won't pretend we won't, but I can tell we will both have fun on this journey fate placed before us."

She smiled "Did I not say not to touch me again without permission?" The sound of the gun went off and he felt a sharp almost unbearable pain go through his thigh making him go down on one knee while she stepped back "Now I missed your artery on purpose so be grateful i am in a good mood, considering all that you have done o me I say Im going easy on you so you should be you stay here and think about how you should keep your hands to yourself while I go explore " SHe said with a smile and started to walk away "Oh and dont worry Im sure since your such a old warrior you will be fine to protect yourself " She said sarcastically

He growled, stood up, and shut out the pain as he walked towards her, saying, "That was not nice, cisitri." He looked her in the eyes and decided that, until he found a suitable home, he had to be the bad guy by commanding her. "You will stay here," he ordered. "By my side, where it is safe. When I say run or hide, you will do it."

She glared at him and looked down at his leg "And who are you to give such commands in your condition? you better sit down before you make that worse and bleed out" She said taking a step back "Or Ill shoot the other one" she said in a threatening tone "And by your side is not attacked me, sexually harassed me and now are barking orders like you own me" She said meeting his gaze "Keep pushing me crazy man and ill just kill you" She said with a glare

He growled and said, "You can try. For a woman, psychic or no, you are infuriating! Don't you know what monsters lurk in these forests?! The last time I went to ground, I was stalked by a vampire! Trust me, I'm not the worst thing in these woods!" He grabbed the gun from her and snapped it like a twig. "And this weapon, for a lack of a better word, will no more kill me than the vampire that hunts me."

"You asshole! those were my fathers!" She yelled and kicked him hard in the leg she had shot "You crazy fucking lunatic Im going to kill you!" SHe said pulling out her hunting knife a and went for a strike right at his heart

He easily held her and said, "I did not know they were special, and I apologize. But can you honestly say you would murder me right now? You aren't even fighting to stab me." He gently took the knife away. "We need to get to know each other. There is no way out of this sink hole except the hole you fell through. I am sorry. Now, can you please, tell me your name. Or, should I just call you Wildcat from now on?"

Only at his words did she realize he was right, she had full intentions on killing yet the moment she got close she loosened her grip "I dont want out yet I want to explore....and you dont deserve to know my name crazy man now let go of me." She demanded. she was to aware of how her skin warmed under his hand that was on her lower back and wrist and she found she like how he smelled.

Luca started to feel dizzy and finally remember to close the wound, but he sat down on a rock hard. He waved his hand to clean up the blood he had spilled.

He pulled her into his lap then and said, "I am sorry, cisitri, but I must feed."

He licked her neck and bit down, distancing her from the act. She tasted of exotic spice and sugar and pure sin filled him. His body grew hard against her buttocks. He closed the wound, bringing her back, kissing her hard, his hands shaping her body.

Her mind was hazy and she felt weak, she didn't have the physical strength to fight him off. Without her telling it her body moved has her mind became hazy. She pressed herself into him as her hands traveled up his chest

"You make it hard to not make love to you, cisitri," he said against her lips.

His voice made her sink further into her haze "you....dont have the right to" She moaned before passing out against him

He laughed, looking her over to make sure she would be okay. Seeing that she didn't need a second exchange, he created a bed for her to sleep in. He then set safeguards and covered the hole she fell through with strong vines so that no animal would harm themselves during the day. He then curled up next to her on the bed as the sun rose, sleeping the way of humans to protect her should there be need.


Dalia woke up at about 6AM. Even when she only slept an hour in five days, she still woke up at 6AM. But she didn't want to wake. Something made her want to sleep.

"What...?" she asked drowsily, snuggling into someone.

That made her sit up fast. There was no heartbeat.

"Did they...?" Dalia asked, fearing that Jackson had somehow killed him. She began panicking, something not like her, as she began performing CPR. "Carpathian! Wake up! Please!"

His arms wrapped around her as she went to his lips again, kissing her deeply for a moment "what a way to wake up..." H said in a soft tone holding her to him "Do not worry little one I am fine when I sleep I have no breath or pulse, I will explain more when we wake" He said rolling so she was cuddled up neck to him once more in his strong arms "you are little so for me please" he said in loving tone

Dalia wanted to kick herself. She knew how Carpathians slept. Why had she acted like such and idiot.

"I'm sorry I woke you," she said, finally feeling her stiff and somewhat sore muscles. "I'll just go soak in some hot water and..." She looked around. "Where the hell are we?! I want a hot bath!" She laid down and said, "I guess I shouldn't complain though. I'm still hurt and you saved me." She snuggled into him. "You rest too. After all... you crashed... through the... ceiling... like a... superhero."

She began to breath evenly, telling him she had fallen asleep again, but that didn't mean she wasn't on alert. It hadn't escaped his notice that she placed herself between him and the exit, should an enemy find their way into their cave.

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