Away/Heal 3

Laura woke up forgetting where she was for a moment, then it all came back to her and she groaned as she realized whose arms were wrapped around her. She thought for a moment about what she needed to do "over here" a small female voice echoed the cave, Laura looked around and barely was able to see the soul fragment pass by the bed. Slowly she slipped from the mans arm. When sshe picked up his wrist she was shocked to find no pulse. For some reason panic and fear slammed into her chest and she quickly turned him on his back and bent down to listen to his chest. He was not breathig and she heard no heart beat. She thought she would be relieved that the crazy man was dead but instead she found herself in a panic state "Hey....hey come on now wake up...wake up and annoy me!" She yelled as she started CPR

His arm creeped around her waist and pulled her to him as she tried breathing for him. He was far too week from hunger to stop there, he kissed his way to her neck and bit down.

She cried out, the sound was foriegn to her since it was not a cry of pain but pleasure. Even still she tried to fight him off as she tried to wrap her mind around what he was doing "stop...."she gasped out in a low tone. She went limp against his chest as her body started to feel heavy. With one last effort to try and stop him she tried to distract him " name is....Laura..." she said in a weak tone before passung out

Luca closed the wound and swore in every language he knew. He made her feed to replace what he had taken. But she had told him her name.

"Stay with me, Laura!" he said, fear coloring his voice. "Please!" The demon roared in him. "Wake up, you stubborn woman!"

She was silent and limp but her heart was getting stronger and color was coming back to her

He roared, the demon too close. If she didn't open her eyes, he might... He barely registered how close to turning he was. He had to finish binding her to him before he lost who he was and condemned her to a half life.

Her eyes remained closed but her breathing became stronger, lifting her breast slightly as she breathed.

"Open you eyes, damn it!" he yelled.

Her eyes slowly opened but they were not looking at him but up at the ceiling, he could tell she was trying to fight through the haze her mind was in. He also could see the moment her mind cleared up. Her eyes met his and she frown, her legs came up and wrapped around his neck in a head lock "Bastard!"

He easily dislodged her and hugged her, saying, "I thought I lost you. I never meant for that to happen." He kissed her neck. "I need to finish the binding ritual or you may wake up and find a vampire instead of your lifemate."

"get off of me!" She said wiggling underneath him making the demon roar louder to kill her, to drain her life from her body

"Don't!" he commanded. "I'm fighting the darkness as best as I can! Sit still or you will kill us both!"

She didn't know what was going on but she read people well and believed he believed what he was saying was true and since she still didn't know who and what he was she knew she needed to be careful. Slowly she stopped moving, Her heart was beating fast in her chest as his body covered hers, trapping it to the bed. Her sweet scent filled his nose, her fast pulse filled his ears like a siren beckoning him "Tell me whats going on..." She said in a low upset tone. Her voice danced over his skin, everything about her made the darkness grow inside him to the point he felt his fangs lengthen in his mouth and realized how close he was to biting her

"I'm a Carpathian," he said. "A species as old as time. We can run with the wolves, fly with the birds, and swim with the fish. Around 200 years, the males of my race lose our colors and emotions. If we don't find our lifemate, the one and only woman in the world that can restore colors and emotions, we have two options. Greet the dawn or turn vampire. I was on my way to the monastery, the Retreat in the Mists, to be with my brothers. We all agreed that greeting the dawn, our way of suicide, held no honor. I was attacked on my way and had to go to ground. I didn't wake up until your blood broke the trap that held me." He moved back and looked at her. "I have search the world over for you, Laura. And now that I have, it might be too late. If I don't finish binding you to me, I could turn vampire and you will wish I had killed you. A vampire is the embodiment of evil, and you have no chance of killing one. You must rip out the heart and incinerate it. It's blood is like acid and will eat through bone. If I turn, you will be the first person I kill."

She was shocked by what he was saying, how could she believe such a thing. Then again she knew personally there were supernatural things in the world, she was one of them, but this, him... It was a lot to take in. She weighed his words carefully and thought about her choices and the situation she was in and about everything that had happened so far. As she was lost in her thought she got a glimpse of his fangs and her heart skipped a beat "lets say for the moment I believe you....this claiming what does it entitle would you do it and what happens afterwards?" She asked in a low tone. A smell hit his nose that made his demon roar louder then ever before. She was ovulating.

"It..." he took a breath to try and concentrate. "It starts with me saying the binding words, vows from deep within my soul. We will also need to exchange blood. Lastly, we bring our bodies together in trust. We've done the first two, but the last..." He looked in her eyes. "I'm trying to give you the time you need to trust me, but I nearly killed you a moment ago. If we don't make love soon, I will become a vampire."

She didn't like the sound of that, she didnt know who or what this man was and if he was telling her the truth she still did not fully understand what a Carpathian was or what a lifemate was "How hard would it be to kill you once you turn?" she asked and his demon roared at her question and for a split second his control slipped and he bit in deeply into her neck

As soon as her blood hit his tongue, he cursed and closed the wound, saying, "You don't have the strength to stop me when I haven't turned. Imagine the toughest opponent you have ever faced, combined with the most cunning person you know and the deadliest person you can imagine." He waited for her to grasp that image. "Now, multiply that by 10. That's a vampire that has newly turned. They can't control that power, and will use anything to save themselves. Even nature shrinks from them, grass and leaves dying by being near them. But a master vampire, one that has been around for centuries and escaped justice... Take the vampire you just envisioned multiplied by 100, and make his head bullet shaped, his skin gray, his teeth black, his nails like talons, all skin and bone, bits of oily hair coming from their balding heads, eyes soulless and red, and the smell of decay so strong it makes you want to gag. A master also knows how to fool nature for a time, so they are dangerous even to us hunters."

She was shocked not only by thee image he showed her but by the fact that he was showing her an Image in her head "This cant be...I...." She was lost for words, something that didn't happen often with her "Im sorry I just dont know if I can trust you...this is all a lot to take in and I have no Idea what is true or not...." She said honestly. She was worried about making the wrong choice. She didnt want to be tricked or to die but she also knew it seemed she didnt have a lot of time to think about everything either "Look why dont we sit down and talk about...." She started as she tried to slowly get from underneath him

He let her move away but still held her hand, not wanting the demon in him to be unleashed completely, as he said, "I am trying, cisitri. I do not want to rush you, but I have been asleep for so long, my time has passed. I fear that by binding you to me in the ways I already have, I have doomed you to a half life, where you will be physically alive, but spiritually dead. It was my weakness that has harmed you in this way, and I wish I had been stronger to protect you. As long as I touch you, the demon in me, my darkness, is held at bay. But without you..."

He didn't want to say it. He couldn't. How could you tell an angel that you are a devil in disguise?

She felt uncomfortable and in danger but more then that she felt trapped and that did not sit well with her, she hated that feeling " tell me more about this half lif..." But she was cut off when she saw the spirit fragment walk behind him and leave through a vined wall. Hope filled her chest there must be a passage there... "Look im sorry this is all over whelming...give me a moment to it ok if I use the restroom?"

"Only if I can stay a shadow in your mind," he said. "I will not look around, nor try to find out where you are, unless there is danger. But, as far as I know, this is the only room in this cave."

"so you can read minds....ok fine but no have seen more then I am already comfortable with.."She said standing up and letting go of his head. His beast roared but he was able to control it. When she saw he turned around she blanked her mind and slowly went over to the vines. Sure enough there was a crack that led to a passage on the other side. It was small but she knew she could fit and he would not. She didn't waste time and slipped through, when she was far enough in she started to move quicker though the wall, it started to become smaller and she just barely made it through to the other side. She she squuezed out of the hole it opened up into a large room passage with glow worms on the top


Dalia woke up with a stretch. She felt Adam's eyes on her and glared at him.

"Get one thing straight, Carpathian," she said, "you do that again, and you will wake up missing body parts. You haven't earned enough trust to tell me what to do just yet." She sat up. "Just because you excel in everything, making me look like a noob, doesn't mean you can boss me a round."

He smirked "a wake up kiss and now this fiesty...i am going to enjoy waking up next to you" he said stretching, his shirt coming up just enough to give her a peeking view of his abed stomach

"Look, Carpathian," she said, clutching the blanket to her to hide her body, forgetting the clothes he had put on her the night before, "let's get this straight, outside of the dream, we can't act friendly. I don't care about all those pretty words you said to me, or how open we were. We are starting at zero today, got it?"

He could tell she was trying to sound tough, but she felt exposed. Outside of the people that had abused her, in a caring environment, she was out of her depth. She was trying to hide from him! The man who shared her head for nearly nine months! It was laughable!

"If that is what you wish that just means you will have to wait even longer for me to devour your body in ways you couldnt even dream of" HE said in a hot low tone with a sexy smile as he got off from the bed

She shivered and backed away, "That is off the table!"

He smiled "whatever you say little one, come I will show you where you can take a bath like you wished" He said moving past her, his hand slightly brushing her arm as he did so

She followed and said, "Wipe that smirk off your face. I'm not being funny!"

He chuckled as he lead her to a nice bathroom with a warm bath already drawn and clean clothes by the tub

She dropped the blanket in shock. She didn't know a cave could have a bathroom this nice.

"When did you find the time to do this?" she asked. "Is that mineral water?! This is more luxury than I've ever seen before!"

"Our people have many places like this, I plan to show you many beautiful things in out life together, but nothing you will ever see will ever match your beauty to me" He said softly at the door "Enjoy your bath" he said and went to close the door

She undressed and slipped into the tub. When she finally started to relax, the tears started to fall. Soon, she couldn't stop the sobs. How had my life gotten so messed up? she thought to herself. She wanted...

"Tears don't solve anything," she said, quoting her late boyfriend. "They only show you are weak and the weak have no place in this world."

what is weakness to you? his voice was soft and caring

She looked around and said, "You better not be peeking, you perv!"

If I cry, she said in her mind after a moment, not wanting to say it out loud, if I don't destroy my target, if can't be a warrior in the field and woman at home. She sighed. Crying, showing emotions, caring, loving... everything a woman is, that is weakness. Even as a woman at home, all those things are a weakness.

if you truly believe that then you are no warrior, lucky I know you do not truly believe that

"What do you know?!" she yelled, standing up and splashing water on the floor. "You don't know me! Not really! So don't pretend that you do!"

you know your only reacting like this because you know I do know you and you just dont want to admit the truth to yourself

"Shut up!" she yelled, covering her ears as she sank to her knees. "It's all lies! All of it!"

He was silent, giving her time alone with her thoughts

"I'm not some emotional, fainting woman!" she denied. "I can't be. I'm the best damn hunter in the Society!" Then why am I acting like this? Like a child? "What the hell did you do to me?!"

calm yourself little one...breathe and let the water warm you...lets talk small shall we? Tell me your name

"I'm... Dalia," she said aloud, feeling the now cold water heat up to sooth her. "Dalia Davis. What is your name?"

Adam the way did you know your name is the Hebrew word for flowering branch, such as the tip of a grapevine or olive branch...its beautiful

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