Away/Heal 4

Luca felt a sensation in his chest grow. Like the darkness in him had been unleashed and was slowly taking over. Ten minutes, he said with a humorless laugh. If she does not return in ten minutes, I will show her what will happen if she leaves me.

As she walked through the beautiful passage she was sad she could not fully enjoy it. This trip had been more trouble then she had thought it would be. She had come to a conclusion that maybe he was like her, a physic who went mad. He could read thoughts and though he did have fangs people can get them by implants or other methods. It was not that she was close minded but it was still hard to believe everything he had was taking the abnormal she knew and making it into a bad episode of supernatural or something. She sighed and looked for the new passage. The hall lead to a beautiful open large cavern

Suddenly, Luca was there, his eyes a fiery red. He pinned her to the wall, his mind a haze of anger. Before she could stop him, his clothes vanished and he ripped hers to shreds. He lifted her left leg and shoved into her, pumping furiously.

"You think to leave me?!" he asked, his voice dark. "After me telling you what a monster I could become, you thought to run and leave me to turn vampire?!"

He bit into her neck, gulping her blood, his hands leaving bruises where he held her.

She cried out "Stop! it hurts! Stop! " She yelled

He closed the wound and, sounding more like himself, said, "You knew I was telling the truth, yet you abandoned me, Laura. Why?" His movements became more tender. "I just need to understand why the only person who matters to me, the only person I have in this world, wanted to leave. I've tried to be patient, to keep you safe, and honor the binding words. So, why?"

She pushed against his chest "Stop this...I dont want this! this is rape! now let me go!" Ignoring what he had been saying

He growled, the darkness so close. She was refusing him! Denying her responsibility to save him! Condemning him to become the very thing he hunted. He pinned her hands above her head with one of his own. The other held her open to him. His mouth left bite marks wherever he could reach.

It's your fault! he yelled in her head. If you hadn't tried to run away and actually talk about it, you would have learned from your lifemate! No, you decided to hide like a child! Women need to stay where it's safe, not out running around in the dark! You are the one who is a fool, not I! I've tried to be patient, I've tried to show you care, and how do you repay me?! By abandoning me to become a monster unlike the world has ever seen! What is a moment's pain to a eons of emptiness?! To being forced to destroy family and friends?! To knowing, one day, I could become the same as them, a vampire hellbent on killing and torturing innocents?! I am a man of honor, but it is now clear to me, you need a lesson on that! So, here I am, teaching you!

I am not honored bound to you! you attack me and expect me to believe your a man of honor?! on top of that you expect me to believe in everything you have said! Vampires! lifemates! and now your raping me and are claiming I have no honor?! She fought against his hold with everything she had, he could smell the blood that was forming between her legs from his rough use and the blood forming on her back from the cavern wall at his hard thrusting

He filled her and let her go. Before he disappeared, he showed her everything. The kills, the monsters he defeated, his own brother turning vampire in front of him and Luca hunting him tirelessly. He showed her every face of the victims he wasn't able to save, staring at him accusingly. I never said you didn't have honor. Only that you didn't know what honor was.

She yelled out into the cavern in pain and anger "so what! your not the only one that has bad things happen to you! it doesnt mean you have honor! you dont have honor you fucking monster! Ill kill you the next time I see you!" She yelled "I should have killed you the second I had the chance! you are no different from the monsters you showed me!" She got up on shaken legs and looked for her clothes but found only scraps of them. She cursed that she had to leave her back pack behind, when she got out of this cave the first thing she was going to do is hunt this monster down cut his dick off and then kill him. She started walking again, keeping her senses out and putting her mind shield up full force, the moment she did she felt a panic set in her chest. She tried to push it down and concentrate on where she was going but it grew. She was panicking because he was gone. Was it because it was like loosing a lion in the brush, if you cant see him you dont know where or when he will attack "that must be it.." She said as she tried to focus on where she was going.

I lost my honor when I attacked you, he agreed. But you didn't give me the chance to try and regain it. He appeared before her, putting clothes on her. "I've tried so hard to be honorable. But you tried to leave and... I failed you yet again. So, I've decided to wait here for the sun to take me. As one without honor, it is only fitting I die the same way." He sat down and looked at the moon. "You know... you wouldn't be able to kill me with your gun or knife. You don't have the ability to set my heart ablaze with your lighter or matches. Your honor comes from trying to follow the path that saved the most lives. The honor I had before yesterday... I was trying to protect people like you. I always appeared too late. In finding you, I have done the same thing." She didn't hear anything in his voice that sounded like he was telling her off, or reprimanding her, only acceptance, as if everything was inevitable. "You or another hunter destroying me is not an honor for one such as I."

She didnt say nothing, instead she tackled him and started hitting him. She didnt have anything on her but her fist but she was going to kill him no matter what it took "you think you can rape me and take the easy way out!" she yelled as she hit him hard in the face. She was so angry she felt her fist were not doing enough, with a yell of anger she bit hard into his neck like he had done to her. When his blood filled her mouth it caught her off guard, it didnt taste like blood. It was hot and spicy, enough for her mind to get lost in it for a moment. It was almost the best and most addicting thing she had ever tasted. That shocked her enough to make her let go and get angry all over again "God! what the fuck is happening! did I die when I fell? Am I laying unconscious and dreaming all this! no even my mind cant make up such crazy shit!' she yelled and lifted up her fist to hit him again. Just as she swung down a sharp pain in her stomach made her freeze and make a sound like all the air just left her lungs

He caught her and said, "God, no! Not this! Not now!" He laid her on the ground, fear coloring his face. "You just... finished the exchange. It takes three to convert a human psychic into a Carpathian. I shouldn't have gotten lost in the feel of you feeding!" He took on as much pain as possible. "Breath and ride it out, Laura. I'll be here. Hit me, kick me, throw up on me. I don't care. But whatever you do, don't shut me out. You will not survive if you do."

"what did you..." she started but she was cut off when she arched in pain, her cry of pain echoed the cave

"well well...look what we have picked an interesting place to covert your woman hunter" A dark tone said from behind them

Luca growled as he turned, "I do not have time for this. Allow me to dispense justice quickly that you may find peace in the next life."

The vampire smiled and put up his hands sarcastically "now now hunter Im not such a monster to disrupt our so to be sisters conversion" He said with a smirk and sniff the air "though I do find it interesting you do this now and here....tell me was it to prevent pregnancy?" he said with a dark smile

Laura tried to get to her feet and managed to get onto all fours before another pain hit her making her cry out again and fall onto her side, Luca could feel she was starting to shut him out, fear coursed through her and now with two of them there she was panicking even more since she didnt understand what was going on

Luca put himself between Laura and said, "You will not touch her, fallen one. I will protect her and bring justice to you, as you clearly desire."

The vampire smiled "I am no fool, I feel the power you posses I will not challenge you, but I will give you a friendly warning....Your in a very dangerous place" He said with a evil smile and disappeared.

Laura sat up and backed away from him, fear and pain on her sweat drenched face "Please.... I wont run again we about this...Just make it..." But she was cut off as something pulled her down into the crater that sat next to the wall

"Laura!" Luca yelled, grabbing her hand. "Don't let go! I'll get rid of the vampires, but you will have to ride out the pain of the conversion. There is no stopping it. I had hoped to wait for it, but... fate decided now was the perfect time. I'm sorry, cisitri." He looked at the vampire and said, "Tell me what you want and I will give it to you within reason. If you have even a shred of honor left, you will guarantee her safety."

He smiled "I cant take you.....but I may be able to help you" He said and bit into his wrist and help it to Lauras mouth making her feed "Why fight you when you can join our fallen brothers" He said in a evil tone as Laura began to choke on the vampires blood.

"Don't!" Luca said. "Release my lifemate!"

He slowly began pulling her towards him, determination to save her etched on his face. He didn't care that he was forcing the vampire up with her. When they were back on level ground, he pulled the vampire off of her. Ignoring the pain to him, he worked to try and get the vampire blood into her stomach and out of her cells without leaving his body exposed. It was difficult, but he managed, despite the vampire clawing through his back to get to his heart. Then, he made it into small, hard rocks that would be expelled with the human toxins within her body. Then, as if his back wasn't torn to shreds, he turned to the vampire and ripped out his heart. He then called down lightning to destroy the heart and body, before bathing his arm in the white heat. Then, he laid down next to Laura, the weight of all events thus far nearly crushing him. But hearing her get hit with another wave of pain caught his attention. With a grunt of pain, he sat up and took her hand. I'm here, he chanted to her over and over.

She tried to move away from him but she was to weak to go far "get away......from...."she turned on her side and started to vomit. He could see black veins form on her neck as the vampire blood came out with her vomit "please....kill me...end this..."she begged

"I wish I could," he said. "But I cannot. However, I will not leave you. I am shouldering as much pain as I can, but it is not enough. How I wish it was enough." His blood red sweat dotted his forehead. "If I could spare you from this, I would in a heartbeat."

"Water please...put me in water...i feel like im burning up.."she said in a broken tone

He carried her to the nearby spring. He ignored how the water stung his back and held her so that she wouldn't sink as another convulsion hit her. He removed all evidence of her vomiting. He waited until the wave had passed before looking in her eyes.

"I'm so sorry, sívamet," he said. "As an ancient, I should have had more control where you were concerned. The shame of not holding myself in check when you needed time will be with me for all time. But please, do not close yourself off. Fight to hold on to me."


Dalia said, "Don't... don't do that. Don't try to make me out to be this angle or miracle. I brought death to my father because of my gift. I got my last boyfriend killed and adopted father paralyzed. I couldn't keep my adopted father from killing himself. I didn't train enough to keep Jackson and his goons from raping me. I'm not something beautiful. I'm a hunter, a killer. That is all that is left."

Is that what you really believe?

It is what I know, she said, pain in her mind. Is this what you really want to talk about? Or are you going to try and make me live a lie? I've killed, Adam. There is no pretending I haven't.

Im not telling you to...but what was the purpose for you killing? Did you do it because you enjoyed it? what was the meaning behind it?

I was ordered to kill them, to bring them to the stronghold. I had learned at an early age that emotions were in the way, and just turned them off. I've been like that since I was 8 years old. And the meaning was drilled into me: to keep humankind safe from vampires and other monsters. One I believed in after my father was murdered in front of me by a man I considered family.

and how do you feel towards it now? do you wish you could have done things differently?

Hind sight is always 20/20, Adam. But, other than the lives I took, I regret nothing. I became stronger because they trained me. I learned how to do my job well. Did they beat me? Yes, but only to toughen me up.

your wrong he said in a upset tone if they would have trained you right you would be better then you are now, you would have no regrets and would not be lying to yourself. You will never be a good warrior unless you stop lying to yourself and realize the truth about you and everything that has happened to you.....they did not make you into a great warrior but a great killer, a warrior has purpose and a mind of their own, you don't even think for yourself and you ignored any thought or emotions you had making you a puppet for them to use. Emotion is not weakness, it sets us apart from monsters and puppets, this is the truth you lie to yourself about and you know it

And how am I supposed to know what isn't taught to me? How do I know if what you say is true? How do I know you won't do the same? I can only learn by experiencing these things, Adam. I do not know if what you say about me is true or if this view will change later. I can only tell you what I know now, in this moment. For most of my life, I knew someone older and wiser would lead the way. Now... I don't have that security. I don't really know you, so I can't judge you the way I could those that came before you. I haven't tried to leave, or to stake you through the heart. Take what I give now, and become a leader for me. Then, if the time comes, know I will make the choice that is right for me. Is that too much to ask? When my world has been turned on it's head and the people I thought my enemy are not the monsters I've been taught they are?

He showed her images of parts of his life, his brothers and family, them laughing and loving and training together. How they morned together, there was no competition on who was the better fighter or any torture towards one another you can have this too...let me show you how to become the warrior you want so deeply to be...I will guide you not use you or force you

She teared up and said, I... As a child, I always dreamed about helping people, perhaps caring for the needy and injured. After my father died, I wanted revenge. I don't think I wanted to become a killer or warrior. But I only see that path now, as if it's the only one that was meant for me. She hugged herself. Why do you bring these things out when I buried them long ago. That girl, the one wanting to heal and mend wounds... she's dead. Gone. Stop opening doors best left shut.

We have healers as well...mostly woman He said showing her an image of a woman healing a injured hunter as long as you have the passion...the purpose for it you can do it...and I will stand by you

I... no longer have such passions, she said, knowing he heard the lie in her voice. I can't be like them.

why? it was one word but his tone and voice was so caring it touched her deeply

Because... she started, tears falling and she covered her face. "Because they are too bright, too innocent. I'm nothing like them. After everything I've done, how can I ever hope to be like them? To even look at them through your memories hurts. Maybe I was like them once, but not now." She cried hard, something she hadn't done since her birth father's death. "Not now."

do not compare yourself to them, you are not them you are you...everyone has made mistakes thats how people grow and learn

Dalia sobbed and said, "Then don't show them to me! Because... because..."

She got out of the tub and began drying off. She hadn't learned by mistakes. She had been taught through beatings that if she didn't act like the person her adopted father and lat boyfriend wanted, it made things worse for her. This... isn't how you want me to be? You aren't showing me them to train me to be like them? Just know, if you are, I will do my best and can take a punch without...

A growl echoed her head cutting her off you insult me and yourself if you finish that sentence... He said in a dark tone the only time my hands will be on you is to give you pleasure beyond your wildest dreams He said in a silk like tone. For a moment she could feel his hands grazing her body, setting it ablaze

"S-stop!" she said, shuddering in fear and desire. "I'm sorry! I'm only going off what I know! What are you doing to me?!"

well then know this, I will never hurt you in anyway, not if I can help it. He said and the feeling stopped

Dalia put on her clothes and stepped out of the bathroom, saying, "You aren't treating me like what I'm used to! I don't trust you being nice or anything you have been doing! In our dream meetings, it was easy to listen to your pretty words. There was no way they could touch me, effect the reality around me." She clenched her fists, wanting to hit something. "Now... I don't know how to react to them, so just stop! Why can't you be an asshole like most of the other men I know?!"

"Because not all men are like that and i was raised by a good family who taught me well. I know many good men and women little one and your one of them" he said with a dashing smile.

"Stop lying to me!" she suddenly yelled before her eyes got big. "I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell that. I swear." She leaned against the wall and sat down, her head on her curled up knees. "What is wrong with me? Those words sent my heart pounding in our dream, but now..."

He didnt move but gave her space to feel comfortable "maybe because you think its to good to be true...but i promise you i wont change, not towards you at least"

"I don't trust this," she whimpered. "You being nice... caring... every woman's dream... I can't trust something so foreign to me. I'm used to those who have an ulterior motive, or a clear use for me. My adopted father used me because everyone wants to help me, and he taught me to use that to kill the target. My last boyfriend, he taught me how to be the perfect woman at home so that I knew he was in charge when we were alone. But you... I can't figure out what you want or why, and I don't know how you are going to get it. You say you won't hit me until I learn, but that's the only method I know."

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