Away/Heal 5

She moved suddenly wrapping her arms around is neck and buring her face in his neck "im sorry....i don't...what to do...but...." he felt her body start to shake as another wave of pain build in her "mer theus planica " she said the words and he felt hands on his back "please miss...heal him.." she said before crying out in pain agian. He could feel the wounds on his back start to hurt less

Luca said, "Don't worry about me, Laura. It is just a flesh wound. I will heal quickly. Just worry about holding onto my mind with yours."

"Its not me...i cant heal..." she chocked out after the wave subsided "dont turn much longer.."her tone was heartbreaking

He splayed his hand over her stomach and said, "One more wave, then I can send you to sleep. I will have to put you into the ground to finish healing, but you will not wake there. I promise."

"If...if I dont wake my pack pack there is....a journal...send my home..please" she said in a uneven tone. Her heartbeat was uneven and she looked pale and sick. She started to go limp in his arms when the last one hit, it was the worst one. She arched against him, her high pitched cry of pain echoed the cave. He saw somethig move underneath her skin on her neck and felt the evil coming from it.

He growled and said, "You will not die!"

Then, he took his nail and cut into her skin and to take out the thing in her skin. He grunted as what ever it was held on grimly. He tugged but didn't want to cause Laura more pain.

"Sorry, sívamet," he said before he pulled and ripped it out, large amounts of blood spurting from her neck. He closed the wound before destroying the parasite.

Her eyes met his, they were tired and filled with pain and fear "I......"she said in a weak tone and went limp in his arms, her eyes still looking into his "cant...die...not yet...please...." she said in a weak tone. Her eyes were that if a fighter ""she said before passing out in his arms. Just then a woman appeared infrony of him. She was dressed in ancient clothing

"Who are you?" Luca asked, his hold on Laura tightening. "Can you help me? I cannot lose her."

The ghost started to walk, as he followed he realized he was moving further in the cave. She went past some vines and when he went to the other side to follow he felt the relieve of the pure earth there, she had lead him to a long forgotten and untainted carpathian healing cave.

He didn't have time to marvel at the beauty around him or beneath his feet. He opened the earth and placed Laura in it.

"Sleep," he said. "Here, you will be safer than you ever were before."

She looked up at him "i....hate the dark" she said before passing out

He smiled and put her into a Carpathian sleep before following her as the ground closed over them."


"Will you alone me to teach you a different way?" He asked

"I won't promise to not fight you," she said, looking up at him. "If it isn't fists and orders, I tend to act foolish and rebellious."

He smiled "I look forward to fighting with you little one"

"Don't sound happy," she said, looking away. "The last guy who tried a different way ended up dead. And that was an accident."

He smiled "you are too young to kill me little one but i will enjoy your hands on me as you try"

She shook her head and said, "Don't do that. Act all chivalrous and honorable. It doesn't exist in my world. White knights coming to rescue princesses, it's a fantasy that I gave up on a long time ago."

"I am no night little one. I am just a man who will love you till the end of time"

"Oh, so you plan to play the prince or the superhero," she chuckled. "Just like your name suggests."

He smiled "i am what you need me to be" he said playfully

"What I need is..." she said before looking at him. "Don't play around with me, Carpathian."

"Its not in my nature" he said honestly

"What isn't?" she asked. "Playing or being the hero?"

"Both, I do what I feel is right and thats it " he said honestly

"That's different from me," she said, wanted to be held. "You are on the noble route. You are closer to a prince than I a princess. I do what I'm told is right, whether I agree with it or no." She looked up at him. "Until you. Then, I started going against orders, freeing those targeted. I've always tried to imitate the strongest fighters I know. You are the strongest warrior I have ever met. I tried to do what you would do in my situation. You told me what was right and wrong, and having lost everything, I followed you. Now... I'm messing that all up."

"How about we take it a step a day, do not think about tomorrow, think about only today, one step at a time until you get to know me and yourself better" he said moving closer to her "im going to touch you now, if you dont want me to say so" he said in a low soft tone

Dalia looked at him and laid her head on his shoulder when he got close enough. Thoughts of how she wasn't acting right made her almost pull away, but his arms closed around her in tender iron bars.

Suddenly, every emotion she locked away, all the grief and pain and anger and despair, welled up and she did something she hadn't done since she was little. She cried. She hadn't felt safe enough to cry since she was seven and her adopted father took her from her home. From that moment on, tears were weakness, not needed or welcome. But here, with this man, she could keep her guard down.

When the tears subsided enough, she said, "I'm sorry... for crying like this." Exhaustion was slowly taking over. "Don't... don't leave me like everyone else I cared for. Please. I don't think I could live through losing someone else I have learned to trust so deeply."

"Only death himself could take me from you" he said as he laid her down and laid next to her "sleep you have nothing to fear I am here and will remain by your side" He said softly covering her with a blanket

"Adam," Dalia said. "I... know you want me. We talked about it, remember. But... I don't know who I am anymore." Her eyes began to close. "Do you still want... someone who... is so... broken?"

With that, her breathing became even, signaling that she fell asleep.

"Everyone is broken" he said and warded the room before falling asleep next to her.

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