New Beginnings

Draiden awoke, moved the earth off of them, and stretched. He felt stiff and hungry.

River rolled over and rested her head on his chest. He could tell she was still sleepy and unaware she was doing it.

Draiden simply held her to him. He didn't want to lose a moment with her. Right now, she was at her most venerable and most lethal. He wanted the world and its problems to stay far from them, but he also felt that somethings had been set in motion and that they would be caught in the middle.

She slowly opened her eyes and took a breath. Her arms tightened around him "your hunger beats at me go feed" she said softly

"Why should I leave when you present a feast for me every time I rise?" he asked, kissing the top of her head.

She growled softly "do not tempt me so early in the morning" she said looking up at him with desire in her eyes

He smiled and stood up, "Then, I guess I should go feed. Care to join me?"

She stood up "if I don't you are most likely to get in trouble" she said clothing her self in black leather pants and a green tank top. The pants showed off you luscious curves

Draiden dressed himself in a similar outfit and said, "Why do I feel we are off to war, while also tempting each other to never leave this room again?"

"life is war for us and if I had it my way we would never leave" she said as she placed a armored leather corset over her stomach. Before going over to him and placing a similar one over his torso that protected his chest and stomach from the back and front "I made this from my own scales so don't lose it"she said tightening it so it was on him well

"A gift?" he asked, running his hand over her arm. "I will treasure it always. Though, now I don't want to wear it for fear of damaging it."

“It is meant so you do not get damaged so do not take it off. There is also a ward infused in the armor so think of it like a body shield” she said turning away, he could see a large scar on her neck that was not there before.

Erik stared out of the window of his home, holding both of his girls as they rested. He suddenly felt Meghan's arms around him and smiled.

"why don't you put them in their beds love" she said nibbling his ear teasingly

"Because these two remind me of you, so I want to hold them in my arms where I know they are safe," he said. "They already appear as toddlers, like we had missed years of their life, but they are not even a year old. It feels strange and yet, not strange at all. All I know is that I wish to protect them always, just as I do you."

"I am here now so why don't you put them to bed and you can hold me"

Erik laughed and laid the twins down gently. He then turned to his lifemate and kissed her deeply.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her body to his

He carried her to the other room and a said, "You tempt me every night, woman. How am I ever to go hunting when all I want to do is make love to you?"

"well how about you hunt me"" she said disappearing from his arms with a giggle

He growled playfully as he began to stalk her around the house.

She had been practicing hiding herself well so she could be with him on the battlefield. She left her scent in random places,leading him to the bed room. When he got there she was named on the bed waiting for him "what took you so long?"she asked teasingly

Erik smiled and said, "This crazy woman decided to literally go to every room in the house and leave just a bit of scent. But now I have a problem." His clothes disappeared and she saw that he had grown large with desire. "Do you think you could help me? I think she put a spell on me."

“Well I’m no healer like my great lifemate but I think I has a way of helping you” she said seductively turning onto her stomach and lifting her round firm buttocks into the air as her chest laid on the bed, a very submissive position.

Nicanu arose. The prince was to come and tell him and Megan what was to become of her while they waited to grow some more. He waited for her to awake so that they could talk.

Megan stretched on the bed. Her body was sore but was pleasantly so. She didn't want to wake knowing what was to come but she slowly sat up

"The prince is on his way," said Nicanu. "We have been together now for two months and yet we are no closer to being mates, or finishing the binding ritual." He looked at her. "Why do you feel that is? I know you need, and want, time to grow, and I have many obligations I must now sort out."

However, he could tell by the fire in her eyes that she was not buying the story, that she remembered how he had accidentally revealed he was not ready for her, and refused to claim her.

"save your lies for someone else" she said getting up. Sometime in the night she had taken off her clothes for she was completely naked

"Megan, I simply wish to settle things I have left unfinished," he said. "But enough of that. You should get dressed. The prince and his lifemate are almost here and I doubt you want to be seen without clothes."

"it's just skin why should I care who sees it's not like I'm with anyone" she said in a angry tone

"I doubt Anastasia will think that way," said Nicanu. "She is a Guardian of All, a mix of Carpathian and Lycan. She will most likely attack you if you do not put on clothes."

"well you tore my clothes remeber? or did you want to forget how I felt underneath you" she said swaying her hips suggestively

He pinned her to the wall with a growl, his body so close that her breasts teased his chest, as he said, "I will never forget it. It was one of the only good things to happen in my life, second only to finally finding you. Yet, there are things that drive me from you that I must sort out before we can be together always."

He clothed her and turned as Anastasia walked in.

"good evening to you both, ill get straight to the point since you do not wish to claim her , her memory will be wiped and she will be returned home" she said plainly

Megan looked at him with pain in her eyes "well you got your least now I won't remember what I never had"" she said pushing past him shoving his shoulder "do me a favor just don't come find me at all, ill find someone who wants me now " she said going to leave the room.

He pulled her to a stop and said, "Megan, I want to be with you, and I do not wish you to forget about me. I simply want to settle things, get everything in order so that we can start. It may take some time, but I know that when I do come to claim you, it will be the greatest day in our lives." He looked at Anastasia. "There must be a way for her to keep her memories."

“Since you refuse to claim her there is not” she said simple

Megan broke his grip and the look on her face told him the pain he was causing her “just forget about it...” she said and walked out of the room. When he went to go after her Anastasia stopped him “go ahead and go do what’s so important I’ll take care of what needs to be done with her”


Andor looked at Ambrose and said, "Okay, so Dominic is at the De La Cruz Ranch, watching over the child. Do you know where to begin to look for your woman?"

"if I know her she will find me. Until then we must feed and be ready for anything" he said

Andor said, "It has been two months and she has yet to find you, or even look for her child. You may have to come to the conclusion that her mind has been destroyed or that the vampire killed her. But, if you wish to feed, the local inn and bar is the best place to go."

"that's stubborn woman always finds me...."

Andor sighed and said, "'That stubborn woman' is not going to find you. She is being held captive by a vampire, who is torturing her as we speak." He opened the door to the bar on the first floor of the inn. "You need to figure out your next move before you regret not moving at all."

"do not pretend to know my woman"" he said sitting down at a table "whatever trouble she may be in she will lead me to her"

Andor scanned the waitress's mind as she started walking towards them. Something felt off, but both of the men only asked for water. She nodded. Notice anything strange with many of the people here? It is as if they are waiting for something to happen, but there are some who are simply enjoying the night,

be on your guard he said taking a sip of water

Suddenly, the atmosphere changed. The door flew open. Emily, David, and their gang walked into the bar at the local inn. Emily looking around her, eyeing everyone. Due to her experiences over the last two months, Emily had lost weight, going from size 18 to a size 8. It had been dangerous, losing so much weight. She had stopped eating, hoping to die. He hadn’t let her. Dolen. Her tormentor, her dark savior. He helped her look young, her skin soft. She may have lost those who had meant the world to her, but she could entrap men and women with her voice, her eyes. He had captured a young Carpathian hunter, and she drank from that dark pool. His death healed her body, but her soul… Emily shook her head. She was as whole as she could be, and she intended to us her heightened abilities to do as she please, and damn anyone who tried to stop her or refuse her.

Her size change alone held power over people, not that she cared about that. After all, she had nothing to live for after seeing her lifemate kill her son and turn vampire right before her eyes, after she had been forced to destroy him to release him and herself. Her scars stood out, her eyes were haunted. It was evident she had been tortured before she became what she was. From behind, a man would wish to kiss each scar in reverence, but the look in her eyes spoke of a darkness that Ambrose knew should not be there.

The evil that now resided in those chocolaty depths overshadowed the woman Ambrose knew her to be, the torment written there. Everything about her said she would harm anyone that got too close. David appeared to have gone through similar treatment, linking them. Her hand brushed his, a sign they were together, but distant enough to show she didn’t care if he had died, that she could easily find someone to replace her dark lover.

You cannot react, brother, said Andor, holding Ambrose back. We need to monitor them. Let's exit the building and return unseen. We need to see what the vampire has done to your woman.

lets go once they were outside the got ready to go back in

don't...they will know, they have put up a ward a female voice said in Andors head

Andor relayed this to his brother. Though still invisible, they watched through the windows, searching for an opening as they did.

Emily sat at a table, took her leather jacket off, and put it on the back of her chair before putting her feet up on the table. David caught a glimpse up her mini-skirt and saw nothing underneath. He quickly sat next to her, keeping the others from seeing her feminine core. Families nearly ran from the inn and couples went to their rooms, locking the doors and putting dressers in front of them.

David began looking around, a sense of power coming from somewhere. He knew that at least two Carpathians were nearby. A flicker lit his eyes, but he kept it hidden from Emily. If she knew, she would want to capture them and take them back to Dolen. He had to keep her mind off of the insurge of power. Dolen lead her through the restaurant, pointing out who was single and who was not. She smiled.

David shivered, but smiled like he enjoyed it. Her smile once allowed others to confide in her and share in secret jokes. Now, that smile spoke of things that shouldn’t have been there. He hoped that, after tonight, he could ask for aid. Emily was like family to him, and he didn’t like the change in her.

Emily sneered. She liked watching people run from her. It made her feel... powerful. Soon, all that was left were several single women who were grouping together in fear, a few men that wanted to seem tough even though they were clearly shaking, the man behind the bar, and the frightened waitress.

The gang members all ordered beer and began drinking. Emily sipped, wanting to enjoy what was about to come. David also sipped his beer, wanting to be aware of his surroundings. Emily sighed, quickly growing tired of nothing happening.

David said, “This is boring.”

Emily smiled, her eyes lighting up in a way that sent a chill throughout the restaurant, and waved the waitress over, saying, “Tell me, who is the owner of this inn?”

The waitress, clearly afraid, said, “M-my father. He’s the one b-behind the b-bar.”

Emily looked at David, an evil glint coloring her almond brown eyes, before replying, “That makes this even better. David, work your magic.”

David went to the innkeeper, getting uncomfortably close. There was fear written on the innkeepers face, but that quickly changed. The innkeeper’s eyes moved over his daughter, a look she dared not name painting his face. Emily then grabbed the girl, holding her hands behind her tightly. The men that stayed in the restaurant suddenly became interested, if slightly sickened by the events unfolding before them. The women became one large group, the gang keeping them from leaving. There were a few muffled cries, and many women held others to protect them.

Emily chuckled, saying, “Now, me and the boys will have some fun. See, according to my friend, your father wants to teach you a lesson. You and him, well, you’re the preshow to this boring ass Ladies Night.”

Her father came up and slapped her hard, sending the waitress to the floor as Emily let go, where he continued to kick her

“I know you are a tease, a whore, like your mother,” he yelled, the smell of blood filling the room. “Since I can't seem to get it through to you by talking, I'm just going to have to beat it into you!”

Emily laughed as the waitress began crying, begging for forgiveness. David came up to Emily and began kissing her neck. The patrons that tried to get past the gang of men were like wise beaten. Emily wasn't satisfied with just this and went to the biggest guy there, one that appeared to have just gotten out of prison, and cut him from navel to nose. But she still wasn't done as she mutilated the body and chopped him into pieces. Blood ran over the floor and covered most of Emily's outfit, though she didn't seem to care.

About three hours later, the room was filled with women crying, many passed out from the beatings. Emily had passed out, exhausted after what she had done. The rest of the gang had slowly left the inn, bored with this and wanting to have other types of fun before heading out. David and Emily had separate rooms at the inn itself. He cleaned Emily up, put her in her bed, covered her with a light blanket, and kissed her forehead. Then, he went to his room down the hall, locking the door behind him.

He opened the window and said, “I know you saw what happened. I felt your presence. Whether she did or not, I do not know. Please, enter my room and allow me to explain before you pass judgement.”

He watched as a dark mist entered his room. He didn’t allow relief to show, knowing he had a lot to say before he could think about being safe. He watched as two men solidified in his room. He bowed and showed them to the seats in front of the fireplace.

“I willingly offer any aid I can,” David said as he sat in the leather chair across from the two Carpathians, offering his blood to them and access to his mind.

quiet.....he is not alone the silk like female voice said in Andors head

“Started talking” Ambrose said with a growl

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