New Beginnings 2

Draiden growled and said, "What is this scar on your neck? What happened while I healed? You were supposed to be taking it easy. You are with child."

“My scales are strongest on my neck, did you think I pulled them from thin air to make that armor for you?” She said in a plain tone

"I had hoped you wouldn't put strain on yourself," he said. "I do enjoy the armor, but you should not have to harm yourself to protect me."

“I am fine I made some for myself as well” she said gesturing to the one covering her stomach. She stood at the entrance of the cave and took a deep breath “I do miss the air, being we are so far up on the mountain the smell of the wild flowers below carry nicely in the wind”

"Then, we shall go outside," he said. "But only if it is safe. Dragon scale armor or not, I will not risk you getting hurt."

She turned to him “it is me hurting others you should fear” she said with a smile before leaping from the cliff in a free fall. She closed her eyes as she fell, loving the feeling. She felt Draidens arms go around her your playing with fire she said wrapping her arms around him and biting deeply into his neck

Draiden smiled and said, "If it is you, I will gladly burn." He shielded them as they neared the trees. "You, on the other hand, like to try and give me a heart attack."

Her wings came from her back and evened them both out so they landed on their wet. Her wings disappeared as she continued to feed from him, her arms wrapping around him. Since she had become pregnant she refused to feed from anyone else, something draiden found not only sexy but it felt right.

"You seem to be extra hungry today, River," he said through clenched teeth, his hands roaming over her.

for you yes....maybe it’s because we have not been out of the cave in so long but I feel the strong desire to break every tree near us as I ravish you she said closing the bite and kissing up and down his neck and do not act innocent...I feel fire wherever your hands touch

Draiden smiled and said, "When you get like this, how can I stop my hands from inflaming you farther. And if we destroy to many trees, we are liable to have the prince come down on us. Just a few can be sacrificed for your needs, though."

She nipped his skin eagerly as she slid off his jacket, still kissing his neck i want you to pin me against the tree behind us draiden she said in a seductive tone

He picked her up and pinned her to the trees, making her kiss him deeply. Hold on to the branch above you. I want you completely open to me. He made their clothes disappear. You can do this, right?

She met his gaze and slowly reached up and grabbed the branch he has spoken of only for you she said with a growl

As it should be, he said as he lifted her right leg and surged forward, impaling her deliciously. If you did this with anyone else, I'd kill them. But you know this. For now, just feel me.


"How can I refuse to listen to my healer?" he asked, teasing her folds. "Though, since you are the doctor now, shouldn't you be the one telling me how to fix this?" He shoved into her hard and deep. "But if this is the prescription for my ailment, I can't refuse to take it." He began moving. "You seem to be very into your work."

She moaned loudly and gasped “I enjoy being with you” she said gripping the bed. He felt how much she wanted him, how good he made her feel

He began to move harder and said, "Then, I will be one of the first to enjoy their healing session."

He laid over her, playing with her breasts. He wanted her wild, just as he was becoming. He wanted her all night long, not stopping for anything if they could help it.

She cried out as he went deeper, her sweet smell filled the air but he noticed she smelled sweeter then usual as well as she seemed more sensitive to his touch.

"Meghan," he said as she suddenly clamped down on him. "Are you... I think you are ovulating again."

He felt her stiffen but with another thrust she cried out in pleasure “I thought.....Carpathians don’t do that often” she said in a moaning tone unable to help herself

"I don't understand it myself," he said into her neck. "But even with you ovulating, there is no guarantee of pregnancy. If we do have a child, then we are lucky. If not, then it was not the right time. Either way, we have our girls, and each other. That is more than I ever hoped for."

She gripped the bed tighter as she tightened around him “Erik!” She cried out as he hit her sensitive spot and made her whole body feel like electricity had been shot through it im so sensitive Erik..she moaned in his head

He pinned her in the submissive with his teeth, merging their minds, and said, It's okay. I'm here with you. But, mon Dieu, you are so tight. I can barely think with you gripping me so tightly.

Dont think my love just feel, oh god Erik! she cried out in his head

He became pure instinct and feeling in that moment, losing himself in her body. He was hitting all of her sensitive spots, some she had not even known she had, sending her into orgasm after orgasm. It was to the point that she couldn't tell one from the other. All he could do was chant her name in his mind over and over.

Fill me Erik , I need to feel you cum inside me she begged submissively

He filed her completely, but did not let her rest. He moved her into a new position, where they both lay on their sides, lifted her left leg, and continued to move. He did close the wound on her shoulders. He moved her head to the side so that he could kiss her deeply, while his left hand massaged her breast. I'm not resting until you are fully satisfied and neither one of us can move.

Erik! How can you keep this up? she moaned in his head as her hips began to match his thrust

Because you are my home, and as such, I want you to feel loved, he said, kissing down to her neck. Besides, I love hearing you scream my name, feeling you grip me tightly, and seeing you glow with pleasure. But, most of all, I love knowing that you only do this with me.


"You can't seriously think to remove me from her memories," said Nicanu. "Yes, I have things to do, and we must both prepare for what is to come, but that does not mean she has to forget about me. How can she ready herself if she doesn't know to be ready? I refuse to allow her memory to be wiped. Besides, she can't return home now that she is a Carpathian. Her family won't understand and shun her."

“She has no family anymore, she is on her own, or did you not care enough to find that out? And as far as being Carpathian....I’ll be fixing that as well. She will live as a human. This is your doing Nicanu and do not forget who you are speaking refuse to allow?” She said in a dangerous tone

"That's another thing," said Nicanu. "Where is the prince? I know I felt his presence, but he is not here. I want to hear from him his decision. I mean no offense, but my loyalty is to him and he is the one to lead us. I simply want to explore all options that allow Megan and I both the ability to grow."

“He is with your lifemate doing what needs to be done” she said in a stern tone

"Then, have them both come in here to talk this over," Nicanu said.

I have an idea, said Antony. Send her to the school. From her memories, he is stalling, and she is ready. So, force him to deal with it. The longer they are together, the harder it will be on him. I am talking it over with her now. She had basic training as a human, so let her continue with that. As he is the only teacher at this time, she will be able to free to do as she pleases, and he will be forced to teach her. If he goes easy on her, it means he is being a child about claiming her, but is near the time he will. If he does nothing, he is coming to terms. If he treats her as just another student, then something is wrong with him and he needs a healer. All senarios torture him, but she gets to learn to be a Carpathian and gets to experience what is like to not be tied down in anyway.

fine but he does not need to know that yet, let him think we erased he mind and we will watch his reaction when he sees her again “it’s already been done” she said sternly “she is on her way back to the states now”

I agree to that. She is being sent to the healing caves. It will take some time before she can go anyway. It will be completely out of the blue when we three walk up and enroll her. I have offered her my protection, taking it upon myself to aid her. She will be like a daughter, if you want to call her anything special, otherwise, we are simply doing our duty as fellow Carpathians.

Nicanu growled and said, "You had no right to do that. You can't just erase a lifemate from someone's life!"

“What lifemate? She is not claimed” she said simply “ now don’t you have things that were important that needed your attention?”

Nicanu growled and said, "She is my lifemate, claimed or not. It appears you still don't know about your own people still. And just so you know, I will talk about this with the real prince, not his woman."

Antony stopped Nicanu in his tracks, stone faced, as he said, "It was my decision, Nicanu. She was in pain and this was all we could do. Now, go finish your duties with your students. Then, we will talk about letting you near her after hurting her."

"I did not hurt her," said Nicanu.

"Not physically, no," said Antony. "I have harmed Anastasia by messing with her mind, so I know many would not want to hear these words from me, but you have harmed your lifemate by denying her of being with you. Your words have harmed her more than you will ever know."

Nicanu growled and said, "You're right. You have no grounds to talk about harming one's mate. I hear the words, but I see a hypocrite."

"Yet, I am learning from my mistake," Antony said as Nicanu left. "You have had this time to learn and have refused."

After he was gone Ana turned to Antony “Is there a place we can be alone?” She asked

Antony said, "There is a cabin nearby that hikers use. It is currently abandoned."

“I’ll follow you” she said waiting for him to show her the way.

Antony walked her down the mountain, where a cabin was half on and half off a cliff. He opened the door for her and said, "This place is a retreat for some of the hunters who want a small break, and human hikers during the summer who enjoy the view. Right now, it isn't being used." He sent air flying through, cleaning up the dust. "So, let's get inside."


David left nothing out as he told his story, letting them hear the sincerity in his voice. He told the hunters of the hell he had lived through. How it was Emily who gave him acceptance when he told her he was gay, who gave him someone to turn to when he couldn’t take the tortures and killings any longer, and who gave him a family when he believed he had no one. He felt happy when Emily had escaped, but wishing he could have been with her. However, when he had been called to cast a spell on a difficult person, he was shocked to see Emily, trapped in a room devoid of light and nearly lost to fear. To save her mind, he cast a spell to lock the real Emily safely in her mind. Unfortunately, because Dolen had been watching him, David was forced to bring out the darkness in Emily, the darkness Dolen had cultivated since she had been a child. David could remove the spell, but Dolen would know. David was biding his time, waiting until the right moment to free Emily so she could destroy the master vampire once and for all.

“You see?” David asked when all was done. “She is like a sister to me. And I know that Emily is the only person who can stop him, but she must be human to do so, or nearly so. I’ve seen the prophecy countless times. He wants to put the spirit of his dead lifemate in Emily’s body because they are almost alike in every way. The real Irene would never want this. From what I read in Dolen’s old journals, Irene was kind and generous, but with a dark sense of humor. Emily is similar, but Irene’s humor was darker than Emily’s. Just before she died at his hand, she demanded him to save her, to bring her back. Dolen is hoping that Emily will take Irene’s place in the other world.” David smiled. “But she and I planned for this outcome. Leave everything up to me and her. Please support her.” He held up his hand. “Before you ask, the guests here are actors. The woman who played the innkeeper’s daughter, she and everyone else agreed to this as actors and stunt personel, though the man who died was actually a criminal who willingly gave up his life to make up for the crimes he commited. I used magic to make the innkeeper appear older. I couldn’t fake everything, so he had to be rough with the waitress. I made sure he could still say what he wanted to make Emily and the boys think everything was real. As for me and Emily… I'm into men, but I have to at least make it seem like I'm her boyfriend. Besides, I put in a fail safe. Should Dolen find out about our plans, Emily will emerge. She will be in a coma for three days, but if anyone says a specific phrase, she will snap out of it. I’m sorry, but she can’t see either of you. She has to stay human or Dolen will stay even longer on this Earth and then no one will be safe. If he ever got his hands on a female born from Emily, he wouldn’t hesitate to put Irene into the child’s body. We have to do this, for the good of world.”

Andor asked, “What is the phrase?”

“I can’t tell you,” said David. “If you were to say it, it would undo everything before we are ready. Right now, I have to see if Dolen has a failsafe in the spell he had me use. So far, I haven’t found anything, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one. But Emily believes she lost her son because her lifemate killed him, and she was forced to destroy him.”

“Tell me the phrase or I will go to her this very moment” Ambrose threatened

David sighed and said, "You must promise not to go see her if I tell you. And it can only be you, not your friend. I do not wish any mistakes, but since you seem to care for Emily deeply, I can invite you into our circle."

“I more than care for her, she is my lifemate” he said with a growl “the phrase, now” he demanded

"Not while your friend is here," said David. "He can't be in the circle. However, he can know that it is a plan to replace lies with the truth. That is all. I could have chosen any phrase but with her thinking her son and lifemate dead, there was no other way. She believes you turned vampire after all."

Andor didn’t notice the door open as a pale faced Emily entered the room, but Ambrose and David did. Ambrose had an unnamable emotion in his eyes, while David had a look of horror.

“My brother clearly hasn't turned vampire and is alive, and her son is well,” Andor said, neither angry or shocked but his voice filled the room with it’s quiet reprimand. "That is the only truth she needs to know."

Emily screamed, cupping her head. David and Ambrose rose to go to her, but a shockwave threw them into the far wall and Andor through the window.

Get up Andor, get your friend out of there now

Ambrose wasted no time and forced himself into David’s mind and got the phrase

Dolen entered the room, Emily up from where she fell. There was a triumphant smile on his face.

“The ritual has begun,” he said, tenderness in his tone.

He smiled as Ambrose looked at him with the promise of retribution. Dolen left with Emily passed out in his arms, laughing. David looked at Ambrose, fear in his eyes and regret coloring his face.

"You friend said the phrase," said David. "I had thought that it would be one no body would say since we are always surrounded by the enemy. You two did not figure into the plans."

Andor asked, “Why did you make that the phrase?”

David growled in anger and said, "Naturally, it is the truth. She instructed me to make it seem like I was talking to someone, so that it seemed like an accident. Now, thanks to you, she has awoken and no one can stop the rush of memories!" He clenched his fists. "Now, how to we keep him from finishing the ritual?! Once she is converted, Emily will die and Irene will be all that is left! We have to get Emily to wake up long enough to destroy Dolen!” He looked at Ambrose, despair filling him and all anger forgotten. “Then, she will be able to be with you. She will be a great amount of pain, and all memories returned to her, but she will be herself. Something she hasn’t been since she was eight years old, when her father sold her to Dolen in exchange for his own life. I am glad she managed to escape both her monsters for a short time, but now, you called her to the greatest demon this world has ever seen. Your pain, your darkness, your demon, it all called to her. She had to save you. She wouldn’t have done that if she didn’t love you already. She took her under her protection, just as she did those she loves, as she did for me. She has decided that her life means nothing compared to yours."

Ambrose growled “stop wasting your breath on things I already know and start thinking about where they could have gone”

Andor.....tell them to be quiet

Andor said, Now is not the time. We must exchange blood with him so that we can communicate silently. The vampire's minions are surrounding us and this is getting us nowhere.

David looked at him angrily, but held out his wrist to the both of them. Andor bit down and took only a couple of sips. David winced a little when Ambrose bit, but didn't make a noise. When it was done, they began to think.

The sewers lead away from the town, David explained, to a set of cave systems. We came into town through the sewers, but the main base is in the caves. Dolen loves caves. Right now, he is messing with Emily's mind, and she is so out of it that she can't keep him out. I fear what we will find when we get there.

They are waiting......take to the air, follow the river the soft female voice said to Andor

“Well let’s go” Ambrose said impatiently and started for the sewers

"They are booby-trapped like crazy!" said David, trying to stop him. "Not only that, but now that they know I am against them, they will be waiting for us."

"Then, we go by air," said Andor.

"Go to the mountains in the east," said David. "Who will carry me? Because I know how to get past everything in the caves, but not the sewers. I didn't create the spells and booby-traps in the sewers."

The rivers lead to the caves they are at... the female voice said in Andors head,her touch was soft yet for the first time he could feel her slightly,which meant she was close by

"We will follow the river," said Andor, picking up David. "Then, you can tell us where to go as we near the mountain. The river must have a source, so it the river must come from there."

"Yeah, it does, but how do you know that?" David asked suspiciously.

Who are you? Andor asked the voice, ignoring David as they took to the air.

it does not matter, all that matters is that you live, hide your scent she said in a soft tone yet for some reason he felt she was tired by the sound of her voice

Andor did as she told him but said, It does matter. I have a mage and my brother chasing his lifemate. If this is a trap to lure us to the vampire, I will have to find another way in. Besides, how would you know all of this?

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