New Beginnings 3

The branch cracked down the side under her grip as she threw her head back and gasped as he surged inside her, she wrapped both legs around his waist, allowing him to go deeper its hard to hold back when you do things like this

Then don't, he said, moving hard and fast. I never want you to try and suppress a part of yourself. I want all of you, River, as you are meant to be.

Her breathing quickened with her moans as he trusted faster. She released the branch and wrapped her arms around him. Her nails dug into his shoulders as she bit into his shoulder, each bounce of his thrust made her fangs pull on his skin sending fire through him

Draiden slammed her into the tree, needing to go deeper. River! he chanted over and over.

The tree started to crack under the pressure of their love making, river arched against the tree hard pushing Draiden onto the ground on his back while still having their bodies connected. She began riding him, keeping the rough pace he had set

He growled and gripped her waist. He rolled so that she was under him and held her hips still while he merged their minds, wanting her to feel everything he felt, and vice versa.

He felt how she had like how dominant he had gotten over time, he also felt how it turned her on to fight for dominance but more and more she found there was a part of her that wanted to submit to him, though she still refused to do so. She gripped his back hard.

He pinned her in the submissive. She felt how he enjoyed switching who was dominant and who was submissive, and the battle for it added to that excitement. His dragon wings came out and began to give him more leverage as the dug into the ground. Yet, he never hurt her, only sent electricity through her that kept her on the edge of falling and making it difficult to think.

She couldn’t break his hold and she didn’t want to, instead she went wild underneath him. Her moans grew louder and more wild, she never held back how she was feeling it was not in her naturei want you to grab my hips and slam into me when you cum, I want to feel you cum hard and deep inside me she moaned in his head

Don't I always? he asked, filling her, his hips still moving, only stopping when his stream did.

The ground around the shook as the both came, rive rolled them so she was on top, she laid on top of him as she shook from her orgasm, milking him dry

He ran his hand up and down her back. He was happy there were no enemies around them, that they could just enjoy being with each other.

She relaxed on top of him, suddenly he felt the smallest kick come from her stomach and kick his side

"Great," Draiden said with a chuckle. "Our son doesn't like me holding you."

“Then he really won’t like this” she said leaning up and kissing him deep,y, her core tightened around him as she did so

Draiden growled and said, "Should we feed now, or later? Because if you want to make love all night, we..." Another kick, this one stronger. Draiden laughed. "He definitely wants you to himself."

She sat up and began to slowly ride him, building up his pleasure “we will but heads then because right now I want you” she said in a low moaning tone

"Well, let's satisfy your needs first then," he said, holding her hips and thrusting with her. "I need you right now as well."

She gripped his chest as she started to ride him faster “moan for me Draiden....I want to hear what my body does for you....”

Draiden went to sit up, saying through clenched teeth, "Moaning for you? I don't think I can. I'm wanting to hear you moan more."

She gripped his hair and pulled his head back, she licked slowly up the side of his throat “don’t fight it....”she said close to his ear. She slammed herself down onto him, taking him deep inside her at the same moment she bit into the sensitive spot below his ear she knew drove him crazy

He gasped, needing more. River!


you are the only one I ever want to do this with my love, now feed from me.....please Erik I need to feel you taking my in even more

He smiled and bit into her neck. He began to move harder, the hand on her breast moving to find her swollen bud to play with. He was playing her like a harp, and he would never tire of the music she made.

Her last orgasm was too much for her body to take. As she cried out his name she passed out in his arm as he filled her once more.

He separated their bodies, chuckling as she gave a bereft moan in her sleep. He laid her out on the bed and covered her. He clothed her in a silk nightgown and put black pants on him. He sat at the window, looking at the moon, trying to figure out how he got so lucky.

The girls suddenly entered the room, one sleepily crawled in the bed with Meghan and fell asleep next to her while the other went over to Erik and crawled into his lap “moon” she said in a soft voice pointing up at it

Erik smiled and said, "Yes, that is the moon. You should be sleeping, Lucy, not playing. What are you and your sister doing out of bed?"

She just smiled at him and started to fall asleep in his arms

"You are going to cause so much trouble," Erik said, kissing her. "Just like your grandmother."

Lucy pointed over to the bed letting him know she wanted them both to be there

Erik chuckled and laid her down with her sister and mother. He sat next to his family, smiling at his good fortune.

The kids were fast asleep next to Meghan Erik me a weak female voice said into his head out of no where

Who are you and where? he asked, his face becoming serious. Are there enemies around you?

I'm...Elena....I’m not known to your people...I’m human.....Erik I’m hurts so bad the wolves...the tore open my stomach...ones eating my leg...right won’t make it in time...please hold my mind....don’t let me feel them eat me alive please I beg you

If you give me your location, he said, my lifemate and I will come to your aid.

i don’t know...where he could fell her slipping from his mind thank you...for talking to me...

Show me a picture, he said. I can at least make the pain stop and send you off peacefully.

i was...born blind.... he felt her then, she was so young an innocent, there was not a mean bone in this girls body, he even felt there was a part of her that was happy she could help the wolves by feed them her body. Her soul was so bright and pure it was heartbreaking

Erik said, The world is loosing much this night. I pray that in the next world, you will find peace. May you find happiness in your next life.

your the....first person to ever talk to me....thank you he felt her mind slip from his, leaving him with a feeling of being cold, he didn’t realize how warm her spirit felt until she was gone

He laid down, closing the window and setting up safeguards. He held his family too him, tears falling.

“Erik....what’s wrong my love? “ Meghan said waking up and stroking the side of his face.

Erik replayed what had happened and said, "I just want to keep my own bright stars safe so they never get extinguished."


She stepped in and looked around making sure it was safe, when she felt it was she relaxed slightly but was still on guard “don’t get the wrong idea I just want to talk” she said knowing well how they have not been intimate with each other in months

"I had a feeling," he said, sitting in a chair. "What would you like to talk about?"

He wanted her to sit next to him, in not on his lap, but he knew that pressing his luck would not be wise. Over the last few months, he had connected with his people more and more, and River had not shown herself during that time. Anya was looking for River, but with River having a hold on him, Anya wasn't about to kill River to free Antony. Though he did not know her plan, he knew he had to help because it meant saving the whole of the Carpathian race.

She started to pace, looking for the right words "I think it's time for you to visit the kids.." she said hesitantly meeting his gaze

"I would like that," he said. "And to visit with you, to talk. We only meet up when needing to solve problems, though we have yet to actually talk. I think we both are avoiding the inevitable."

“I don’t like being near you to often, I’m not ashamed to admit I am still not use to the urges that come from being a Carpathian” she said still pacing “we don’t have to be in the same room to talk...” she said avoiding looking at him

"That is true," he said, wanting to hold her but giving her space. "Still, I miss being with you. I'll visit the children before sunrise tonight. I have other duties right now, but I promise to visit them. I heard you named them Xavier and Sara."

She nodded and turned to keep her back to him “look that fact that I’m alone with you says a lot so don’t ruin it by doing anything stupid” she said and he could hear a small hint of nervousness in her voice

Antony leaned back in the chair and said, "I hadn't planned on being stupid. Just making polite conversation to learn about my son and daughter. That's all. I will admit, I want to hold you, but I am refraining because I can feel your uneasy with no one here but us. You fear that I will try to take over your mind again, or worse. The fact that I have not done so does not put you at ease and you also fear that you will never again feel comfortable alone with me. I understand all of that, Anastasia, and will keep my distance. I have yet to come near you, or influence you in anyway, and I am respecting the personal space you desire, only entering your mind to talk when we are taking care of our people. I do not know how to fix what I have destroyed, only that I will slowly do so until you are ready to try. I won't even push the issue." He stood up and bowed. "If our discussion is done, Miss Delarus, I will take my leave."

She was suddenly in front of him “I had a shield put up in my mind, it will let me know if someone is messing with it that is not what I am worried about” she said in a upset tone

"Then, what is bothering you if you know you are safe?" he asked. "The fact I haven't tried anything? Help me to understand so that when I visit later, I don't make you uncomfortable."

“Your presents makes me uncomfortable!” She said punching the wall “my body betrays me every waking moment, I need to be touched by you but I can’t...and when your near me it’s worst because all I can think about is how I want you to touch break every piece of furniture in here as you take me everywhere in this room and it’s infuriating!”

Antony nodded and said, "I can understand that. I want to do those things, but I also know you are not ready for them. You are special, and I did not treat you as you deserved. When you are ready, I trust you to tell me." He went to walk around her. "I will visit with our children later. For now, you should go feed and prepare. I don't want to make you uncomfortable in your home."

“I’ve slept with someone else....” she said in a low tone

Antony wanted to be angry, but found that he could not, and said, "I understand. You wanted to see if what we have was real. I am upset, and feel a little betrayed, but I have done worse to you. After all, no Carpathian man should have been able to completely change his lifemate the way I did you. As long as it was the one time, I will not take action against the man. However, know this, if it was multiple times, I will have to find him and do something about it."

His tone told her this was no veiled threat. He planned on finding him and doing whatever he deemed necessary to remove the man from her life if he had many sexual encounters with her. He was her lifemate and, though he felt one time with one man was a punishment he deserved for hurting her, he could not sit by and let numerous encounters go unnoticed.

She was silent and not looking at him, he notice the mark on her neck as she turned her head slightly

"Where did that mark come from?" he asked, unsuccessfully holding back a growl. "Who would assume you are their mate when you are clearly mine?"

She covered it instinctively but kept her back to him “maybe I am said yourself no lifemate should have been able to change me like you did....”

"Yet, when we completed the ritual, our souls became one," he said, taking her hand gently. "Should I repeat them, tying us closer, Anastasia? To prove we are mates?"

The moment he touched her he could smell the other male on her, it was strong.

Antony's eyes darkened dangerously and he asked, "How many times?"

She tried to get her hand away from his but he wouldn’t let go “let go...” she said pulling more. In doing so her button up shirt shifted slightly and he could just make out more marks on her chest

"How many times, Anastasia?" he asked with a growl. "Or, should I read your mind to find out, because then I will know who he is."


I could not harm you even if I wanted too....relax hunter I am here to only aid you.....there is an opening into the mountain at the top of the water fall that flows from, be careful you will only have a moment to get inside unnoticed

Andor sighed as David relayed the exact same message to him and Ambrose. It doesn't have to be you harming them. It could be others doing it for you. Now, tell me who you are, or I go a different direction.

There was no answer for a moment tell you but for the safety of your friends and his lifemate you have to promise you won't try to push further in my mind. If you do you will not be able to function or aid them

As I need to concentrate on protecting my idiot brother, I had no intention to go too far into your mind. Now, who are you and how did you come by this information?

I am your lifemate and I am the one giving you that moment you will need to get inside she said in a soft tone

The Hidden Slayer? he asked. What are you doing in Brazil? Are you not needing in the Carpathian Mountains?

if you know my reputation you know I am everywhere I need to be ....that being said you come first

Please, don't tell me that you are in the caves, pretending to be a prisoner. The last thing I need to see is my brother's possessed woman attempting to sacrifice you to some strange demon.

what is my name Andor? I am never seen remember

I only know you as the Hidden Slayer. I have never heard your true name, and if I had, I would have tried to find you a lot sooner. We could have been hunting together.

we are hunting now so stay are almost there

I am focused, he said. We are at the cave entrance now, but the mage boy is saying that something is off.

dont move after a second a ghoul fell dead at their feet with arrow in its chest, then two more fell from above and landed in front of them. The same arrow through their chest

“What the hell is going on?” Ambrose growled in a whispered tone.

"My woman," said Andor. "This was a trap. The vampire is a smart one and knew we would be coming for your woman."

"Then, we must be another fifty feet away," said David. "He must have altered my spells just enough to go unnoticed."

“Wait what do you mean my woman?” Ambrose asked as he scouted the area making sure it was clear, while David made sure the ghouls were dead, every arrow went straight threw their heart

"The Hidden Slayer is my lifemate," he said. "Now, if you are done, we need to find your woman."

"And quickly, before the ritual finishes," said David. "Even I can feel his triumph and we are still far from the throne room."

“We will discuss this later” Ambrose said as he entered the cave

the path is clear but still be on guard, if things go badly there is a hidden exit to the right of the throne room, if you need to escape call out to me and I will show it to you

David lead the way, taking down the spells as he did. It took longer than it should have because they had been altered, but he got them through safely. They looked into the throne room from a servant entrance. David clenched his fist.

Emily sat on a throne next to Dolen, looking doll like. Her eyes held pain, confusion, fear, and desire to escape as they searched for a way out. She was even dressed up like a doll, looking regal and pale. The throne looked to be made out of stone, and highly uncomfortable. Around her and her seat was a cage, keeping her from getting to Dolen. There was some blood on a few of the bars, showing that Emily had fought for a while before she had been forced to stop.

Dolen stood up as the vampires, ghouls, and mages chanted in an eerie tone, saying, "The ritual is nearly complete, and my queen will return. With one ingredient still missing, our fallen angle will remain in this state, a doll for me to command, until we cover her in the blood of a worrier of light. But I know that such a Carpathian is nearby. He or she might as well reveal themselves and end this child's suffering."

A wave of command washed over the crowd. David almost didn't get a shield up in time to protect them.

Ambrose went to step out but Andor stopped him, a ghoul stepped forward and through a female to the ground in front of them. She was wearing a hood and had a mask on “I found her spying inside the cave master” he said “I believe she is a slayer, will she do?”

"Nicely," said Dolen, grabbing her by the throat. "The perfect sacrifice."

He went behind the cage, carrying the woman. He pulled out a dagger. Emily moaned, trying to scream for him to stop, but her body seemed frozen. It was like she was in a cage within a cage. It was Ambrose's turn to hold Andor back.

Make it stop! she screamed in her mind as tears flowed over her tranquil face. No more should have to die because of me! Take my life instead! Just make this all stop!

Dolen laughed, hearing Emily's pleas, but he still put the dagger to the woman's throat.

relax that’s not me...her voice was soft in Andors head

The date sliced opened the woman’s throat, blood flowed from the would. The sweet smell of blood filled the air and the woman went limp in Dolen’s arms. The blood melted the bars of the cage and burnt holes in Emily’s dress but not her skin.

Dolen’s hands were also starting to burn, the skin bubbling and smoking

"What is this?!" He yelled, throwing the woman into the crowd. "This almost ruined it! Find a warrior of light! Or let one step forward NOW!"

Wave upon wave went through the caves. David kept up his protective shield, but if it wasn't for Andor's help, all three of them would have been walking out to die.

We have to get her to wake up long enough to kill Dolen! David said. If we don't, then we lose her!

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