New Beginnings 4

see was that so hard? she purred in his head as she closed the bite but kept his head back and started kissing all over his neck, leaving her mark everywhere she kissed.

To be honest, I wanted you to be the one screaming my name, he said, gasping. But these battles are always fun, don't you think.

i don’t see you fighter hard there love...admit you like me doing this to you she said moving her hips faster , her breast bouncing on his chest

He tried to roll so that he was on top, but she was positioned just right to be the dominant one. She licked his neck and he gasped again. If it's with you, I will always like it.

you pinned me with your wings last time, this is your punishment for doing so She said as her wings came out and wrapped around him keeping him sitting up and pinned to her. She began to ride him faster, she released his head, one hand lightly grabbed his throat while the other pinned his hands above his head

Only you can make me enjoy this, he said. You keep the memories at bay. Ride me harder!

i will replace those memories with new ones she said as she began to ride him harder feel me draiden, this is what making love feels like, remember this feeling

He looked at her love in his eyes, saying, How can I forget? I have to satisfy you every time we awake and then before we go to ground. There is no room for the dark memories between us anymore, or ever again.

you have too? she growled and slowed her thrust

Got you, he said, rolling so that he was on top and thrusting. I enjoy your urges, as long as you aren't angry. That's when the dragon lady comes out, and even master vampires run from you.

remember that the next time you play a dirty trick like this to get me on my back, your lucky I find you sexy right now.. she said arching her back in pleasure


Tears fell from Meghan’s eyes “is there anyway to find her? How did she even reach your mind?”

Erik said, "No. She didn't know where she was, and being blind means that she couldn't show me where she was. As for touching my mind or knowing my name, I do not know and we have no way of finding out."

“If she was human she had to be close right? Especially being so weak” she said will hope in her voice “Erik she felt so innocent like our girls I can’t stand the thought of her body rotting in a dark cave there anything we can do?” She asked

"It is possible, but I don't even know what direction she was in."

“We can search together, the scent of her blood may be strong right now” she said

"Meghan, she was torn apart by wolves," Erik said, cupping her cheek. "Even if we found where she died, we would not be able to find every part of her. There is no place to look."

She looked very disturbed “Erik I can’t explain it but I have a strong feeling we need to look for her....” she said in a desperate tone “I know my abilities are weak compared to others but please trust me this is a very strong feeling” she said in a confused but sincere tone

"We will look for her," he said. "You ability is so strong, Meghan. We can do no other than to trust it. But we don't even know where to begin.

“Do you know anyone who might be able to track her?” She asked

"Not nearby," he said. "But maybe you can sense her emotions. Try it."

“I don’t feel anything...but maybe if we track the wolves, if she was close that means it has to be the pack that lives in out area” she said with a hopeful tone “your good and using the animals to keep track of the area around out home, let’s use them to find the wolves” she said standing up and changing her clothes but she stopped “wait....I can’t go...the girls...” she looked at Erik “it has to be you....I know you can find her” she said with love in her eyes

She finally looked at him, her face held anger yet there were tears in her eyes “I said let go Antony....” he could here her heart pounding in her chest but felt no fear coming from her, her skin grew warm under his touch. The more he was near her the stronger the scent was, it was everywhere on her, even the hand he was touching. His beast tone him to get it off of her, to find out every place he had marked and touched

"Tell me how many times, Anastasia," he said, his face expressionless, but anger rolled off of him in waves. "This is my last warning before I enter your mind and take the information."

“Once ok!” She said pulling on her arm harder but only managed to bring herself closer to him, she tripped and fell into his chest. He could see a little down the back of her shirt and saw what looked like claw marks going down her back

"Then, where did these marks come from," he said, calming down. "These marks do not appear to have happened during sex." He sat her down. "I am concerned that you are placing yourself in danger to avoid me."

She said and unbuttoned her shirt and turned in the chair so he could see her back. The claw marks pattern said they were made from the front “they were from sex....we have children I would not put myself in unnecessary danger” she said in a upset tone and went to put back on her shirt. The marks were not healing well which meant that it was a Lycan that had clawed her

Antony sighed and said, "I am sorry. I fear my jealousy is too much for me to bear and the thought of anyone touching you..." He shook his head and offered her his wrist. "Allow me to heal them for you at least. My blood is strong and will close the wounds for you."

“I can’t....I won’t be able to control my body if I do” she said honestly putting back on her shirt, just before she did something caught his eye on one of the claw marks, it was the darkening of the skin, something only a vampire would leave behind

He stopped her and said, "This is not like the others. A vampire got to you somehow. Was it from the last battle?"

She tried to move away but he forced her shirt off “hey!” She said trying to turn around, she obviously didn’t want him to look to closely at the claw marks

"Hold still!" he growled. "If you are hurt, it is my duty to aid you! Now, where did this come from?! Because if a vampire got you, you need a healer now!"

She managed to break his hold but he caught her and bent her over the desk that was near them “Antony!”she said gripping the desk. With her like this he could see that all the claw marks had the darken skin


Emily focus on my voice wake up darling I am here wake up! Ambrose said into her head

A woman suddenly landed on top of Emily’s broken cage, she wore a dark cloak and a veil on her face. A bow and arrow was aimed right at Dolen’s chest catching him off guard

Dolen smiled and said, "Oh, so we do have a volunteer." He moved so fast, she hadn't even seen a blur, and he was removing the bow from her hand. "You think that hunters would be smarter when dealing with someone over 10,000 years old."

Not you! Emily said, tears falling more. Leave! Go away!

He could tell she was afraid for him, that she didn't want to see him die again, even if the first time had been a lie.

if you don’t want anything bad to happen to me then wake up now!

The woman fought Dolen’s grip but he held her up by her throat, her feet off the ground its now or never Andor the soft voice said into his head

Andor burst out, but David tried to stop him. Ghouls swarmed him, trying to keep him from Dolen. Emily moaned.

"Stop..." she managed to whisper. "No more..."

Dolen growled. She was breaking free. The blood from before was helping, but not fast enough. She was moving slowly, like she was in quicksand.

"Stay put!" Dolen ordered.

"N-no..." Emily said, standing up on wobbly legs. "I am tired of people dying because of me."

now Emily! If not for me then for your son who is waiting for you Ambrose said into her head.

The woman in Dolen’s arms went limp

Emily's arm reached out and an ancient Carpathian sword went to her hand. Dolen growled threw the woman down. He grabbed a sword from the wall as well. Emily was slow, but speeding up. Soon, she was battling Dolen, but clearly losing.

"The spell!" David said, trying to get the vampires off of Andor. "Use the spell!"

She nodded and Dolen screamed as Emily managed to sink her blade into his shoulder, saying, "I call on wind, earth, water, fire
To aid me in my desire.
With this sword of ancient steel
And my connection to Rhiannon,
I bring justice to you, evil one,
So that your deeds be undone.
My reincarnated soul gives me endurance,
My ancestors built me,
My experiences shaped me,
And my strength comes from those who love me.
I heal the other half of my soul,
A lifemate strong and caring,
As I destroy a vampire,
A shell of a hunter, evil and cunning.
Let this man of light be unharmed,
No acid blood burning,
No scar left behind,
And no evil corrupting.
I remove cold steel
As evil is engulfed in flame
Wind scatters his earthen ashes
As the rain wash away his name.
Dolen, remembered by few and forgotten by many.
As time goes on after his destruction,
His name will be removed all together,
A nightmare with no distinction.
Save for us he harmed, like me,
As I say it, so mote it be.

Dolen began screaming, as the elements began to attack him. He saw Ambrose in the fray and launched at him.

"I can't bring my Irene back," he yelled, "then you won't get your woman either!"

However, before Dolen could reach him, the ancient vampire was dust and fell to the floor. Emily and Ambrose locked eyes for a moment as the ghouls, and mages scattered. Suddenly, Emily passed out and began to fall.

Ambrose caught her and held her close to his chest Andor lets get out of here now!

Andor nodded, going to his woman. He picked her up gently and had David get on his back. They exited the cave just as it started to rumble.

The final step! David said, urging them to go faster. It destroys everything that Dolen touched, wiping him from the world, and from Carpathian history! If anyone outside of us learns of him... I shudder to think of what will come into being.

As they excited the cave they ran pasted all the ghouls and mages that had fled, all of them had arrows through their chest we will make sure that won’t happen Ambrose said

Just as they exited the cave, it collapsed, hiding all evidence and killing any evil inside. The wind bit at them as the elements further hid the cave, making sure no one would find it and purifying the ground of any contaminants.

"That spell was in Dolen's journal," said David. "His lifemate had written it. She had been a powerful mage in her time. We knew that, with Emily so close to becoming an evil version of Irene, she would be able to use the spell. Now, she will be back to normal. But... her mind must still process everything. When she wakes up, she could be broken, sadistic, or normal. We don't know what she will be like." He looked at Ambrose. "You need to help her during this time. She will need you to keep her mind together as the memories flow freely."

“I will take care of her “ he said sternly

you did well hunter...until next time the slayers voice said in Andors head as the body he held turned to mist and disappeared, letting him know that was not her but a illusion

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