Cold as Ice 5

"You are resourceful and reliable," said Antony, his hair pulled back. "Come here, Anastasia, and let us talk. How are your children this evening? Sleeping well or are they enjoying the nightmares?" His smile earned him a growl. "I see. My gift not good for 'our children' then. I've been reliving Antony's memories. I especially like a particular memory, one you looked like you enjoyed greatly."

“Nice try you pathetic parasite, you are no longer able to touch my kids, body or mind and now because of that you have no leverage over me...oh and by the way you lose” she said with a shrug in a care free tone “see I warned you that you would want me to be on your side....I gave you three days to peak my interest and since you failed I will find my amusement by seeing you squirm like the worm you are” She said with a smile. He could hear her heart, she was calm. No fear came from her in fact it was the opposite, she found him amusing in a pathetic kind of way “your weak and it bores me, I’m sure if your masters could see you now they would find you quite as pathetic as I do” she said sitting up from the tree “if we are done here I’ll give you a few minutes head start before I show you how weak you really are” she said with a dark smile as her eyes turned to her wolves. He could sense magic coming from her, it was strong and old, he found he could not enter her mind and none of his magic was working on her.

He smiled and said, "I see." He was on her in a minute. "I have no masters. What, you thought I was working for someone else? Who? Xavier and his brothers? No." he began to choke her, trapping her arms above her head. "Even their stupid, innocent, naive sister was just a tool to get to River. And you, you ruined everything! I just needed to get you alone. Since I can't have Dragonseeker blood, I will do with the blood of a Guardian." His eyes became completely black. "I will do what I did to her for the past century, and get you to do more than just kill on command," he leaned forward and teased her ear with his tongue, "but I will also be able to play with your body whenever and however I please. Just like how you enjoyed when Antony did that to you, only better. What do you say?"

Her legs wrapped around his waist and forced him against her and as she did she bit deep into his neck i say never expose your neck to a wolf her growl echoed in his head. He felt her fangs wrap around his jugular, with one squeeze of her jaw or if he tried to pull back it would be game over for him if you think for one second I won’t do it remember those memories you saw, do you really think I wouldn’t? she said in a dark tone if I would do this to my own mate imagine what I’m going to do to you she said giving the jugular a little squeeze, just enough to send pain through him

"So you are more than a pup yelping out for attention," he said, releasing her neck and arms. "And here I thought you were just trying to draw me out with wild tales, when some other hunter did the work for you. Well, if you are going to kill him, do it. I'll just find another body to possess. I think I'll go for Erik next. That will be a fun one to destroy."

Her hand slid up his chest and gripped his shoulders as she released his neck. She closed the wound and kept the thoughts of what Anthony blood was doing to her to herself “I need him alive....for now, besides I have my uses for him in the mean time, but I’ll tell you want, as a show of good faith now that you came to your senses about me, you do me a favor and I’ll do one in return, a sign we have an agreement between one other, our goals are pretty much the same, I want free from these people and you want toys” she said with a shrug pushing him back away from her “so ready to hear my favor?”

He ran his hand down to her waist to hold her, his thumb gliding over her breast teasingly. "What favor do you ask for? I have been told I'm an excellent lover and a mage rivaling the great Xavier. I can make the universe crumble around us as you scream in pleasure beneath me if you so desire."

She growled a low growl, it was not hard to remember this was not Anthony but the way he spoke in Anthonys voice still effected her more then she liked “if you want to keep his body his mind needs to be stable, they will sense him breaking miles away, your best bet is to have them believe he is rid of you. That means Anthony believes it too, so here is my favor, you wake him up here, I put on some sob story how I tracked him here where he was to meet you, I kill you bla bla bla, I pretend this whole experience as change my views and I distract him with oh let’s work on us bit. While I do that you start messing around, making sure by the time he wakes up from the illusion I will create he will no longer have anyone by his side, though I do recommend starting smaller then Erik, people will notice very quickly...might I suggest...I don’t know river and Draidens son?” She said with a dark smile

He laughed triumphantly and said, "I will gladly take the child. A true Dragonseeker's body... this one is a mockery of that bloodline, but River's son, yes, I will take that one. I have found that Dragonseeker bodies are more likely to withstand my invasion, and because it's River's blood, they will be less likely to die. Now, what do you want for this treasure? Jewels, men, women, me as your lover when my new body matures?"

“It’s quite simple, leave Anthony to me. I will not want his death to make me suffer more then I already have and I have a lot in things in mind to do to him to make him pay for what he did to me. The only other thing I ask is the Lycans are off limits. After all, you will have your army of puppets I want mine, maybe at some point we can make it a game when we are bored, use them like chest pieces and pin them against one another, but I’ll warn you I’m very good at games” she said teasingly sliding her hand up his chest “ maybe if you win a match I’ll take you up on that lover offer, maybe then you’ll be ready for me”

"Deal," he said.

He put her down and walked a short distance away. Antony began coughing, blood spraying from his mouth. The large mass that had been in Antony's chest eventually came out looking like a pile of sludge. Antony passed out, sounding like it was hard to breath. The mass grew to resemble a man.

"Until we meet again, my dear," the man said, bowing. "I will get the boy quickly, then condition his body to accept me. It will take a few years, but I will have the body I desire. But... before we part, I want to show you what it will be like as my lover. Antony won't wake up for another hour or so. Care to taste the forbidden fruit?"

She knew if she refused it would not go well, she also could not stand the thought of him touching her, but she could not risk Anthony’s safety with him being so close“The lifemate bond or the curse as I call it won’t allow me to feel pleasure from another so easily....” she said in a challenging tone “I’m not sure your up for it” she said with a even more challenging tone. The only benefit she could see from him touching her was she would without a doubt be able to track him after he left his scent all over her, plus with him being occupied with her he would leave Antony alone and if she pleased him, he would trust her even more

He ripped her clothes from her body and said, "Oh, I've broken lifemate bonds before just for the fun of it. Let me into that pretty little head of yours and I can free you from it, then we can fully enjoy ourselves." He shoved his fingers into her, finding a sensitive spot instantly and moving his hand hard and fast. "What do you say? Freedom from the weakling prince and the ability to enjoy a powerful and well endowed mage?"

“That bond is need to manipulate him for for well endowed I see no proof of that “ she said gripping his wrist, knowing he could not get in her head she tried to imagine it was Anthony touching her to keep herself from feeling sick.

He smiled and said, "Fine. I will prove it."

He had her run her sharp nail over his clothes until they fell from his body. He was hung like a horse and she could tell this was no illusion. He pinned her to the ground, not caring that she could see Antony, or maybe trying to see if that vision would upset her. He began suckle on her breast, and she could feel him become hard against her thigh. His size and girth was frightening. He licked down her body and began to lick at her, her body refusing to grow wet so he had to at least help her enjoy what was happening, not that he cared, but if they were to work together, he had to seem like it. When she was sufficiently wet, he shoved into her hard, her stomach bulging slightly at his size. He moved hard and fast, enjoying how tight Anastasia was.

Pain filled her at his invasion, he was rough and uncaring, it took everything she had to keep herself from mentally breaking from how disgusted she was. She cried out in pain and it turned into a growl of defiance. When she knew he was watching her reaction as she looked at Anthony she kept her face blank, but used him to keep herself sane. With Anthony in her mind she wrapped her legs around his waist, as he thrust deep she took the opportunity to bit his shoulder in a way that would fill him with pleasure and get his blood like she needed. It was vile tasting, or at least it was to her because it was not Anthony’s. She didn’t linger so he was not suspicious, she took what she needed and threw her head back with a cry, she didn’t bite deep enough to need to close it. She went to fight his hold but he pinned her hands above her head and she growled, she needed to make his pleasure be enough that he would come back for more. She forced herself to relax, the blood from her tearing became the wetness he was mistaking for her excitement. She made her self grow tighter around him

He was grunting, forcing his tongue into her mouth. He sounded like a pig rutting for food. He obviously had never tried to ensure his partner's pleasure before, just pounding until he got off. Just as she though he was about to cum, he flipped her over.

"I want you truly submissive," he said and he had her get on her hands and knees to take her from behind. "This is great. The women are either scream like whinny bitches about pain, or have lost their minds and do what I say like good little slaves. I like the fight in you. I won't break your mind or body like I do the others. I will enjoy meeting like this. Beg for it, Anastasia, beg me to make you feel good. I know I must be better than the man-child over there."

“I....don’t beg...” she moaned in a pain filled tone but to him it sounded like one of pleasure. Her hands gripped the earth. She wanted to kill him, she wanted to rip off his disgusting dick and make him eat it, she felt herself ready to snap, it was to much, she couldn’t take him touching her anymore, just as she was about to break and turn to try and kill him she heard Anthony say her name in his unconscious state. It was enough to snap her back in control and fake the orgasm he wished for as he came inside her. Feeling his seed fill her made her feel tainted, her only happiness in that moment came from know she could not get pregnant because she already was.

He pulled out and smiled, constructing a cloak with magic, saying, "I enjoyed myself. Have fun with Antony. I played with his mind a bit, so you should be able to teach him what it felt like when he controlled you. Enjoy that while it lasts, it is temporary. A gift to you."

With that, Ragnar left. Antony snapped away. He sat up, holding his head.

"Anastasia?" he asked, standing up on shaky legs. "Wha... what happened?"

It was too much for her to bare. Before with her friend and least she cared for him but this, this was to much. She didn’t move when he spoke, she laid curled up in a ball on her side, her back to him. She started to vomit, unable to hold it back any longer. Tears ran down her face and as she sobbed in anguish.

He looked at her and ran to her. "Anastasia! Dear God, who did this to you? We have to get you looked at by a healer!" He held her to him, hiding his tears in her hair. "Why can I never protect you when you need me most?"

His touch made her feel even more tainted “no don’t touch me!” She cried. When he suddenly moved away she realized what the mage had done “I’m dirty...don’t touch me...” she said hugging her legs to her chest “go...go to the healing cave...tell erik I need him and tell him where I am at, stay at the caves and feed and go to ground to heal after you tell him” she said unable to look at him. When she heard him leave and started to cry again, it started to rain but she didn’t care, she felt numb to the cold.

Erik arrived half an hour later, still looking like he needed another day or two in the ground, but not going to take it. He placed a blanket around Anastasia.

"Care to tell us what is going on?" he asked, picking her up. "Because Antony acted out of character and now I find you like this. There are too many strange things going on while I sleep and I do not care for it."

She gripped his shirt and placed her forehead on his chest “if you tell anyone what I’m about to do I’ll kill you....” she said in a uneven tone because she was cold from the rain. Before he could ask what she was about to do, he heard her start crying and she started shaking in his arms. He could see on the ground where he had picked her up was blood and semen, it was slowly getting washed away by the rain but still enough he could confirm what it was

"It is okay," he said soothingly. "I will heal you and it will be as if it never happened. Your brothers are preparing a way into the healing caves for us so that you won't be seen. I need you to tell me what happened."

She was crying to hard to speak properly Erik...I will explain everything I promise just...not right now...get that vile seed out of me please...and about Anthony..he is no longer possessed the way he acted was because I compelled him to go back to the caves..I couldn’t bare him touching me not after....I feel so dirty...I feel like my soul has been tainted...promise me something and I will explain later but I need you to trust me...don’t look for Meghan, if you here from her tell her to stay hidden ok, if you don’t she will be in great danger

Erik said, "I have already told her to stay safe. I got a good lecture on resting and how she didn't want me to hurt myself healing others. She refused to tell me where she was, only that she has refused to stay in one spot for too long. She said something about Antony needing to be moved, and so she has also stayed on the move in case someone wanted the baby. For now, she is touching my mind, and I know my family is safe. That is all I care about right now. And his seed wouldn't stay in you anyway. I said it would be like it never happened, didn't I?"

Her cries grew softer until she was silent erik...I don’t feel so good... she said right before she passed out in his arms, her head went back and he saw a glimpse of something that made his stomach clench and fear fill his chest. He moved her hair aside and sure enough at the base of her neck was a magic symbol, one he knew since it was from a book in his home. A black magic rune meant to ward the persons mind completely, Ana had no mage in her or a magic bloodline like Erik, such a powerful rune could kill her, the problem was he didn’t know how long she had it, the longer it was on her the more deep the magic sunk into her, soon if it already didn’t happen her mind would be cut off from even Anthony p, that’s if the rune did not kill her first. But his biggest concern was the fact that he knew only the person who placed the rune could take it off.

Damn it, Anastasia! he said, beginning to lecture her even though she couldn't hear him. You need to be more careful! You cannot take these risks! If you die, we loose Antony! It looks like you need more protection than he does!

As he was leaving he noticed markings on the ground that looked like someone had been dragged and were trying to use their hands to stop, they were to small to be Anthony’s or even Anastasia’s. But he didn’t have time to follow the trail with Ana in her condition

Erik sat her in some of the richest soil he could find. He called his mother to him, knowing she could help. He started to close off the wounds when he sensed his mother enter. Can you tell me the nature of the spell on her? he asked, still working on healing Anastasia.

it makes her mind like a labyrinth, unreadable and the other wards off magic, making her immune to magic manipulation. Two very power runs that effect the soul, how she managed to even survive putting one on I do not know, it would take a strong magic user to put those runes on her and as it stands they are killing her, the ground and your healing will not help. You need to get the runes off, you have to wake her up and she has to will them away

Erik got out of Anastasia's body and said, "I don't know how to wake her. I usually would use my abilities, but it won't work here. Do you have any other idea on how to wake her? She passed out on the way here."

i hate to suggest it but being that her life is on the line cause her pain

Erik sighed and found a wound he had yet to heal. He steeled himself before sticking his finger in deep, making sure to miss any vital veins.

Ana jolted awake with a cry mixed with a growl, out of instinct she grabbed erik’s arm with both hands and snapped his arm, breaking his elbow, it was a clean break and a easy heal for later but painful all the same

"Glad you are awake," he said with a grunt through clenched teeth. "Now, we can talk about the spells on you."

When she realized it was him she dropped his arm and sat up slowly “I should be glad I hurt you like you just hurt me...but I’m sorry” she said in a tired tone “you need to go back and heal more...” she said holding the deep cut on her shoulder his finger had been in.

"First, we talk," he said. "I want to know about the symbols on your neck, and if you know why there is a drag trail in the caves. Bringing you here, it looked as if someone was forcefully taken and they tried to grip the ground to stop their kidnapper. We need answers but all we have is questions."

“I don’t know about the trail but for safety we should have two hunters follow it, I don’t want anyone going off by themselves that’s why all the hunters have been paired up, as for the magic I did what was necessary , that being said I’m sorry I used your book without permission. I know you have questions but I can not tell you much because the more you know the more at risk you are, just please trust me, I know I’m asking you to do so blindly...” she met his gaze and he saw determination and strong will “please, as second trust in me like you would trust Anthony “ she said in a serious tone

"Anastasia, I do trust you," he said, "but those spells you used, they are killing you. You need to get rid of them. There are other ways to protect your mind."

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