Mind games and Lullabies

A Month Later

Suzana was exhausted, after searching Anthony’s mind that night it became clear they would need help. She had called for Micheal, he was the oldest hunter alive, he had been living at the monastery for about a thousand years now. She hated to risk him like this, but he was the only only one still alive that was around the time of the dark mages reign. He would be arriving soon.
She had to keep Anthony asleep due to the separation he was going through, her and Erik took turns feeding him. She could see the toll Erik was going through being away from Meghan for so long, the days he didn’t feel her at all were the hardest. They had no luck finding Anastasia yet but had heard rumors they might have been spotted in Budapest.

“Erik quit pacing... Micheal will be here any minute and the last thing we need to do is make him question your sanity. I know you are worried about her, but she always lets you know she is ok one way or another, it’s still early she was contact you I’m sure” she said in a soft tone

"I want to get this over with so I can hold her and my daughters again," he said.

“Erik your the one refusing to go see your daughters because you feel it would be unsafe, which I understand but if you ever want to see them I will help you stay hidden “ she said in comforting tone “now please sit down before...” but she was cut off when Micheal walked in. She had never seen the man before and his appearance caught her off guard, he was almost like a work of art, inhumanly beautiful. But even so his appearance almost seemed dark by his presence. If intimidation had a form this would be it. For the first time in a long time she was caught off guard “Micheal....welcome...thank you for coming “ she said

Erik said, "Yes, we are in your debt. I dont know what to do to aid him, and we feel that you would best know how aid the prince."

“He is in that room, we were told you like your space so we will not interfere and...” but she was cut off when another hunter came in “I’m sorry to interrupt but Erik told me to tell him immediately if I found something and I did, I was finally able to track the direction of the tracks you saw, the rain had washed mostly everything away but while I was out on patrol I picked up a scent and found this” he said holding up a torn bloody piece of fabric. It was old blood but Erik instantly knew it was Elena’s as the sweet smell filled the room.

"We must find her!" Erik said. "Come on, Suzi. We will..."

"Bring the injured woman here," Michael said.

Hearing him speak caught everyone of guard, he had a dark alluring yet emotionless tone. Almost like how the vampires sound when they use their voices for their tricks “um...yes that was the plan...the problem is we can’t find her, the trace is gone, the Lycans she befriend have not stopped looking either but have had no luck, but what worried me is where I found this, it was right on a cliffs edge near the falls, the same falls we last saw Anastasia “ said the hunter

"She will not go there," said Michael. "The entrances were permanently warded to prevent accidents by Anya."

“Wait entrances? As in a cave?” Asked the hunter. The hunter looked deeply disturbed, he handed the rag to Micheal “can you track her? You seem knowledgeable of the area, I’m Gabriel by the way I have not seen you around here before “ he said holding out his arm in formal greeting

Micheal’s nose filled with a sweat scent that made his hunger rise, but more then that he felt like his body was heating up

“Gabriel that’s Micheal as in the Micheal “ savana said in a almost embarrassed tone

The hunter pale “I’m so sorry had I known I would have shown more respect and would have never asked such a thing from you, please forgive my rudeness “ he said in a respectful tone holding out his hand for the bloody cloth “I will not bother you further with this”

"I will look for her after I finish here," Michael announced.

That surprised them “it is not that we don’t appreciate your help but Elena is...a difficult situation, one we can handle” said savana, Erik and her exchange a quick look that Micheal caught letting him know they were hiding something “please focus on the prince we are hoping through him you can find his attacker” said Erik.

Micheal still held the blood cloth in his hand making the other hunter unsure of what to do “um Erik there was one last thing I should tell you...” he said not knowing if this was a good time but before he could continue Anthony’s healer came into the room “sorry to interrupt but I must inform you that the mind searching must wait, something awoke him and he hurt himself trying to get out the door, before you ask no he is not being possessed again, I think one of our people is suffering very badly and that’s what woke him, though he would not tell me who, I am healing him now, give him two hours and he will be ready” he said respectfully and left.

Savana sighed “ I’m sorry for the Inconvenience Micheal please feel free to rest while you....”

"I will look for the woman after I look at the prince," said Michael. "There should be no debate. She may be difficult, but so am I. Now, the prince needs aid and I will give it. Until he is done being healed, I want to learn about this woman. You called her Elena. Tell me about her."

Savana and Erik exchange glances and he knew they were talking mentally. Whatever they were saying it was obvious savana was not happy about it. Finally she said “I will aid in the princes healing...if you would do us the honor in going to find her now” she said in a unhappy tone “as far as what we know....” she said pinching the bridge of her nose stressfully “hell we don’t even know if what we know is true...she says she is Xavier’s daughter....she can use Carpathian abilities yet she seems a hundred percent human..Erik can fill you in on what he knows but that’s pretty much what we know so far” she said standing up “I think she is dangerous but apparently I’m wrong” she said leaving the room

"She is blind," Erik said, "and we do not understand anything about her, but we keep discovering many of her talents, but she states that she never used them before she woke up. That is where the danger lies, that and her blood."

"I can tell," he said. "I will go alone. You help the prince."

Without any preamble, and not waiting for Erik to say anything, Michael left. Erik sighed and went to Suziana.

"He left on his own," Erik said, pacing again. "I need Meghan here. She could keep everyone calm, make everything okay. She could have saved so many people."

Almost like she felt his need he felt her presence. It filled him with warmth. Calming him and soothing his anxiety.

Erik smiled and sat down. I want you by my side, but I thank you. I needed you and find this situation agonizing. I cannot wait much longer, and fear that if this does not end soon, I will go mad without your to touch.

He felt a hand sliding down his chest. Slowly and teasingly

Meghan, now this would get us in trouble, he said. If you continue doing that, I will have to look into your mind and find you, and be damned the consequences.

He felt her desire for him fill him. She was on fire, aching for his touch more then she ever had before. It took his breath away.

Where are you? I need you now in a way I have never thought possible. I can't think without you anymore, each moment an agony worse than the last. I need you just to be in my arms each time we go to ground, or I cannot rest easy. I am not alive without you, Meghan. I need you. Where are you?

For the first time in a month he felt her mind brush his but just as it did a hunter burst into his room "we found Anastasia "" he said in a urgent tone. He felt Meghan leave his mind once more.

Erik growled, the separation hitting him hard, before saying, "Then, let's bring her back. I know Antony said not to, but we have no choice but to bring her here in chains so we can keep protect her for Antony's sake. Suzi, can you keep him asleep? We cannot have him waking up and seeing this."

He felt Meghan's presence fill him, she was easing the suffering of the separation for both of them, making it easier for him to think "I will keep him under but Erik be careful she is not weak and we dont know who she is working with, you should wait for Micheal to return


Ana dropped the dead rabbit to the ground. She had not feed on anyone since staying with Ragnar. She didn’t want the child growing inside her to be anyone else but Anthony’s. Her choice made her slightly weak though so she was on guard even more. During the past month her and Ragnar had been spending more time together, she knew his cave inside and out now and even got to hear him brag about some of his plans. She walked into the cave and handed her jacket to the slave boy. She went down the hall that lead to Ragnar room and walked in. He was sitting at his desk reading on of his spell books “find anything interesting?” She said sitting down on top of his desk beside him, her dress sliding up to reveal her bare upper thigh

"Always," he said. "Xavier always was interesting."

“What was he like? I’ve only heard one side” she said arching her back slightly to get more comfortable but in doing so exposed her cleavage to him

He smiled, his hand rubbing her inner thigh as he said, "Well, the Carpathians love to hoard their women. He simply wanted to be paired with one. They refused. He often told them of how he had many lovers whom he satisfied many times over. Yet they refused to share their immortality, so he took it. He also began to destroy those he though his friends for betraying his trust."

“So his loneliness turned to madness? I was never told of how he was connected to the Carpathian’s only that he betrayed them and no one likes to talk about him” she shrug and let her thigh fall slightly open

"He was not crazy," said Ragnar, his hand finding her core. "He and his brothers were geniuses. They decided to destroy all magical beings for shunning them. If the world didnt want them, they would destroy it, rule over it, and remake it in their image. Is it so hard to just give them a woman? No, but when you have women coming to you daily, you can never be too lonely."

“If he had enough women why did he want more?” She said and he felt her start to get wet. Her hand slid up his arm until it grabbed his rust that was touching her core, not to pull him away put to push his fingers deeper inside her

He smiled and said, "It wasn't the number of women, Ana, but the meaning behind it. The giving of immortality."

“Don’t mages have a long life span already? Even Carpathian’s have an expiration date” she said moving to sit on his lap, straddling him in the chair, she started to unbutton his shirt as he spoke

"Not like Carpathians," said Ragnar as he pulled himself out and slammed into her. "Mages can die from diseases and accidents but Carpathians are not so fragile. Why would such great men want to die like worms when they can live as gods?"

“Gods? Is your goal not to make them into your puppets?” She asked as she ripped open his shirt and gripped his shoulders, digger her nails into his skin like he liked

"I want to finish destroying them like Xavier wanted," he said, pumping into her hard and fast. "But those who agree to side with us, I will be their king. The term 'prince' is too small for the plans I have. But first, we must destroy all those who can take over as prince after you kill Antony."

She growled in what he thought was pleasure and he picked her up and flipped her, forcing her to her stomach and laying her across his desk as he took her from behind. She cried out, in this position he could go as deep as he wanted while being in full control, she knew that is why he liked it so much. She had notice over the past month when things were not going his way or he was stressed her body was instantly the thing he went to, to help relieve stress and feel in control again

"What I can't figure out is how he was able to bring the Carpathian people so close to extinction and then die!" he said, pounding into her. "I needed this, Anastasia. You have no idea how upset I was getting over not finding how such weak men, ruled by their women, could ever defeat the three greatest mages of all time!" As his anger built, his thrusts became rougher. "How could the man I claim as my grandfather ever be defeated by such soft beings that are ruled by their hearts! It is impossible! Feelings make you weak! Those who show mercy are weak! And Xavier was anything but WEAK!"

He pinned her hands behind her and used them to go deeper and faster and she cried out as she felt him slamming against the back of her core and not in a pleasant way but to him her sounds were of pleasure "why do you think I am here? I sensed your anger" she moaned

"You always know what I need," he said. "But we need answers on how to finish what Xavier started. But it's hard to think when I'm balls deep inside you. I'm... I'm cumming!"

He filled her with a groan and fell into his chair as his seed flowed from her.

Her legs shook and she rested on the desk for a moment letting him see the view of his work "I have a plan...and a lead...i think I have finally found rivers son"

"Good," said Ragnar. "I will send some of my men to go looking and trap whoever has been keeping him from us. I will personally kill them and make them suffer for making me wait so long for a worthy body."

"I believe it is Erik's lifemate, I have a idea to get her to come out of hiding, leave it to me you just need to be ready" she said standing up and fixing her dress "anything else you need before I go?" She asked Slowly putting her hair up in a sexy bun

"No," he said, "but if you need anything, tell me now. I need to get the men together to prepare the ceremony quickly. So, is there anything you need me to fulfill for you?"

""I'll need something to keep anyone from compelling me and to ward against magic, my sources tell me that they have called an ancient for aid, someone named Michael, know him? "

Ragnar went to her and began to place a powerful rune that would allow him to communicate with her but no one else as he said, "He is mentioned once in Xavier's journals. He is a powerful man, and that he learned a great deal from Xavier before they started to only accept Carpathian women. He was an ancient even then, but still, he learned from Xavier as if he were a child. They despised each other, only because Michael would not side with Xavier, even calling him a 'callous coward', so he had found a way to make Michael suffer. He never explained how, or I would have done the same with River when I had her. It would be fun, but I suspect that he cursed the man to never be able to greet the dawn while also keeping his lifemate from him. It is a theory and nothing more, but tantalizing, none the less."

"Do you think he will be trouble?" she said swaying a little as the power of the rune hit her


Elena had lost feeling in her legs completely now. She didn't know how long she had been trapped against this rock behind the water fall and to be honest she didn't care anymore. That day she had been dragged for? miles by an unseen force only to find it was her fathers doing. She had forgotten about her leash as he called it. If she was away from the cave for a certain amount of time the spell would be activated and no mater where she was she would be forced back here. The problem was the cave was long cealed up. She had almost drowned a few times until she was able to find a way to keep her head so she didn't. She was beyond starving and her ribs now showed. But a body could last on nothing but water for a while so her suffering was Prolonged but she knew it would not be long before her body gave out. The miles of being dragged had left her to weak to even call out for help. Almost every rib was broken and her left arm was out of its socket. she had cuts and bruises that were still healing and she was sure she felt at one point her head smash against a tree. But now she could not feel anything and with her constantly being underwater she knew no one would find her. She had not slept in three days,every time she did her head moved and she woke up drowning. She just prayed it would be over soon.

There was a splash above her and a silhouette appeared above her. A man came down towards her and grabbed on to waist. He began to pull her towards the surface, despite fighting what held her under.

She cried out in pain. Her bruised and broken body felt like it was being torn in two. She heard the man say something in a language she did not know and felt the mountain release her. She crashed into his hard chest with a cry. She shook in his arms. She had hypothermia, the heat from his body was painful to her since she was so cold. Her head was on his shoulder the way he held her. The smell from him was comfort ing. It was like burning would on a winters night. her bruised and blood hands gripped his shirt weakly.

He took her up to the surface and they took in large gulps of air. He carried her to the shore and held her in his lap.

"Are you alright now?" he asked, his voice like silk.

She couldn't answer. She couldn't find her voice and she was so weak she could not move much. She slowly raised her hand to his face. Her hands were ice cold and bloody and bruised. After a moment her hand dropped? and she passed out in his arms and he heard her heart stop

He instantly went into her body and to her heart. There he found a sliver trying to restart her body. This is how you have lived in the water for so long. I must say, I do not agree with how Xavier conducted himself when it comes to you, päläfertiil. I will rid your body of this sliver and then revive you. After that, we can begin our life together. He quickly destroyed the sliver, though it sent her body into convulsions. Then, he forced her heart and lungs to work. You must wake, cisitri, for your lifemate is here.

Her breathing started to get a little strong but she groaned in pain as it did from her broken ribs. Her body was even in more pain from the convulsions. He saw the mark on the back of her neck. He knew it was Xaviers work. It was a strong rune. One that made the wearers will bend to the makers will. It was a slave rune. Through it she could be tracked and controlled. She shook in pain and in cold it hurts. Her voice was soft in his mind but it brought warmth unlike anything he had ever felt

"I will heal you and remove the slave rune from you, where it is safe," Michael said. "We cannot risk it here, where his mountain looms over us. For now, you will not have to worry about being stuck in your watery cell any longer. Let us go to the healing caves where I can work properly."

He felt her drifting in and out of consciousness hold me closer....im so cold....please......I know I dont have the right to ask...im not one of you....i just cant stand the cold anymore

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