Mind games and Lullabies 7

Erik said, "I'm sorry. I didn't even try to comfort you as I should have when you suffered as well. I should have held you in my arms instead of neglecting you."

"its ok....I understand, what ever you need i will do...if we need to leave now to go to Ana we will" She said and he could feel herself trying to push down her needs

"I will attend to you first," he said. "You are my treasure and I though I had lost you."

"my love if you tend to my needs now we will not see Ana this night" She said in a suggestive tone and he saw desire swarm her eye "I will not be able to hold myself back from want to scream your name as you make me forget my own" She said in a seductive tone

"To be honest, I want to forget everything I have done to her for tonight," Erik said. "I used forbidden magic, Meghan. To find you, I may have done the most harm. Antony could order our death and take our children away because of what I did. There is a reason such magic is forbidden, Meghan. I do not yet know what price I must pay for the magics I used. For now... the most we can do is what we are doing now, holding each other and kissing. I will not risk you after everything I have done."

“I am with you no matter what happens Erik....just like you are with me. Do you want to know a secret.....” she said touching her forehead to his. He had images flowing into his mind over her neck to him even though he could not see her, the days it was really bad for both of them she was there, All the times he had felt her warmth strongly it was because she was next to him “the safest place I could be is by your side....the days I could not were torture I don’t wish to relive “ she said in a soft tone, her warm sweet breath against his lips

Erik said, "You are going to be the death of me. I thought you were so far from me, yet you were within my reach." Then, his face fell and his skin became pale. "Please tell me you did not see..."

He turned away from her, and the horror of her witnessing what he did made him forget to block his thoughts from her. I could not bear it if she saw how far I fell.

She made him look at her “Erik.....I did not see darkness I saw suffering.....” she said in a soft tone “please hold me...take comfort in me, I have missed you...have you not missed me?” She asked in a worried tone

"Of course I did!" he said taking her into his arms. "You should not have witnessed me torturing her the way I did. It sickens me that you would see me doing that. I'm sickened by what I did, and I should have never done so. Suzi is right, torture is not our way, yet I still did it."

“You did what you thought you had too, I know the longer you were without me the worse it was, this is my fault too...” she said kissing his neck affectionately “Erik..” she said his name against his skin

"Meghan," he gasped, his arms pulling her closer. "I... I need you. I feel as if this is a dream and my nightmare is still continuing."

i am yours to take my love she said as she continued to kiss his neck, she moved her body so she was sitting in his lap straddling him and pressing herself against him

Erik looked around and said, "Wait, when did I sit down? Am I so far gone that I ignore everything?" He made her look at him with a smile on his face. "Or is it your magic at work again?"

She smiled softly “you are a good teacher. Now let me be a good wife” she said before grabbing his face and kissing him deeply

He growled and his hands began to roam. He wanted to lose himself in her, to forget all the evil he had just done. Yet, it stayed, on the edge of his mind, threatening to taint the moment.

He felt her in his mind, she filled him with her warmth until the memories and thoughts were pushed back and all he felt was her touch me more Erik....I’m going crazy...I need you...right now

He found his hands slowly removing her clothes so that he could touch every inch of skin. He wanted... no, needed to trace every curve of her body, touch every part of her, kiss wherever he could so that he knew, deep in his soul, that she was with him now. It feels like you might disappear at any moment and I will be alone again.

i don’t want to be alone either, I need to feel you are real....that we won’t be apart again, I was so scared not being by your side, I knew if I failed it meant we both would die

Soon, they were naked in each other's arms, their clothes in piles around them. Yet, they could not stop their hands from exploring, their mouths from meeting, or their bodies merging together. It was almost a compulsion with how he needed to be inside of her. You feel even better than I remember, he said as he began thrusting into her. You feel like home, and I always want to know I can return to you at any time.

Erik...I love you.....I love you more then life itself.....I can’t survive being apart from you ever again....promise me, promise me no matter the danger we will never part

Meghan, I must protect you, but even I do not wish you to be away. I will compromise those desires. You will be in a safe place where you will always be able to see me. Does this please you?

i was able to hide even from you... I’ll train harder to be able to aid you in battle, . She moaned and leaned her head back, her skin shined in the moonlight as she bared herself to him. Her pink nipples begged to be tasted

He began suckling on her immediately. Then, we will train. But I will not have you in danger. I just need you to safe. Part of me wants to wrap you in cotton and place you where you will no longer be in danger. Yet, I know I need you near by, always within my sight.

She cried out the second his mouth touched her breast erik....she moaned his name, he felt her warmth fill him and the intensity of their love making amplified as he began to feel her pleasure as well feed from me...I need you too


She is meeting me in town," he said, going into the other room and picking up his son. "We will return soon. After all this time, you still don't fully trust me with our home. Do you honestly think I would risk your safety after everything? Neither one of us trust Anya, but if anyone would know a spell to help you regain your legs, is would be a Daratrazanoff. The silver eyes show they mess with forbidden magics. I would side with the devil himself if it meant making you happy again. I want to see you smile and be able to enjoy life again. I love you."

With that, her lifemate and son left.

all this magic makes me uneasy....and you left with out son...I dont want him out there....just because im not able to care for him....I dont want her help nor do I want you away from me

I know you don't and he is safe, Draiden said. Trust me when I say I wish there was another way, but I cannot think of anything. Ivory was a master mage, and a warrior unequaled. If Anya refuses to help, I will scour our library for Ivory's spell book and see if she has the answers. But for something like this, I want a for sure method. I don't want to make a mistake and have you paralyzed from the neck down or worse. You know I would not do this if we had any other choice. I can't bear your sadness another moment. It rips my heart out hearing you so lifeless.

im sad yes! but it does not mean i want to do some ritual! there are always consequences for the user and the one they use it on, I dont want to risk it when I have you two! can you not understand that? please dont do this....I cant I cant he could hear the fear in her tone and it dawned on him then how inconsiderate he was being, she had been tortured with magic her whole life.

What would do if it were me instead of you? he asked. Even knowing what you know about magic yet also knowing it was the only thing that could return what was lost, what would you do?

i would at least listen to your wishes and talk it through with you

I'm listening now, he said, showing her what he was doing in his dragon form with the baby. I'm holding him safe in my paws in the dragon scale carrier I made. He will not be harmed. He keeps giggling, so I must be doing something right. He went up and down slowly for the baby to feel like it was in a rocking chair and River heard her son giggle and coo in excitement. When I have healed you, you should join us.

please come home....that is my wish, that is what I need

But will you be happy? Never being able to walk, or fight, or fly ever again? Suddenly, she heard him growl. Ward the door. There are two people on our mountain, and one looks familiar.

River knew the door was already warded but that did not stop her from wheeling herself into the other room where the door was. She watched it with a growl.

It's the witch with an ancient Carpathian, Draiden said, hiding his form from them. They act like they are lifemates, but she could have found a way to use her abilities to make this ancient warrior her slave. How did they even find us?

You said Anya was coming over....which meant she knew the location River said with a growl i told you never to tell anyone.... river said shifting into her dragon form and facing the door dont interfere take our son to safety

She is going to the town at the foot of the mountain! Draiden said, wanting to shake her. Not our doorstep! This person and the witch, they are heading right for our home, our real home! I made sure there was no way to tell where the call was coming from! I swear! And with you in your condition, I have to come in and protect you, not just our son!

Dont make me compel you Draiden.... take out son somewhere safe, I will make sure the wards will hold

There is no Draiden without River, he reminded her. You know very well that there is no safer place on earth than in our home. I cannot leave you there. I nearly lost you twice, once to mortal wounds and then to your own demons. I will not risk it again. I will fight any compulsion you throw at me, but my will to protect my family will not waver!

Draiden listen to me, the prince needs to know they are here, as much as I hate to admit it, with me not being at full strength we need help. You fly faster then me, I will protect my family too, which means I will not let them kill me, so please go

Wait, he said suspiciously. The man is putting her behind him and looking at me. I'm concealed, River, so unless he converted her, any magical abilities she possessed should be minimal at best and unable to scan for hidden Carpathians. We have her staff. This is impossible. They are waving me down with a white handkerchief in show of surrender or parley. What should we do?

dont trust it, it is two much of a risk with our son in your arms, since you won’t do as I asked you leave me no choice, it seems once more the trust between us is not equal she said and he could feel the disappointment she had in him, he then saw her dragons head exit the cave and tower over the couple.

River growled a threatening growl, her power and dominance looked over them making them both step back, River bared her large mouth of razor sharp teeth at them.

I was trying to let you see, he said, hurt. I would never risk our child, nor would I risk you. You still try to protect too many, when now is the time to learn to rely on me to protect you.

"Wait!" said Xaviera, stepping out to place herself in front of Cadwell to protect him. "I offer a boon! I wish to make up for my stupidity in believing my brothers good men, for hurting so many! I felt your pain, before you attempted to hide it. I prepared an ancient potion, made of all natural healing plants and herbs. It was purified by the moon for one cycle and I'm presenting it to you. It will never make up for what has happened to you or what I have done to the Carpathian people, and I know you do not trust me, but I thought that this would begin to mend that bond I severed. I will even drink from it so that you see that it will not harm you." She pulled out a book from her purse. "I also thought to bring you this. Xaviero stole it as a young child, though I doubt the Dragonseeker he took it from was fooled. It has your family's spells in it. This potion is one of them." She set both of them down in front of River. "The book belongs to you. The potion is simple. For the next month, take a drink from the bottle and the pain will go away, but you should be able to walk within an hour. It will taste better, but the effects are temporary until the month is over." She looked at Cadwell and took his hand, knowing he disapproved. "If I were to drink it now, I would not be able to walk for a month, even though I would retain feeling from the pelvis up. My legs, however, would be absolutely numb. If you wish me to test it, to prove what I say is true, I will do so."

River growled and her large clawed foot stepped on the potion, breaking it and the book disappeared. Her wings came out making her look even bigger. They were covered in scars and they could hear them crack as she spread them wide. Suddenly both Cadwell and Xaviera felt a blind pain fill their head you will no longer remember where my home is and if you do you will kill yourselves before you tell anyone else or attempt to come here They felt the compulsion hit them both deeply you are to go turn yourself in to the prince tonight and you will forget coming here she said in a demanding tone if I ever see you near my home again I will kill you she said in a dark threatening tone

"I just wanted to help," Xaviera said, turning to leave with tears in her eyes. "I had no intention of revealing your home."

That looked easy, said Draiden when they were gone and flying towards the healing caves. There was no fight, no resistance at all. Caldwell is an ancient, capable of stopping you, and yet, he did not. What did you do with the book?

She didn’t answer him, she was suddenly in front of him, her wings were shivering in pain and her lower half was not moving and it swayed in a disturbing way, before he could say anything she grabbed their sons basket with him in it from his arms, she turned and went back into the cave without saying anything to him


"Leave us," said Antony. "This is a private moment, and we have done all we can for tonight. The least I can do is make her as comfortable as possible in this state."

They all left. The moment they shut the door Ana cried into his chest in pain and he felt her mind open to him. The pain she was going through would break anyone even the strongest hunter. He felt her want for death just to escape it

He simply held her. There were no words he could say to make the pain go away, no way to make it easier on her because even taking on some of the pain did nothing to help. So he kept his arms around her and let her get it out.

"I will not leave you," he said. "I am here, rely on me and we can make it through this."

"did...did I fail? am ....am I dying?" she said in a broken tone as he held her as her body jerked

"You did not fail," he said as he removed the last silver wad, "and it will feel like you are dying for a long time, but no. You are just in large amounts of pain due to the flecks of silver in your body. We could not remove all of it because it was injected straight into your bones."

“I’m.....sorry.....”she said in a heartbreaking tone

"What are you sorry for?" Antony asked. "You have done nothing wrong."

“I’ve...hurt people.....and now...I am hurting” she said shaking against him in pain “Anthony...I can’t bear this...it’s too much and I have only been feeding off animals...I’m....I can feel my body shutting down”

"Then, feed from me," he said, exposing his neck to her. "It is alright. If it helps in any way, take as much as you need. I will feed before the sun rises."

“ I can’t...my fangs...” she said in a low tone “I feel like I’m going crazy....I feel like I’m being burned alive....Anthony help me..please it hurts so much....” she said in a begging tone

He took his talon and cut the side of his neck. "Now, you can. Feed. It will be alright."

To his surprise she did not argue, her lips pressed against his skin tightly and she moaned half in pain and half in pleasure as his blood started to fill her

"Anastasia," he said, "when this is over, and you are healed, I would like to start working on our relationship. Would you like that?"

yes she said shocking him

He cleared his throat and said, "How is the pain now? Is it at least bearable?"

He felt her close the wound with her tongue, Her body was light on top of him, she laid her head in his chest “no...it’s worse...” she said in a uneven tone. From her mind it was the emotional pain that was getting to her the most. Though she was in the worst pain of her life, the memories of what she has been through made everything worse

"Talk to me," he said. "How is it worse? You did not harm anyone, and you used every resource you had, as any warrior would. If you fear you are tainted in any way, I assure you, that is not the case."

“I hurt Erik....and you...and others” she said in a pain filled tone

"You also protected them at great risk to yourself," he said. "Do you know what could have happened if you had not done what you did? We would have lost far too many people. As it is, we have not lost any. All of them are safe. You asked me to trust you and I did. Erik was afraid, but he will get over that now that he can see Meghan, and when he cuts down his ego by about 40 meters, he will come to apologize in his way. And our people, they already know what has happened from other hunters near by. They know you as a hero, willing to sacrifice herself for them and a leader in our community. They are creating a song in your honor now." He made her look at him a wipe away a tear. "Even if no one else saw it, you would be a hero to me. My angel and guiding light. I know I have not always showed it and made terrible mistakes, but never once did I think you less than me. You are so far above me, I should not even think of touching you. Your light, it is blinding but even that does not do you justice. Anastasia, no one blames you and the women wish the could be half as courageous as you. What am I compared to you but a scared little man who can't get out of his own head when it matters. I'm no where near the prince I need to be, but I know with you by my side, I can be."

“I can’t do it anymore.... I can’t....I don’t belong in your world....I’ve done all I can for your people...I need to leave”

"They are your people as well," he said. "However, if you feel you do not belong with them, then the twins and I do not either. I go where you go."

“Anthony....I cant move...it hurts so much” she said in a breaking tone “I can feel it burning my bones”

"I know," he said. "Until we find a way to remove the last flakes of silver, it will be like this." He cupped her cheek. "I went through the pains of the silver as well, remember? I did not get it as bad as you did, but I remember the pain. We will get through this." His eyes darkened and he set her to the side, standing up to protect her. "Someone is coming. I would like you to go to ground for protection. You are in enough pain as it is. I do not wish to see you hurt anymore."

“Don’t!” She yelled and he felt panick fill her “don’t leave me...please don’t leave” she said in a panick toned. She had never spoken to him like that, her need slammed into him, the need to have him close

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