A New Day?

Emily waited for the sun to go down. She was finally getting to be with her son during the day. Summer vacation would be over and Eli would have to go back to school. Besides, her family back home must be worried sick about them. Still, it was a routine now for her and her son to sleep most of the day away and spend most of the night with Ambrose and his brothers. The sun could never sink fast enough for her.

Ambrose arms tightened around her “patients love” he said in a soft tone

Emily's heart leapt in excitement. She turned in his arms and looked at him.

"You are supposed to be a sleep," she said with a smile. "The sun is still out. Besides, I know it took a long time for me to heal this much. I won't act too strangely in front of my son. I miss him."

“I know you do but you must be patient not only with him but yourself” he said tightening his arms around her

"Other than the nightmares, I'm fine," Emily insisted. "But that's what happens after what I've been through. I just hope he still... still wants to be near me. Your brother doesn't have a lifemate, right? He hasn't fed off of Eli, has he?"

"Not a bit," said Dominic, arriving through the door, keeping Eli from view. "Have you been converted? Are you safe to be near him?"

"I haven't been converted yet," said Emily, turning in Ambrose's arms. "I'm not good with handling pain, so we are waiting until we can get enough people to help with it. I am still human. Now, please, give me my son."

"Mama!" Eli screamed excitedly, bringing tears to Emily's eyes instantly.

Ambrose greeted his brother and started to chat with him allowing Emily to have some time with her son alone

Emily hugged Eli and kissed all over. Eli returned the love ten fold. Emily could not stop the tears.

"How is she?" asked Dominic. "She seems healed, but I'm focusing on her son. He is psychic, so when he gets older, he can be converted. After this experience, I doubt she will want to lose him again."

“She is not be honest with herself or me yet, it will take time for her to face everything and heal” he said in a matter of fact tone “any news from the prince?”

Dominic said, "Erik cut himself off from me. I have not had news in days. Antony, however, says that our nephew has lost his spot as second and that Suziana is taking over for the time being. Antony's lifemate is in rough shape and the prince says Erik did it."

“When need to know what’s going on, if home is not safe I won’t risk bring them”

Dominic said, "There are rumors that the forest is attacking people."

"The forest?" Emily asked, looking up. "Nothing bad happens in the forest. At least, not to me. Maybe I can help. I've always been connected to the forest."

"Doubtful," said Dominic. "Not even those dubbed Children of Mother Earth herself have been able to do anything."

"I wasn't talking about the earth," said Emily. "I mean the trees. They are like old friends of mine."

"How is talking to plants going to help?" Dominic asked.

Emily got upset and said, "You never know until it is done!"

Dominic noticed Emily's grip got tighter on Eli in her agitation and quickly got the boy from his mother.

"Give my son back!" Emily yelled, lunging at Dominic.

Ambrose caught her and held her back “your upsetting Eli, calm down” he said in a gentle tone

Emily looked at him and said, "I want him back! He has no right to keep my son from me!"

"You were going to hurt him," Dominic said. "I could not allow that."

"I would never hurt him!" said Emily, fighting Ambrose's hold.

"This was too soon, Ambrose," said Dominic. "She is still not in control of her emotions, and could accidentally hurt the boy. We will try again later."

"Give him back!" Emily demanded, tears falling as Dominic began to walk out with Eli. "Give my son back!"

Eli fought to go back to Emily but Dominic picked him up and whispered to him, calming the child. Emily could not believe it, and her heart broke with each step Dominic took away from her with Eli in his arms. When the door shut. Emily stopped fighting and just cried, shaking.

“Emily he is safe, calm yourself love, I know you would never hurt him on purpose and I know you are smart, you feel yourself unbalanced, I know you wouldn’t even want to risk an accident right?”

"No," she relented before looking up at him. "What is wrong with me? I don't feel like myself. I don't feel in control anymore. With Eli in my arms, it felt like things were back to normal, but then... I just wanted to help. Why wouldn't your brother let me try?"

“You went through hell emily you need time to heal, and you are still human it would be far to dangerous for you to help, just focus on healing so you and your son can be reunited “ he said kissing her forehead

Emily pushed him away and yelled, "You don't think I can do it either! I know I can reach the trees! I spend most of the day outside, and the trees offer comfort while I wait for you! Let me try!"

She was shaking with anger. It radiated from her. The tears that used to be from despair were now from her seething rage.

“This right here is why you can’t help, you can’t control your emotions and it makes you more of a danger a liability then a help” he said in a harsh tone snapping her back to reality. He grabbed her chin in a strong grip and made her look at him, his face was serious “you would be putting us all in danger with your mood swings including your son, is that what you want?”

"Of course not, but I still would like your support at least," she said. "You usually keep me grounded, keep me somewhat in control. I know I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I can say one thing that this has helped with. I'm no longer burying my emotions until they explode out of me, I'm not saying things I don't mean, and I'm expressing myself in ways I never could before. I'm more open, Ambrose. I have never been like this, and it scares me, but I'm also glad that it's happening. I'm saying what I mean, I'm not hiding anymore. For once, I'm being honest with everyone about how I feel, even with myself. I know it can't stay like this, a child like innocence and emotional outbursts, but I'm reveling in my ability to actually know what I'm feeling is real. Can you understand that?"

“I understand that, can you understand what I say then? Until you have healed it is best to limit your interaction with Eli and you will do more good if you are somewhere safe, that way I am not distracted “

Emily nodded and said, "I would not want anyone hurt, Ambrose. But those trees, just like the ones here, they have feelings and a pulse." She looked out the window. "I feel them pulsing with life, Ambrose. Sometimes, I even see it. The ones attacking everyone, they must be in pain or else they would not be doing this." She looked back at him, her eyes hoping he could understand. "The trees are not meant to move. Our trees here, their spirits within are weeping for their Carpathian cousins. I know it. Can you feel their despair too? Or at least sense it? Our trees feel less alive right now, Ambrose, and it is due to what is happening in the Carpathian Mountains. I couldn't place this pain before, but now I know, and I have to help them."

“Then focus on healing so you can” he said touching her cheek softly

"I want to, and yet I don't," she told him honestly. "I want to so I can help people, bit it feels like it means hiding away again. And I refuse to return to being numb. I like being honest with myself. I longer wear a smiling mask, Ambrose. When I'm sad, I cry. Happy, I smile and laugh. Angry, I lash out. It's true, they are wild emotions, but at least I know I'm actually feeling them." She chuckled. "I must sound crazy, huh?"


Constantine woke up but he didn't need to open the earth to know what felt wrong. He chuckled. It was almost getting to become a part of his daily habits to chase down his lifemate. He burst through the earth and quickly caught up to her just outside the monastery grounds.

"Will it always be like this?" he asked.

She sighed in frustration “I am just making my rounds, I have given up trying to run from you” she said in a tired tone. She wore a white silk gown and had a vine like golden jewel around her upper arm. Her hair was up a in messy bun that had a braid on the side, she looked like a Greek goddess, one he was forbidden to touch for a month now, the gown was open far down her back, one good tug and her bottom would be exposed and he was positive she was wearing nothing under the dress. Any male who saw her would get a clear picture of what was underneath

He growled and said, "At least wear something that keeps other men from fantasizing about you. I have been patient, but this outfit is going to push me over the edge."

She stopped and turned towards him, the movement made her breast sway softly “this is a my normal attire for my duty, in case you have forgotten my job is to comfort the ancients that rest here, the feeding process is more then just that, the closeness is essential” she said in a stern tone

"Then find some that won't fall off with a light breeze," he ordered. "I will not have other men thinking of defiling your body."

“Any man awake here does not have the ability to even feel lust, you use to know what that was like remember” she said in a aggravated tone and turned away from him. Her natural sweet scent filled his nose, she smelled like honey and roses.

"There are human men, Elissa," Constantine said. "They care for the female warriors. You know this, and they fantasize. You cannot tell me that they do not desire a lover."

“Just because they desire one does not mean it will be me and I have never felt uncomfortable in my time here, man and female here know how to be respectful” she said in a stern tone “since you would not let me leave then I will continue with my duties “ she said in a serious tone

"I ask that you cover up more, that is all," said Constantine. "Not to stop your duties. But we will have to discuss our relationship at some point."

She stopped “what is there to talk about exactly?” She said without looking at him. A soft breeze made her hair dance in a beautiful way, he saw her nipples go hard against the silk of her dress

"Other than feeding, I have not been able to be with you as a lifemate should," he said.

“Well maybe it’s because I don’t think you are acting like one, you kept me from leaving when I wanted too....” she said as she continued to walk, he could tell she was quickening her pace

"You were running from me and your duties here," he said. "I could not allow that."

“You have no idea what I was doing and you didn’t bother to ask!” She said in a louder tone then she would have liked while turning to face him “you..” she began and took a step forward only to feel her dress get caught on something and tug, she barely caught it in time as it slid off her shoulders and began to fall. She saw her dress was tore at the bottom and caught in a throned rose bush “great...” she said in a upset tone, holding her dress to her chest while trying to pull herself free

He sighed and freed the garment and fixed the dress so that it held on better and hid more of her body, but still allowed her to move freely.

"This is much better," he said. "It won't fall easily and you can still do your duties. As for not letting you leave, you were running. We had sealed the binding contract, so I could read your mind."

“Only my basic thoughts, I’ve trained to keep my mind hidden because of my job” she said in a stern tone “and in case you forgot I have to be naked for some feedings the way my dress is now will make that difficult “ she said taking a step back from him and biting her bottom lip out of frustration. It immediately caught his attention

He growled and said, "You make me want to kiss you until you can't remember your name when you do that. And if you recall, that often leads to me ravishing you."

He saw her take a breath and from the way her body seemed to react to his words it was clear she had been fighting her lifemate urges as well, especially since the scent of her arousal suddenly filled his nose “...I have work todo” she said in a heated tone with flushed cheeks taking a step back from him

"It can wait," he said, caressing her cheek. "We should be together as lifemates should be."

He felt her shiver at his touch “don’t....” she said in a breathless tone

"It is only natural that I would want to be with my lifemate," he said, his body crowding hers.

She moved back until she felt her back hit a tree, him being so close took her breath away and made it hard to think “if I wasn’t your lifemate you wouldn’t even look at me...” she said looking down at her feet afraid if she looked at his face she would kiss him

"Elissa, I would look at you because you would be helping me," he said. "Outside those walls is a world unfamiliar to me. I would still need you to guide me." He made her look at him. "Even if you were not my lifemate, I would still look at you. The vision would be different, yes, but I would still look. We are learning about each other, right now. I need you, not because of the miracles you work everyday, but because you are you. You are a guiding light to everyone here, and losing you would cripple everyone. Do you not see this?"


Michael awoke with a growl. He went to the Lycans and said, "She has left. We must find her now. She could be in danger."

The wolves set off, four groups set off so they could cover north south east and west.

Come back, Elena, before it is too late, he said, I need you.


Elena sat in her seat looking out the window. The train made everything seem to slow down. Because she was human she had the whole day to get as far as possible, this was her third train after her flight. She was deep in the country side in Italy now, and at night she could see every star. She got off at her stop and walked along the country road. Tomorrow she would catch another flight at the small airport here, but for now she would stay at a inn near by. She had chose this particular inn because it was close to the airport and had a barn, She quietly snuck in and she found a place up in the rafters and laid down. She liked the sound of the animals, it made her feel less alone. As she listened to the horses movie and speak with one another she tried to shake the feeling like a part of her was missing. She curled up on her side and began to silently cry though she didn’t know why.

Suddenly, a soft voice entered her mind. She couldn't understand anything it said, except her name. Elena...

The horses started to stir like they were nervous and Elena sat up and looked around.

Elena... The voice seemed to grow dimmer, as if it were moving away.

Below her, some men entered the barn. They gave off an evil air.

She curled up quietly out of view, making sure she was well hidden even if they were to come up onto the loft, she wanted to respond to the voice but she was to scared too. She listened to her surroundings, hoping the men would go away.

"Are you sure?" asked the younger one. "The boss will want us to leave Romania."

"With an old blood sucker out and about taking control of the others," said the elder, "it's too dangerous. He must be the king vamp. The boss will want us to group up and take the battle to them. That is why we are leaving."

"What is his name?" the younger one asked.

"I heard a bloodsucker call him Michael," said the older one. "And from the info I got, he is from thousands of years ago and just woke up."

Elena felt a tightening in her chest at his name and what they were saying. She didn’t know what to do, she didn’t want to hurt Micheal or anyone else that’s why she left but now these people were after him and the others, she couldn’t sit by. She felt something crawl over her leg and jumped slightly. But in doing so made the pitch fork in the hay fall over the loft and land on the ground below

"A spy!" the elder said, causing the younger one to start climbing after Elena.

The two men began chasing after her immediately.

She knew she could not out run them so she played the innocent card and moved her hands in a way they knew she was blind. When one of them grabbed her she cried out but didn’t fight

"She's blind," said the younger. "She can't identify us."

"She can hear, numbskull!" said the older, tying Elena's hands behind her before painfully gripping her breast. "Though, she is a hot one. Let's tell the boss we are going to interrogate her and have some fun."

"We are vampire hunters, not rapists," said the younger, taking Elena from the elder. "We can question her, but doing that is something I can't agree with."

She curled into the younger one like a scared child she started speaking Italian, grateful her father taught he many languages “please don’t hurt me” she said in a soft tone.

"She can't even speak English," said the younger. "I'll guard her. You can go on to the boss now."

"Not at night," said the elder. "You know that they are out at night. I will go in the morning."

"You aren't allowed to touch her," said the younger.

"Whatever, I'm in charge, and I will use that woman to satisfy my needs if I want," said the elder.

"Not while I'm here," the younger challenged.

"Just get some sleep," said the older one, laying in some hay.

The younger laid Elena in the hey pile next to him and said, "I won't let him hurt

“Please..” she began to say in Italian but made a whimpering sound when she moved because of the tight bindings. She scooted closer to the young one and curled up beside him “please untie me, it hurts” she said in Italian, gesturing to her bindings. She saw good in this man but the older one was evil to the core. She didn’t want this good man to be corrupted. She made a decision to help him.

He loosened the bindings but did not untie her, speaking Italian with her, "I can't free you, but I will do my best to keep him from trying to hurt you. I promise."

“Why....why are you doing this? I just wanted to get some sleep” she said in a scared tone “please untie me there are monsters near here, it’s not safe”

"We do not want to risk you telling the vampires," he said. "I would not treat you like this, but he is in charge. Loosening the rope is the best I can do."

“Vampires? I don’t understand...” she said

"We will determine the truth later," he said. "For now, try to rest as best as you can. I will do all I can to make sure no harm comes to you, especially if you are innocent."

She pretended to fall asleep, after a while she could not stay awake any longer and she really fell asleep. She didn’t know how long she had been asleep, all she knew was she was forced away when rough hands covered her mouth in a painful grip

"Let's get out of here," said the elder man. "We can have some real fun then. Got word that the big boss wants to see you. But I think I'll play with you first."

She struggled against his grip and tried to get away

"Stop it, or this will get worse before it gets better," he warned, putting a knife to her throat. "That child over there, he will die because of you. Now, quit struggling before I have to do something nasty."

Call to me, came a voice. I can feel your fear. Call me and I will protect you. It still sounded so distant, but it felt like he was getting closer, slowly. Do it, Elena.

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