A New Day 7

your wrong, everything you said is wrong brother, Elena is the blood daughter of Xavier himself as for my family I do not feel like revealing it yet, but I am not related to Ramon in the way you think. I will sleep outside you should rest too the sun will be up soon. He said standing up one last thing, I love Elena dearly but never once have I let my guard down around her, you should do the same

I am the one person Elena cannot harm, as she is for me, he said, but I will take heed. I expect you to explain everything tomorrow. We are hunted. Blood be red, my brother.

With that he left “Micheal...” he heard Elena call him in her sleep

He closed the windows tightly to keep the sun out and warded the house so that no harm would come to them. He kissed her head as he laid next to her. He would not sleep in the ground this day, knowing how uncomfortable she would be without him. He fell asleep in the bed with her in his arms.


He felt the child calm at his words letting him know he was going to be a mommas boy

He soon fell asleep. Antony knew it would be tough, knowing that tomorrow, Xaviera's trial began.


She laid her body on top of his and kissed his cheek “see if I can’t find a new spot on you to return the favor, I’m willing to search all night and for the rest of our lives, though I doubt it will take me that long....I’m quite good at examining your body I do it quite often when you are not looking” she said with a teasing smile,

"Is that I kept hearing 'bootylicous' in my head?" he laughed. "You know, you have yet to explain this word to me."

She chuckled and smiled “my pleasure” she said gripping his butt tightly, her nails digging in slightly just how she does during their love making and it drives him wild “it means I am thinking about you thrusting inside me, and how much I want to grab you like this to make you go even deeper, it means I find you so attractive that ever time I look at you I want to touch you” she said in a seductive tone

"That does not explain why it is focused on the posterior," he said, "even if I do find yours to be cute."

She laughed “Erik not everything has a reason, is it not enough that I look at you in such a way, to know that your woman wants to touch you “

"Yes," he said, "but I would also like to understand the meaning behind some of the words she uses. It is so that we can communicate better."

“A woman has to have some secrets Erik” she said playfully “now...on that note....where is your secret spot” she said and began to explore his body driving him crazy

"I don't believe I have one," he said through clenched teeth.

“Everyone has one and yours belongs to me” she said kissing his hips “I found the one behind your ear remember” she said knowing her mentioning that sweet spot would turn him on even more “now I will find your biggest one” she said licking up the side of his member

He held in his gasp and said, "I doubt I have a bigger one. But feel free to look."

She growled at his cockiness and was more determined then ever. She took him in her mouth, teasing him, building his pleasure but when he went to grab her head she stopped and started to explore his body once more. She focused one how he was feeling, waiting to see where he was feeling the pleasure the most. She kissed her way back up his chest and lowered her self on top of him, taking her in her core deeply. Before he could thrust she rolled them so he was on top and her hands started to explore his back “let’s see that control...how long can you keep a slow pace?” She said in a challenging tone

He smiled and began a merciless slow pace, saying, "You will not find what is not there, ma petite amour."

“Keep being cocky about it, it will make the torture even better when I find it” she said in a moaned tone as her hands explored his back. Something dawned on her then, he was sensitive on the neck, did that mean his whole neck was sensitive? She didn’t pay much attention to it earlier because she already knew he had a sweet spot there, but maybe his bid one was there as well. Her thoughts lead to the muscle on his neck that was his sensitive spot and were it lead “it can’t be” she said with a giggle

"What are you thinking, woman?" he asked, teeth clenched as he kept the slow pace but wanting to go faster and harder, to find that secret spot again.

With her hands in his hair she turned his head slightly so his ear was to her mouth “I was thinking about how much I love you” she said before biting done in the middle of his outer ear right were the muscle on his neck would lead

He found himself gasping loudly, catching himself before he filled her, saying, "Little minx."

with a growl she pulled on his hair making him straighten his neck and bit the spot once more on his ear

He was suddenly moving as if he could not control himself, gasping in ecstasy. He seemed to have an endless fountain of seed, as each thrust sent a hard stream into her. When she let go, he nearly collapsed on top of her, but caught himself.

"What the hell did you do?" he asked breathlessly.

She smelled trying to catch her breath “found it” she said licking his ear

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