Trials and Infatuations

Michael woke up and stretched. He felt weaker than he was used to, however, he planned on converting his old-fashion woman as soon as possible. With one blood exchange down, he only had two more to go.

Suddenly, the panic sat in. She wasn't there. He bolted up.

"Elena!" he called out, searching each room.

When he got to the bathroom, he tried to open the door, but it was locked. He became mist and entered through the keyhole. Once there, he saw her through the steam and the frosted glass of the shower. Relief swept through him.

"May I join you, cisitri?" he asked.

She jumped at his voice, her reaction was innocent and fitting for his woman. She covered herself shyly. He noticed her skin was pink and her nipples were erected and despite being in the shower he could tell she was wet between her legs from something else, making her look guilty of pleasures herself before he arrived “ did you” she said in a embarrassed tone

"I turned into mist and came through the keyhole," he said with a shrug. "So, may I join you? I have never had the pleasure of using the human mode of cleaning oneself. It would be fun."

She nodded slowly but kept herself shyly covered as she made room for him

He removed his clothes and stepped in. He smelled something off then.

"Elena," he said with a growl, "why do you smell of another man?"

“I went outside...I would smell like a lot of things, I tried to wash before you woke up so you would not get up set” she said reaching for a bar of soap “I can’t smell as good as you I thought I got the smells off, I’m sorry” she said in a slurred tone, he noticed she was wobbly on her feet

He took the soap from her and said, "Elena, going outside would make you smell of the outside world, nothing more. This is a scent I have not smelled before. A man touched you while I slept. You can tell me. I will be angry, yes, but not at you. If he hurt you in any way, or touched you in a way that only I am allowed to do, I will kill him. You are my woman, and no man should lay a hand upon you."

She looked down embarrassed “I.....was hungry.....but I have no currency of this time, it was my fault. I just wanted some apples that were in a tree but I didn’t know it was someone else’s” she said looking uncomfortable, after running away I was thirsty so I went into a inn for some water and a man gave me a drink, it smelled funny though and tasted really bad but I was really thirsty” she said with a sigh wobbling

He growled and said, "That man drugged you. I learned some time ago that young women must be careful. Unless you see it poured in front of you, or you open the bottle yourself, you do not drink the beverage at certain establishments. Let me guess what happened next. Your mind became fuzzy, and you could not make sense of what was happening. Does this sound right?"

She looked away from him “Micheal I think I did something bad...” she said in a upset tone

He pulled her to him and said, "No, cisitri, you did nothing wrong in such a state. You were not in control. Under normal circumstances, I would find the faces in your memories and exact justice. I do not know how to find these men to do that. They have used drugs to take what was not theirs. Men like then do not deserve to remain to keep preying on women."

“But Micheal I didn’t let body is only for you, as dizzy as I was I didn’t want them to touch me” she said into his chest “but I still think I did something wrong” she said in a upset tone. He noticed then her clothes on the floor were covered in blood and by the smell it was not hers

He smiled at her softly and said, "There is no shame in protecting yourself. I am proud of you. This will put my mind at ease when you stay home as I go to battle, knowing that you will protect yourself if the enemy gets through."

He felt her stiffen in his arms and he felt her grab onto his waist tightly with her hands “no I must always stay alive to protect me, I won’t fight back I swear, you can’t not die you must be alive to safe me” once more her innocence came through

"I never planned on letting the enemy through," he said. "So there is little worry, cisitri. But this news you have given me will allow me to concentrate more in battle. That is all. You shall never have to fight."

She was silent as she rested her head on his chest, the hot water was turning her back a pretty pink, her lower stomach rested against his member, she felt soft and warm against him. After a moment she took a step back “you distracted me I need to wash” she said holding her hand out for the soap he had taken

He smiled and said, "You look clean to me. Besides, there are more fun things to do in these things, or so I am told."

She backed away from him and looked away blushing “you feel like a wolf that’s about to eat me...even if I can’t see you...stop starring at me in such a way” she said covering herself up the best she could

He took her hand and said, "After what we shared last night, you are still so shy. It is an endearing quality I am most fond of."

“It’’s because you overwhelm me” she said showing her honesty once more

"You will get used to it," he said. "You, cisitri, should be escorted by myself or your brother from now on to prevent such vagabonds from trying to harm you."

“My brother...he does not need to be tied to me any longer, he should be focusing on finding his lifemate so he can stay in this world with me, but the alpha is a good man and I will have many with me, does that satisfy you?” She asked pressing her back against the shower wall because he was getting closer


Antony woke up and found himself laying uncomfortably next to Anastasia's wolf, his neck over hers. He got up and stretched, hearing joints pop and sore muscles regaining proper circulation. When everything seemed to be working properly, he shifted back to his wolf form for her comfort, pacing near her.

Ana stirred and slowly opened her eyes, he saw she was having trouble stretching and moving

He went to her and began to help her to moved her body. Try, he said. One leg at a time.

She groaned in pain. He felt how stiff her body was and knew the pain would get worse over time because of the silver. It was very clear she would be in pain for the rest of her life because of what Erik did

He wanted to get angry and tear the room apart, but with her fragile state, he said, I know it hurts. Perhaps we will find a way so that it will get better.

She tried to stand up but her body would not let her, she quickly gave up and just laid there. She suddenly shifted out of her wolf form and laid naked on the floor. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was quick “I’m cold” she said in a weak tone

He returned to his human form and clothed them both. He gently picked her up and wrapped her in a warm blanket. He held her to him and sat in a chair.

"It will get better with time," he said. "The pain will remain, but it will get better."

She shook in his arms “you smell....good”

"You must need to feed," he said. "However, your fangs have been removed so you can't feed in the traditional way." He picked up a bottle the healer left. "Drink from this until you feel full."

She didn’t argue and he could tell her hunger was large the way she drank. He could tell she needed more.

He asked the healer to bring in several more bottles of blood and he handed another to her.

She drank six before she stopped “something feels weird...” she said holding her stomach

"What do you mean?" he asked.

“I can’t explain it, it’s like I’m not alone” she said in a confused upset tone

"Oh," he said, "that is because you are pregnant. There is a baby inside of you right now, growing and developing. He is a real mamma's boy. We communicated last night."

Somehow he knew he was about to kick himself for his words, the look on her face said that was not the best way to tell her. Her mouth dropped open in shock and he heard her heart start to race

"It's okay," he said, placing his arms on her shoulders to comfort. "Calm down. All it means is that he wanted to touch your mind with his, to feel you. He feels what you feel. No one is hurts, everything is fine. He runs mainly on instinct, so you both will be fast friends and cause me no end of trouble together. Take a breath, and then reach towards him with your mind."

“Please stop....this is to much, I can’t be pregnant I don’t even remember having sex....first you tell me I have two kids and your my lifemate or whatever and now I’m pregnant not to mention the whole turning into a wolf things...this ...this is not normal it’s not right!”

"It is normal for us," he said. "You have had these abilities since you were born, as have I. We are working on getting your memories back. Don't worry."

She shook her head like she was fighting herself on something, he saw her arm start to change as she became to stressed “no!” She cried and suddenly leaned into his arms burying her face in his chest as she hugged him tightly. Her arm returned to normal as she let herself be comforted by his embrace “why....I don’t remember you effect me like this”

"It is the lifemate bond," he said. "The man says special words, he and his woman exchange blood, and then they make love. That binds their souls back together for all time. Would you like to hear those words?"

For reasons unknown to her she nodded


"My trial is today," Xaviera stated. "After I begin the spell, I need you to finish it in two days if I am unable to." She looked at Caldwell. "It is important that she be saved. With Hero Silver, this became possible. This is a rare magical component. I trust no one else to finish this. Then, on the night of the full moon, the day after, call those we cannot name to you. Give him some Hero Silver, and if she still has the book, she will know what to do with it. The short time we have been together, it has been the happiest days of my life, and I will never forget them. Promise me that you won't hurt anyone if it is decided that I... I..."

“It will not happen” he said sternly “and we will finish this” he said hugging her to him

Xaviera began crying then and said, "You don't know what will happen. I know you want to save me from anyone that could hurt me, but if they say you must stay away from me during this time, do not fight them. I could not live with myself if you got hurt because of me."

“It is not up for debate, I will be with you at all times, remember your magic has yet to return, you have no way of protecting yourself, and we can not call upon Draiden or river again you know this, it’s just you and me” he said holding her

"I don't want you hurt, Caldwell," she said. "You are a great man, a hero." She buried her face into his chest. "Thank you though. Part of me is happy that you will stand with me, no matter my fate."

“That will never change and you will not hurt me” he said with confidence

She kissed him lightly before going to the door, saying, "Suziana, would you please come in? I have a request of you."

Suzi entered “and why should I even listen to your request?”

"Listen to my words does nothing but pass time until Antony calls for me to aid Anastasia," she said. "So there is little harm." He pulled out the bag of Hero Silver and took out three stones before holding out the rest of the bag. "There are five stones of Hero Silver, taken from one who risked everything to save many. It is very rare. To one who knows magic, they are invaluable. No matter the outcome of the trial, they must be delivered to base of the mountain five peaks west of here at the mouth of a cave hidden by clouds. I plan on using the remaining silver to heal Anastasia's mind, as it is the only silver her lycan blood will accept, as Hero Silver is not as impure as other silver and will not burn her. Over the course of two days, my three stones will be purified in untouched waters and the light of the noonday sun." Placing her three stones in another bag, she handed them to Suziana as well. "I know you you do not trust me, and you have no reason to. But only you can do this. I cannot as I am not close to Anastasia. You are her sister through Antony, and so this task falls to you. You must be the one to place the stones in the untouched waters in a place where the noonday sun can shine upon it. If my studies have not failed me, then in two days, you must create a necklace and place it upon her. She must not take it off for one month, or we will have to start over with new Hero Silver. When the month is up, to the exact time, the necklace must be removed and dropped into the heart of a volcano that erupts to the south. This will destroy the spell that has shattered her mind while also mending her memories. Will you do this for Anastasia and deliver the remaining silver to the other location?"

Dante walked in and said, "How do we know this is not a trick?"

"You don't," said Xaviera, her eyes meeting his. "The worse that can happen, however, is that she remain a blank slate for the rest of her days, and Antony loses the strong woman he fell in love with." She looked back at Suzianna. "But it now is up to you. What will you decide to do, Suzianna?"

“What I decide to do is not your concern” she said putting up a ward “you are not to leave this room, nor are you able to use any abilities in here and that includes connecting to The Carpathian main link, as far as I’m concerned you were not even worthy enough to be converted, you don’t have the right to touch our people, your body may be like ours but you will never be one of us” said in a harsh tone and with that she left taking Dante with her. The door locked and xaveria and Caldwell could feel they no longer were able to use any abilities

Xaviera sighed and said, "She didnt say no at least. That actually went better than expected."

Caldwell growled and picked her up in his arms and started to head for the bed “either I pound into until you forget your own name now to relieve my anger or I rip her head off for speaking in such a way”

"Do not be mad at her," Xaviera said. "She doesn't like or trust me, so having me here is quite stressing. Calm yourself. What would you do if the person responsible for so much pain came in, suddenly on your side, and acted like I am. I hate they hate me and wish me dead, yet I am calm. Any aid I offer is looked at with suspicion. In time, if I am spared death, they will see the truth."

He laid her on the bed and lifted up her dress to her waist and slid down her panties “you will not die but you will be screaming soon” he said in a seductive dark tone as he undid his pants and entered her with a hard thrust

She gasped and said, "Caldwell... I..." She couldn't think, but knew she didn't want to stop until she was summoned, in case it was their last day together. "I love you."

In his old language he said I love you back as he began to thrust deep and hard. One hand can up and gripped her hair, pulling her head back and he started to kiss her neck feverishly

She began chanting his name, unable to to do anything else, while her nails cut into his back.

He growled in pleasure and pinned her submissively

Dante looked at Suzianna and asked, "Are you going to do what she asked? Because something seemed off. Why ask you to help someone as a last request?"

Suzi looked upset and in deep thought because I don’t think she feel it’s her last request, we must be careful she might be playing a trick to escape”

"I don't know," said Dante. "If it were, why not ask to go do these things herself? Why ask you to do it? Or try to escape yesterday? They had chances, but didn't take any of them. They also came here willingly, knowing what was waiting. I hate to say it, and I don't believe it, but we have to at least entertain the idea that she may be telling the truth. I mean, it's not like there aren't twenty people guarding her as it is."

She turned to look at him “I hope your not being serious?” She said with that angered expression he had come to find cute on her

"I said entertain the idea," he said with a smile as he caressed her cheek. "I even said that I don't believe it. I feel that the request is strange, yes, but her being our ally? I wouldn't trust that if you paid me. But the idea must be put out for consideration, as ludicrous as it is."

She moved away from him “you are a stubborn and insane male, how could you even think to humor such an idea! I swear by the heavens our union must be making our ancestors laugh! You make me want to kiss you and punch you at the same time!”

"I'll take kissing for eternity," he said in his joking way before getting serious. "But you know, if it turns out she is telling the truth, and we condemn her and her lifemate for her past crimes which would result in death, and her spell helps Anastasia recover, the whole of the Carpathian race would feel never ending guilt. This is why looking at all angles, even the crazy ones, is necessary." He chuckled. "I think I'm beginning to see why Antony is so indecisive. If he doesn't look at every angle carefully, and someone dies, who's hands does he see blood on?"

“Even if she is innocent now her death would still be justified, we have laws and we have condemned people to death for less crimes then she has committed we both know she would already be dead right now if it was not for Caldwell, it does not matter if she was fooled or not, she showed she has a evil heart and that is not something that will ever change, lifemate or not” she said in a serious tone moving away from him

"As acting second, you will be the one to rip Caldwell's heart from his chest and destroy him," Dante informed her. "Can you do that? Kill an innocent man, a hero, simply because of his lifemate? In keeping her alive, she has a warden and we keep a hunter. Two birds, one stone. However, final decision goes to Antony, but the souls of those who died before, they can overrule him, should they feel his judgement unfit. I am not saying that she can redeem herself, only that we must consider all things. You are right, she is only alive because of him. You did say her mind was clean. What did you learn while looking in there?"

“That nothing she will ever do will ever make up for the evil she has done” she said in a strained tone

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