Trials and Infatuations 2

"No," he said with a growl. "I was told the alpha wanted to make you his beta. As such, no unclaimed man is to be near you, with the exception of your brother. This is for their safety. From now on, if you wish to travel anywhere, call on me. Understood?"

He was so close, she felt the dominance coming off of him and it made her feel warmth spread in her belly “I understand sleep during the day, the Lycans do not...” she said

"Then, you should also sleep during the day," he said.

She seemed sad about that “the alpha only offered me to be his beta out of respect not love...he does not feel such a way towards me...I may not be able to see the sun but I can feel it, I wish to feel it as much as possible before you covert me” she said in more of a asking tone

"Once conditioned, you will be able to feel the sun again, though even blind, it will hurt your eyes without proper sunglasses," he said.

“You will not budge in this decision will you?” She said moaning honestly when she felt his body heat so close to her

"No," he said. "What you have told me informs me that this world would destroy an innocent like you, and I will not chance that."

“I’m not innocent...” she said in a upset tone trying to move away from him

"Cisitri, your blush, your actions, and your very voice scream innocence," he said. "It makes me want to protect you more."

“I know.....” she said with a heavy tone “beauty...innocents....purity, things others value the most, it lures out the bad with greed and the righteous with the need to protect” she said sadly “my father told me that” she said in a shameful tone “ have fallen for his trick too, your need to protect me or to touch not real”

"If it were an illusion," he said, "I would not see in color or touch you the way I do." He picked her up, forcing her to wrap her legs around him so that her entrance teased his velvet tip. "This is real, Elena. No spell can mimic a true lifemate bond." He slowly entered her until he was all the way to the base. "I would not feel such desires if this were an illusion."

She covered her mouth, moaning into her hand while the other gripped his shoulder. Her core was so tight it was almost painful which added to the pleasure “tell me then...tell me how I feel “

"There are no words to describe how good you feel," he said as he began thrusting. "Heaven. That is the closest description, but even it is too little a word." He murged her mind so that they felt what the other felt. "This, showing you, it will allow you to feel the joy and pleasure I feel."

He was rushed with a feeling of physical please, but what shocked him was he felt no actual emotion from her, she felt numb to him, like he had been before her.

While he wanted to feel puzzled by what she felt, the way she gripped him was too much to ignore. He had to reach her deepest, most sensitive spot. And when he found it, each thrust sent her free falling endlessly until she could not think. He filled her so that his strong stream hit the same spot and sent her into what felt like an endless orgasm.

He lifted her up and took her to the other room, drying them both. She could not walk and the aftershocks still rocked her body.

"Elena, did you... did you feel anything other than pleasure?" he asked. "Normally, I would feel your joy or sorrow when merged so completely, yet, there was nothing. I worry about you."

She lifted her face to his like she was looking up at him “I don’t feel such things, any emotions I feel are from others, why do you ask?” She said like it was no big deal. Now that he thought about it, the way she acts, the way she is around others, it always seemed like she said and did all the right things every time. Even when she had said she was not his woman yet, though she sounded angry her expression was calm

"Elena, you should feel something," he said. "Your emotions should not come from somewhere else, but from within." He cut his emotions off from her. "What do you feel for me, right now. My emotions cannot get to you, so you should be able to answer honestly."


He recited the binding word over to her, feeling new ties form and from the look on her face, this alarmed her.

"It is alright," he said. "They are ties I severed in my arrogance and fear. They have been repaired, that is all. Know this, I mean every word. Your happiness comes first, and I will always cherish you. I will find a balance between your protection and your happiness. I refuse to lose you again to my own failings."

He felt her get overwhelmed by the new emotions swarming her. Suddenly she cried out and grabbed her head. He saw images of him flashing through her mind, broken memories she had of him

"Don't try to grasp them," he said. "It will be too painful. Not because the memories are bad, but because of how torn they are right now. When you are ready, they will piece themselves together and reveal more of who you are. It is okay to not remember right now."

She let them slip away and went still. After a moment she gripped his shoulders and pulled herself into his lap, her face was at his neck first, smelling his scent, and slowly her face was inches from his, he could feel her warm breath on his lips

"Anastasia," he gasped. "Are you... sure? We... um... haven't healed you properly yet."

“I’m not sure of anything...but” she said in a whispered tone. He could feel she was waiting for him to guide her, unsure if what she was feeling was right, he felt how she more then needed him to kiss her, even if she didn’t understand why. Even without her memories she wanted him

He kissed her deeply, telling her that it was not wrong to want him. He pulled back and said, "Never be afraid to tell me what you want. It is okay. There is a time and place for it, of course. This feeling, this is just ours. Kissing is fine, but anything more in public would be looked down upon if seen. We will come to that if it happens. For now, you should rest. Xaviera will be coming in soon so that she can see if she can make you more comfortable."

“ make me comfortable why would I need her?” She said shocking him

"The pain in your bones," he said when he found his voice. "I can do so much and take so much of your pain. There will be times I will have to sleep for long periods and be unable to help you. I want you to be able to live your life without having to rely on me too much."

Where was the strong woman that told him to fuck off when she was upset? Or tell him she needed him and demand it from him? This woman in his lap... she was almost a child in her innocence. His woman did not mind demanding things of him, shoving the truth in his face without mercy. This Anastasia seemed on the verge of breaking at a moments notice. He would not abandon her but he could not help compare the two versions and find the starkness of the way she was before preferable. She forced him to do what needed to be done, for the sake of everyone. He needed that Anastasia back, not because this version was bad, but because it was the real her, honed in many trials and tribulations through out her life,

"We will fix everything," he said, hugging Anastasia to hid the tears. "I promise."

“Don’t cry...” she said in a soft tone, slowly hugging him back. When the door opened she jumped and curled up into him out of fear

“They are ready to see Anastasia prince” a guard said

He looked up and said, "Alright. We will be here shortly." He looked at Anastasia. "I won't let anything bad happen to you."

He picked her up and carried her to another chamber. Xaviera looked exhausted, but ready to help. He laid Anastasia on the bed.

"I have given Suzianna the Hero Silver," Xaviera said. "Whether she does what I asked or not is up to her. It can be done at any time, other than the purifying of the silver. But she must be the one to purify and adorn the Hero Silver upon Anastasia." She looked at the woman laying on the bed before her and acted as if she were soothing a child. "It won't hurt. You will feel pretty with it on and you will get better." She looked at Antony. "If I attempt to remove any more silver from her, it will damage her bones. Erik and I have tried to cut down the pain as best as we can, but her lycan blood will not allow it. There is little I can do."

"Then try harder!" Antony ordered. "This is my lifemate, who took the full brunt of the spell for you! At least make it so that the pain is bearable! Or are you still toying with us?! What sick game are you playing at?!"

Xaviera did not let the pain show. His words hurt, but he had the right to question her.

"I can keep trying," she said in a small voice, "but unless I find or create a spell to remove all foreign objects without pain, I can't do much more. I'm sorry."

Xaviera hung her head in shame. She had convinced Caldwell to take her to see River, who forced them to come see the prince. She willingly helped them, even despite the glares and growls and anger. After this, the ancient dead would judge her, and deem if she was to live or die. While she wanted to live, just so Caldwell survived, she would not prolong her life at another's suffering. She had harmed too many people as it was, and she refused to do so any longer.

Ana groaned in pain and started to move like she was uncomfortable. Xaviera sensed it the same time Anthony did, Ana’s body was changing, the silver was permanently mixing with her bones and muscle. They knew now it was too late, They would never be able to get rid of the silver or ease her pain. Her Lycan blood spread the silver deep and fast and her Carpathian blood made it permanently heal in her body. But xaveria also sensed something else and kicked herself for not realizing it soon. There was a illusion spell on Ana. Not from Erik but from someone stronger. Though she was unable to use any magic since she lost her powers she knew she could tell erik how to get rid of it and he could do it. But what worried her was why there was such a strong illusion spell on her.

"I am such an idiot," she said, causing Antony to growl in anger. "Antony, forgive me. I was focused on her pain and failed to see the illusion on her."

"Then remove it!" Antony ordered.

"I..." she began backing away, the look in Antony's eyes made her feel afraid. "I no longer have the ability to use magic at this time. My staff was taken, and it was what allowed me to..."

"I tire of excuses!" he yelled, looking as if he would kill her. "Remove the spell, witch!"

Xaviera began tearing up. She wanted to help, but she was powerless right now until she got used not using that horrible, mind altering staff. But him calling her witch... that hurt, reminding her of the hunts in the old days. They all deem me unfit to live and no help I give will change that. My life... our life together will never be. I'm so sorry, Caldwell, that you have me for a lifemate.

erik is on his way, and I am not sorry, we will get through this, help Erik he said just as Erik walked into the room

"So, how can we help today?" Erik asked before seeing the tension in the room.

"There is a dark illusion on her," said Xaviera, sounding close to tears. "I have no powers because I used my staff so much. It is up to you to do it. I will guide you."

"Just go get the staff," Erik said.

"The Staff of Alycrome is evil!" Xaviera said, falling to her knees in tears. "I knew that touching it alone would imbue me evil, but I needed to amplify my powers! It took what was good in me as a mortal mage and left only darkness!" She didn't look up, not expecting them to understand. "I thought I was helping my brothers, or I would not have ever touched it. I was a fool and nothing I do will ever be able to make up for my stupidity. I know that. If I were not Alycrome's daughter, it would have taken decades before anyone would have noticed I was evil. Even now, if I were to touch it, the witch you have named me would instantly return and Caldwell... Caldwell would be lost. As long as no one uses it, they should be fine, but me... it won't let me go a second time."

Antony said, "Your tears mean nothing to me, nor can I determine if they are real or false. Time and the ancients will tell."

Xaviera wanted to leave, wanted to run away. She couldn't face them anymore. The hate, the anger, the desire to kill her... it was all too much.

i am with you, hold your ground love, we need to help Ana, tell erik the chant to reverse the spell. You know it and he can do it, he is strong enough to and it won’t her him but it will make him tired, but you need to warn them they might see something horrible. This is a very powerful illusion spell whatever it’s hiding has to be big

Xaviera gave a mental nod and took his hand to stand, saying, "Erik, I can tell you the ancient spell. It isn't dark, it counters it. But be warned, you will feel exhausted and there will be images projected into our minds. The room will have to be warded or the images will effect everyone within a fifty mile radius."

Antony growled but warded the room, adding an extra ward to keep Xaviera from running. He felt that she was the one behind everything, and he would not let her run again.


She came as his teeth sunk into her shoulder. She held on to him, her anchor in the craziness around them, and the pleasure he was giving her.

He growled as he felt her cum, he lifted her legs going deeper

"Too much!" she gasped as she felt him hit her deep. "It's too much!"

He growled “it’s not ever enough” he said threw clenched teeth as he came hard inside her deepest core

She screamed with pleasure, but gasped when he didn't let her rest, instead, flipping her so that she was on all fours. She wanted to feel his so deep, they were one being. Yet, on the edge of her mind was the trial, though it did not mare the experience. It made it better, knowing it was fleeting.

He gripped her hair and pulled her head back and bit deeply into her neck making her cum instantly but he didn’t stop

She gasped, chanting his name in her mind. There was no way for her to speak. It was like he was trying to put centuries of love making into this one small moment, and God help her, she was powerless to stop it, even if she wanted to. She never wanted the moment to end.

He bit into his wrist and put it to her mouth as he continued to pound into her. When she started to feed from him he moaned in ecstasy and she felt his dick grow bigger inside her

I can't take much more! she gasped in his head. But I don't want it to stop!

They came together, he filled her until she was so full it ran down her legs. Because of the situation they were in he made sure she would not get pregnant from this. He wanted them to be safe before starting a family. He cleaned her and himself and dressed them just as they were summoned

"I saw the memories with you, Suzianna," he said. "You felt me in your mind. I know it, because I did not want to risk you being trapped. There were sections Caldwell kept from you, and you worry that she has corrupted him because of it. That will need to brought up at the trial. If you won't say it, I will. You are right, though. What we saw showed little to no attempt to make up for the three years of evil she committed. Xavier had centuries, and she packed that in to so short a time. I am more upset over us losing Caldwell. His reputation alone would give even the ancestors pause."

She slammed her fist against the wall hard enough to make it bleed “I need to leave before I do something I’ll regret” she said

"Or you could keep talking to me outside," he said. "There are benefits to relying on your lifemate, you know."

“Benefits I don’t share, we have not had such luxuries “ she said in frustration “you make jokes but will not touch me”

He flinched and said, "Suzianna, I..."

How could he tell her that the moment in the bar still effected him, or that he felt inadequate next to her? He sighed. He couldn't. He wanted her. God, help him, he wanted her. But she wasn't the submissive type, and he refused to be in that position ever again.

"I'm dealing with things," he said. "When we are ready, it will happen. I know you have started to come around to the idea, and I would love to be able to hold you every night, but... my issue is still deep. I'm sorry."

“Your issue? You don’t think I still see that woman riding you!” She yelled letting him know it was still effecting her too “I have never felt such anguish before in my life and that is saying a lot. You are older then me, you should have known better!” Yelled

He was shocked for a moment and said, "You're right. I shouldn't have let my guard down. But I did and it was my mistake. But Suzianna, you should not suffer because of it." He put his hands on her shoulders. "It was my failing. It was not consensual, and when I get passed it, I will be a better man for it. I got to feel what it was like to be helpless, for whatever reason. When we have children, if they are girls, I will train them so that they never feel that way, and I will insure that any boys we have will understand that helplessness is not a weakness when it makes you stronger. Right now, I am still too weak to deal with it fully. I want to come to you a stronger man, Suzianna. It has been months, and it still effects me. Unless it's you, I avoid women as much as possible. But I'm getting better, I promise. Soon, I'm hoping to come to you to say the binding words, not just to be your back up."

She moved away from him like she was unable to bare his touch “Your a foolish man, if you were just my back up why would my heart be this broken because of you and that woman” for the first time he heard pain in her tone and knew she was crying though he could not see. Before he could say anything he felt her mind close to him and she vanished from his sight as she turned into mist

"I'm you back up now," he said, "while I heal what was broken. I want to be yours, Suziana, but I'm not ready yet."

"Antony has yet to call the mage woman to heal Anastasia," said a hunter. "We need things to start progressing this night or the trials will never begin."

"Go tell him that," said Dante. "Suzianna has work elsewhere and cannot deliver the message."

The man nodded as Dante walked outside and sat on the edge of the cliff, looking at the stars.

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