One Week Of Darkness Later 3

He felt the sun start to burn him, though not in the way he expected. His eyes watered terribly and he was forced to go back inside. How had he not known?

you were not suppose to wake up yet, in a couple of days the sun won’t burn you and your eyes will adjust once you change is complete

My change? he asked. What do you mean? I like the night, and though the daylight held mystery for me before, I no longer desire to be in it. And might I add, that fucking hurt!

He heard her chuckle in his head whats wrong the big ancient Carpathian man can’t stand a little sun burn? she said in a teasing tone. She was teasing him and he found some part of him enjoyed the banter but the biggest part of him made his dominance rise. Marcus suddenly walked by him “coming through” he said stepping outside with a stretch “Elena I’m heading to the market do you need anything?” He yelled up at the window “yes some more of those fruits we had last night” she said from the window “you mean the funny looking ones?” He asked “yes those” she replied “alright” he said and walked down the street into the crowd of people

Michael went to her and said, "I am not used to the sun. Do you know how bright it was out there? How painful literally frying alive is? If that is sun burn, why do humans still stay outside when they are clearly dying?"

“In a couple of days the sun will not hurt your She said taking off her shirt and pants, there was a red floral dress laid out on the bed that she was going to change into. She had a matching bra and panties set on that was red silk, her skin was clear, no scars or runes.

He could not stop himself from touching her skin. "I see. And what if I refuse to go into the daylight?"

She froze at his touch but only for a moment before she moved away from him and reached for her dress “then we will not see much of each other, I sleep at night Micheal, I won’t be changing that” she said in a distant tone

"Then, it is a good thing that, since I am asking you to under go the conversion, that I would ask no less of myself," he said. "So, tell me, besides seeing the noonday sun, what else will I be able to do?"

“Anything a human can, eat, dream, walk in the sun” she said like it was no big deal “it is only because you are bonded to me that you can do all this but don’t mistake that I can not take it away, so don’t do anything unsavory “ she said slipping the dress on. Her body moved so seductively as she did, and the way the dress slid down her body made him envy the dress

"You would respect me less if I did not tell you what I desired," he said, moving in closer. "And right now, I desire you."

She cleared her thought and blushed but she stood her ground and didn’t move as he got closer “I have things to do and you should go back to sleep” she said

"I am not tired," he said.

The way he said it and the way he looked at made her lose her control, she grabbed his shirt and pulled him to her, her lips crushing onto his

He growled, desire shooting through him. The force of her coming to him pushed him against the wall. I may be Carpathian, but, woman, I am still breakable, he said with a chuckle.

no your not breakable she said ripping open his shirt, her hands slide up his back, her nails teasing his skin as she did

He pulled away from her and said, "Do not do that, paint me as a perfect being. I kill as a way of life. I am of the darkness, you of the light. Every bone within this body has been broken multiple times, and it will happen many more times. I never had a weakness in my life, as I could fight despite the breaks and pain." He caressed her cheek. "Now I have you, giving me even more strength and a reason to fight, yet if the enemy gets their hands on you, I would forsake even my honor and my people to save you," he placed his hand on her stomach, "and our children."

His seriousness broke the mood and she stepped back “I never once thought you as perfect what I meant was at this very moment you were not breakable because of what I was about to do to you” she said fixing her dress “but the moment has passed” she said fixing her hair into a gorgeous bun “I’ll be back later” she said heading to the door

He grabbed her hand and said, "I misread your words, and I am sorry. I am not used to talking to people, and when I do, it is in short sentences to get a simple point across. These moments with you are the longest conversations I have ever had with anyone. Usually, it is them telling me details of a problem I am to aid with, then we part ways. The nuances of social behaviors is still new to me."

she made him let go of her hand and she crossed her arms "oh? socializing with me is a nuisance is it? shall I fix that for you? " she said in a dark tone

"Wait, no, that is not what I said," he replied. "I mean, I do not know how to speak to people in a way that explains a point of view or how I feel. I am used to stark details only, no feelings or emotions involved."


"My mate is supporting me in bringing our sister home," he said. "Where is that Dragonseeker sense of duty and the Daratrazanoff pride? Are you seriously going to let a moron who has never ventured here destroy you? Come on, little sister. You are stronger than that asshole you call a mate." He blocked a soul from her with his own body. "Tell you what, when we get back, I'll kick his ass for you."

“I am not a dragonseeker or a daratranzanoff , just because I have your blood does not make me one of you......if everyone would have just left us does not matter now...I’m tired, I don’t wish to be reborn, let the souls take what they want from me” she said and the vines grew tighter around her, he saw her soul start to tear from them

"It is not your blood I speak of!" he yelled, tearing at the vines again with his bare hands. "I am speaking of your heart! You don't understand at all! I was accepting you into my family! Now, am I going to have to drag your ass out of here by force or are you going to help me?! Because I am not leaving you here in this place!"

“Yes you are” she said and he felt her push him and he was suddenly in his own body again

Grigore shook his head, saying her soul was not back. Erik growled.

"Our sister is a bitch," he said to Grigore. "Just a warning."

"Noted," Grigore said with a chuckle.

Erik went back and lit up the who area around River. "I said I'm not leaving you here, and I meant it! I have Dragonseeker blood in me, so I do not give up easily! You will do well to remember that, little sister, the next time you try to fight me. You think you are the only stubborn ass hunter that I have pulled from this place? And yet, they live and find lifemates. You have a lifemate and child, more than they had or hoped for. Why do you not fight as you should?"

“I have fought all my life, I’m tired, you wouldn’t understand, you had family I did not and you have not dealt with what I have, compared, you have had a very sheltered life” she said “I leave my son my home, only he may enter when he comes of age.....” she said and behind her he could see the visage of her dragon wrapped in the vines as well “goodbye Erik “

He hacked at the vines and said, "And if it were Draiden or your son battling and telling me to leave them behind, would you let me?"

He saw the mention of Draiden name hurt her deeply and her soul flickered, it’s light dimming “ is cruel, only death holds peace” she said. Erik saw a soul grab her by the throat and whisper something to her, whatever the soul said looked like it destroyed her even more, the vines started to retreat “Erik.....take me back” she said in a broken tone

He threw the soul from her and said, "What did the fallen one say to you that has you desiring to live?"

She didn’t answer him, the vines dropped her and the moment erik caught her he was back in his body and her soul was in hers.

Weak though he was, Erik tapped her cheek, asking, "River, what did he say to you?"

“Erik don’t she needs to stay asleep, her body is in too bad of condition to risk waking her right now” a healer said

Meghan went to erik and held out her wrist “I have fed well so I can feed you, take what I offer freely my love” she said in a soft tone

Erik weakly said, "We need to make sure her soul stays in her body. It will be a fight. One of the souls did something, and we must find out what."

"Erik, you didn't..." Grigore began.

"I did what I had to to bring her back," he said, "but no, I did not use magic to do so."

"You let them rip at your soul, you moron!" Grigore said. "What if you had been trapped with her?!"

He looked at Meghan and said, "That would not have happened. I have my reason for living and the dead will have to wait to have at me."

With that, he began to feed from his lifemate, savoring the flavor and warmth she provided.

Meghan had them move river to the west hall, the other healers were there and had already set up the room especially for her, it was going to be a rough night, the room had healing candles and bottled blood for the healers, as well as a special bed the hung off the ground that had soil on it so they could still move and view her body while they worked but she was also partly in the soil, the second they left the room Meghan moaned, she had been holding it in, but Erik always had a way to make her feel like this and his bite was more then enough. She downed another bottle of blood while he still fed so he could continue to do so without worrying. She then proceeded to let him feel just how much he was effecting her.

It was so cold, he whispered in her mind as he closed the wound. Yet, as always, you warm me up.

She kissed his forehead lightly, then both of his cheeks and finally his lips during my time in the cave I went there she said, she had never told him that because she didn’t want him to know she had actually died in those caves. Actually the way her body was used it happened many times but they never let her die permanently. They always brought her back to be tortured more so I never want you to feel the cold of that place

He looked up at her and said, "When a hunter is near death, I will always go to bring them back from that place. Just as River is tainted from their touch from her time there, I am from all my visits as well. I refuse to be cleansed of it, because the more tainted with that dark and cold, the easier it is to save those there."

“I won’t let you feel that cold and I don’t like the taint Erik, your not alone anymore I can aid you in that place, please for me cleanse the taint” she said holding his face softly

He looked at her a moment before looking away and said, "I can't. If I do, I put those I am rescuing in even more danger than before because those fallen souls latch onto any light they find. As a healer, my light would shine brightly if not for the taint and then I would need rescued as well when they swarm. I am sorry but the taint will have to stay."

"Erik please I have worked so hard let me prove myself, you don't need it I will protect you from those souls....without getting hurt"she added

"I cannot risk it," he said. "Touching River in the other world, I understand why she reacted the way she did when we tried to force her to cleanse her soul. There is reason behind us keeping the taint, Meghan. Besides, even a little risk in the other world is too much of a risk to you. I will not have you hurt protecting me."

she frowned and stood up "then why do I work so hard! you can't protect me all the time Erik when do I get to protect you! its the bedroom all over again I know compared to others with more powerful gifts I lack but I'm not useless"she said in a hurt and angry tone

"That was not what I was meaning," he said, taking her hand. "A soul as good and pure as yours should not have to see the creatures of that other world. I gladly fight them to honor the men and women willing to die to save our entire race. I am proud of my taint because I am able to bring them back home, where they belong. I see it like I see your scars," he ran his hand over her arm, tracing the scars reverently, "I see the courage it took to fight, and the scars left on you is a mark of that courage. I feel that my taint is the same."


He shifted back and held her, saying, "I have no excuse for my actions other than I let a groundless fear blind me to the warrior you are. I did not trust you as I should have. I did not change you because you were not good enough. I changed you because I was lacking, Anastasia. If I had not been lacking everything, I would have seen the truth right in front of me, a beautiful and strong warrior. I should have trusted our bond and I did not." He made her look at him. "I was, and am, the one who is not good enough, Anastasia. You lack nothing. You stepped into a role you should not have had to take, not once but several times. Your strength in the face of such trials and such hell, it humbles me. I am proud of you and ashamed of myself."

She tried to move away from him “let me go....” she said pushing against his chest “ I won’t be fooled again...I won’t...” she said but her pushes became weaker

He growled and said, "Anastasia, I just proved to you, once again, that I am your alpha. I have also shared with you what I learned. What would it take for you to see that there is no lie in my words, that I will honor you as you deserve and will never forget again."

When he growled she stopped moving “kill me.....” she said shocking him please...if you truly love me....kill me or at least.....put me to sleep forever...” she said shaking slightly in his arms

"The silver," he growled. "I should have known it was hurting you. Let me take some of your pain. It is the least I can do." He held her to her. "I cannot kill you, but I promise, I will do all in my power to make the pain lessen so that you can live and act as normal as possible, if not have it disappear completely. I love you and until we find out what to do, I can put you to sleep when it gets to be too much, but I still need you, Anastasia."

“But what about what I body cared to ask...they just told me to do things, blamed me for your actions,...” she said

"I am sorry," he said. "People want to place blame somewhere, and because you are my lifemate, they turned to you. They should blamed me and me alone. But I am here now, and it is no longer your burden to lead the Carpathian people." He hugged her. "It is time you were free to be a mother and warrior again. I will take back all of my duties from you so you can rest and do what makes you feel like Anastasia again."

“ I don’t know who I am anymore, with everything that has happened I feel shattered” she said in a tired tone “the pain....I don’t remember why it was worth one cares about what I did...they all turned their back on me....I suffered for nothing” she said shaking more in his arms “I......wish I would have died in those caves” she said in a defeated tone that was unlike her

"Do not say that," he said, sounding heartbroken. "You, me, and the twins, we will go away, find someplace to be alone and let you learn who you are again. I'll remind you everyday of who you are. But please, do not sound as if you are dead already."

“You can not go away...” she said in a tired tone “just focus on your people and leave me to my pain” she said in a distant tone

"I will gladly give up everything here, among my people, if it means that you are no longer in pain and that I can be with my family," he said. "So no, I will not leave you alone."

“You would abandon your people for me?” She asked

"Yes," he said simply, and it was the truth.

“Ok” she said after a moment “I want to leave”

"I know a place right on the edge of the Carpathian lands," he said. "Actually, I'm the only one who knows about it. We will need to get the twins on the way. There is a cabin, surrounded by flowers that confuse the senses a mile away from the fenced in yard. I know the only path to get through the flowers, so we will be safe and protected. Once you go through, the entrance will be easy to find, so when you feel up for it, you can leave at any time." He picked her up and started walking out. "The soil there is unlike any other that I have felt, so it is perfect for healing Carpathians as well. Let's go."

She could tell he was serious. She let him take her to the cabin, Anthony had decided he would bring the kids later so he could have this alone time with her. It was beautiful, she loved the flowers and the way the cabin looked inside. For the first time and for reasons unknown to her this felt like home, she looked around as he set the place up “Anthony “ she said making him stop “you need to go back” she said in a low tone not looking at him. Despite everything they had went through she knew he loved his people and abandoning them was not a option for him, and she didn’t want him too “maybe in another life we like this but....”

"They can find another," he said with a smile on his face, looking carefree for the first time she had ever seen. "Erik can do it. You come first, and this place is safer than anywhere else in the mountains. We can actually have a real life here." He looked at her and his face fell. "Or, are you still not ready to accept me back into your life? If that is the case, I will find a place to rest outside and work my way back to your bed." He growled at the prospect. "That sounds promising, actually."

He saw her blush and it was the most beautiful thing he had seen in a long time “Anthony....” she said and he saw her shiver, the way he said his name started a fire in his stomach “I suffered to much to let them be abandon....I saw how much they care for you and not just as their prince, we can live here but....they need you” she said

"You come first," he said.

She sighed and he saw a change in her. when she opened her eyes they were her wolves. she grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him to her so her face was inches from his "I did not suffer for nothing! you are going to be prince and your going to be a damn good one!" she growled. it was the first time she had spoken to him like that in a long time

"And here I thought you would play the scared puppy this whole time," he said. "It is true, you come first, but now that I have your support, I can be your lifemate and the prince. Well, so long as you stay by my side, Miss Beta."

She growled and pushed him away "dont make me feel weaker then I already feel! and quit calling me beta"she said standing up "I am.....i am not your beta im ... your lifemate I am someone else's beta"she said in a stubborn tone

He growled and said, "So who's ass should I kick to show I am your alpha?"

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