Trouble Brews 6

Michael sighed and finished his tea before saying, "Thank you for the talk, sister. But duty calls."

And he disappeared.


Draiden held in a growl of pleasure, seeking only her comfort and safety. If he growled, she would not trust him, seeing it as a threat. He could not stop how his body reacted, but he did not ask anything of her. He let her feed from him. Take what you need, dragon lady. I offer freely.

The more she drank the more he felt her grip on him tighten. Luckily there were bottles of blood near him and within reach

He drank from them greedily until nearly every one of them was gone. His only thought was to provide for River and strengthen her.

He felt her growl against his skin and he found himself on his back with her on top of him pinning him down.

River? he asked.

She covered his mouth with her hand, a signal not to speak. He felt a fight going on in her. Her other hand grabbed his wrist and placed it on her lower hip

He gripped her, wanting to know what was going on and if he could help.

im in a dark place...cause me pain or I won’t stop until there is no blood left in your body...I can’t fight this...

River... he said. I... I will do so only because you need me to, but I will not enjoy it.

He sliced open her leg and dug his fingers in, closing his eyes and pretending to be the heartless man the spirit had turned him into. He hadn't seen his lifemate then, only a disobedient pest. Still, it was difficult to do as she asked.

She cried out and released his neck with a growl pin me! Pin me now before I attack you again

He rolled until she was under him, keeping his arms way from her mouth. River... what is going on?

someone is activating me...soon I will lose control of my free need to run...get everyone to a safe place...I can’t fight it much longer

River, I need you to explain what you mean, he said. Because I will not leave you. I have warned Antony and he is getting everyone out. But I am not leaving you.

She went wild underneath him trying to bite him i can’t....leave now

I'm not leaving! he said. Consider this my penance for the crimes I committed against if you want, but I don't give a damn what happens to me! I am here to help you fight whatever this is so my dragon lady can return stronger than ever!

With a strength he didn’t know she had she threw him off of her. He saw runes start burning themselves into the skin on her neck making her cry out in pain

He got up and ran to her, hugging her to him as her talons scraped skin and muscle from his back. I will not leave you. If you fall, I fall with you. There is no seperating us. Xayvion is just going to have to get over losing you to me because he cannot have you!

He felt her I mind slip from his as he saw her eyes turn into her dragons, he felt her start to shift underneath him. The larger she got the more the cave shook, but what worried him more was the hunters that were outside waiting

Tell me what I have to do to keep you from him! Draiden begged. Because Xayvion cannot have you! Not ever again!

He no longer felt her mind but what he did feel was a angers beast that aim to kill everything in her path. Her dragon burst through the cave and outside and before he could even see it he heard the fighting

He ran out and jumped on her back. "S-s-stop! R-R-River, you are strong-g-ger than him! D-d-d-don't let him w-w-win!"

she started to roll to throw him off, weak from blood loss it worked but a hunter caught him in mid air "what the hell is going on dradian" he growled dodging rivers wing

I'm guessing that Xayvion placed a safeguard in River, he said. That way, if anything happened to him or his mind in his second coming, River would destroy the entire world, never stopping until she died. He said something to me in the other world, but I can't remember what. I just... I have to get her to fight him. He ran back and jumped on her again.

"R-R-River!" he yelled. "I-I-I'm not good at m-m-m-magic, but I-I w-w-will help you! T-t-t-tell me w-w-w-what to do!"

He felt a ward go up in the area and he knew the hunters were trapping her in the area. She roared violently as her dragon recognized the sensation of a cage

"take her down!" he heard one of the hunters yell right before lightning started to come down from the sky

Draiden deflected the lightning and decided that he had had enough. He turned into his dragon. With a burst of flames at the hunters that only endangered their hair, he grabbed River by her wings so she could not fly away from him or attack him. He used his hind legs to hold her around her belly so as not to harm her wings. He did everything he could to knock her out, but not kill her. I'm sorry, he kept saying, tears blurring his vision.

When she jerked hard to get away her wing tore a little, with a roar she started to fall

With a roar, he caught her to him at the last second, but not before a large branch tore her other wing. This action caused it to lodge in his side, but he didn't care. His only thought was to get her someplace where she wouldn't harm anyone. He found a dormant volcano and dropped her in, though he hadn't meant to. He landed next to her, his dragon growling, trying to get to his mate, the pain engulfing him with each movement.

The other hunters were instantly there and once more he felt the ward go up, trapping them inside draiden you are still on trial, you are not suppose to be out of your cell by order of the prince, and now your lifemate has shown her true colors, this will not end well for either of you said a hunter in his mind. River thrashed on the ground, dragging herself with her now broken wings.

Draiden blew fire at the hunters and said, This is Xayvion's spell. Me saving your asses is us admitting guilt?! You have got to be kidding me! Since when have our people not helped out their own?! River has been tortured her entire fucking life, and now you chose to act no better than God damn vampires! It's no wonder we tried to stay the fuck away from all of you! You shouldn't have come her and now, I won't save any of your sorry asses when she fries all of you! She won't be able to help it, but at least it will thirty less people to act all high and mighty, with their cozy little lives where they were safe and loved! River didn't have that, and I spent a decade and a half in that same kind of hell! You never forget that and it conditions you! Do the Carpathian people a favor and get scorched!

No sooner did he say that did one of the hunters get side swiped by river, sending him flying into the wall of the volcano, river was on him in a instant but another hunter grabbed her hurt wing making her roar in pain and focus on him we didn’t forget but at this point we have no choice, we can’t have a raging dragon like river hurt innocent people, either help us subdue her or we have to kill you both, but I give you my word if you help us we will allow you both to rest in here until the prince arrives

Draiden stood up, his legs shaking. He stumbled to River and roared at her. He would do anything to save River, even if for one more day. His dragon touched her before collapsing. Still, he managed to lock wings with her and pin her down. He refused to go into a Carpathian sleep when she would do something she would regret later. Come back to me, dragon lady, please. We need a chance at life. Don't let Xayvion destroy us both.

She tried to get him off of her but his weight made her tire quickly after all she was already weak and now hurt her struggles grew weaker

It did not take long for Michael, disguised as Marcus, to appear. When he saw the person in front of her, he recognized him immediately. You should have told me, Elena! he said angrily, though his face did not change. I would have destroyed this bastard the instant he appeared!

She stood up and let her dress dropped to the floor. Exposing her naked body, her uncles hand prints were still healing in some areas he has activated a collar on me...if he knows about you he will use you against me, you know that well, I need you to...make love to me in front of him, I need his attention to Marcus, please trust me now and I will tell you everything once this is over, but he can not know about you do you understand? she said looking at her uncle “last chance uncle, agree to my terms and I’ll come to you willingly or you watch someone else take me from you” she said in a dark tone

"Poxed peppers!" Xayvion spat. "Rotten bats to the munching cucumber!"

Using Marcus' voice, Michael said, "I believe that was a 'fuck you, I'll kill him' kind of statement. Though, I can't be sure on the last bit. The first part was definitely a 'fuck you'."

She sat him down in the chair that was in front of her uncle and straddled him, her core at his tip im sorry, you deserve more dignity then this, both you and Marcus do. But.... she let him in her mind and he was hit with the tormenting sexual influence that was rocking her body i also can’t bare this anymore....please end this agony for me so I can think straight

I am not comfortable with this, it is true, he said, suckling her breast. That does not mean I don't understand what you need me to do. While I make love to you, and make no mistake, it is love. While I make love to you, I will look at the spell upon you. Despite what your uncle and his brothers think, I'm more adapt than they are. I just choose to aid instead of control. He willed his own clothes away and slammed into her roughly. Though, if you had simply told me, this whole mess could have been avoided. He spanked her ass, though it only added to the pleasure she felt as he moved in and out of her. That is for not trusting your lifemate enough. Another spank. That is for keeping his tortures to yourself. Another spank. That is for not relying on me when I could have helped. Another spank. Now, that one I wanted to do because your yelp is cute.

dont....get...over confident she said and couldn’t help but moan in his head as he spanked her it was too much of a risk, if he would have found out about you he would have forced me to attack you, either I hurt you or you hurt me that would have been the options and I am not ok with either of them. You don’t think I wanted your help? Yes it’s new to me to rely on a stranger, it took years of bonding for me and Marcus to be as close as we are. Yet I find myself wanting to rely on much so I made myself forget you just so I wouldn’t expose you during these days.... another spank made her cry out and grip the chair hard

No excuse, he said. You gave me a throw away job, and I was happy because I was helping. I am the most powerful Carpathian besides the prince. There was no bragging, just stating of a fact. With him gone, our whole race dies. That is why he is more powerful. Even if it was to make him think you had a prisoner, or to look like a child you kidnapped, I could have done it flawlessly and he would have been none the wiser. I simply wanted to be by your side, Elena. You are the one person I would sell my soul for if it meant seeing you smile. I would destroy the world if anything happened to you. As it is, if you were not riding me, Xayvion would be little more than paint on the walls.

He felt her grip him tighter and her arousal rise at his last words but he knew she would not admit it could you really act and stay still while he raped me? While he made others watch? I was able to handle it because it’s just a body, flesh and bones and what I find more important is my mind and soul, but I know that dark feeling now that comes with just the thought of someone besides me touching would not have been able to sit still

It would have never gotten that far, he said. As soon as the collar was placed around your neck, I would have destroyed it, then it would have been pure choice to listen. I wouldn't have made it a simple destruction of a spell either. He would have been harmed from me breaking it. He looked at Xayvion and smiled, earning him crazed profanities that made him want to laugh. Though, I do have to admit, seeing him this far gone is hilarious. If it wasn't for him and Xavier, we would have met and our legends would have never been written.

if there is a dark side in you that you have been hiding let it come out now and greet mine she said touching her glass of wine over her uncles skinned body, a breeze would put someone in enough pain to kill them with their body skinned like this, but liquid and alcohol, she didn’t know what would happen, if he didn’t die then he would defiantly break

He smiled at her. I am no stranger to torture, little mage. I have lived through it and dealt it. The water and alcohol will make him wish he was dead, but not kill him. It will sting greatly. He took the bottle and let a single drop hit Xayvion, who howled in such intense pain, you would have thought he was being burned alive by acid. Just this, though. Too much at a time, and it won't be nearly as good. You get information like this. Another drop. I must say, now that I have the feelings to experience this, it is not at fun as I imagined, but Xayvion is the exception, isn't he?

more hurt him more! she moaned in his head, to give him motivation so he could enjoy hurting him even more she shared the memories of him rapping her with him

He let a steady stream flow. Broken, not dead. Even then, should he escape, his
madness is temporary. He is a threat, even like this. We cannot let him escape.

i know this....wait micheal what are you doing? she asked as she felt his hand move to her ass

Removing the spell, he said. From what I see, there is one line that removes it all. If I pull on that, you will be free. Too simple for a High Mage. Idiot must have been drunk. Xavier was being cautious in case of traps. There are none. However... I am required to do something you might not like or you might enjoy greatly.

micheal...she said in a warning tone but it was too late because the next second he lifted her up and entered her anus, thrusting furiously.

I must spill my seed in your plump bottom, he said, playing with her clit. That will loosen the thread so I can pull it. Though, from the look on your face, I can see you are enjoying this. Perhaps, in time, we will revisit this.

Her erotic cries grew louder and he felt her move her hips to meet his thrust micheal....he felt something in her change, for just a moment he felt the lighter part of her, the innocent part she kept hidden, as her mind went blank with pleasure it came forward micheal....please don’t let him touch me again....I can’t bare it

I promise! he said, feeling her body squeeze around him. God, woman, this is going to be revisited more than once if you keep gripping me like this! I'm not going to be able to hold out for much longer!

micheal! she cried out his name in his head, all the while she knew it was their private link and no one but them could hear it slap my ass againshe moaned in a begging tone, when he did she grew even tighter as she cried out in pleasure

When she squeezed him, he filled her bowels with his seed. The spell loosened and he tugged the string strongly, She felt the collar spell disappear, but Michael began suckling and thrusting again.

It was too much, her mind was starting to go blank with pleasure. When he gripped her waist and turned her so her back was to his chest she almost lost her mind completely. She leaned back into his chest as he fondled her breast and used her legs to lift up and down, taking control of the pace and taking him even deeper

Michael merged their minds so that he could feel how him using her backdoor felt, how he gave her pleasure. She would see everyone of his memories, including his talk with the elderly woman. He growled and looked at Xayvion when he saw how he had Elena suck him off and play with herself until there was a puddle in the floor while other men watched her.

She could see smoke billow from the walls, as if there were flames, but she didn't see a thing. There was another watching, he said. The picture above the fireplace hides a hidden room. A young man, no more than twenty-five, walked in. He was there. He is a spy of your uncle's, and gave him the idea to make the desk see-through. The man didn't understand how he got there, but seeing Elena like that, he was instantly hard. He will not live to fantasize about you another day. Before he could start to masturbate, the man exploded, covering the room in blood. Even that caused Xayvion to scream in pain. This is what happens to those who plan to take what is mine. Xayvion is a monster greater than any other and his death will not be quick. He raped you while I slept, and I cannot forgive such a transgression.

The moment the blood of that boy hit her he felt the change in her. Her body went full submissive. Her arms went above her head allowing him to see down her body as she leaned more into his chest. Her body was reacting in a way he had not experienced before.

He thrust harder and deeper into her ass than either thought possible. He filled her a second, then a third time.

"He passed out from the pain," Michael said breathlessly as they went for a fourth round. "Though his mind is broken and he speaks madly, he would have recognized the flameless smoke. I am sorry."

He stood her up so that she had one leg in the chair he had been sitting in, the other foot on the floor, and allowed her to grip the back of the chair as he continued to ram into her from behind in the behind. Every now and then, he would spank her to get a pleasurable yelp from her. He played with her breasts and clit until the carpet was soaked with her juices. Still, he did not care. With their minds merged as they were, he did not want to stop, not ever.

he only saw shadow....Marcus has been helping with the illusions in this room, I knew you might make a mistake as would I when things went this far, I always plan ahead. He still thinks you are Marcus.... she said and it was clear she was having trouble speaking

He smiled and said, "Then, that means we are fine. Let us go this last time and then find a bedroom where I can really show you what you mean to me." He kissed her neck. "My smart, brave woman. I want to wipe the memory of his touch from your body this night."

“I have things I need to do you can.....”

He rammed into her harder as he pinned her in the submissive. Elena, I was not really making it a request. I am demanding time with my woman. I am still not used to my emotions, so I cannot really control the Phoenix flames. And without me, they will rage uncontrollably, burning even the dead until there is nothing left. As we speak, they are eating away at Marcus' illusion, and the house. I can stop them at anytime, yes, but going to sleep now is not going to save anyone inside. His thrusts were hard and deep. Now, are you going to give me time or am I going to have to get nasty about it?

She went to get out of his hold even as she moaned making it clear she was going to put up a fight “control yourself!”

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