Half truths and kinks

She walked up to him and grab his chin with her hand and mad him look at her, her hands were ice cold like no warmth was left in her body, she reached up and took off her mask, on the outlines of her face were black veins. Her appearance screamed vampire yet she was still inhumanly beautiful but that’s what made it worse, his Elena had this appearance, it was like looking at every Carpathian worst nightmare of seeing their loved one as a fallen. She got close to his face “yes....I hated you.....and my hate for you has only grown since” she said

He stared at her for a moment. He couldn't move to kill her as he had once desired, and he couldn't move to try and prove her wrong. He wished for death in that moment more than he had while forced to survive.

For a second he saw her make a face of discomfort “Marcus don’t...” she said in a low tone. She seemed to be struggling with something “I hate you.....I hated you then and I hate you more now.....I should have killed you when my Xavier told me too...you make me weak....” she said with a growl closing her eyes. She let go of his face and grabbed her head “damnit Marcus this isn’t your decision get out of my head!” She said in a angry tone. He felt that anger as her emotions came back slightly making the separation lessen

Don't bother, Michael said in a lifeless tone. Just... just let her kill me, Marcus. It is better that than knowing there is no salvation for me. Unlike other men... I don't have an angel to save me.

you need to be saved? Your taint would kill an angel as would mine, I do nothing for you but for me, if she does not feel neither do I, it’s not pleasant and I would rather keep my emotions, so either choose to die or live but make it quick

Elena stopped moving for a second “you leave me no choice” she said and went over to the waterfall “get out of my head Marcus or so help me I’ll drop you to your knees” she said putting her hand inches away from the water

Michael pulled her away from the water and said, "Don't you dare punish him for caring for you! I wanted to be saved by you, to have a reason to keep going. You don't seem to understand, either of you. I am supposed to be Elena's best friend, confidant, and lover. She is supposed to be the same to me. That is what would save me, the emotions and feelings are a bonus to me. You want to continue to torture me, fine, but do not ever punish another for wanting to help you!" He threw her into a chair that he materialized "I hated you, it is true, yet I cannot help but love you. That is why I asked you to be allowed to kill me, simply because I want the last face I see to be yours, even as a vampiress. I still see that there is a light in you, Elena. If I didn't, I would be a vampire right now instead of a man."

“And why should I save you? If you can’t save yourself then you are weak and useless, no one saved me I had to take care of myself why should you be any different?” She said with a growl standing back up “and I will hurt whoever I want, if they are not strong enough to defeat me then any pain or death I inflict is justified” she said in a dark tone “I care nothing of your wants or desires if you want to die then do so but keep your pathetic emotions for me out of it, I have no reason to show you mercy or care” she met his gaze “I knew you were my Lifemates years before I tortured you yet I still did and I would do so again if given the choice and....” suddenly Marcus appeared in between them, his hand came up and went through the waterfall before connecting to her face. His hand print burned into her skin on her face, the sound of the slap echoed the area “you have gone too far, pull back before you can’t, even I feel the taint growing” he said in a dark tone. Before micheal could say anything Elena slammed into Marcus taking them both off the cliff

Michael jumped after them drying himself fast as he caught them both, saying, "How long do you intend to hide in the other world then, Elena? Knowing when to use emotions and when to shut them off is a strength. The other world will punish you for every crime you committed. The pain you are suffering must be hell to try to teach me a useless lesson. I learned it a long time ago and deemed it false."

neither of them answered, instead they included them into the free fall fight. punches and kicked were being thrown by all three of them yet Micheal could tell neither of them were using abilities it was pure physical. He couldn't help notice how Elena landed like a true warrior, she landed on one foot and kicked Marcus in his side, Marcus caught her leg and went to throw her by using it but she jumped up and wrapped the other one around his neck all the while she had enough time to punch Micheal in the face

Though it was all of her strength, and she knew it had to hurt because Michael's nose was bleeding, yet he did even react.

"Enough!" he yelled, shaking the mountain around them.

He picked Elena up and threw her onto his shoulder on her stomach. No matter how she hit him, or kicked him, or made him bleed, he acted as if nothing was happening.

"Are you done acting like a scared child?" he asked.

"you really must learn about warrior woman micheal" Marcus said suddenly behind him as he stopped Elena from stabbing him in the back with a dagger. Elena used her legs to break his hold,her legs wrapped around his waist "you wanted help well here you go, enjoy" Marcus said before disappearing right before Elena went to elbow Micheal in the face

Michael easily blocked her elbow and punched her in the face, knocking her off of him. He sighed.

"You are the most difficult woman I have ever met, and I knew Natalya and Ivory!" he said. "Even they were honest enough to be themselves with their lifemates, not lying about everything." He pointed to his back. "If you had been serious about killing me, you wouldn't have missed my spine with your claws. Or vital veins."

“Your right I don’t want to kill you that would be a mercy, but I do want to cause you pain, and you know I’m good at that don’t you micheal” she said launching herself at him

He caught her by the arm and threw her into the wall, saying, "You don't know real pain. Trust me, Elena, you tortures were nothing compared to this pain."

“Don’t assume I don’t know” she said and for a moment he thought he saw pain in her eyes, but before he could confirm it she hit him hard in the face

"Really?" he said. "You had your lifemate destroy you with real intent? You had your lifemate torture you for ten years without speaking to you and using magic to hide who she is? You had the one person who could keep you from damnation tell you that they hate you and refuse to save your soul?!" He grabbed her by the arms. "You had the only person that stands between you and becoming a monster try to destroy your children because they refuse to be honest with you?!"

“I didn’t try I did!” She said grabbing his wrist and placing his hand on her stomach. He felt nothing, no life and no movement

She felt something burn her and she had to step back. He was so angry, he couldn't see, couldn't think. She had only heard the myth about the man that was engulfed in flame and destroyed a great country. The Phoenix Slayer, standing in front of her, his anger so great, not even the dead could escape the pain of his flame. He took a step towards her.

I tried to be what you needed, he said. But you never gave me the chance to learn what you needed me to be. Now, you destroyed our children and for what? Your own selfish desires. Since you desire to hide in the other world, perhaps we should go there permanently!

“Another thing you are wrong about...I never hide” she said taking a step back from him “and....and....” she took another step back as he kept coming towards her

Really? he said, still coming at a deliberate pace. So you tell me your true feelings? Trusting me to care for your needs and happiness? You talk to me and explain why something upsets you, or things that will cross a line? You have done that with me? When? And was I for those conversations? Because all I remember is a woman who lets me stumble and fall at every turn, hurting her because she doesn't let me in to learn when I am scare for her well being! Forgive me for actually giving a fuck! For wanting us to have a chance at a normal fucking life! Because I was trying to give that to you, where you didn't feel like a monstrous experiment! I wanted to give you a life where you felt free to let your guard down in our home, safe and sound! But no! You take one look at the gift I try to give and run to the other world! Hiding your feelings away! I am the one person that you should not want to hide from! Xavier, I understand because he would have made emotions a weakness, but me?! I am through playing nice and showing you what life can be like if you choose me! I have yet to actually activate that slave mark, Elena! Lucky for you, I will not do it, but I am more than willing to take you to the other world with me. That's better than activating that mark. The place you love most, your prison for all eternity with me. I hear it is great for vacations as well.

She bared her fangs at him “I don’t run! And you don’t need to activate the slave mark the moment you bound us I became your slave and I hate it! I hate you!” She said launching herself at him, her claws cut into his shoulder deeply but it was nothing fatal “why couldn’t you have just died! Why didn’t you just leave! I broke you so you would leave! If you had you would not have been cursed! I am not the Idiot here you are! I suffered for nothing!” She said

I could not leave, he said. I kept being drawn back by your flame. But I was never broken, Elena. I fought to keep a little sanity for you. You are the reason I never truly gave up hope. Even before I knew you, I loved you. I may not have felt it, but it was there, driving me to survive hell night after night. I did it so I could find you. Dying was not an option and never was. Xavier may have cursed me after you attempted to break me, keeping me from you for far too long, but I told myself that it was so I could attempt to be worthy of you. To hear that you suffered for me, I do not like it. If you had called to me, I would have helped you. I could have kept you from sinking so low as to kill your own children. But if our lifemate bond, one I though as beautiful, is a burden, then kill me, make your own hell end. I have yet to hid a huge opening. I have given you so many chances to kill me, yet you have yet to take it. Why?

“You loved something that never existed I was never one of those submissive Carpathian woman and I never will be, you held onto hope there was a light out there waiting for you but there never was and I didn’t suffer for you....” she said hitting him again “and if I kill you now it will do more harm then good for me but that does not mean I can’t get rid of you..” she said in a dark tone. Her answered remained vague. He started to understand the way she spoke, though she never lied she never told the whole truth. But the more he fought her the more he could see her talent as a warrior as well as feel her emotions slowly return with each hit he laid upon her

Elena, I want you, he said, not as a submissive or a dominant, but as a person. You hold yourself back, afraid that I will be just like Xavier. And without knowing about you, I became just like him in your eyes. How can I know something when no one told me about it? And you fail to see our love as anything but a weakness because you only see the feeling, not what comes from our bond. Carpathians share everything. All the things I know of this new world, I learned from those I met. With you, I would share all of me, especially my memories. That gives you a wealth of knowledge, several millennia of it to learn and grow stronger from. It also teaches you about me. In return, I should be getting the same, knowledge about you and your past. While I have been open, waiting for you to come and learn from my experiences, you have not shown me the same courtesy. You lost a huge advantage on the battle field.

“I have lost nothing! With all this talk of death why have you not greeted the sun?! Why do you insist on threaten about it instead of doing it, I have given you nothing to live for so why do you still live! I don’t need your help I don’t need your knowledge and I don’t need you! You were awake while I slept, for me I am still in those caves and that will not change, I will not change! I woke up in a new world with knew enemies and old ones, the last thing I need is you distracting me!” She said going to elbow him in the face, when he went to dodge his knee was aimed at her stomach, at the last second she turned, opening her side up, making his knee slam into her ribs hard enough to send her flying sideways. He heard the cracking of her ribs before she even hit the ground

He stood over her and for the first time, she noticed that his clothes had burned off in his Phoenix Flame. He picked her up by her neck and kissed her. She noticed that the flames didn't burn her as it did everything else.

I live because I want a life with you, he said, tearing her clothes to shreds. Even now, when all hope is lost and you deny being my lifemate in any sense of the word, I cannot help but see a life with you.

He lifted her left leg, his hard shaft entering hard and fast, moving in and out slowly. Pleasure coursed through her instantly as the world around them burned. The way he moved was driving her crazy and she knew he was holding back, almost as if he were waiting for the sun to rise and take him, like it was his last goodbye, giving her pleasure beyond measure.

Her hands gripped his shoulders to keep herself from choking from his grip on her throat let go of me! she moaned in his head, each thrust sent pleasure and pain through her, her broken ribs moved with each thrust, both the pain and pleasure were both strong enough she felt her mind slipping

He moved his hand from his throat to her rib, healing it for her with a spell. When it was done, he went harder, faster, deeper. It sent pure pleasure through her so that she couldn't keep quiet, even if she had wanted to. Consider this my last request, Elena. To bring your pleasure, but I would like to hear what you think of me, of us. I want the whole truth so that as I wait for you, I will know what truly lies within your heart.


Her cries and moans grew louder under his hand, her nails dug into his back, she couldn’t keep her mind from his any longer and he was overwhelmed by how turned on she was by this situation. His modest Meghan was getting turned on by the thought of them being caught, by how his hand covered her mouth

He pinned her down with his teeth to hold her down. He went harder and deeper. He chanted her name over and over, needing to find her soul, to bathe in her light.

She moved just right so his teeth sunk in deep enough for him to feed from her, the second they did she lost it. Between how turned on she was and the situation they were in she came hard, her core pulsed tightly around him

He kept going, loving how she pulsed around him with each thrust, filling her with orgasm after orgasm. She became more and more sensitive as they continued. And yet, he did not want to stop. No, he could not stop.

“I swear I saw them go this way” a male voice said from outside the door

Erik filled Meghan, causing her to scream into his hand. He closed the wound and clothed them both, but did not have the strength to get them off of the floor. He laid down next to her, breathing heavily.

The door opened and a hunter looked at them “Mistress there you...” but he trailed off and cleared his throat as the scent in the room and the way Meghan looked gave what they had been doing away “um you are needed...I’ll wait here” he said closing the door.

Meghan covered her face with her hands in embarrassment and kicked erik in the side

Erik began laughing and helped her up, saying, "They wouldn't have said anything if you had pretended to be asleep."

Her cheeks turned bright red "you dare tease the Mistress of this cave? you deserve to be punished" he saw the mischief in her eyes but before he could even get a word out she had him by the hair and bit deeply into his sweet spot. His body was still so sensitive from earlier he came instantly and the moan that came from him echoed the room loudly

"Not fair, mon amour," he gasped.

she closed the bite and let him drop to his knees "if I had time I would lift up my dress and let you taste me while you were on your knees like this..." she said in a silk like tone

"No, you wouldn't," he said, his throat dry. "You said you wanted to punish me. You want me to desire your domination. You will end up teasing me while I go to help heal whoever is in need."

She smiled down at him “as mistress of this cave you are to stay here and rest I will be going not you...but you will think about this” she said lifting her dress to let him see how wet she was

He crawled towards her and said, "I don't want to rest, ma petite amour. I want to be with you."

The way he said it made her look at him with soft eyes “if you wish to come with me on my rounds you must earn it..” she said lifting her dress up higher

He went to her and began feasting on her again.

Her head fell back and her hand played in his hair “deeper erik...I want your tongue deeper” she said in a seductive yet demanding tone

He did as she wanted, his face getting covered in her juices.

She moaned “I want you to touch yourself while you taste me, but only cum when I do, if you want to come quickly then you must make me cum quickly” she said moaning

He began rubbing up and down his thick, hard shaft. He stabbed even deeper. He went hard and fast, wanting to make her cum. He felt her juices drip down his throat, coating his skin, and he loved it. He felt her get closer and closer to a big climax, just as he was.

She gripped his hair hard “Erik my legs....hold me”

He wrapped his arms around her legs, gripping her firm buttocks in his hands and squeezing. Yet, even though he was the submissive, his tongue attacked one sensitive spot after another, keeping her right on the edge.

“Erik...” she growled gripping his hair tighter “cum inside me..now”

He lifted her up and skewered her onto him. He kissed her deeply as he thrust into her hard and fast, filling her with his seed.

Her core milked him dry “yes...pour it all inside me...” she moaned into his ear as she nibbles on it

When he had no more to give, he laid down on their bed, still inside her, holding her. But, not long after, she heard Erik snore softly as human sleep took him. He would be aware if she moved, but his body was too exhausted to move.

She kiss him softly before disconnecting their bodies “rest here I’ll be back soon”

Don't go, he said sleepily. Stay.

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